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Hevo is a no-code, bi-directional data pipeline technology designed specifically for advanced ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL requirements. Leia mais sobre o Hevo
Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more. Leia mais sobre o Google Cloud Platform
Oracle Database is a data warehouse software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage data and automate recurring tasks using machine learning-enabled tools. The platform enables managers to generate business models, transform data, and detect hidden anomalies across datasets. Leia mais sobre o Oracle Database
Grow is software that makes it simple for companies to connect their data and surface insights so everyone can make data-driven decisions. Leia mais sobre o Grow
Domo is a business management suite that integrates with multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, social media and any existing solution Leia mais sobre o Domo
O ClicData oferece um painel de inteligência comercial com relatórios dinâmicos e intuitivos e uma ampla variedade de widgets de visualização para fornecer aos usuários o controle para tomar melhores decisões mais rapidamente. Leia mais sobre o ClicData
O Matillion é uma solução de extrair, transformar, carregar (ETL, na sigla em inglês) para armazém de dados na nuvem, incluindo Amazon Redshift, Snowflake e Google BigQuery. A ferramenta permite que os usuários coletem dados de várias origens e enviem-nos para locais estruturados e semiestruturados usando os recursos de transformação de dados. Leia mais sobre o Matillion
STRATWs ONE is a cloud-based strategic management software designed to help businesses track and measure organizational performance according to defined goals and objectives. Managers can monitor employees’ performance through analytical reports and consolidate data from different sources to facilitate decision-making processes. Leia mais sobre o STRATWs ONE
Solver is a data warehouse and corporate performance management (CPM) system based on the Microsoft platform. It enables businesses to capture and store transactional data in a centralized repository, track and manage multiple data sources and generate ad-hoc reports. Leia mais sobre o Solver
O ContentKing fornece auditoria em tempo real de SEO e rastreamento de alterações a agências de marketing digital, empresas de comércio eletrônico e outras organizações on-line para melhorar e manter a visibilidade do mecanismo de pesquisa. A solução ajuda os usuários a detectar mudanças e problemas inesperados antes que os mecanismos de pesquisa... Leia mais sobre o ContentKing
All your marketing data, wherever you need it. Supermetrics streamlines the delivery of data from 60+ sales and marketing platforms into the analytics and reporting tools marketers use to make better decisions. Supermetrics is used by +600k marketers in over 120 countries. Leia mais sobre o Supermetrics
Snowflake is a cloud data platform that can enable critical data workloads and secure collaboration. This solution can be used to run data across multiple regions for a single, unified experience across a business ecosystem. Using a multi-cluster shared data architecture, Snowflake provides access to the same data without affecting business... Leia mais sobre o Snowflake
O Talend Data Fabric é um conjunto de aplicativos para ajudar as empresas a coletar, controlar, transformar e compartilhar dados, permitindo que os usuários reduzam o tempo para obtenção de dados confiáveis. Mais de 4.250 organizações em todo o mundo escolheram a Talend para transformar todos os seus dados brutos em dados confiáveis. Leia mais sobre o Data Fabric
Panoply is the first smart cloud data warehouse, which streamlines the data journey from source to analysis with AI technology. Leia mais sobre o Panoply
Omnichannel marketing solution that reaches audiences through customer loyalty programs and data management to gain a 360 degree view on customer profiles with 5 modules including data management, audience builder, omnichannel orchestration, customer retention, and customer intelligence. Leia mais sobre o Scal-e
Instant data warehousing, replication, integration, and compliance for 100+ data sources. Relational Junction unifies all of your data to one place for robust reporting and analytics. And that's not all! Our patented technology allows for the fastest possible data movement. Leia mais sobre o Relational Junction
O Funnel pega dados confusos e isolados de mais de 500 plataformas e os torna automaticamente prontos para os negócios. Totalmente harmonizado, sempre acessível e pode ser enviado para qualquer destino. Leia mais sobre o Funnel
Fivetran is a zero-maintenance data pipeline which enables businesses of all sizes to collect and analyze their business data by connecting applications and databases to a central data warehouse. Fivetran supports a range of data connectors, including Asana, Braintree, Shopify, Salesforce, and more. Leia mais sobre o Fivetran
Y42 is the only easy yet scalable data platform for loading, transforming, connecting, visualizing and sharing data, offering no-code & SQL. The end-to-end tool is based on the client's own DWH and can be 100% UI-operated, making Y42 the solution of choice for many growing eCommerce and DTC brands. Leia mais sobre o Y42
Measured provides a holistic, unbiased view across all marketing spend channels. Measured is a marketing analytics & attribution software that also provides incrementality testing and stress-test spend forecasting. Integrated w/ all major media platforms, deploy in less than 24 hours. Leia mais sobre o Measured
CloverDX is a pure data integration software suite making rapid development and rich enterprise capabilities available in a small footprint package. Leia mais sobre o CloverDX
Couchbase Server is a distributed NoSQL cloud database management system designed to help organizations across IT, energy, healthcare, finance, and various other industries store, manage, and retrieve data for various deployments. Leia mais sobre o Couchbase Server
NetApp OnCommand Insight is a centralized data management and storage management platform for online data control. OnCommand enables you to have complete access to all your online data fields and provides live reporting to analyze success and performance. Leia mais sobre o Netapp Oncommand Insight
All the sales, marketing or customer support data integrations you need for your data warehouse. Get frictionless, consistent, analytics-ready data, into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL or Snowflake with a few clicks. Leia mais sobre o Blendo
O Test Data Automation é um software de gerenciamento de dados mestres desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a definir cenários de teste para automatizar o gerenciamento de dados relacionados aos processos de teste. A plataforma permite que os gerentes identifiquem e removam informações confidenciais de arquivos para evitar violações de dados. Leia mais sobre o Test Data Automation
Resilio Connect is a file transfer and synchronization platform for tech, logistics, engineering, & retail enterprises with P2P technology & WAN acceleration Leia mais sobre o Resilio Connect
ZAP Data Hub is a platform for accessing, unifying, and preparing business data for BI analysis. The cloud-based solution collects and connects data sources, integrates them into a secure, governed hub, and prepares them for analysis. Suitable for IT, finance, sales, marketing, HR, and operations. Leia mais sobre o Zap Data Hub
Zaloni software is a DataOps platform for managing and governing data. Cataloging functions include automated data discovery, classification, and collaboration. Data quality and lineage tracking facilitate governance. Data analytics involve preparation, provisioning, and customized asset classes. Leia mais sobre o Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform
Mozart Data is a data stack tool for engineers and analysts with SQL skills. Users can source, consolidate, stack, and clean data to prepare it for analysis. It comes with single-click transforms, a Snowflake warehouse, an ETL pipeline from Fivetran, 200+ BI tool integrations, and 140+ data sources. Leia mais sobre o Mozart Data
Go beyond dashboards and spreadsheets. Make data driven decisions based single point of truth for all your marketing data and AI driven insights With Madtrix analytics teams can track marketing, sales and customer operations, their efficiency and results across the customer journey. Leia mais sobre o Madtrix
Conversionomics is a powerful data aggregation and automation technology tool that can improve your data aggregation, automation, and visualization processes. Leia mais sobre o Conversionomics
REPODS is an online data warehouse solution for SMBs which enables users to manage and analyze data histories in secure data pods with storage and compute resources. Data can be imported via multiple interfaces, and IoT devices can stream data directly to a data pod for cross-analysis. Leia mais sobre o Record Evolution Platform
Firebolt delivers extreme speed and elasticity at any scale solving your impossible data challenges. Leia mais sobre o Firebolt
Diyotta is a data integration software that provides businesses with tools to automatically source, process, and analyze collected data on a centralized platform. Administrators can gain an overview of all synchronized data and variation trends through graphs & actionable analytics. Leia mais sobre o Diyotta
Apache Ignite is an in-memory computing software that provides businesses with tools to manage data and build real-time applications on a centralized platform. It supports various data manipulation language (DML) commands including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE queries. Leia mais sobre o Apache Ignite
LoadSpring Cloud Platform is a fully managed cloud solution that provides businesses with tools to use analytics and build BI reports to increase ROI. The managed cloud services help businesses monitor applications, users, and cloud environments to mitigate security and risk management processes. Using actionable analytics, managers can gain an... Leia mais sobre o LoadSpring Cloud Platform
VMware Tanzu Greenplum is a solution for enterprise analytics. It can be used to create and deploy models for complex applications in many areas, including cybersecurity, risk management, fraud detection, and others. Greenplum can be hosted on-premise as well as on public or private clouds. It is designed for container orchestration systems like... Leia mais sobre o VMware Tanzu Greenplum
DW Builder is a powerful, meta-driven solution that can take your data warehouse project from inception to reality within a few days, without needing a single line of code. Leia mais sobre o Astera DW Builder
The ATTOM cloud data delivery solution provides a quick way to access curated property data which is matched to your needs, easy to understand, convenient to use, and requires no additional infrastructure. Leia mais sobre o ATTOM Cloud
Catchr is the tool you need to extract your marketing data. Our connectors ( facebook ads, google ads, Linkedin ads, twitter ads, bing ads ... ) will allow you to make reports and visualize your efforts in a simple and fast way. Leia mais sobre o Catchr
MediSked Connect Exchange is a data repository + business intelligence and population health management platform Leia mais sobre o MediSked Connect Exchange

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