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O Conexiom é um software de automação de documentos baseado na nuvem, desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a converter detalhes de compras enviados por fax ou e-mail em pedidos de vendas e entregar documentos convertidos a sistemas de terceiros de acordo com os requisitos. Compatível com vários formatos, como Microsoft Excel, HTML, CSV, entre... Leia mais sobre o Conexiom
OmPrompt Sales Order Automation provides a range of tools for managing and automating sales order processes. The cloud-based platform helps businesses to optimize transactional processes by providing features such as document automation, artificial intelligence, process digitization, and more. Leia mais sobre o OmPrompt Sales Order Automation
O é a plataforma de trabalho mais fácil para gerenciar qualquer equipe e qualquer projeto: Sincronize, planeje, organize e acompanhe os projetos da equipe, desde um resumo de alto nível até os menores detalhes. Mais de 90.000 equipes usam o para visualizar os responsáveis por qualquer processo, mantendo-se atualizadas com uma... Leia mais sobre o
Square for Retail is a point of sale (POS) system for retail businesses, with integrated inventory management, customer profiles, employee timecards, and more Leia mais sobre o Square for Retail
QuickBooks Commerce is powerful cloud-based inventory and order management software for growing multichannel businesses. QuickBooks Commerce is currently available as part of a bundle with QuickBooks Online which provides many features and benefits for small businesses. Leia mais sobre o QuickBooks Commerce
O DEAR Inventory é um aplicativo de gestão de pedidos e estoques baseado em nuvem para pequenas e médias empresas, que oferece uma solução completa de gerenciamento de back-end com compras, vendas, gestão de armazéns, recursos de manufatura leve, bem como integração com remessa, comércio eletrônico e gateway de pagamento. Leia mais sobre o DEAR Systems
TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain – integrating everything from EDI… to inventory management… to fulfillment… to digital storefronts and marketplaces… to your business system and more – so you can do business in every direction. Leia mais sobre o TrueCommerce EDI Solutions
Brightpearl is a Retail Operations Platform. Tightly integrated to all of your sales channels, Brightpearl connects your sales orders, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, reporting and planning, warehouse management, replenishment and more. Leia mais sobre o Brightpearl
Handshake Rep is the #1 rated order entry app for sales reps of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Order entry, CRM data, catalog + more. Leia mais sobre o Handshake
Brought to you by the designers of SalesPad, Cavallo offers distribution management software with all the power of a CRM and ERP solution, and all the functionality of the industry’s biggest tech powers, with none of the bottlenecks, frustrating interface, or difficult-to-access data. Leia mais sobre o Cavallo Execution
Combined CPQ, CRM & B2B Ecommerce solution for manufacturers and distributors. Streamline sales from the inside to the outside, including dealer and distributor channels. Provide error-free quoting for simple and complex configurations, shorten sales cycles, and modernize your selling today. Leia mais sobre o Verenia CPQ
Order Sender is a cloud-based sales force automation software designed to help businesses manage orders, maintain digital catalogs, and handle sales visits on a centralized platform. Supervisors can add multiple items in orders, assign them to specific customers, and select the mode of payment according to requirements. Leia mais sobre o Order Sender
Accomplish higher inventory growth by up to 25% and reduced manpower costs by up to 30% with the superior Order Management Solutions of Unicommerce that allows you to process orders with accuracy, handle stock analysis without errors, enhance order delivery and much more. Leia mais sobre o Unicommerce
Ecount ERP is a fully integrated, web-based accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and production management software for small and mid-sized businesses. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool allows users to manage all aspects of their business, both front and back office, from one platform. Leia mais sobre o ECOUNT
Esker is a document automation solution to manage a number of business processes including purchasing, accounts payable/receivable, and sales order processing. Leia mais sobre o Esker
NuORDER is the leading wholesale eCommerce platform helping brands and retailers grow and win together. Brands use NuORDER to deliver a seamless, more collaborative wholesale process, where buyers can browse products, plan assortments visually, and make smarter buys in real-time. Leia mais sobre o NuORDER
SAP Business ByDesign is an integrated business management solution delivered on a subscription basis through the cloud. SAP Business ByDesign can be localized for 130 different countries and for several specific industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, PSA, non-profit, and more. Leia mais sobre o SAP Business ByDesign
Sofon helps sales employees to easily and quickly translate customer requirements into error-free professional proposals and quotations Leia mais sobre o Sofon Guided Selling
Now Commerce is a web based order management system integrated with Quickbooks and designed to provide an online sales experience for customers Leia mais sobre o Now Commerce
Orderbot is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution integrating B2B eCommerce, order and inventory management, purchasing features, and more Leia mais sobre o Orderbot
SolidCommerce is an online order and inventory management solution that helps with listing management, shipment and selling across eCommerce channels. It provide solution for selling online goods, listings, and more. It can create variation style listings, as well as kit listings of multiple items. Leia mais sobre o Solid Commerce
O Multiorders é um software de gestão de estoques e remessas para vários canais, baseado na nuvem e criado para auxiliar os lojistas de comércio eletrônico a automatizar seus processos de remessa e controlar o estoque em todos os canais de vendas, a partir de uma única plataforma. Leia mais sobre o Multiorders
ZiiZii Order Entry is a cloud-based solution designed to help wholesale distribution businesses of all sizes process customer orders and payments in real-time. Key features include label printing, barcode scanning, item order listing, notifications, history tracking, & receipt management. Leia mais sobre o ZiiZii Order Entry
Whether trading online, over the phone or through sales reps, our order management software makes processing simple. WIth a smart sales order entry screen, easy access to customer history and tools to promote up/cross-selling, you can benefit from complete visibility across the board. Leia mais sobre o OrderWise
Heavy Duty Inventory? 1 Million Parts - No Problem! An Australian Cloud Enterprise Solution for 1 to 50 users on any device with a modern API for integration to other applications. Leia mais sobre o Peach Software
Dynamic Inventory is an intuitive, fully-featured inventory management solution and POS system designed for small to mid-size companies Leia mais sobre o Dynamic Inventory
Orderwerks is a B2B order entry solution which allows businesses to create a custom product catalog and manage orders in real time as clients are working on them. The cloud-based platform offers collaboration tools for supporting clients, communicating with clients via a chat interface, and more. Leia mais sobre o Orderwerks
Merkato is a sales configurator suite designed to help businesses automate processes related to quote generation, e-commerce management, & upselling. Users can create documents including parts lists, order confirmations, payment terms, or delivery instructions, based on financial calculations. Leia mais sobre o Merkato
Our cloud-based software seamlessly syncs all sales channels & optimizes fulfillment operations so that retailers can focus on growing their business. Leia mais sobre o SalesWarp
Use our order entry software for distributors and sales managers to maximize displaying value to new clients. Set custom pricing, discounting, or promotions, and use customer behavior and purchase histories to optimize future sales. Leia mais sobre o inSitu Sales
Quick Sales is an online order management software that automates processes such as quoting, invoicing, order fulfillment​, order tracking & payment collection Leia mais sobre o Quick Sales
Khaos Control Cloud is a cloud-based software designed for SME's. Get complete control with all-in-one functionality like you’ve never seen before. Manage day-to-day business processes, as well as more complex operations, all in one easy-to-use solution. Leia mais sobre o Khaos Control Cloud
Surefront is a collaboration software designed to help businesses streamline sales management and product development operations via a unified platform. The application enables employees to communicate with suppliers and retailers, maintain catalog lists, prepare quotes, and manage purchase orders in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Surefront
Onsight is a mobile sales app for distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers with outside sales teams. Sales reps use their mobile devices to show new products to customers and to quickly create quotes and orders whilst on the road, even when they are offline. Leia mais sobre o Onsight
StockAgile is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses in the eCommerce industry manage point-of-sale (POS) operations and streamline the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to sales order management. Brand managers can view retail analytics and monitor stock levels across stores. Leia mais sobre o StockAgile
Perenso Field Sales is a sales execution software designed to help wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers automate sales operations and analyze customer data. The application allows organizations to plan field visits, identify sales opportunities, provide discounts and deals to customers, and define call objectives for employees. Leia mais sobre o Perenso
Self Ordering software using a QR-Code for hospitality, leisure and events. The software works completely in the browser. No app and no account is required. Guests can order and pay themselves using their phone. They can also ask an employee for help. Leia mais sobre o Scanfie
Redbox is the whitelabeled solution for building and managing your very own branded digital ordering marketplace and delivery network. Leia mais sobre o Redbox
ProSel is a sales force automation and mobile order management app that manages all the critical functions of your outside sales force and customers. It allows users to build and send sales orders, browse and search a 75,000-item catalog offline and manage all sales-related content. Leia mais sobre o ProSel
Fabric is a headless eCommerce platform designed to help businesses in fashion, wellness, electronics, and other industries launch online stores, manage product information, reward customers and create personalized shopping experiences. Administrators can assign attribute types including numbers, text, assets, dates, and sequences to products and... Leia mais sobre o Fabric
Postmates is a cloud-based restaurant management software, which helps businesses connect with local customers, streamline order fulfilment, and manage deliveries. It allows users to create various promotions for the targeted audience and select the campaign’s duration and location as per requirements. Leia mais sobre o Postmates
Jolt Fulfillment System is a multi-channel eCommerce software that helps businesses of all sizes manage sales, warehousing, and shipping operations. The product management module allows users to create and manage catalogs for all distribution channels on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Jolt Fulfillment System
OrderCloud is a cloud-based headless eCommerce software, which helps businesses of all sizes create customizable eCommerce, marketplace and order management applications via RESTful API. Developers can configure product variants and multiple pricing structures for buyer organizations. Leia mais sobre o OrderCloud
Lucy is a web-based order processing software designed to help businesses automatically handle orders in PDF format sent by customers via email. It lets wholesalers capture data related to sales orders such as purchase formats and stock codes in the existing ERP systems. Leia mais sobre o Lucy
Storefront enables construction suppliers to sell their products to new and existing products through their own mobile app & website ordering widget. Leia mais sobre o Brokrete
PDF-Mapper 100 % automates your data entry process with flawless accuracy and easy implementation. It is the cost-effective, fast & simple alternative to EDI integrations. Leia mais sobre o PDF-Mapper
The platform enables Brands, Retailers, Distributors, eCommerce enablers, and Service Providers to run end-to-end eCommerce operations on a robust, feature-rich, and amazingly user-friendly interface. Leia mais sobre o SelluSeller
O Mobisale é uma plataforma de comércio B2B que oferece uma solução completa para todas as atividades de campo de vendas e distribuição, incluindo realização de pedidos, vendas de van, merchandising, comprovante de entrega e aplicativos de comércio eletrônico que priorizam dispositivos móveis. O Mobisale é compatível com integrações de sistemas de... Leia mais sobre o Mobisale
ReturnLogic's Returns Intelligence platform helps high-growth eCommerce retailers scale their returns policy and improve their return rate. Leia mais sobre o ReturnLogic

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