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Rave Alert is the leading FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system to inform and notify the people you protect and/or care about. Leia mais sobre o Rave Alert
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Leia mais sobre o GovPilot
SmartServ is a cloud-based field service management software, which helps HVAC, plumbing, and electrical businesses in the home services industry manage jobs, technicians, and payments on a unified platform. Features include real-time notifications, dispatch, contact management, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o SmartServ
Snappii mobile app builder helps you to build and customize powerful mobile business apps with no programming or coding needed in DAYS. Leia mais sobre o Snappii
Easy-to-use online software. Highly powerful & modular including: Scheduling, Timekeeping, Certification Tracking, E-Mail/Text Messaging, Online Forms, Equipment Tracking, Training Class Tracking, Online Documents & more. Built specifically for EMS, Fire and Police. Leia mais sobre o eSchedule
Rescue Hub is an integrated training solution designed to help fire departments manage all training requirements on a unified platform. Administrators can utilize the platform to create custom fire service training programs, schedule sessions or tasks for officers & track progress on requirements. Leia mais sobre o Rescue Hub
Fire & EMS Asset Tracking application serving fire departments, ambulance companies and other EMS based entities needing a budget friendly asset tracking web app. Leia mais sobre o PharmLogs
Protecnus is a web-based preventive and corrective maintenance software designed to help businesses send task details to technicians, plan and access the status of work and incidents in real-time, and improve communication with customers. The platform lets teams dealing with air conditioning equipment, fire extinguishers, elevators, and more,... Leia mais sobre o Protecnus
The Fire Package by Emergency Reporting is a modular software for fire department management that allows users to track, manage, and analyze what's happening within the fire station. The solution has 16 modules for daily operations including NFIRS reporting, occupancy, shifts, training & more. Leia mais sobre o Emergency Reporting
Dossier Fleet Management software helps surface transportation managers to control and manage vehicle fleets and other assets Leia mais sobre o Dossier Fleet Maintenance
Upgrade your Fire Department's paper checksheet systems. PSTrax is the leading system for Fire operations checks and logistics management. Track apparatus, SCBA, PPE, inventory, and controlled substance checks in one place. Leia mais sobre o PSTrax
Responder360’s multi-platform application provides unit location tracking, occupancy pre-plan records and CAD details on one easy to use dashboard that gives responders and incident commanders a common operating picture on every emergency scene. Leia mais sobre o Responder360
Rhodium Incident Management Suite is a cloud-based incident management solution designed for public safety agencies such as emergency medical service providers, fire departments, aviation authorities, manufacturing or industrial facilities, school campuses and law enforcement forces. Leia mais sobre o Rhodium Incident Management Suite
Operative IQ is an operations management solution for EMS, law enforcement, fire services, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and educational programs, which provides features such as fleet management, billable items tracking, communication management, complaint monitoring, daily reports, fuel management, communication management, controlled substance... Leia mais sobre o Operative IQ
Employee scheduling and workforce management software for various industries including EMS, fire/rescue, law enforcement, communications, and healthcare Leia mais sobre o Aladtec
CityReporter was developed with input from fire chiefs in cities across North America. It contains a library of fire inspection checklists based on the national fire code. CityReporter's inspection efficiency, automated deficiency follow ups and detailed reporting reduce inspection time by up to 70% Leia mais sobre o CityReporter
VCS is a workforce management platform, which helps municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and police or fire departments create and schedule work requests for employees. Features include reminders, time clock, real-time updates, employee availability tracking, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o VCS
Online inventory management system with intuitive location mapping and product visualization for inventory items. Leia mais sobre o CyberStockroom
Watchtower is modernizing first responder workflows. The incident reporting, computer-aided dispatch, and operational forms get rid of pen and paper data capture providing first responders more time for action and greater insights into agency performance. Leia mais sobre o Watchtower
CivicGov offers features that are available as either stand-alone modules or an integrated suite. It helps businesses conduct and schedule one-time and cyclical reoccurring inspections across their organization. Leia mais sobre o CivicGov
First Due is an incident management solution designed to help Fire and EMS agencies pre-plan, manage and streamline fire prevention, NFIRS & ePCR, personnel scheduling, and incident response. operations. Key features include inspections, mobile response, community engagement, asset management and more. Leia mais sobre o First Due
Station Check is a cloud-based operations management software designed to help fire departments manage their assets and workflow with dynamic checklists, smart trigger technology, asset tracking, auto-alerting and dashboards, and more Leia mais sobre o StationCheck
AngelTrack is EMS and fire station software that can be used on desktops and mobile devices. It provides a vertically-integrated dispatch system accessible from anywhere. It is NEMSIS-certified and NFIRS-listed, with dispatch, PCR, billing, HR, timeclock, checklists, inspections, and much more. Leia mais sobre o AngelTrack
Code3 Firewatch is a resilience analytics solution designed to help fire departments and emergency medical service (EMS) agencies visualize and evaluate the response performance and predict changes in service demands. Leia mais sobre o Code3 Strategist
CityGuards for Police is a mobile app and platform that has established a proven track record for enhancing community engagement between Police Officers and local residents and businesses. Leia mais sobre o CityGuards
D4H is an intuitive and user-friendly fully integrated suite of emergency response software. Leia mais sobre o D4H
For Multi-unit restaurants that need tracking & accountability of maintenance & operation tasks without the overkill of CMMS or work orders. Leia mais sobre o Owl Ops
StationSmarts is a web-based records management solution designed for fire departments to manage all of their operations from a single database. The software includes a National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) interface, pre-fire planning, inspections management tools, duty rosters, and more. Leia mais sobre o StationSmarts
EDP é um software para planejar operações com veículos. Esse aplicativo foi desenvolvido para corpos de bombeiros, organizações de ajuda e serviços de resgate e recuperação. O EDP oferece ao gerente de operações um resumo de onde os veículos estão atualmente e em quais pedidos. Leia mais sobre o EDP
FWportal offers extensive management functions for fire departments. The software makes it possible to map complex structures. The team management function helps users assign team members to local stations and divisions. The software can track courses, promotions, driving licenses, and ID cards. Leia mais sobre o FWportal
MP-FEUER documents information for fire brigades, rescue services, and preventive fire protection providers. Its administrative functions cover all equipment, from the clothing store to hoses and breathing apparatus, and premises. Leia mais sobre o MP-FEUER
Fireboard helps fire departments plan and document their operations. The software consists of a free basic system and six extensions including communication, operations management, situation mapping, state of emergency, patient management, and respiratory protection monitoring. Leia mais sobre o Fireboard
FireManager is management software consisting of several modules that are intended to support fire stations in Bavaria in their daily work. Among other things, this web-based application offers functions for device and personnel management. Leia mais sobre o FireManager
amefire is management software designed to help fire departments of all sizes streamline administrative and other operations. The software is cloud-based and can also be used on Windows platforms. Using a modular structure, amefire can be adapted to the individual needs of each respective service. Leia mais sobre o amefire
FireOffice is an administration software package for fire brigades and supporting associations, which helps manage a variety of operations. It stores data locally and ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements by allowing appropriate data access and control. Leia mais sobre o FireOffice
To simplify the administrative processes of fire departments, syBOS provides various features for data processing via an online platform. Users can access an overview of staff, vehicles, and devices, as well as store data in a single centralized location. Leia mais sobre o syBOS
Geoteamz City is a collaboration platform designed to help city, county, state, and federal government agencies and departments in the United States address various citywide problems. It enables organizations to communicate with police, utilities, fire, public works, and other departments, manage incidents, and track equipment via a unified portal. Leia mais sobre o respond+
Responserack provides modern integrated services for informing and empowering volunteer firefighters. Connected and engaged volunteer firefighters are retained firefighters. Full end to end solution for CAD integration, dispatch notifications & incident reporting. FEMA/USFA approved for NFIRS 5.0. Leia mais sobre o Responserack
Pace Scheduler is a cloud-based scheduling solution designed for police departments, municipalities, fire departments, and public transportation organizations. Organize and manage all day-to-day schedules from shift scheduling to time-off requests to daily assignments. Leia mais sobre o Pace Scheduler
Rave Collaborate provides tactical incident collaboration for planned and unplanned events. Leia mais sobre o Rave Collaborate
ERMS uses digital technology to improve resource/incident management and daily status information. Eliminate paperwork, phone calls and searching from your daily to-dos! ERMS is accessible 24/7 and shows real-time information Leia mais sobre o ERMS
Hazmat Radar is a hazmat situation management solution for first responders that provides them with notification tools, communication tools and more. Leia mais sobre o Hazmat Radar
Track + manage equipment + assets with 1 powerful, secure user-friendly software. Knowing more about your assets and equipment lets you worry less about your assets and equipment. From Mcmtech, leaders in mission-critical asset mgmt. Leia mais sobre o Motiontrack
Motion360 is an asset and inventory management software solution with an integrated work order ticketing system that works to eliminate your duplicate processes, reduce errors, increase accountability, and improve your output. Leia mais sobre o Motion360

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