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Cogsdale’s robust billing software has been designed to accommodate the complex billing requirements of utilities and municipalities. Leia mais sobre o Cogsdale
O software auxilia concessionárias de energia, gás, água, esgoto, aquecimento e serviços a se adaptar à transformação contínua do setor com soluções flexíveis e modulares que cuidam de cada aspecto do ciclo de vida do cliente. Leia mais sobre o Tridens Monetization
The Energy Management System is designed to automate all the energy functions of your plant. It can continuously monitor consumption and production levels, as well as real-time planning evaluation of any planned production schedules based on actual machine cycle times availability. Leia mais sobre o Energy Management System (EMS)
SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a cloud-based intelligent ERP system specifically developed for companies in all industries offering them a broad and flexible functionality. Leia mais sobre o SAP S/4HANA Cloud
ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms. Built with field teams at front of mind, ProntoForms makes real-time, accurate data collection fast and easy. Empower your field employees to complete complex inspections, audits, and other tasks on their mobile devices with confidence. Leia mais sobre o ProntoForms
El Dorado Utility Billing is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed to assist municipalities, property managers & metered service providers with automated bill calculation & invoice creation. Key features include usage consumption tracking, customer account management & financial reporting. Leia mais sobre o El Dorado Utility Billing
Utility billing provides management systems , reporting systems as well as integration via our open API. many customers us this API for system integration Leia mais sobre o AMCS Utility Billing
Muni-Link is a cloud-based utility billing solution which includes a customer portal, e-billing, customer notifications, backflow management, online payment processing, built-in CASS certification, & more. No upfront hardware or software to buy! Leia mais sobre o Muni-Link
MuniBilling is a cloud-based utility billing and property management software with configurable features for municipalities, government, and private companies Leia mais sobre o MuniBilling
Rural Billing has all the features needed for running a small utility company without all the complexities and expense of other systems. Leia mais sobre o Rural Billing
Overtime HVAC is a cloud-based HVAC services and billing automation platform that fulfills overtime HVAC requests automatically through existing building management systems, following user-defined rules and protocols. The solution removes the need for manual inputs that can lead to billing errors. Leia mais sobre o Overtime HVAC
Submeter Billing lets building owners and property management teams streamline processes related to submeter reading and billing. It can be used with various existing utility meters for measuring water, electricity & gas to automate invoice generation & capture consumption details. Leia mais sobre o Submeter Billing
BOSS811 is Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for the Damage Prevention Industry. BOSS811 increases efficiency, reduces cost, is easy to use, and enables Utilities manage excavation requests. BOSS Solutions also provides an award winning Help Desk Software solution. Leia mais sobre o BOSS811
No-code application configuration toolset that empowers business analysts to deliver solutions in rapid dev cycles. Our intuitive platform combines a web-based app editor, SQL database, interactive dashboards, advanced mobile data collection, process automations and simple, reliable integrations. Leia mais sobre o Flowfinity
Cities, counties, states, utilities, educational institutions, and parks tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track maintenance work orders, optimize facility space, and spend smarter. Leia mais sobre o Cartegraph
O Utility Cloud é um software de gestão de operações desenvolvido para ajudar as organizações a administrar serviços públicos, como águas residuárias industriais, esgoto ou gás natural, bem como a controlar os ativos de campo distribuídos e agendar inspeções e atividades de manutenção. Leia mais sobre o Utility Cloud
Work&Track Mobile is designed for all companies with employees or subcontracted collaborators that perform an important part of their work out of the company's headquarters: service companies, logistics, energy & utilities, infrastructures, and facilities. Leia mais sobre o Work&Track Mobile
The Silverblaze Customer Portal is a self-service web portal that integrates billing, online payments and service alerts into a single web portal. The solution provides customers with self-help tools to manage their utilities, reducing call valume and monitoring portal usage. Additionally, the system allows users to maintain relationships with... Leia mais sobre o SilverBlaze Customer Portal
GIS-Centric Asset and Work Management software for local government and utilities. From Service Orders to Permitting, from Preventive Maintenance to Citizen Engagement, Elements XS has your organization covered. Leia mais sobre o Elements XS
EEM Suite is an energy and financial software platform that allows businesses to analyze data and design energy management strategies. Leia mais sobre o EEM Suite
Fieldshare is a cloud-based custom database software that helps businesses in oil and energy, real estate, environmental services, municipalities, and other sectors structure and manage their data from any location, on any device. Leia mais sobre o Fieldshare
UtilityTrakR is a cloud-based utility billing solution for energy providers, offering customizable management features, field support, portal access & analytics Leia mais sobre o Starnik
PayIt is a point of sale software designed to help businesses in the government sector digitize services and consolidate payments regarding vehicle registrations and licensing. The platform enables managers to add money and automate payments on specific dates from selected accounts. Leia mais sobre o PayIt
60Hertz is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed to help organizations across energy, telecommunications, military, and mining sectors manage, monitor, and repair off-grid assets operating at remote locations. Leia mais sobre o 60Hertz
O Oracle Utilities é uma plataforma integrada projetada para ajudar as empresas do setor de serviços públicos a gerenciar ativos, canais, dados de medidores, força de trabalho móvel e muito mais. Fornece plataformas Analytics e DataRaker para obter informações acionáveis sobre confiabilidade de ativos, distribuição de carga, resposta à demanda e... Leia mais sobre o Oracle Energy and Water
Solução feita na base do Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, todas as funcionalidades de planejamento de recursos empresariais (ERP na sigla em inglês), geração de relatórios e contabilidade + cobrança de serviços públicos + portal do cliente + personalizações. Leia mais sobre o Skybill Utility Billing
Advanced usage billing and situational pricing software. Product / Service catalog optimized to reduce costs; Advanced invoicing; Collections; Connect to payment provider of choice; AR sub-ledger and integration to accounting software of choice; Built on Microsoft Dynamics. Leia mais sobre o Dynamics Billing
Onesait Utilities includes the intelligent management of plants and networks to the incorporation of the prosumer and renewable energy. Leia mais sobre o Onesait Utilities
A cloud-based solution for electrical and energy data monitoring, analysis, reporting, and alarming. Leia mais sobre o NovaVue
Electricity billing is a utility billing management software that helps businesses streamline processes related to customer relationship management, custom bill generation, data security, payment processing, and more on a centralized platform. It allows supervisors to utilize the built-in dashboard to generate accounts, management, and business... Leia mais sobre o Electricity billing
Greencom provides an IoT infrastructure for energy providers and their customers. It logs decentralized energy devices, such as photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems, heat pumps, and electric car charging stations. Greencom handles the networking, control, and optimization of the devices. Leia mais sobre o eibp:empower
LiveEO's Vegetation Management solution allows you to monitor large-scale infrastructure and asset networks while also enabling easy planning and documentation. Leia mais sobre o LiveEO
CEnergy allows you to visualize 24/7 the energy flows of your production process in real time. Reduce downtime in manufacturing and increase energy and resource efficiency at your plant. Leia mais sobre o CEnergy
Invoice Cloud, an EngageSmart solution, provides online bill payment services for utilities, local government, insurance, and consumer finance. The SaaS platform offers a complete, and secure electronic bill and payment solution that can be configured to meet the unique needs of any organization. It engages customers throughout the payment process... Leia mais sobre o Invoice Cloud
Energy & Utilities Cloud by Salesforce helps businesses streamline utility customer service management and engagement operations via a unified platform. It enables employees to communicate with suppliers, capture and store customer data in a centralized repository, and conduct predictive analytics. Leia mais sobre o Energy & Utilities Cloud
Schleupen.CS is aimed at companies in the water and energy industries. The provider addresses the three roles of electricity and water supplier, network operator, and metering point operator. schleupen also operates a gateway for “smart metering” devices as a service. Leia mais sobre o Schleupen.CS
OnePlace is a cloud-based solution for the oil and gas, telecom, utilities, and AEC industries, which provides features such as data visualization, map creation, team collaboration, and data storage. Leia mais sobre o OnePlace unifies your utility data while simplifying operations and uncovering valuable insights. Leia mais sobre o Pear
ETAP ADMS is an integrated power distribution management system unifying SCADA, Distribution Network Applications & OMS. It offers a completely new approach to managing and optimizing the distribution grid through an advanced range of software modules. Leia mais sobre o ETAP ADMS
Bynry is a cloud-based smart utility and billing system that offers a suite of services to help all kinds of small utilities in USA, including inventory control management, customer management and also customer management. Leia mais sobre o Bynry
Grid Vision software is designed to support utilities achieve greater accuracy, improve quality and consistency with their asset inspections and asset data. Leia mais sobre o Grid Vision

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