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O ImportOmatic permite a integração de dados fácil e rápida para Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge e Raiser's Edge NXT com inteligência integrada para limpar dados, entre outras coisas. Leia mais sobre o ImportOmatic
O Nintex Foxtrot RPA é uma solução de automação de processos robóticos que fornece às empresas bots treinados para automatizar tarefas de rotina. A interface de arrastar e soltar foi desenvolvida para oferecer uma solução de automação e gerenciamento de processos de nível empresarial sem código para usuários com qualquer nível de habilidade. Leia mais sobre o Nintex RPA
AI powered SaaS platform enabling businesses to grow and realize the full value of their relationships and underutilized data. Leia mais sobre o Introhive
O ebCard é uma plataforma de gestão de qualidade de dados de contato baseada na nuvem que ajuda as empresas a gerenciar seus dados de clientes potenciais e contatos de várias fontes e verificar a qualidade desses dados. Ele se conecta a outras ferramentas de marketing, gestão do relacionamento com o cliente (CRM na sigla em inglês) e vendas para... Leia mais sobre o ebCard
SyncSpider is an integration tool designed to help eCommerce businesses automate multi-channel sales processes, connect apps together, sync inventory data, and more. An automation tool built for eCommerce, it helps grow revenue, centralize stocks, improve the buying experience for customers. sync data across apps and marketplaces. Leia mais sobre o SyncSpider
RingLead is a data management software that helps businesses capture, cleanse, dedupe, and enrich lead and CRM data on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to manage customer orchestration processes and configure multiple lead routing workflows, such as round-robin, account-based, and if/then scenario-based. Leia mais sobre o RingLead
Segment collects, centralizes, organizes and analyzes all your customer data coming from multiple sources such as apps, websites, and various devices. Leia mais sobre o Segment
matchit is a data cleansing solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage, de-duplicate, match, suppress and enrich information using an online portal. The platform offers a matching engine, which allows users to find and merge duplicate contacts as well as other details. Leia mais sobre o matchit
Grooper intelligent document processing provides data enrichment that embeds human comprehension into documents and other unstructured data. The solution is delivered in a collaborative consulting fashion or as a data fulfillment service. Leia mais sobre o Grooper
O Talend Data Fabric é um conjunto de aplicativos para ajudar as empresas a coletar, controlar, transformar e compartilhar dados, permitindo que os usuários reduzam o tempo para obtenção de dados confiáveis. Mais de 4.250 organizações em todo o mundo escolheram a Talend para transformar todos os seus dados brutos em dados confiáveis. Leia mais sobre o Data Fabric
With Echobot DATACARE you can continuously evaluate your data quality and ensure a rich, clean and up-to-date customer database. All changes to a companys location, its management or status are automatically detected. Leia mais sobre o Echobot
Omnichannel marketing solution that reaches audiences through customer loyalty programs and data management to gain a 360 degree view on customer profiles with 5 modules including data management, audience builder, omnichannel orchestration, customer retention, and customer intelligence. Leia mais sobre o Scal-e
Open Bridge is an on-premise and cloud-based data management software that provides businesses with tools to extract, collect, and integrate enterprise data on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to schedule operational workflows and configure access permissions. Leia mais sobre o Open Bridge
CloverDX is a pure data integration software suite making rapid development and rich enterprise capabilities available in a small footprint package. Leia mais sobre o CloverDX
Traction Complete is a lead management tool which makes account-based marketing (ABM) possible within Salesforce. By bridging the gap between sales and marketing, Traction Complete ensure that leads belonging to key target accounts get routed to the right sales rep for maximum conversion. Leia mais sobre o Traction Complete
O Snowplow é uma plataforma de coleta de dados criada para equipes de dados que desejam gerenciar a coleta e o armazenamento de dados de eventos avançados e de alta qualidade. Leia mais sobre o Snowplow Insights
Start enjoying accurate address data, all the time. AddressFinder provides dependable and accurate address solutions for business owners that are looking to enhance their website forms and checkouts or clean up their address database. Leia mais sobre o AddressFinder
Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform designed to help businesses across information technology (IT), automotive, retail, healthcare, and other industries access training data to deploy applications. It enables employees to streamline natural language processing (NLP), speech analysis, and data extraction operations via a... Leia mais sobre o Appen
Cognism is a global sales intelligence platform. With an internationally compliant database and unrivalled global data coverage, Cognism helps clients across the globe working in sales, marketing and revenue operations to generate and close new business opportunities faster. Leia mais sobre o Cognism
DataRocket is a multi-domain master data management solution, which helps organizations maintain data quality and streamline data sharing across multiple departments. Key features include data cleansing, data migration, workflow management, data governance, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o DataRocket
xDM from Semarchy leverages smart algorithms and material design to empower collaborative data governance and intelligent MDM. Leia mais sobre o Semarchy xDM
SyncForce is an unique software system that connects product development with the distribution of product information. With the SyncForce Product Success Platform packaged goods manufacturers accelerate product development and ensure optimal digital availability across all channels and customers. Leia mais sobre o SyncForce
Built specifically for Salesforce, Cloudingo is a deduplication & data quality application. Merge, integrate, update & cleanse your customer data with Cloudingo Leia mais sobre o Cloudingo
Nova-LIMS is laboratory information management system, which helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage all laboratory processes such as testing, data collection, scheduling & reporting. The centralized platform allows users to track inventory and receive real-time notifications on orders. Leia mais sobre o Novatek Suite
O Collect é uma solução de pesquisa de mercado baseada na nuvem, que ajuda empresas de todos os tamanhos nos setores de ONGs e administração pública a criar formulários de pesquisa para coletar dados usando aplicativos móveis. Ele permite que os usuários coletem informações valiosas por meio de perguntas subjetivas e complexas de grupo. Leia mais sobre o Atlan
Melissa Data Quality Suite is a cloud-based and on-premise data verification suite designed to help organizations of all sizes standardize, authenticate, and correct contact details, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses in order to streamline communication. Leia mais sobre o Melissa Data Quality Suite
CustomerMatrix provides sales insights and sales opportunities software that tracks all your enterprises sales deals and customers to assess risks and identify potential business development opportunities. CustomerMatrix notifies you when a potential sales opportunity threat comes into play, such as a competitor, product usage drop, a non-responsiv... Leia mais sobre o CustomerMatrix
eTEAM is a cloud-based digital asset management platform, which helps businesses organize resources such as product data, images, web publications, and layouts for marketing and communication purposes. Features include phase management, data storage, performance monitoring, and document encryption. Leia mais sobre o eTEAM
Email marketing tool that allows you to build detailed customer profiles, reactivate outdated email lists, gather data on number of employees, years in business and sales volume. This tool can provide demographic, interests and purchase data from insights on 80% of U.S. email and postal addresses. Leia mais sobre o Email Intelligence
type helps businesses clean up unorganized marketing data. The application can merge separated lists, recognize duplicates, and automatically enrich email marketing lists. It caters to businesses and marketers who work with large amounts of data. Leia mais sobre o tye
IOTICSpace transforms data interactions, through a dynamic data mesh for everything and everyone, in real-time, at scale. In IOTICSpace digital twins virtualize data sources and consumers. In a decentralised data mesh digital twins use semantic web technologies to interact across boundaries. Leia mais sobre o IOTICSpace
BaseCap Analytics offers an automated solution that helps businesses manage data quality and remediate data issues. Leia mais sobre o BaseCap Analytics
JENTIS has a globally distributed team of developers, data scientists, mathematicians, marketers, and researchers dedicated to revolutionizing the way users think, talk, and interact with online data. Leia mais sobre o JENTIS
DataMatch is a a data matching solution that includes address verification, 360-degree customer view, and an API-based data quality firewall. Leia mais sobre o DataMatch
SAP Data Services is an on-premise solution, which provides features such as data integration, quality, and cleansing. Leia mais sobre o SAP Data Services

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