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Software de gestão de casos e práticas jurídicas com mobilidade
O App4Legal é uma solução de gestão de práticas jurídicas totalmente integrada e otimizada para dispositivos móveis, desenvolvida para escritórios de advocacia, departamentos jurídicos e advogados. Leia mais sobre o App4Legal
Gestão da prática jurídica e faturamento para pequenas e médias empresas.
O Amberlo é um software na nuvem para gestão de prática jurídica, controle de horas e faturamento, criado para escritórios de advocacia de pequeno e médio porte, além de profissionais liberais. Leia mais sobre o Amberlo
Embeddable, mobile cloud collaboration API
Moxtra is an embeddable, multi-layered cloud collaboration tool for communication, content management, file sharing, meeting scheduling, and more within teams Leia mais sobre o Moxtra
Software de gestão de casos jurídicos baseado em nuvem
O Clio Suite é um software para escritórios de advocacia baseado em nuvem que transformará a maneira como o seu escritório de advocacia opera, desde a primeira visita de captação até o pagamento da última fatura. O Clio Suite oferece tudo de que você precisa para executar, gerenciar e expandir seu escritório. Os clientes notarão a diferença e... Leia mais sobre o Clio
Intuitive Cloud-based Law Practice Management Software
Highest rated legal case management software on GetApp. Perfect for lawyers and law firms of all sizes. Leia mais sobre o PracticePanther
Law practice management for future-focused firms
AbacusLaw is a flexible and dynamically scalable practice management solution to support legal professionals from solo practitioners to enterprise law firms from client intake to payment. Leia mais sobre o AbacusLaw
Practice More, Manage Less.
MyCase legal practice management software helps law firms solve key business challenges, including getting paid faster, keeping cases on track, and delighting clients. No matter your location, MyCase lets you manage your firm’s daily operations with ease. Try MyCase for free at Leia mais sobre o MyCase
Web Based Legal Practice Management & Accounting Software
CosmoLex is the ONLY Cloud-based, all-in-one practice management, billing, AND accounting system (No QuickBooks Required). Leia mais sobre o CosmoLex
The easiest way to build your own apps without code.
Quick Base is an application building platform which allows users to create customized business apps with no coding required. The enterprise-ready solution offers tools including workflow automations, notifications and reminders, task management, team collaboration, interactive dashboards, and more. Leia mais sobre o Quick Base
Time & Billing | Project Management | Accounting
BQE Core makes it easier and more profitable to run your business. It organizes information, automates repetitive tasks and allows your firm to spend more time providing service to your clients instead of managing internal processes. Sign up for a Free Trial Leia mais sobre o BQE Core
Legal case management solution
Amicus Attorney is a cloud and on-premise solution that enables law firms to streamline the entire case lifecycle, from creating documents to raising invoices. It lets users share & update appointments, receive change notifications, and link events, such as court dates, to calendars. Leia mais sobre o Amicus Attorney
Law practice management suite for law firms
Tabs3 is a legal management suite that helps law firms to manage all operations related to finances, billing, and practice management. From trust accounting to electronic case file management, Tabs3 provides legal entities with the tools to help streamline legal processes. Leia mais sobre o Tabs3
Cloud or on-premise legal practice management software
The most cost effective way to manage your legal practice from anywhere. HoudiniEsq is one integrated suite of tools that streamlines workflow, increases productivity, helps you to provide better service, and helps build your practice. All with scalable Web-accessibility at its core. Leia mais sobre o HoudiniEsq
Modern Legal Practice Management with Best-in-Class Features
See why Zola is the FASTEST-GROWING practice management software. Industry-leading features such as patented email management, robust billing & complete accounting platform delivered via a modern & intuitive web interface deliver a SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH. Leia mais sobre o Zola Suite
Affordable Legal Practice Management Software
Jubilee is a provider of practice management software for law firms. In one place, attorneys can file bankruptcy cases, record case details, use secure text messaging with clients, track court notices, attach documents, send invoices, and process payments. Leia mais sobre o Jubilee
More headspace for what really matters
Actionstep is a top-rated law firm management system, built in the cloud with automation at its heart. Giving lawyers more headspace to make a difference to clients, everyday. Leia mais sobre o Actionstep
Cloud-based time billing software
Bill4Time is the #1 cloud-based software for time tracking, expenses, clients, and projects. Create invoices, statements, pre-bills, and reports in seconds. Features include conflict management, templates, 256-bit encryption, payment portal, permission management and more. Leia mais sobre o Bill4Time
Legal Practice Management & Time and Billing Software
Rocket Matter is the leading cloud-based law practice management software that helps you run a more efficient law firm, boost your revenue by more than 20%, and make your clients happy. Leia mais sobre o Rocket Matter
Cloud-based legal case management solution for enterprises
Filevine is a cloud-based legal case management solution designed for law firms to organize and manage legal documents and track essential case milestones Leia mais sobre o Filevine
One-stop case management software for law firms of all types
Prevail is server-based software with many time saving features like integrated calendaring, statute tracking, SSA and VA disability processes, SMS/Texting, document merge, scanning, evidence tracking and reporting/dashboard analytics. Anyone can build software - it's the automation that matters. Leia mais sobre o Prevail
Encrypted online legal practice management solution
MerusCase is a customizable cloud-based law practice management solution promising document automation, calendaring, time tracking, billing and integrated email Leia mais sobre o MerusCase
Law practice management software with billing and invoicing
Firm Central is an online law practice management software that centralizes operations across matter management, time & billing, scheduling and form assembly Leia mais sobre o Firm Central
Legal productivity software for small law firms.
Smokeball cloud-based legal productivity software for PCs automatically records time and activity for you. Smokeball boasts full billing capability, an industry-leading document automation library with over 14,000 legal forms, Daily Digest, powerful integrations and a robust mobile app. Leia mais sobre o Smokeball
Practice management solution for Plaintiffs
CoCounselor is a practice management solution designed by plaitiff lawyers for plaintiff lawyers to improve workflows, create documents and view reports Leia mais sobre o CoCounselor
Manage What Matters, ANYWhere (Practice Mgmt & Legal Acc)
uLawPractice is a practice management and legal accounting solution for sole practitioners, paralegals, and small law firms with invoicing & reporting features Leia mais sobre o uLawPractice
Practice management solution for legal firms
Time Matters is a practice management solution, which helps legal firms handle operations related to document management, information sharing, task monitoring, and more. The platform assists organizations with creating customizable workflows, forms, and documents to manage cases. Leia mais sobre o Time Matters
Legal business management solution
ProLaw is a law firm management solution that integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook to organize information flow & streamline legal operations. Designed for mid-size firms, government offices & corporate organizations, ProLaw aids with managing legal operations. Leia mais sobre o ProLaw
Web-based debt collection and recovery software
CaseTrackerLaw is a web-based software specifically designed to streamline and automate debt collection tasks. It is designed to automate each step of a collection agency or attorney, including debt placement, debt recovery, business management and administration, sales and marketing, and more. Leia mais sobre o CaseTrackerLaw
Practice management solution for legal firms
Litify, built on Salesforce, is a cloud-based practice management solution, which assists small to large legal firms with case screening and client management. Key features include risk and expense tracking, forecasting, referral management, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Litify
Software de processamento de propriedade intelectual para advogados
O Alt Legal é uma plataforma de processamento de propriedade intelectual que ajuda os advogados a preparar e gerenciar propriedades intelectuais, incluindo marcas comerciais, direitos autorais e patentes. A solução atualiza automaticamente o status e o prazo dos casos, gera documentos de propriedade intelectual instantaneamente e coleta os... Leia mais sobre o Alt Legal
Legal case management solution
Needles is a legal case management solution that helps law firms manage document workflows, contacts, and more. The software enables users to schedule lead appointments, track referrals, and capture contact information in a centralized platform to streamline client intake processes. Leia mais sobre o Needles
Modern Case Management Software for Personal Injury Law
Made for Modern Personal Injury Attorneys - Cloud-based case management software. Lead tracking, robust cases, settlement tools, powerful reports, and more. Leia mais sobre o CASEpeer
Legal practice management software for small law firms
LEAP is legal practice and case management software for small law firms, with time recording, pre-configured matter files, and automation of data entry. Leia mais sobre o LEAP
Matter management & legal ops tools for in-house legal teams
Xakia is a practice management software which supports matter management & legal ops tools for in-house legal teams, providing greater control & visibility over workloads & deadlines & enabling users to track & record work quickly with expense management, legal intake, dispute register tools, & more Leia mais sobre o Xakia
Legal Practice Management & Intake Software - Powered by AI
Law Ruler is the case management software platform for growing firms. The one complete legal software that offers matter management, time/billing, expense mgmt, online forms, settlement tracking, 1-click text e-sign, and automates follow-up emails & text messages Leia mais sobre o Law Ruler
Legal case and matter management software
Legal Files matter management is ideal for corporations, universities, governmental agencies and insurance companies. Leia mais sobre o Legal Files
Law practice & legal case management solution
Lawcus is a legal practice & case management software for law firms with workflow automation, invoicing & billing, time & expense tracking, & more Leia mais sobre o Lawcus
Cloud-based CRM, sales & marketing automation software
Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales, & marketing automation software for businesses in industries such as legal, real estate, mortgage, finance, & education. Shape offers tools to manage & automate online marketing & promotions, capture and service leads from online sources, & more Leia mais sobre o Shape
Gerenciamento da prática jurídica com base no Microsoft 365
O Curo365 é uma solução para a prática jurídica que utiliza aplicativos em nuvem dentro da nuvem do Microsoft 365 para melhorar a produtividade de escritórios de advocacia internacionais, regionais e locais, bem como de advogados autônomos. O Curo365 é desenvolvido para lidar com casos/assuntos, documentos, comunicações, calendários e dados... Leia mais sobre o Curo365
Legal billing and project management for law firms
LegalTrek empowers modern law firms to streamline their work and billing with accurate time-tracking and value pricing, including a client portal & scheduling Leia mais sobre o LegalTrek
The intelligent legal research choice.
ROSS is legal research software that uses artificial intelligence to help thousands of U.S. lawyers work faster and smarter. Leia mais sobre o ROSS
Software de revisão digital para escritórios de advocacia de qualquer porte
O IPRO Eclipse SE é uma solução de software de electronic discovery e revisão para profissionais da área jurídica. Leia mais sobre o IPRO Eclipse SE
Cloud based or on-premise solution for legal case management
Case Master Pro is a legal case management solution that helps law firms and debt collectors manage case files and accounting operations. It enables lawyers to store critical documents in a centralized database, assign task lists to specific employees, and track case files. Leia mais sobre o Case Master Pro
Legal practice management powered by Artificial Intelligence
LawGro is an online legal practice management solution for growing law firm businesses, with AI for automating processes and delivering real time analytics Leia mais sobre o LawGro
Legal management cloud solution for mid-size law firms
Aderant Expert Sierra is a legal case and practice management solution for mid-size law firms (15-150 users) and legal professionals. Leia mais sobre o Aderant Expert Sierra
Legal practice management software for SMBs
Jarvis legal is a web-based application for small and medium-sized law firms. Leia mais sobre o Jarvis Legal
Modern legal management system for law firms
SurePoint's Legal Management System is a law practice management solution designed to help law firms manage operations including data import & export, event scheduling, financial tracking & more. The platform offers modules for practice management, financial management & business intelligence. Leia mais sobre o Legal Management System
Gerenciamento global de entidades e automação de documentos
O Athennian é uma solução de governança corporativa baseada na nuvem, projetada para gerenciar dados críticos da entidade e automatizar documentos de secretariado corporativo. A plataforma permite aos usuários gerenciar entidades legais, incluindo corporações, empresas de participação limitada (LLC, na sigla em inglês), fundos e parcerias em mais... Leia mais sobre o Athennian
Cloud-based law practice management solution for small firms
DirectLaw is a cloud-based law practice management solution designed to help small law firms manage legal services delivery. A virtual law platform, it includes web-based document automation and a state-specific forms library, and enables users to provide legal advice by phone, email and video chat. Leia mais sobre o DirectLaw
Law Practice Management Platform
Practice League offers integrated law practice management software with time, activity & expense recording, case calendaring, client management, billing & more Leia mais sobre o Law Practice Cloud
Docketing & IP management
AppColl Prosecution Manager is a full-featured docketing software for small intellectual property management and patent attorney firms Leia mais sobre o AppColl Prosecution Manager
Law practice management solution
Proclaim is a cloud-based and on-premise software that helps law firms manage document creation, accounting, billing, and customer relationship management, among other processes. It lets professionals color-code budget elements and set cost alerts for specific cases. Leia mais sobre o Proclaim
Law practice management solution
ASCENT is an enterprise legal management software that helps law firms manage processes for litigation, billing, document automation, and more. Attorneys can use ASCENT to visualize and gain insight into activities across cases, in order to aid decision-making across the organization. Leia mais sobre o ASCENT
Law practice management platform for small law firms
Denovo is an online law practice management solution designed to help solo attorneys and small law firms with features such as case matter management, document automation, time tracking, invoicing, conflict checking, and more. The case management module enables organization of case materials. Leia mais sobre o Denovo
Salesforce-powered law practice management & legal billing
NuLaw is a Salesforce App Cloud-powered solution for legal practices to automate calendaring, case-related task scheduling, billing, reporting, and more Leia mais sobre o NuLaw
Legal case management & invoicing software
IPzen Legal is a cloud-based case management & invoicing solution for law firms which includes tools for managing clients, tasks, files, reporting, and more Leia mais sobre o IPzen Legal
Software de gerenciamento de processos e prática jurídica baseado em nuvem
O matters.Cloud é uma plataforma de gerenciamento de processos para escritórios de advocacia, departamentos jurídicos internos e profissionais independentes, que ajuda advogados a gerenciar clientes, desenvolver contatos e oportunidades, monitorar horas e colaborar com colegas em tarefas e prazos importantes. Leia mais sobre o matters.Cloud
End-to-End Legal Practice and Case Management
Manage crucial activities and understand key legal issues with ALB's end-to-end legal practice and case management solution. ALB allows law firms to manage all legal operations such legal accounting, client and matter management, document management and time recording. Leia mais sobre o ALB
Web-based law practice management solution
eLuminate is a web-based law practice management solution designed to help attorneys and advocates manage the entire client lifecycle, from tracking cases to generating performance reports. It allows firms to organize, maintain & track lead activities such as lead receipt, court hearings and more. Leia mais sobre o eLuminate
Law practice management solution
Orion is a practice management solution designed to help mid-size law firms manage matters, contacts, internal communications, docketing, scheduling, and more. It offers a document management module, which enables lawyers to store all information related to case files and client records. Leia mais sobre o Orion
Law practice management solution
Lawman is a practice management solution designed to help law firms streamline the entire legal lifecycle, from tracking client cases to handling billing operations. It enables lawyers to quickly prepare documents including contracts, memos, affidavits, and notes using built-in custom templates. Leia mais sobre o Lawman
Legal practice management software for attorneys & law firms
The Legal Assisstant is an on-premise and cloud-based legal practice management software that enables attorneys and law firms to automate tasks and manage documents, events, marketing campaigns, and billing processes through various built-in modules. Leia mais sobre o The Legal Assistant
Legal case management solution for businesses of all sizes
Knowliah is a legal case management solution for businesses of all sizes, which helps users manage & store critical information on a unified platform. It comes with an automated contextualization engine which lets users quickly locate relevant documents related to a specific case, customer or issue. Leia mais sobre o Knowliah
Solução de gerenciamento de escritórios de advocacia
O MrPractice é uma solução de gerenciamento que ajuda os escritórios de advocacia a gerenciar casos, controlar horas trabalhadas e despesas, comunicações, pagamentos e mais. A plataforma de marca branca permite que as organizações personalizem a interface adicionando um logotipo personalizado, campos e uma descrição da empresa. Leia mais sobre o MrPractice
Legal case management for law firms
STUDIO is a legal case management solution designed to help accountants, labor consultants, and law firms streamline administrative & accounting operations. Features include reporting, invoicing, electronic tax filing, regulatory compliance document management, identity verification, and more. Leia mais sobre o STUDIO
Legal management solution for law firms
Liberate is an on-premise and cloud-based solution that helps law firms streamline various legal operations such as financial management, debt recovery, case collaboration, and more. Key features include time recording, reporting, document management, regulatory compliance, and payment processing. Leia mais sobre o Liberate
Cloud-based law practice management solution
LEX247 is a law practice management solution designed to help firms of all sizes manage processes related to case requests, client onboarding, billing, and more. It lets users automatically track time spent on client calls, meetings, emails or tasks & generate bills based on pre-defined rates. Leia mais sobre o LEX247
AI-enabled law practice management solution
Luminance is a cloud-based solution designed to help the legal industry streamline document review processes. The AI-enabled platform utilizes pattern recognition algorithms to detect deviations in documents related to clauses or legal standards and suggests alternative words to reduce risks. Leia mais sobre o Luminance
Cloud-based law practice management solution
CICERO LawPack is a cloud-based law practice management tool designed to help firms manage legal processes such as billing, matters, accounting, and more. It comes with a joblogger module for professionals to record performed tasks, case information, and billable hours in the dashboard. Leia mais sobre o CICERO LawPack
Law Practice Management for law firms
Centralize all legal operations in one place with LawMaster's law practice management solution. LawMaster allows law firms to maintain one source of truth to help businesses manage legal matters, documents, knowledge, accounts, and client relationships. Leia mais sobre o LawMaster
Law practice management solution
BaseNet is a cloud-based case management solution that lets law firms streamline and manage processes such as time recording, scheduling, invoicing, and more. It offers a matter management module, which allows attorneys and paralegals to quickly access client records and case history. Leia mais sobre o BaseNet
Law practice management
From time recording to account management, Interactive provides law firms with complete practice management using legal accounting and case management tools. The cloud-based platform allows legal professionals to track and edit data on client cases, personal contact information, and payment statuses Leia mais sobre o Interactive
Legal practice management platform for law firms
Legal 365 is a legal practice management platform that enables law firms to manage processes related to case documents, accounting, invoicing, time tracking, and more. Using the search functionality from Microsoft Outlook, users can access contacts, matters, files, and other case details. Leia mais sobre o Legal 365