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Filevine is the #1 most customizable investigation case management solution designed for legal teams to get their best work done. Leia mais sobre o Filevine
Omnigo Software is an all-in-one security management and incident reporting software for monitoring safety, record keeping and analytics Leia mais sobre o Omnigo
Cerebral (previously Veriato 360) allows businesses in various industries to to monitor, record & review computer, internet, and mobile phone activity. Leia mais sobre o Veriato Cerebral
A fully integrated case management system designed for personal injury & mass tort litigation practices & understands the challenges of case management in today’s fast paced, highly competitive and technologically demanding world & will increase your practice’s efficiency and profitability. Leia mais sobre o SmartAdvocate
Cloud-based eDiscovery automation software that simplifies litigation, investigations, and audits for legal and business professionals. Leia mais sobre o CloudNine
O software Investigations & Case Management da Resolver permite coletar resumos de incidentes e investigações, entrevistas, evidências, documentos, links, entre outros, tudo em um único local centralizado. Dê à sua equipe as informações necessárias para mitigar futuras investigações e proteger sua organização. Leia mais sobre o Resolver
Veriato Investigator is an on-premise & cloud-based software that helps organizations track staff members’ activities across the web, documents, emails, and chat. Team leaders can capture, categorize, and track the time of employee activities, such as website visits, searches & social media usage. Leia mais sobre o Veriato Investigator
The employee relations & investigation solution that companies trust to help them track, investigate and analyze issues the right way. Leia mais sobre o HR Acuity
O Sofvie é uma plataforma colaborativa de inteligência para gestão de riscos e perigos no local de trabalho. Com ferramentas para coleta de dados, envio de formulários, gestão de incidentes e geração de relatórios personalizáveis, a plataforma visa a ajudar as empresas a minimizar riscos. O Sofvie oferece um aplicativo móvel para coleta de dados... Leia mais sobre o Sofvie
CaseFleet is cloud-based case management software that empowers litigators with case chronology tools for fact management and document review. Leia mais sobre o CaseFleet
Incident Tracker is an integrated solution that helps educational institutions, security firms, healthcare agencies, and other businesses track workplace incidents and generate reports. Key features include collaboration, role-based access, data import/export, and document management. Leia mais sobre o Incident Tracker
Tracers is a cloud-based research solution designed to help law firms & corporate legal departments perform searches across public records. Key features include data verification, asset discovery, risk management, due diligence, reporting, batch processing, estate planning, and probating. Leia mais sobre o Tracers
integrum is an all-in-one online software solution that helps businesses manage Health and Safety, Risk, Quality, Environmental management with the ability to provide detailed visual insights into what's happening within the business using Business Intelligence Reporting. Leia mais sobre o Integrum
Pipl is the world's leading provider of online identity information with over 3 billion cross-referenced online identities. Leia mais sobre o Pipl
IncMan SOAR is a cloud-based and on-premise platform, which enables enterprises to manage, evaluate, and plan various security operation tasks such as threat hunting and investigation, triage and escalation, incident qualification, and more using machine learning and automation capabilities. Leia mais sobre o IncMan SOAR
RealityCharting is a problem-solving method that allows you to master the art of problem-solving. This comprehensive learning system provides an easy-to-follow approach to become a Master Problem Solver by learning how to systematically diagnose, create and solve problems in any situation or industry. Leia mais sobre o RealityCharting
Software de gestão de casos investigativos para as principais organizações de marca, bancos e escolas, para gerenciar investigações de RH, fraude e conformidade. Leia mais sobre o i-Sight
Case Closed Software is the leading web-based system for managing all types of investigations. Case Closed specializes in multi-jurisdictional and other specialized investigation units. Leia mais sobre o Case Closed
Convercent is a suite of enterprise compliance and ethics management tools for handling cases, compliance policies, conflicts of interest, training, and more Leia mais sobre o Convercent
A Microsoft backed Quality, Health, Safety & Environment software solution for various industries. Leia mais sobre o ITRAK 365
ZeraWare Safety Software is a management system spanning incident reporting, accident investigation, safety inspections, training and OSHA injury record keeping Leia mais sobre o ZeraWare Safety Software
SAFE is a complete Document Management and Workflow software product. Most businesses find a way to work with their documents scattered across filing cabinets, shared drives and personal hard drives. At some point this ineffective strategy becomes too costly – due to compliance, physical space, labor or some combination of the three. Leia mais sobre o HID SAFE
Provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. The solution allows organizations such as banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies to monitor customer transactions daily. Leia mais sobre o Oracle AML and Financial Crime Compliance Management
Forensic Toolkit (FTK) is a digital forensics software designed to help businesses in the finance, energy, healthcare, legal, and other sectors collect and process data from different sources including internet storage and mobile devices. Administrators can index, store, and share data with stakeholders to identify relevant evidence. Leia mais sobre o Forensic Toolkit (FTK)
A mobile-friendly, integrated, scalable Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) system designed to learn from your experiences. With SOLABS organization builds all the required controls and visibility to continuously improve in real time. Leia mais sobre o QM10
Column Case Management is a web-based investigation management solution designed for law enforcement, financial services, and investigative industries Leia mais sobre o Column Case Management
With cloud-native security, ExtraHop Reveal(x) detects all threats and intelligently responds using deep context and automated workflows. Businesses can streamline response workflows and proactively secure enterprise environments, whilst ensuring compliance. Leia mais sobre o Reveal(x)
Safelink Data Rooms is a full feature virtual data room and secure extranet solution with encrypted data transmission and storage held offshore Leia mais sobre o Safelink
EthicsPoint by NAVEX is the world leader in hotline and incident management and is trusted by more than 9,000 customers globally. Leia mais sobre o EthicsPoint
Polonious is a cloud-based case management solution that helps investigation teams with status, priority, resources, timelines and budget. The platform comes with features such as automated functions, process management, analytics, accounting, and more. Leia mais sobre o Polonious
Detego Digital Forensics is designed to help law enforcement units, intelligence agencies, and corporate enterprises extract information from PCs, removable storage, and mobile devices. It enables forensic teams to automate workflows, manage documents, and generate customer reports via a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Detego Digital Forensics
Ontic empowers physical security teams to proactively and continually assess, collaborate and act on more threats to keep people safe. Leia mais sobre o Ontic
D3 SOAR is a cybersecurity software that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, utilities, finance, media, and the public sector. It helps organizations manage cases, respond to incidents, build workflows, and more on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o D3 SOAR
IBM QRadar Incident Forensics is a digital forensics and investigation management software that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as finance, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunication. It helps organizations to manage offense records, handle remediation processes, rebuild evidence, and more on a... Leia mais sobre o IBM QRadar Incident Forensics
isoTracker Complaints Management allows organizations to record & track customer complaints, route them for investigation, issue actions and escalate responses Leia mais sobre o isoTracker Complaints Management
Visallo is an investigative link analysis platform with machine learning algorithms for fraud detection, cyber, law enforcement, intelligence and insider threat. It helps analysts and investigators make more rigorous and defensible conclusions by visualizing complex connections in data. Leia mais sobre o Visallo
Mark43 is a public safety software which combines 3 solutions for computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management (RMS), and data analytics and intelligence, helping agencies streamline and manage emergency responses, mission-critical data, and more. Leia mais sobre o Mark43
VCM is a legal management platform designed to help private investigators, claims adjusters, law enforcement analysts, and corporate firms handle cases in collaboration with team members or clients. Key features include invoicing, document management, reporting, expense tracking, and more. Leia mais sobre o VCM
Digital Evidence Investigator is a forensic science platform that helps laboratories and field investigators file, analyse and report on case evidence and artifacts. Professionals can utilize the configurable dashboard to present and review case data in a timeline view and filter results according to dates, tags, class, hash values and more. Leia mais sobre o Digital Evidence Investigator
eSecurity Dashboard is an incident management solution that provides features such as monitoring, compliance management, customizable fields, risk alerts, incident management, interaction tracking, and records management. Leia mais sobre o eSecurity Dashboard
Trimble Forensics Capture is a tool that helps forensics investigators map crime scenes and collect data faster with guided workflows. Using the app’s smart capturing technology, investigators can easily scan a room with 360-degree imaging to create high-resolution 2D floor plans and 3D models, record their findings with the integrated camera, and... Leia mais sobre o Trimble Forensics Capture

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