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O euBackups é um software baseado na nuvem desenvolvido para ajudar as organizações a fazer backup de dados armazenados em laptops, máquinas virtuais e datacenters para recuperar dados perdidos. Ele permite que os profissionais de TI monitorem os processos de backup de vários dispositivos a partir de um painel de controle unificado e restaurem... Leia mais sobre o euBackups
O Dropbox é um servidor externo para sincronização, armazenamento e compartilhamento de arquivos com o qual os usuários podem salvar e compartilhar arquivos de qualquer formato e acessá-los de qualquer lugar, em qualquer dispositivo Leia mais sobre o Dropbox Business
Google Workspace is a suite of apps from Google which offers a number of tools to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, store files, and manage data Leia mais sobre o Google Workspace
ShareFile provides you with the ability to send, receive and share large business files securely. Through the ShareFile portal, you can offer your clients a personalized, company-branded and password-protected platform from which to collaborate on files. Leia mais sobre o Citrix ShareFile
O pCloud é serviço gerenciado rápido e seguro de ativos digitais e armazenamento na nuvem com soluções para internet, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS e Android, com uma interface fácil de usar. O recurso mais recente do pCloud, links da marca, permite personalizar links de download com o logotipo e a descrição da sua marca. Leia mais sobre o pCloud Business
O Tresorit atualiza seus arquivos em tempo real e adiciona automaticamente todas as edições feitas ao backup online. Leia mais sobre o Tresorit
O GoodSync é uma solução completa de backup e sincronização de dados para empresas de qualquer tamanho, com gerenciamento e geração de relatórios centralizados e acesso remoto a arquivos. Leia mais sobre o GoodSync
O Egnyte é uma ferramenta corporativa de compartilhamento e colaboração de arquivos que permite aos usuários acessarem, compartilharem e colaborarem com segurança com colegas e parceiros a partir de qualquer dispositivo. Leia mais sobre o Egnyte
MOVEit Transfer gives you the management tools and visibility you need to scale transfer activities across the enterprise. It supports a range of deployment options including in the public cloud via Microsoft Azure, as on-premises software or as a managed service (MOVEit Cloud). Leia mais sobre o MOVEit
SugarSync isn’t merely a back-up solution; you can sync all your files such as Microsoft Office documents and media to all your computers and web-enabled mobile phones, instantly. Store and back-up your files in our secure servers and access them from any web browser, anywhere, anytime. Leia mais sobre o SugarSync
Users have scanned over 14 million mail items with Earth Class Mail. Easily access your snail mail online so you can focus on more important stuff. Set up multiple users, auto-rules, and integrate with other apps to make your mail work for you- not the other way around. Leia mais sobre o Earth Class Mail
Provider of GDPR-compliant cloud and data room solutions for companies as well as one of the leading secure cloud providers in Europe. Uniscon’s business cloud idgard® secures and simplifies digital communication and data exchange with partners, customers and colleagues at the highest level. Leia mais sobre o idgard
Our Cloud FTP platform supports web, FTP, FTPS and SFTP for manual and automated file transfer. Create a hosted FTP server in seconds, with full support for automations, an API for integrations, web-based interface for file management, webhooks -- all in one platform. Leia mais sobre o ExaVault Cloud FTP
O Zoho WorkDrive é uma solução de armazenamento, sincronização e colaboração de arquivos baseada em nuvem para equipes, que fornece um espaço de trabalho compartilhado e seguro, pastas de equipe, notificações em tempo real, edição e publicação de documentos, compartilhamento de arquivos com controles de acesso configuráveis, sincronização de... Leia mais sobre o Zoho WorkDrive
Kamzan helps businesses share documents, exchange data, and collaborate on projects on a unified portal. It utilizes AES 256-bit hash algorithm, unique keys, TLS13 certificate, and two-factor authentication to encrypt files and databases, provide secure communication, and ensure authorized access. Leia mais sobre o Kamzan
Planio is an issue tracker and agile project management tool based on open-source Redmine. You'll be able to manage projects using agile methodologies such as scrum, host git/svn repos and manage documentation all in one place. Leia mais sobre o Planio
Syncplicity by axway is an enterprise-grade online file sharing and mobile collaboration solution with enterprise-grade access controls, military-grade encryption, remote wipe, and MDM integration. A policy-driven hybrid cloud gives IT complete control over file security and storage location, allowing IT to protect users, folders, files, and... Leia mais sobre o Syncplicity
Morro Data CloudNAS is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline collaboration, data synchronization, file sharing, and other operations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to embed the CacheDrive gateway into different networks. Leia mais sobre o Morro Data CloudNAS
Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need. Leia mais sobre o Contentverse
Beyond Compare is a synchronization software designed to help businesses compare files through merge view, script processor, and HTML comparison. It enables professionals to access file transfer protocol (FTP) servers, media devices, WebDAV resources, and subversion repositories in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Beyond Compare
MASV is a large file transfer software specifically designed for video professionals and creators. No software or plugins to install and no limits on file size. Try MASV for free and get a 100GB credit. Leia mais sobre o MASV
ElephantDrive is a cloud data storage solution with SSL encryption, data synchronization, sharing and automatic backup to protect files against technical issues Leia mais sobre o ElephantDrive
Unlike "MFT" Competitors, runs entirely in the cloud, offering 7 storage regions & direct connectivity to Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Box, Dropbox, Wasabi & On-Premise Storage. Leia mais sobre o
From document management to workflow automation, HighQ has the tools you need to strengthen and streamline the way you work. Leia mais sobre o HighQ
Vault Rooms is a secure file sharing solution which enables accounting firms, banks, and private equity firms to manage projects, share files, and store documents Leia mais sobre o Vault Rooms
x360Sync, by Axcient, is a cloud collaboration solution which enables MSPs to offer their clients secure file access anywhere, anytime, via any internet-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, & mobiles. Anchor keeps data secure in compliant data centers using encryption technology. Leia mais sobre o x360Sync
Resilio Sync is a fast, easy and secure file sync and sharing solution that provides UNLIMITED storage and file sizes. Resilio is used by thousands of small and large companies. Resilio Sync uses peer-to-peer technology that typically improves file transfer speeds by 2-10x. Leia mais sobre o Resilio Connect
Replicação de arquivos entre plataformas em tempo real, distribuição de dados e sincronização de arquivos entre diferentes sistemas operacionais, diferentes provedores de nuvem e diferentes sites geográficos. Leia mais sobre o EDpCloud
Clone Files Checker is designed to help small to midsize businesses manage and organize files across desktops and cloud drives and external drives. The application enables organizations to scan, identify and delete duplicate files via a unified portal. Leia mais sobre o Clone Files Checker
Dr.Fone is designed to help users streamline data transfer, screen unlocking, phone date recovery, system repairs, and other operations via a unified portal. The application enables administrators to transfer and recover data from phone and SD cards on both iOS and Android devices. Leia mais sobre o Dr.Fone
ActiveWords is a file synchronization software that helps businesses manage operations related to spelling and grammar correction for multiple languages. Staff members can set up AES based encryption and share read-only files across the entire organization or with specific teams and departments. Leia mais sobre o ActiveWords
LeitzCloud is a cloud storage solution for companies of any size to securely store, synchronize and share data from anywhere from any device. Protect your data with secure encryption, German datacenter and DSGVO-compliance. Web-Editor included. Leia mais sobre o LeitzCloud
Buddha Backup is a file sync and archiving software that helps businesses streamline processes related to automatic backups, file history tracking, data recovery, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to capture snapshots of files and manage search and restoration operations based on file snapshots. Leia mais sobre o Buddha Backup
Binfer is a direct device-to-device data transfer platform which features file sharing, web drop, communication, sync & private cloud technology Leia mais sobre o Binfer
Filen is a new fully encrypted cloud storage provider from Germany and has specialized above all in zero-knowledge and transparency. These properties are reflected, among other things, in our AES 256Bit encryption and in our open-source code. Leia mais sobre o Filen
bSource™ is an enterprise content management app for schools, universities, law firms, airlines, orchestras, or any organization that deploys iPads as part of its business. It helps sync and manage documents or content onto the iPads of their field personnel without paying cloud storage fees. Leia mais sobre o bSource
Backup Genie is a new and innovative cloud backup service ensuring that the process of keeping your files safe and secure is as easy as possible. This is done by ensuring that you can access your data from anywhere on a variety of devices. Leia mais sobre o BackupGenie
Your Secure Cloud is a German data storage software, which helps businesses store, manage, and share commercial data on a unified platform. Features include customizable branding, user management, role-based account permissions, audit log, and version control. Leia mais sobre o Your Secure Cloud
Dooth Vault is a cloud-based collaboration suite of software solutions designed to help businesses manage training, share files, maintain social communities, and streamline communication across teams, among other activities, while ensuring secure exchange of information through data encryption. Leia mais sobre o Dooth Vault
FileFlex Enterprise is a zero trust overlay service that governs, restricts and manages remote access and sharing of unstructured data across your entire hybrid-IT multi-domain environment of on-premises, cloud-hosted and SharePoint storage. Leia mais sobre o FileFlex
Trufolder is a cloud-based file management system. Unlike other document systems, Trufolder's core functionality is built around a matrixed folder structure. It allows users to relate folders across the folder hierarchy, creating a more intuitive file structure. Leia mais sobre o Trufolder
DiffDog is a diff merge and document control tool that lets businesses compare, merge, and sync text or source code files, folders containing any file type, or entire directories from within a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o DiffDog

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