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O Canva é uma ferramenta de design gráfico para criação de material de marketing, documentos e apresentações usando um editor de arrastar e soltar e uma biblioteca de modelos personalizáveis. Leia mais sobre o Canva
Quickly and easily make standout content from thousands of beautiful templates with the all-new Adobe Creative Cloud Express on web and mobile. Leia mais sobre o Creative Cloud Express
Covve is a contact management software designed to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to scan business cards and store client details in a centralized database. Users can create electronic business cards and export contact lists in Excel format. Leia mais sobre o Covve
ABBYY Business Card Reader is a cloud-based contact management solution which provides professionals with tools for contact management and business card scanning. Key features include multi-device compatibility, data synchronization, file sharing, image capture, location tracking, and data export. Leia mais sobre o ABBYY Business Card Reader
Blinq allows you and your team to share their professional identity easily, with anyone, wherever they go. Grow your network and your business with Blinq. Leia mais sobre o Blinq
DiviPay empowers Australian businesses to manage company spending via virtual cards, bill payment, expense reporting, and free reimbursements tools. Teams can create bespoke spend management solutions with DiviPay. Leia mais sobre o DiviPay
CamCard is a cloud-based solution designed to help teams & professionals capture, store & share business cards with people during meetings, webinars, trade shows, and more. The multi-language solution lets users scan cards in batches & import contact details, to be stored in a unified repository. Leia mais sobre o CamCard
CardWorks Business Card Software makes it easy to design your very own business cards. Design and Print your own business cards. Leia mais sobre o CardWorks
Volopay is a purpose-built spend management platform that helps organizations reduce time-consuming admin work, gain control, and achieve visibility. It combines all business payments on one central platform - ranging from software subscriptions to petty cash, business travel to online advertising, and employee reimbursements to vendor payouts.... Leia mais sobre o Volopay
AMS Business Card Maker is an on-premise software that helps organizations create business cards using built-in templates. The platform enables administrators to save customizable designs in multiple formats including JPEG, BMP, PDF, and TIFF. Leia mais sobre o AMS Business Card Maker
Haystack is the world's largest digital business cards platform, servicing large enterprise clients. Our digital business cards are more sustainable and more cost effective than the old paper cards, as well as more effective in building lasting relationships and increasing sales effectiveness. Leia mais sobre o Haystack
Contacts+ is a cloud-based address book solution designed to help individuals, teams and small organizations manage phone and email contacts across multiple accounts. The centralized dashboard allows users to synchronize and import details from Google, Apple and Microsoft accounts. Leia mais sobre o Contacts+
Linkcards digital visiting cards application helps businesses transform printed visiting cards into digital formats. Linkcards helps organizations with reducing the shelf space for paper cards and backup leads in a digital format with Linkcards enterprise solution. Leia mais sobre o Linkcards
Inigo is a cloud-based solution designed to help teams manage digital business cards using customizable templates, branded images, and employee information. Inigo lets users share outbound links of business cards with customers and personalize them based on individual requirements. Leia mais sobre o Inigo
WorldCard Team is a contact management solution designed to help small to medium organizations gather and store contact information through scanning of business cards. Key features include multilingual card recognition, user account management, data synchronization, and classification. Leia mais sobre o WorldCard Team
ScanBizCards is a mobile-based business card scanning solution, which helps sales & marketing teams in any size organization scan business cards and generate leads from a saved list of contacts. Key features include badge scanning, batch export, signature capture, and activity reports. Leia mais sobre o ScanBizCards
Build-A-Brand is a digital engagement solution that helps small businesses and sales professionals manage business cards, video messaging, and personal websites. With Build-A-Brand’s follow up, prospecting, and digital marketing tools, users promote products & services across digital platforms. Leia mais sobre o Build-A-Brand
Bric is a cloud-based solution designed to assist small to large organizations manage and record contacts through scanning of business cards. Key features include image capture, geo-tagging, data categorization, bulk scanning, activity monitoring, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Bric
Gobiggi Business Card is a cloud-based business card solution which helps organizations of all sizes record client details and share information. Key features include social media linking, white labeling, client detail management, data sharing, and reminders. Leia mais sobre o Gobiggi Business Card
Cardiris 5 is a business card management tool designed to help businesses of all sizes manage image processing, data extraction, and synchronization operations via a unified portal. The software enables businesses to scan and convert business cards into digital contacts and store them in Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Outlook, or Google Contacts... Leia mais sobre o Cardiris 5

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