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Com a confiança de 98% das empresas listadas na Fortune 500 e usada em mais de 350 mil organizações, a plataforma People Powered Data, da SurveyMonkey, oferece a milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo uma maneira de transformar comentários em ações que impulsionam o crescimento e a inovação. Saiba mais no site. Leia mais sobre o SurveyMonkey
Pesquisa automática, sete tipos de perguntas, criação de formulários, nuvem de palavras, pesquisa, imagem como respostas, vídeo como pergunta, imagem como pergunta, ignorar lógica, várias pesquisas, etc. Leia mais sobre o DialogLoop
Typeform is the versatile data collection tool that makes asking easy and answering fun, whether it's forms, quizzes, surveys, or something completely new. Leia mais sobre o Typeform
Survio is a web-based solution designed to help individuals and businesses create surveys to gather client and employee feedback in order to measure customer satisfaction and enhance services. It lets users utilize survey templates and build, distribute, and manage surveys via mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o Survio
O Zoho Survey é um software de criação de pesquisas e questionários on-line e expansível para atender às suas necessidades específicas. Saiba mais em Leia mais sobre o Zoho Survey
Alchemer is an intuitive, flexible, and hassle-free platform for creating polls. Alchemer gives you access to software that makes it easy to build quick web-based polls that allow you to gather feedback immediately. Leia mais sobre o Alchemer
O Nextiva está transformando a maneira como empresas se comunicam. O Nextiva é uma plataforma de comunicação que oferece às empresas recursos de telefonia de grandes empresas a preços de pequenas empresas com facilidade de uso, capacidade de gerenciamento, escala, confiabilidade e funcionalidades empresariais. Leia mais sobre o Nextiva
Make the most out of your meeting with Slido's Q&A, polling, brainstorming and quiz features. Leia mais sobre o Slido
Make meetings and classes unmissable with real-time polling and live Q&A. Get everyone involved and find out what they're thinking. Leia mais sobre o Vevox
Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response system that lets users, including event speakers, lecturers, teachers, and other presenters, embed interactive activities directly into their presentation. The audience can respond using a private response page, the Poll Everywhere app or via SMS. Leia mais sobre o Poll Everywhere
Mentimeter is a web-based polling tool designed to assist users with creating interactive meetings and presentations. The software includes live quizzes, word clouds, polls, Q&As, and more for remote, face-to-face and hybrid presenting. Leia mais sobre o Mentimeter
O SurveyLab é um software profissional de pesquisa online para empresas de qualquer porte, organizações não governamentais e profissionais. O SurveyLab é uma ferramenta de pesquisa online que facilita a criação de pesquisas personalizadas, automatiza o processo de coleta de respostas e fornece geração de relatórios e análises em tempo real. Leia mais sobre o SurveyLab
MeetingPulse is an audience response software designed to help businesses interact, engage, and communicate with the audience via live polling, brainstorming tools, Q&A sessions, quizzes, and more. Presenters can collect relevant questions from participants before, during, and after meetings. Leia mais sobre o MeetingPulse
Take on bigger freelance projects, earn more clients and grow your business with an application and form builder that helps you build any type of project you need. Create directories, job boards, real estate listings, calculators, contact forms, review sites, recipe sites, and many more. Leia mais sobre o Formidable Forms
AssociationVoting is a simple online voting platform which offers a range of voting services including hybrid elections, proxy voting services, certified results, voter verification services, postcard announcement, uncast ballot catcher, and more Leia mais sobre o AssociationVoting
Crowdpurr is a mobile-driven audience engagement platform that allows businesses to poll audiences during live events. In addition to polling, the platform supports live trivia games, multiple choice quizzes, voting, and streaming content to social media walls. Leia mais sobre o Crowdpurr
Interaja com o público por meio de várias opções de pesquisa e obtenha resultados ao vivo. Leia mais sobre o AhaSlides
Top Hat is an app designed to help college professors and lecturers engage students and build comprehension before, during & after class. The software offers solutions for delivering interactive courses, customizing digital textbooks, assigning homework, and securely administering tests. Leia mais sobre o Top Hat
TurningPoint, a comprehensive audience participation platform, supports in-person and remote live polling and asynchronous learning capabilities. A simple interface, along with the ability to respond using a cell phone, tablet or computer, means that everyone can get started right away. Leia mais sobre o Turning
FormAssembly is a user-friendly, powerful web form and data collection platform that gets your data where you need it with an array of integrations, including Salesforce, Pardot, PayPal, and more. Leia mais sobre o FormAssembly
Get instant accurate results during school elections. Create elections using our specifically designed browser-based application or, the iPhone/iPad iOS app. Our features were developed to be intuitive and easy to use. The software calculates and validates each student's vote. Leia mais sobre o Voting 4 Schools
iClicker is a student engagement platform designed to help educational institutions conduct online classes, receive feedback, track attendance, and use polls, quizzes, or assignments to interact with students, among other activities. Leia mais sobre o iClicker
Conferences i/o is a cloud-based audience engagement platform that allows event organizers, moderators, and presenters to create and share custom presentations. It offers features including social Q&As, live audience polling, team battles, quizzes, feedback collection, attendance tracking & more. Leia mais sobre o Conferences io
FigPii is a cloud-based conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform that helps enterprises design the user experience (UX) and identify visitor intent, behavior, and preferences by tracking interactions via polls, heatmaps, recordings, and more. Leia mais sobre o FigPii
Pigeonhole Live is an interactive Q&A, survey, and polling platform that enables speakers to engage with audiences at conferences, meetings, town halls & events Leia mais sobre o Pigeonhole Live
eBallot is a secure, online voting system and software platform. We also offer vote management services. Leia mais sobre o eBallot
VideoPeel is a cloud-based video capturing platform designed to help businesses across industries such as eCommerce, education, and healthcare collect video testimonials and messages from customers and share them across advertising channels. Leia mais sobre o VideoPeel
Take the stress out of creating surveys. doopoll is an easy-to-use survey platform, that saves you time and effort by helping you to create brilliant surveys, with zero fuss. Create, share, present, and analyse your surveys in just a few clicks. We've made every feature a breeze to use. Leia mais sobre o doopoll
Qwizdom is an audience response solution designed to help businesses and educational institutions collect feedback and enhance engagement among clients or students. Key features include surveys & feedback, online polling, data export, interactive presentations, gamification, scoring, & reporting. Leia mais sobre o Qwizdom
Appsamblea is a cloud-based voting platform designed to help businesses, associations, sports clubs & public entities organize internal and external participatory processes or polls. Key features include customizable branding, analytics, remote access, and automatic notifications. Leia mais sobre o Appsamblea
Surveyol is an online survey software designed to help small businesses, retailers, and schools create custom surveys using various color themes and fonts. Administrators can use predefined templates to prepare questionnaires for the app or event feedback, employee satisfaction, and other purposes. Leia mais sobre o Surveyol
Wisembly is a Saas solution designed to give your employees a voice and collect their feedback during an event from any device, wherever they are. Several voting options are available: word cloud voting, scoring, image, single-choice or multiple-choice. Leia mais sobre o Wisembly
DirectSuggest is a cloud-based suggestions platform designed for organizations of all sizes, which helps stakeholders connect with employees and collect suggestions. Key features include team collaboration, idea ranking, data import, employee recognition, analytics, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o DirectSuggest
IntouchSurvey is designed to help businesses across retail, hospitality, grocery, and other sectors conduct electronic surveys for market research. The application enables managers to measure customer satisfaction scores, collect audience feedback, retain existing customers, and track employee productivity. Leia mais sobre o IntouchSurvey
Audience Response Systems is polling software that helps educators, trainers, and presenters conduct electronic voting to optimize audience engagement and content retention from within a unified platform. The PowerPoint response plugin allows staff members to set up single vote or multi-vote slides, create demographic filters, monitor audience... Leia mais sobre o Audience Response Systems
DirectPoll is an instant polling solution designed to help teachers create and conduct polls to gain responses in classrooms. Educators can set up polls before classes and opt from single or multiple choice question types to receive feedback. Leia mais sobre o DirectPoll
Quizell fast-tracks e-commerce sales with personalized product recommendations. Create a quiz to discover your customers’ needs and lead them to solutions that work for them. Increase sales, reduce returns, and discover new opportunities for business growth. Leia mais sobre o Quizell
ProProfs Poll Software is a powerful online poll creator which helps online marketers, instructors, businesses & government organizations to quickly create an online poll and set it up on their website or blog. Leia mais sobre o ProProfs Poll Maker

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