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Easy-to-use & HIPAA-compliant human services/social services cloud case management software. Designed for nonprofits to record and report interactions with clients, case notes, set goals & measure outcomes, perform assessments, make referrals and more! Helping you positively transform lives. Leia mais sobre o CharityTracker
TheraNest Mental Health is a practice management and therapy notes tool that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing Leia mais sobre o TheraNest
Web-based electronic health records management system offering recordkeeping, scheduling, telehealth, billing & reporting for mental health, behavioral health and human services enterprise organizations Leia mais sobre o CareLogic
An all-in-one human services solution, allowing you to track client information, service delivery, and run outcome-based reports! Leia mais sobre o Sumac
Notehouse is a relationship management software which enables professionals such as lawyers, guidance counselors, HR managers, or social workers to take time stamped notes. Notehouse also offers trackable tags to help users sort and manage all of their cases and clients. Leia mais sobre o Notehouse
Knit é uma solução de RH e folha de pagamento de serviços completos que oferece ferramentas para gerenciar a folha de pagamento dos funcionários, solicitações de folga, registros de funcionários e muito mais. A plataforma baseada na nuvem automatiza tarefas como folha de pagamento e controle de horas para economizar tempo para as equipes de RH. Leia mais sobre o Knit
Penelope by Athena Software is cloud-based case management software for human services and nonprofits. Ours is a secure and configurable client management system for social services with flexible reporting, smart forms, and a mobile client portal designed to improve the customer experience. Leia mais sobre o Penelope
Apricot is a case management solution for nonprofit organizations of any size which supports a secure case management database, along with a best practice library with forms and reports, a drag-and-drop form designer, volunteer and donor management tools, plus client tracking, and more. Leia mais sobre o Apricot Social Solutions
extendedReach is a foster care management solution for child placement agencies, designed to help track children, manage foster homes, control agency workloads, generate reports, manage licensing, & more. extendedReach can also support residential & group homes, shelter care & adoption, & refugees. Leia mais sobre o extendedReach
A scalable case management solution supporting nonprofits manage clients, track services, improve efficiencies & evaluate community impact. Leia mais sobre o CaseWorthy
SureImpact is a case management, impact management, and reporting solution that is specifically designed for social-good providers. SureImpact provides the data collection and impact reporting infrastructure that connects nonprofits, government organizations, funders, and other collaborators. Leia mais sobre o SureImpact
Web-based solutions for human & social services providing case management, intake & referrals and reporting. Started by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casebook was created to help those that help others and promote better outcomes. Leia mais sobre o Casebook
Electronic documentation software for I/DD and behavioral health service providers. We offer case management, client tracking, and an EHR all under one roof. Our software is HIPAA-compliant, federally certified, and offers full interoperability for care coordination and value-based care. Leia mais sobre o Foothold
Community CareLink is a social work case management solution that helps businesses schedule appointments, manage client information, and generate custom reports. Administrators can track bed availability and real-time program status on a unified interface. Leia mais sobre o Community CareLink
Create an Impact with PlanStreet's secure Human Services Case Management Software. Organize Cases and Programs. Get started with $50/user/month! Leia mais sobre o PlanStreet
NewOrg provides cloud-based information management solutions for non-profit organizations, supporting volunteer scheduling, fundraising, donation management and more. Leia mais sobre o NewOrg
ClientTrax helps to monitor, manage and report data to caseworkers inside a wide range of human services and justice programs Leia mais sobre o ASI-ware
Noteable is an online suite of management tools designed for mental health care practices. It aims to simplify administrative aspects of mental health service management, freeing clinical staff to focus on care. Features include case note access, staff management, billing, and government compliance. Leia mais sobre o Noteable
CaseFlow is cloud-based case management software designed for child welfare, low income advocacy, domestic violence, youth support, career development, mental health, clinics, housing, etc. Track client workflows, volunteers, documents, communications, training, transactions, budgets, with reports. Leia mais sobre o CaseFlow
VSTracking is a cloud-based software designed to help non-profits and law enforcement agencies streamline victim assistance operations. The platform enables organizations to manage cases, track service status, and create grant reports via a unified portal. Leia mais sobre o VSTracking
AccuPoint is an ABA-based practice management solution that offers electronic medical records, medical billing and payroll, patient scheduling, and picture archiving. Designed to meet the needs of health organizations in all stages of development, AccuPoint provides users with a fully customizable platform that can be customized to meet their... Leia mais sobre o AccuPoint
FAMCare is a web-based case management software for non-profit organizations, government bodies and human services agencies Leia mais sobre o FAMCare
Exponent Case Management is a case management solution ideal for program managers and agency leaders at mid-to-large human services organizations. Its key features include records management, intake, assessments, service tracking, outcome reporting, referral tracking, and incident tracking. Leia mais sobre o Exponent Case Management
O SAM é um CRM baseado na nuvem para gestão de casos, desenvolvido para adoção e acolhimento familiar criado pela InReach Solutions. Leia mais sobre o SAM
Collaborate é um software de gestão de casos desenvolvido para ajudar organizações de serviços sociais, como centros de defesa dos direitos da criança, departamentos penitenciários, escritórios de assuntos de veteranos, centros familiares e muito mais, a gerenciar a coleta de dados, o monitoramento de casos, a definição de metas e outras operações.... Leia mais sobre o Collaborate
UrbanBound is a cloud-based human capital management platform that helps streamline employee relocation processes. With UrbanBound, companies can reduce their relocation program costs and provide an amazing experience to the employees—all while making it easy for them to manage their own move. Leia mais sobre o UrbanBound
Behave Health is a cloud-based EHR platform designed to help behavioral health providers and treatment centers handle patient admissions, clinical operations, scheduling, medications, notes, pharmacy logistics, and more. Administrators can create events by choosing a date, time or location. Leia mais sobre o BehaveHealth Platform
Sparkrock 365 is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that’s designed for the unique needs of Health & Human Service Organizations. Sparkrock 365 integrates finance, workforce management, payroll and employee scheduling. Leia mais sobre o Sparkrock
Neon CCM software is designed to manage & streamline client, case, & program data so you can focus on making an impact. Leia mais sobre o Neon CCM
O AidHound é uma solução de gerenciamento de caso de trabalho social baseada na nuvem, projetada para ajudar ONGs e municípios a coletar dados e analisar atividades de beneficiários. Os principais recursos incluem criação de formulários, rastreamento de progresso, gerenciamento de usuários, campos computados, marcação, armazenamento seguro de... Leia mais sobre o AidHound
O Noble Child é um software de informações de bem-estar infantil desenvolvido para ajudar agências governamentais e ONGs a gerenciar dados, resultados de casos e comunicações para melhorar as oportunidades gerais de tratamento, saúde, emprego e cívicas das crianças. Leia mais sobre o Noble Child
Sigmund Software is a cloud-based solution specifically developed for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software. The platform offers users a dynamic and user-friendly suite of specialized features. Leia mais sobre o Sigmund Software
ECINS (Empowering Communities with Integrated Network Systems) is the world’s most collaborative case management system. Purpose-built, cloud-based and highly secure, ECINS is used worldwide to improve the lives of vulnerable people and empower the human services practitioners who serve them. Leia mais sobre o ECINS
Exym is an intuitive, user-friend EHR software solution that tracks everything your behavioral health agency needs. Easily manage your patient data, progress notes, clinician activities and billing. Leia mais sobre o Exym
Caseworkers and social workers are equipped with the tools they need to support their work. Leia mais sobre o Traverse
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o MNprogram
Salesforce Health Cloud is a collaborative, all-round healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients Leia mais sobre o Health Cloud
Skedulex is a cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software commonly used in therapy, counselling, rehab and home care sectors. Skedulex provides a unified record keeping and document management system that makes it easy to access and manage records. Its more than an EMR or PMS system. Leia mais sobre o Skedulex Case Management Software
My Junna is a HIPAA compliant care management software to track clients, track tasks, organize community resources, share calendars and more. Leia mais sobre o My Junna
INSZoom's immigration case management and compliance products let immigration professionals share valuable information online, process immigration petitions faster, stay compliant and effectively manage their global mobility workforce through a single, robust and integrated solution. Leia mais sobre o INSZoom
Seeladora is a cloud-based platform that helps non-profits manage donations and maintain case documentation. The fully configurable platform offers modules for managing cases, volunteers, donors, learning, events, and food pantry items. Leia mais sobre o Seeladora
Enables non profits to understand not only who is being served, but also how their programs are making a difference. Leia mais sobre o Link2Feed
CSM Human Services is a workflow solution that can be accessed via the web or on-premise. The platform is primarily intended for site managers, program managers, and supervisors who are looking to streamline operations, generate reports and track service plan adherence across agencies. Leia mais sobre o CSM Human Services
Simple & Efficient. introdus is not just any Pre & Onboarding platform, it is your platform, customised exactly to your brand identity, where you can create structured and specialised Pre & Onboarding processes. Built by over 60.000 employees for employees. Leia mais sobre o introdus
O Owiwi é uma ferramenta de avaliação de talentos baseada em jogos para o processo de seleção e recrutamento de candidatos usando jogos interativos e metodologia científica avançada. Leia mais sobre o Owiwi
CareDirector is a human services management software that helps social care organizations manage cases, create records, configure workflows, generate reports, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to establish communication with clients and maintain interaction history for calls, faxes, letters, SMS messages, and emails. Leia mais sobre o CareDirector
Tracker é uma plataforma de gestão de casos jurídicos que ajuda os órgãos da justiça a automatizar todo o ciclo de vida do processo judicial, desde o momento da detenção, sentenças judiciais até acompanhamentos e avaliação de resultados. Os advogados podem lidar com casos relacionados a liberdade condicional adulta ou juvenil, livramento condiciona... Leia mais sobre o Tracker
MediSked Connect centralizes and manages information in order to transform service delivery across provider agencies with simple modules for scheduling, billing, individual plans and outcomes, reporting, and documentation. Leia mais sobre o MediSked Connect
Imgility is an immigration platform building timelines and workflows, petition analysis, a virtual adjudicator, RFE response building, template letter building, comprehensive compliance, receipts, notifications, alerts, onboarding and offboarding employees, full access to documents, among others. The platform includes employee inclusion in... Leia mais sobre o Imagility
Vertex offers all the tools social service agencies in the United States need to automate paper case management files. Eliminate the laborious, time-consuming manual recordkeeping that keeps staff from delivering billable services. Leia mais sobre o Vertex Case Management & Billing

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