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Troque a planilha por uma lista de pendências colaborativa online que permita ver o status de todas as tarefas abertas em tempo real, tanto dos membros da equipe no escritório quanto dos contratados em campo. Depois, aproveite os painéis para extrair informações importantes sobre o desempenho. Leia mais sobre o
A Procore fornece um software de gerenciamento de construção para ajudar as empresas a aumentarem a eficiência e a responsabilidade do projeto simplificando a comunicação e a documentação do projeto. Leia mais sobre o Procore
Ensure that work is complete and up to par with easy-to-use punch list tools. Autodesk Build supports digital closeout and punch list processes with standardized punch list templates and powerful quality issue creation capabilities on mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o Autodesk Construction Cloud
O Wrike é uma plataforma de gestão de trabalho usada por mais de dois milhões de pessoas em 140 países. Os recursos incluem interface intuitiva, painéis personalizáveis e gráficos de Gantt flexíveis. Use-os para gerenciar equipes e preparar sua lista de pendências. Mapeie cronogramas de projetos e marque os principais marcos com o Wrike. Leia mais sobre o Wrike
Buildertrend is the No. 1 construction project management software. Trusted by homebuilders, remodelers and specialty contractors across the globe, we empower the industry with a better way to build. Leia mais sobre o Buildertrend
O Bluebeam Revu fornece um plug-in de marcação, edição e gerenciamento de PDF com colaboração baseada na nuvem para o Office e programas CAD em desktops Windows e tablet PCs. Leia mais sobre o Bluebeam Revu
No longer are the small details overlooked. Easily create punchlists, assign tasks, and send the necessary photos, documents, or notes to the responsible person. Our easy to use Punchlists feature makes sure everyone knows the status of the tasks that need to be completed. Leia mais sobre o Contractor Foreman
Ready to level up your business ? ?? Easily Manage All Projects, Contracts & Tasks on Any Job. Try JobNimbus Now! The Only Tool You Need - Allowing You to Do More in Less Time. Start Your Free Trial Now! Leia mais sobre o JobNimbus
UDA ConstructionOnline is a web-based software that helps businesses in the construction industry streamline project management, scheduling, and client communications. It allows remodelers and home builders to utilize a centralized dashboard to track updates and changes across projects. Leia mais sobre o ConstructionOnline
An all-in-one employee app that's both powerful, affordable and easy to use, especially for the mobile workforce. Leia mais sobre o Connecteam
Platform for digital project delivery and controls that connects teams to build the world. Leia mais sobre o Oracle Aconex
Touchplan is a collaborative construction planning software for modern project teams, offering a shared virtual workspace, weekly progress reports, and more Leia mais sobre o Touchplan
O GenieBelt é uma plataforma de gestão de projetos em tempo real para profissionais do setor de construção. Leia mais sobre o LetsBuild
Fieldwire is an online/offline mobile construction management app offering task scheduling, issue tracking and plan viewing features for free and paid users. Leia mais sobre o Fieldwire
ProjectTeam is a project management solution for construction teams of all sizes designed to increase communication, track changes, and improve workflow. ProjectTeam’s key features include file management, issue tracking, access control tools, as well as real-time reporting. Leia mais sobre o
Quickly draft field reports on-site with your smartphone or tablet. By documenting all the necessary data — like text, photos, floor plan annotations, and more — immediately while on-site, you will have a professional and branded field report ready by the time you leave the construction site. Leia mais sobre o ArchiSnapper
O Archdesk é uma solução única de software de gestão de projetos baseada na nuvem voltada para pequenas, médias e grandes empresas no setor da construção e de serviços. Leia mais sobre o Archdesk
WETHOD is a cloud-based project management software that offers organizations an integrated, customizable and intuitive system.. It allows users to manage their project management, CRM, financials and portfolio analysis. Leia mais sobre o WETHOD
Buildup is a cloud-based task management, inspection & punch list software for owners, consultants, developers, general & subcontractors in the construction industry. The software, with native mobile apps, provides collaboration tools, project workflows, analytics, & automatic Spanish translation. Leia mais sobre o buildup
Alobees is a simple and intuitive tool allowing construction professionals to increase productivity and efficiency on all their sites. Leia mais sobre o Alobees
BuildSafe is a collaborative web and mobile safety software for contractors & developers which enables users to streamline deviation management with features for inspections, observation/near-miss/accident reporting, and provides real-time dashboards and analytics Leia mais sobre o BuildSafe
O FinishLine é uma ferramenta simples, porém eficaz, para gerenciar inspeções e listas de pendências. Leia mais sobre o FinishLine
Manage the entire lifecycle of building operations starting from design and construction, to operation and important document archival with SKYSITE. Keep your team in sync and up-to-date. Manage projects, save time and improve productivity., anytime, anywhere. Leia mais sobre o SKYSITE
Using smino cuts the work involved in defect management by 30% compared to Excel. Start a new inspection on a smartphone or tablet. Record any defects on the plan or add existing defects from your to-do list. Leia mais sobre o smino
Simple. Powerful. Construction Management Software for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Owners and Developers. Used by superintendents, safety officers, foremen and crew in the Field and project managers, directors, VPs and owners in the Office. Leia mais sobre o SiteMax Systems
Ermeo is a field service management software designed for businesses in various industry segments, including transport, energy, and construction. It helps organizations create checklists, set up workflows, track task progress, and facilitate collaboration on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Ermeo
Fieldlens by RedTeam is your one-click jobsite solution enabling teams to keep track of everything happening in the field on web and mobile. Leia mais sobre o Fieldlens
With PlanRadar, it's easy to create punch lists for construction projects, assign tasks to contractors in real time and see progress. Leia mais sobre o PlanRadar
ConDoc is a construction management software designed to help businesses handle documentation workflows of construction projects via a unified platform. The application enables building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and design teams to streamline internal communication processes. Leia mais sobre o ConDoc
Insite Teams is an efficient, easy-to-use cloud-based hub where you can store and share your audits and inspections. With a range of customisation and efficiency-enhancing tools, the system can be applied to a range of processes from safety inspections to progress reports Leia mais sobre o Insite Teams
Viewpoint Field View is a cloud-based and off-line mobile solution that replaces pen and paper on construction sites for snagging, forms & permits, project delivery, handover and more. Leia mais sobre o Viewpoint Field View
Scoop Solar is a cloud-based workflow automation and project management platform designed to help renewable energy companies simplify and manage field operations such as installations, O&M preventative maintenance, site assessments, real-time collaboration, and more. Leia mais sobre o Scoop Solar
Kahua is a construction project management solution designed to help businesses in healthcare, education, commercial real estate, and other sectors organize project files, manage documents, and facilitate collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Leia mais sobre o Kahua
5+ users. A web-mobile platform that centralizes operational exchanges between teams through tailor-made mobile applications. 100% customizable. Leia mais sobre o Daxium-Air
BlueRithm is an inspection and quality management software that helps businesses create custom workflows and forms to manage commercial building commissioning operations from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to utilize the template library to create checklists and inspection forms. Leia mais sobre o BlueRithm
O FINALCAD fornece uma solução de análise preditiva e construção baseada em dispositivos móveis para arquitetos e engenheiros de obras gerenciarem o ciclo de vida do projeto de construção. Leia mais sobre o FINALCAD
UtiliSync811 is a fieldwork scheduling and document management solution for municipalities and utility owners. Leia mais sobre o UtiliSync811
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Leia mais sobre o Mission Control
Buildern is your complete construction project management platform that supports all phases of residential construction through streamlining entire processes. It user-friendly, tailored to the specific needs of your company and the particular project, as well as extremely scalable. Leia mais sobre o Buildern
BuildScan is a simple defect & task management tool, which allows for unlimited collaboration amongst teams of all size. Manage projects digitally or generate custom PDF's to issue to stakeholders. Anyone can download BuildScan for free and collaborate with Premium Workspaces coming soon. Leia mais sobre o BuildScan
Flexxter is a project planning software for the construction industry. As an all-in-one tool, it includes functions related to the planning, execution and approval of construction projects. Leia mais sobre o Flexxter
WarrantyWatcher is an easy-to-use Warranty Punch List Software that allows teams to improve efficiency and generate happy homeowners. Leia mais sobre o WarrantyWatcher
With c2go we cover all needs in one software for the construction industry. c2go replaces various isolated applications. Manage your DMS, CRM, ERP, HR, construction diary, and defect notification and many more processes in one app. Automation with BigData, Machine learning & AI - included! Leia mais sobre o c2go
Ogun is a field service management software that helps contractors and construction site workers manage documents, images, meetings, and messages on a unified dashboard. The solution allows managers to create and manage job tasks, follow-ups, and pending orders to streamline project management. Leia mais sobre o Ogun
O EqM Móvel é uma solução digital para a gestão e o monitoramento de equipes de campo, a qual também possui acesso através de um aplicativo nativo para dispositivos Android. Os recursos da ferramenta incluem a inspeção nas linhas de transmissão e o registro de anomalias ou defeitos. Leia mais sobre o EqM Móvel
The leading field management platform to manage large and complex projects. Designed to help Developers, General Contractors, and Operators improve quality, productivity and safety. Bespoke solution. Leia mais sobre o Novade
Our passion is helping builders and developers achieve higher customer satisfaction by automating processes to better manage warranty service requests and provide homeowners with everything needed to care for and maintain their new home Leia mais sobre o SiteOne
With UhuCloud, users get solutions for planning, construction management, BIM, task management, and more. Leia mais sobre o UhuCloud
Batiscript is a site monitoring and quality inspection software designed for construction companies, available in English & French. It offers tools for project owners, construction managers & general contractors. This solution supports all project phases, including design, construction, handover & warranty. Batiscript provides custom meeting... Leia mais sobre o Batiscript
docu tools is an architecture and maintenance management software that offers a flexible way to document construction and real estate project. Key features include collaboration, task management, automatic backups, parent license management, and construction document maintenance. Leia mais sobre o docu tools

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