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Cogsdale’s robust billing software has been designed to accommodate the complex billing requirements of utilities and municipalities. Leia mais sobre o Cogsdale
O software auxilia concessionárias de energia, gás, água, esgoto, aquecimento e serviços a se adaptar à transformação contínua do setor com soluções flexíveis e modulares que cuidam de cada aspecto do ciclo de vida do cliente. Leia mais sobre o Tridens Monetization
CIS Utility Billing by CUSI is a web-based solution designed to assist municipalities and service providers with meter reading and rate structure management. Key features include auditing, check scanning, process scheduling, e-billing, customer account management, reporting, and alerts. Leia mais sobre o CIS Utility Billing
Built for midmarket to enterprise level businesses, Invoiced is a cloud-based solution that automates accounts receivable to reduce costs, accelerate payments, and improve customer experience. Leia mais sobre o Invoiced
El Dorado Utility Billing is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed to assist municipalities, property managers & metered service providers with automated bill calculation & invoice creation. Key features include usage consumption tracking, customer account management & financial reporting. Leia mais sobre o El Dorado Utility Billing
Metered billing, Consumption, Peak/off peak/shoulder billing, we do tiered, flat rate, time of use and even ratio for the older generation customers. Leia mais sobre o Utility Billing
Snappii mobile app builder helps you to build and customize powerful mobile business apps with no programming or coding needed in DAYS. Leia mais sobre o Snappii
Muni-Link is a cloud-based utility billing solution which includes a customer portal, e-billing, customer notifications, backflow management, online payment processing, built-in CASS certification, & more. No upfront hardware or software to buy! Leia mais sobre o Muni-Link
MuniBilling is a cloud-based utility billing and property management software with configurable features for municipalities, government, and private companies Leia mais sobre o MuniBilling
Rural Billing has all the features needed for running a small utility company without all the complexities and expense of other systems. Leia mais sobre o Rural Billing
Diversified Billing helps utilities and authorities providing water, sewer, trash, gas or electric services manage their billing, payment processing, customer service and field service. Available for your LAN or as a Cloud app. Leia mais sobre o Diversified Billing
QuikWater is a utility billing software system designed for small to medium sized rural and municipal utilities. In addition to water charges, the system handles sewer, refuse, electrical and various user defined charges. Leia mais sobre o QuikWater
The SOFTWATER utility billing software is a complete solution for your utility, water and sewer billing needs. Designed to meet the needs of any municipality, school board or other utility billers, it provides an easy-to-use interface, analytic capabilities, and data management tools. Leia mais sobre o SOFTWater
Submeter Billing lets building owners and property management teams streamline processes related to submeter reading and billing. It can be used with various existing utility meters for measuring water, electricity & gas to automate invoice generation & capture consumption details. Leia mais sobre o Submeter Billing
CUBIC is a utility billing software designed to help businesses provide a powerful billing and customer information system to manage utility operations. It lets users handle customer information, bills, cash receipts, usage, and payment history on a unified interface. Administrators can also conduct multiple search criteria for account inquiries,... Leia mais sobre o CUBIC
The Silverblaze Customer Portal is a self-service web portal that integrates billing, online payments and service alerts into a single web portal. The solution provides customers with self-help tools to manage their utilities, reducing call valume and monitoring portal usage. Additionally, the system allows users to maintain relationships with... Leia mais sobre o SilverBlaze Customer Portal
EEM Suite is an energy and financial software platform that allows businesses to analyze data and design energy management strategies. Leia mais sobre o EEM Suite
Integrated utility customer engagement portal that includes a web/mobile app, prepay, and online payments. Leia mais sobre o MyUsage
UtilityTrakR is a cloud-based utility billing solution for energy providers, offering customizable management features, field support, portal access & analytics Leia mais sobre o Starnik
PayIt is a point of sale software designed to help businesses in the government sector digitize services and consolidate payments regarding vehicle registrations and licensing. The platform enables managers to add money and automate payments on specific dates from selected accounts. Leia mais sobre o PayIt
O Oracle Utilities é uma plataforma integrada projetada para ajudar as empresas do setor de serviços públicos a gerenciar ativos, canais, dados de medidores, força de trabalho móvel e muito mais. Fornece plataformas Analytics e DataRaker para obter informações acionáveis sobre confiabilidade de ativos, distribuição de carga, resposta à demanda e... Leia mais sobre o Oracle Utilities
ABIS provides a comprehensive ERP with over 150 modules that help manage assets, optimize workflow, streamline supply-chain, track shipping, & centralize CRM Leia mais sobre o ABIS
Accu-Trax Office (ATO) FULL-SERVICE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Leia mais sobre o Accu-Trax Office
Ampstun is a cloud-based billing and customer care system that allows users to switch to a complete paperless billing system, receive email & text alerts, create work orders and more. Leia mais sobre o Ampstun
Dynamics Billing is a web-based billing platform which supports a range of pricing models, including subscription billing, one-time payments, usage based billing, and volume discounts. The solution enables management of product catalogs, pricing rules, quotes, invoices, customer accounts, and more. Leia mais sobre o Dynamics Billing
With over 45 years of experience in the utility billing industry, NorthStar has a customer service experience solution tailored to support the community your serve. NorthStar is a robust, configurable solution that solves even the most complex billing challenges. Leia mais sobre o NorthStar
A cloud-based solution for electrical and energy data monitoring, analysis, reporting, and alarming. Leia mais sobre o NovaVue
Electricity billing is a utility billing management software that helps businesses streamline processes related to customer relationship management, custom bill generation, data security, payment processing, and more on a centralized platform. It allows supervisors to utilize the built-in dashboard to generate accounts, management, and business... Leia mais sobre o Electricity billing
System Innovators offers online payment software that integrates multiple revenue sources for governments and utilities through our online cashiering solutions and software. Our products include iNovah, RevenueCollector and CASHIER for Windows. Leia mais sobre o Point of Sale Software by System Innovators
mpower by Monitor is a project cost management solution which provides budgeting, planning, timewriting, and billing for business owners and stakeholders Leia mais sobre o mpower
inHANCE is a customer experience, customer service, and utility billing solution that helps businesses manage water utilities and customer experience solutions. Leia mais sobre o inHANCE
Automate the processing of bills from hundreds of utility suppliers to track utility usage and spend and identify savings. Advanced analytics are used to validate data, identify errors and optimize expenditure. Engage stakeholders with fully customizable dashboards. Leia mais sobre o ioTORQ UBM
The UMS2000 is a complete utility management system designed to easily control the thousands of details for any utility or municipality. It sets up service accounts to sending bills, receipts, and notifications. Leia mais sobre o UMS2000
Magnaquest is a world leader in Subscription management, billing and CRM with a cloud-based product that handles all stages of subscriber life cycle management Leia mais sobre o SURE!
Manage your entire subscriber lifecycle for multiple recurring revenue models, sales channels and products/services – boosting customer loyalty, ousting the competition and driving sales. Get the revenue you deserve by automating accounting, reporting and forecasting with a single capture source for revenue generation activities. Leia mais sobre o Aria Platform
Smart Building Platform is a SaaS solution to optimize energy efficiency and the comfort of buildings. The SBP platform can control and manage HVAC systems in buildings directly or via a BMS. Advanced data analytics provide detailed reporting. Leia mais sobre o Smart Building Platform
KUGU enables users to independently create and manage bills for heating and water costs. With the help of various modules, the software enables staff members to manage buildings and reduce the energy requirement of each respective property. Leia mais sobre o KUGU
Invoice Cloud, an EngageSmart solution, provides online bill payment services for utilities, local government, insurance, and consumer finance. The SaaS platform offers a complete, and secure electronic bill and payment solution that can be configured to meet the unique needs of any organization. It engages customers throughout the payment process... Leia mais sobre o Invoice Cloud
Energy & Utilities Cloud by Salesforce helps businesses streamline utility customer service management and engagement operations via a unified platform. It enables employees to communicate with suppliers, capture and store customer data in a centralized repository, and conduct predictive analytics. Leia mais sobre o Energy & Utilities Cloud
UtilAbility is a utility billing software that helps businesses configure rates, manage late charges, create separate bills, track payment history, generate replacement bills, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to post meter readings and calculate bills for multiple companies and consolidate the information to... Leia mais sobre o UtilAbility
Quixotic 360 is the automation platform for energy retailers who want to scale. The platform integrate customers with utility companies and markets, streamlining their operations and avoiding manual mistakes. Leia mais sobre o Quixotic 360
Everon is a PaaS solution for managing and monitoring charging points for electric vehicles. Owners of the charging stations determine the energy price themselves. Users can see charging stations and the price in their mobile app and pay by scanning a charging card. Leia mais sobre o Everon unifies your utility data while simplifying operations and uncovering valuable insights. Leia mais sobre o Pear
OPUS21 is a utility billing software designed to help businesses identify errors, streamline processing and simplify payments. The platform is designed for billing water, storm water, sewerage, gas & electric, trash & recycling, and street lighting. Leia mais sobre o OPUS21
Bynry is a cloud-based smart utility and billing system that offers a suite of services to help all kinds of small utilities in USA, including inventory control management, customer management and also customer management. Leia mais sobre o Bynry

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