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O iLost otimiza o processo de achados e perdidos das organizações e ajuda as pessoas que perdem seus pertences. A experiência do usuário e do cliente vem em primeiro lugar. Leia mais sobre o iLost for Business
O ArcGIS da Esri é um conjunto integrado de software de GIS, fornecendo uma plataforma compatível para análise espacial, gerenciamento de dados e mapeamento. O ArcGIS Online oferece uma solução baseada na Internet, acessível em qualquer lugar, a qualquer momento, para a criação e o compartilhamento de visualizações de mapas em 3D. Leia mais sobre o ArcGIS
Trip Master is a transit management software which supports paratransit & NEMT operations with automated scheduling, reservation management, reporting, and more Leia mais sobre o TripMaster
Driver Mobile Data terminal receives instant updates of trips and pushes button communication from managers. Managers can view drivers' whereabouts, and system dispatch assists with finding the most eligible ride providers. Rider ease of booking and ETA from any service vehicles. Journey Cloud Leia mais sobre o IT Curves
RideScheduler is a public transportation software designed to help businesses in the non-profit sector schedule and manage rides. The platform enables managers to create a ride request for clients and assign it to available drivers. Leia mais sobre o RideScheduler
Dossier Fleet Management software helps surface transportation managers to control and manage vehicle fleets and other assets Leia mais sobre o Dossier Fleet Maintenance
Betterez is a flexible reservation and ticketing management platform that is specially designed to cater to the needs of transportation, travel and admissions companies, for managing travel bookings and multi-use ticketing. Leia mais sobre o Betterez
Ratality is the only software solution where you can manage your entire bus, coach, and vehicle rental companies from a single cloud-based platform. Manage your operations more efficiently, optimise revenues via revenue management and increase passenger loyalty through the build-in loyalty program Leia mais sobre o Ratality
Ecolane DRT Platform is designed for transit agencies that offer transportation for people with reduced mobility and access. It includes a real-time scheduling algorithm, logic-based responses to events as they occur, and continuous monitoring and data collection of vehicles and trip statuses. Leia mais sobre o Ecolane Evolution
Moovit is a public transportation platform designed for governments, cities & municipalities. This platform provides features such as a white-label app, mobility analytics, and a community page for improvements and transport updates for its users. Leia mais sobre o Moovit MaaS Solution
Trackit is a cloud-based electronic record solution for the transit industry that offers a user-friendly platform. Leia mais sobre o Trackit
FreightExchange is a multi-carrier shipping platform that is easy to use and scalable. Leia mais sobre o FreightExchange
TripSpark Fixed Route & Paratransit Software is a cloud-based transportation software, which helps transit agencies prepare optimized routes, create schedules, and track employees and vehicles using a CAD/AVL system. Leia mais sobre o TripSpark Fixed Route & Paratransit
EzTransport is a cloud-based transportation management software that provides businesses with tools to streamline payment processing and fare collection operations. Customers can use the web portal to track the total number of trips taken, view account balances, and maintain a record of processed electronic payments. Leia mais sobre o EZTransport
Optibus is an end-to-end software platform for public transportation planning, scheduling, rostering, and operations. Leia mais sobre o Optibus
Pantonium provides fleet management software to improve the people transportation business. Leia mais sobre o Pantonium
EYERIDE is designed to help businesses across transportation, towing and waste management industries locate and monitor fleets in real time. The application enables supervisors to handle live video streaming, safety management, and local or remote server data backup processes via a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o EYERIDE
Our AllRide Bus product provides a smart Bus Fleet Management Suite with Online Reservation, Seat Selection, Route Management, Station Management, and multiple other features, completely brandable and adaptable for all fleet sizes. It's used by more than 50,000 buses worldwide. Leia mais sobre o AllRide Apps
Turnit Ride is a cloud-based ticket reservation system specifically designed for passenger transport operators who require dynamic pricing, complex logistics management and flexible responsiveness to the market situation. Turnit Ride supports sales, marketing, inventory, logistics modules, & more Leia mais sobre o Turnit Ride
Swiftly, the first Connected Transit Platform, helps transit agencies improve their service reliability, passenger information, and operational efficiency. The result is increased ridership, fewer passenger complaints, and simplified transit operations. Leia mais sobre o Swiftly
Driven by efficiency, GIRO helps agencies plan, schedule and operate high-quality public transit services, with software solutions adapted to your specific reality. Leia mais sobre o HASTUS
S3 Passenger is a booking, reservation and revenue management software designed for rail and bus operators. This cost-effective and comprehensive solution helps rail and bus passengers benefit from the latest, proven technology and powerful self-services offered by S3 Passenger Leia mais sobre o S3 Passenger
CIS-BUS Charter is a transportation management software that helps businesses manage their transportation operations, automate the quote-contract process, and maximize efficiency. Leia mais sobre o CIS-BUS Charter

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