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Procurement automation for sourcing and supplier management
Prokuria is a cloud-based platform for automating sourcing and supplier management that helps top procurement teams around the world to work more efficiently, streamline sourcing-to-procurement processes, and deliver significant cost and time savings. Leia mais sobre o Prokuria
Request for proposal software for RFPs, RFQs and RFIs.
RFP360 develops software solutions that transform how organizations worldwide request information, respond to requests and connect — making the RFP and proposal process far more efficient, effective, collaborative, consistent and repeatable for everyone. Leia mais sobre o RFP360
Control Spend & Lower Costs
Cloud-based procurement management software for managing direct and indirect purchases. Companies save an average of 15% on purchases after implementing Tradogram. Leia mais sobre o TRADOGRAM
Government bid notification solution for businesses
BidSync is a cloud-based bid notification solution, which enables private businesses to search bids or requests for proposals placed by the state government, public sectors, colleges, or federal agencies. Features include bid rating, a visual relevance indicator, keyword matching, and remote access. Leia mais sobre o BidSync
Software for importers & wholesale distributors
VISCO is a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and medium-sized importers and wholesale distributors. The software includes tools for managing import compliance, automatically generating documents, tracking inventory and orders, calculating costs, and more. Leia mais sobre o VISCO
Production hub for the modern supply chain management
Anvyl is a supply chain management production tool which allows businesses within industries such as health and wellness, food and beverage, fashion, and beauty to manage their suppliers, oversee production workflows, and monitor manufacturing data from one central platform Leia mais sobre o Anvyl
Solução de leilão eletrônico e compra de produtos e serviços pela Internet
O Promena é uma solução de compra de produtos e serviços pela Internet, projetada para ajudar as empresas a gerenciarem as atividades de compra de maneira eficiente e eficaz. Leia mais sobre o Promena e-Sourcing
Deals, relationship, and firm management software
DealCloud is a deal, relationship, and firm management software that helps businesses manage processes related to fundraising, marketing, compliance, and more. It enables administrators to configure dashboards, reports, and notifications for specific employees, teams, or the entire organization. Leia mais sobre o DealCloud
Source-to-contract procurement system
VendorPanel is a source-to-contract procurement system designed for government and public agencies, as well as corporate businesses and SMBs. VendorPanel enables users to source and evaluate suppliers, manage supplier contracts, and track supplier performance all from a single platform. Leia mais sobre o VendorPanel
Sourcing and supplier management solution for businesses
QLM Sourcing is a cloud-based solution, which helps small to large organizations manage suppliers and expenses. Key features include quotation generation, process automation, bid analysis, audit trails, batch processing, order and contract management. Leia mais sobre o QLM Sourcing
Cloud hosted purchasing software
ProcurePort is a cloud hosted purchasing solution which allows enterprises to manage invoicing, expenses, inventory & budgets simply & securely Leia mais sobre o ProcurePort
Procurement solution for managing purchases
Proactis is an integrated spend management solution that allows businesses to monitor the expenditure of sourcing projects and streamline procurement processes. With the administrative dashboard, professionals can get an overview of ongoing tasks and generate analytical reports. Leia mais sobre o Proactis
Cloud-based procurement software for SMBs and enterprises
ProcureWare is a modern SaaS application that helps procurement teams manage vendors, conduct sourcing events, and track supplier contracts. Leia mais sobre o ProcureWare
Simple bids to complex RFx events, Bonfire has you covered
Bonfire has you covered with an easy-to-use yet powerful solution, tailored to your needs. Manage everything from simple bids to complex RFPs with our end-to-end sourcing software. Leia mais sobre o Bonfire
Purchasing software for businesses with multiple vendors.
Negotiatus is purchasing software that is transforming the way business administrators and users place orders, control spend, and submit payment across their vendors. Leia mais sobre o Negotiatus
Finally a sourcing app that brings it all together
A simple yet powerful sourcing solution for any buyer of any product or service. Source. Compare. Select. Save Leia mais sobre o sourceit
Manage ALL Spend and ALL Suppliers with NO Compromises
Ivalua is a leading provider of cloud-based Spend Management software solutions. Our complete, unified platform empowers businesses to effectively manage all categories of spend and all suppliers. Recognized as a leader across the full Source-to-Pay spectrum by Gartner and Forrester. Leia mais sobre o Ivalua
Web based supply chain management solution for eSourcing
FlexRFP is an e-sourcing solution that offers bid analysis, RFP management and other sourcing features for SMBs & large enterprises from diverse industries Leia mais sobre o FlexRFP
Pacote de software de e-procurement baseado na nuvem
O Spend 365 é um software de e-procurement que automatiza e rastreia as atividades de compras da organização para ajudar os usuários a obter mais informações sobre gastos, reduzir riscos e automatizar o processo de aquisição com recursos de P2P, contrato, orçamento, criação de RFQ/RFP, faturamento eletrônico, análise de gastos. etc. Leia mais sobre o Oboloo
eProcurement management solution for purchasing
SourceSuite is a cloud-based solution for procurement purposes which is designed to enhance the performance of procurement teams and reduce costs. The main features offered by SourceSuite are solicitation management, bid & award management, reports & auditing, and supplier & bidder management. Leia mais sobre o SourceSuite
Bid Ops is Sourcing Enablement for the Modern Business.
Bid Ops is Sourcing Enablement for the Modern Business, driving savings by getting better quotes faster. With Fortune 100 customers and impressive case studies, Bid Ops is changing the way business teams partner with suppliers. Learn more at Leia mais sobre o Bid Ops
Collaborative eSourcing tool for buyers and suppliers
Scout is an RFP solution designed to help procurement teams across a wide range of markets to streamline their RFP, RFI, RFQ, & auctions Leia mais sobre o Scout RFP
Sourcing and Vendor Management Made Easy
Vendorful is a SaaS solution that allows organizations to take charge of sourcing and vendor management. From eSourcing (eRFX, Reverse Auctions) to Vendor Data and Performance Management to Contract Lifecycle Management, Vendorful helps sourcing professionals turn procurement into profit. Leia mais sobre o Vendorful
Enterprise procurement platform
Felix - formerly Procure IT- is a virtual supplier marketplace which enables large enterprises & local councils to manage & interact with trade suppliers & the open market Leia mais sobre o Felix
Active sourcing software with over 80 networks.
Talentwunder is a digital, active sourcing platform for recruiters, leveraging big data analysis to identify talent by searching many databases simultaneously Leia mais sobre o Talentwunder
Procurement and supply chain management suite
BiSourcing is a web-based supply chain management suite that helps businesses automate purchase orders and manage contracts, auctions, and suppliers on a centralized platform. Features include traceability, tenant management, messaging, cataloguing, contract expiration alerts, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o BiSourcing
eProcurement, purchasing and spend management software
web3 is an eProcurement software designed to help businesses in construction, aerospace, education, retail, travel, transportation, healthcare, and other industries handle administrative processes such as contract management, e-invoicing, purchasing, and more. Leia mais sobre o web3
Contract Lifecycle Management
Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management streamlines contract processes, from request, authoring, negotiation, and approval through ongoing obligations management, analysis, reporting, and renewals. By combining a rock-solid, secure contract repository with a flexible workflow engine, Selectica gives you built-in best practices and the flexibility... Leia mais sobre o Determine
Cloud-based sourcing optimization system
Keelvar Sourcing Optimization is a web-based sourcing optimization system which supports RFX & eAuctions, with tools for scenario analysis & bid data validation Leia mais sobre o Keelvar Sourcing Optimization
Supplier Relationship Management, shaped for the future.
Kodiak Rating Supplier Relationship Management platform powers SRM and SPM excellence. Our solution helps your team gather data at every supplier collaboration- and touchpoint, enabling you to make smart business decisions in all parts of your Supplier Relationship Management process. Leia mais sobre o Kodiak Rating
Flexible procurement management software
Synertrade Accelerate is a digital procurement management solution that helps users manage the entire procurement process with a full set of flexible and scalable applications including supplier management, procure to pay, e-sourcing, purchasing intelligence, spend analytics, and more Leia mais sobre o SynerTrade Accelerate
Request for proposal (RFP) management
Aestiva RFP is a request for proposal solution that offers users the tools to build, manage, & deliver sourcing requests including RFPs (request for proposal), RFQs (request for quotation), and RFIs (request for information). It also facilitates the management of workflows, approvals, & compliance. Leia mais sobre o Aestiva RFP
Solução de compras estratégicas para pequenas e grandes empresas
O ESSA (Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application) ajuda empresas de todos os tamanhos a otimizar processos de gerenciamento da cadeia de fornecimento por meio de coleta de informações, rastreamento de projetos e comunicação com fornecedores. A solução permite que os usuários realizem vários cálculos, como valor presente líquido, consumo de energia e... Leia mais sobre o ESSA
Business intelligence and spend analysis solution
Spendency is a cloud-based spend analysis solution that helps businesses create purchasing strategies, manage data, sort categories, and generate reports. The software includes data security features such as secure login, two-factor authentication, and encryption to protect against data breaches. Leia mais sobre o Spendency