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Obtenha uma lista completa de backlinks de qualquer domínio, cada um analisado em relação aos 15 principais parâmetros de SEO. Leia mais sobre o SE Ranking
O SEMrush é um kit de ferramentas de marketing criado para profissionais de marketing digital, com ferramentas para otimizar estratégias em SEO, PPC, mídia social, conteúdo e relações públicas. Leia mais sobre o Semrush
Bitly is a link management software, which helps organizations create and manage custom URLs to support marketing campaigns, provide information, and establish brand identity with clients. Users can generate and share branded links for blogs, landing pages, webpages, social media, and more. Leia mais sobre o Bitly
O Moz (anteriormente SEOmoz) PRO combina gestão de SEO, supervisão de redes sociais, recomendações de ações e muito mais em uma plataforma fácil de usar. Leia mais sobre o Moz Pro
SEO PowerSuite is a complete set of desktop web optimization tools for SEOs, bloggers and online marketers. The bundle consists of four high-performing apps: 1. Rank Tracker, 2. WebSite Auditor, 3. SEO SpyGlass, and 4. Link-Assistant. Each of these tools is focused on specific SEO tasks. Leia mais sobre o SEO PowerSuite
O ContentKing fornece auditoria em tempo real de SEO e rastreamento de alterações a agências de marketing digital, empresas de comércio eletrônico e outras organizações on-line para melhorar e manter a visibilidade do mecanismo de pesquisa. A solução ajuda os usuários a detectar mudanças e problemas inesperados antes que os mecanismos de pesquisa... Leia mais sobre o ContentKing
RocketLink is a URL shortening and link retargeting platform designed to help marketers, bloggers, and publishers add retargeting pixels and custom scripts to URL links. The application enables users to generate call to actions (CTAs), branded domain names, and customizable link thumbnails via a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o RocketLink
Take control over your links, managing them directly from one dashboard across your organization Leia mais sobre o Rebrandly
Linkly is a cloud-based link management solution that allows enterprises to monitor website traffic and user engagement via click tracking. It enables users to customize generated links by adding domain names and track usage based on location, platform, destination, or referrer. Leia mais sobre o Linkly
Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing solution that enables marketing agencies or SEO departments to find the right influencer to promote their content and spread awareness of their brand. PitchBox is able to integrate with SEO providers to receive reliable and brand-safe results. Leia mais sobre o Pitchbox
Sharest is a URL shortener software that helps agencies utilize really simple syndication (RSS) feeds to automatically generate links and share them across various social media platforms. Administrators can embed quizzes, calls-to-action (CTA) buttons, tracking pixels, chat widgets, and other marketing tools to attract and engage audiences. Leia mais sobre o Sharest
Linktree is a link management platform designed to help businesses, influencers, publishers and other professionals create custom links to connect with customers. Organizations can add WhatsApp numbers, forms or questionnaires, image thumbnails, headers, PDFs, and social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, email, Instagram, SoundCloud,... Leia mais sobre o Linktree
Brand, Track & Share your own branded short URLs through one powerful platform. Leia mais sobre o PixelMe
CSS HTML Validator for Windows is a fast, powerful, highly user configurable, and easy to use web development tool that checks HTML (including HTML5), CSS, SEO (search engine optimization), PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, accessibility, links, and more. Leia mais sobre o CSS HTML Validator
BuzzStream is an application designed to help marketers reach out to influencers and build relationships through link building and digital PR management Leia mais sobre o BuzzStream
Geniuslink helps eCommerce businesses handle the localization, tracking, and management of links to help improve revenue and customer engagement. The choice pages let users design, launch, and manage personalized product landing pages with custom logos, images, themes, layouts, and disclaimers. Leia mais sobre o Geniuslink
BL.INK is a link management software designed to help enterprises shorten, brand, track and control URLs. Teams can monitor and measure touchpoints across engagement journeys, edit vanity keywords and utilize graphs or charts to gain insights into clicks between date ranges based on geographical locations. Leia mais sobre o BL.INK
Our All-in-One Link Tracking Automation App Includes: - Web Link Auto-grabber+ - Automated UTM/CID Tag Generator + - Tag Template Builder + - Tracking Link Builder and URL Shortener + - Campaigns and Reports Dashboard Manager Leia mais sobre o CampaignTrackly
Socialinks is a web-based link management software designed to help businesses create custom web pages with personalized links, newsletter forms, screen backgrounds, YouTube videos, and social media logos. It lets teams view detailed statistics about the number of clicks and views, website visitor country, browser used, and other metrics. Leia mais sobre o Socialinks brings together on a single platform shortener for branded links pixel retargeting, and links page for social networks and QR code. Leia mais sobre o
Lnnkin is a Url shortening application with many advanced features. Leia mais sobre o Lnnkin
Replug is a link management software designed to help businesses add retargeting pixels, create social media bio-links and streamline branded URL shortening processes. Leia mais sobre o Replug
oogur is a cloud-based link management tool for digital marketers, which helps create, edit, tag, shorten and clone campaign uniform resource locator (URLs) & urchin tracking modules (UTMs). It allows users to pre-define sources & create multiple URLs for one campaign with different sources. Leia mais sobre o oogur
TinyURL is a link management platform where users can shorten URLs and gain access to unlimited click data. It provides branded links, URL editing, link tagging, an analytics dashboard, and more. TinyURL provides audience data in a visual format, including a time chart, user map, and other detailed metrics that aim to track the user journey. Leia mais sobre o TinyURL
Linkaxy is a link management tool where you can consolidate all your links in one place, making it easy for your social media, email, website visitors to have access to all your digital channels. Leia mais sobre o Linkaxy
Internal Linking Solutions - originally designed for Enterprise level clients. MarketPage ILS manages the flow of link equity site-wide, and/or create highly relevant related cross links to connect isolated content in order to improve rankings, fix indexation issues, improve conversion, and more. Leia mais sobre o MarketPage
Social is a branded link platform that shortens and manages links with a user's own domain, generates dynamic QR codes, and builds link landing pages for social media. Leia mais sobre o Social
Socxly is a multi-tool software solution that helps users make digital content marketable, actionable, and measurable. Businesses can use the software to create smart links for their web content to optimize engagement. Key features include short URLs, file links, remarketing tools, and CTA banners. Leia mais sobre o Socxly

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