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OpenGov Citizen Services is code enforcement and permit management software that helps governmental organizations to manage workflow processes, inspections, permits, reports, and more from within a unified platform. The built-in customer service portal allows citizens to draft, submit, and view community development applications and pay online... Leia mais sobre o OpenGov Citizen Services
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Leia mais sobre o GovPilot
Interstis is a collaboration and productivity management software that helps businesses across multiple sites utilize a digital platform to manage projects, tasks, agendas, documents, surveys, shared resources, and more from within a centralized location. Leia mais sobre o Interstis
FundView Code Enforcement is a web-based code enforcement solution that allows users to manage all phases of the code enforcement process. It provides comprehensive case management for code violations including inspections, notifications, and administration. Leia mais sobre o FundView Code Enforcement
Brightly Software's (formerly Dude Solutions) SmartGov simplifies permitting and licensing through a public portal that brings together permit applications, public notices, maps, online payments and more in a single information hub. Leia mais sobre o SmartGov
CityReporter is an easy to use solution that helps governments handle their permits, inspections and record-keeping more effectively. Our web based software combined with a mobile app create a solution that will suit your needs. Integration and data storage options. Request a free demo today! Leia mais sobre o CityReporter
GIS-Centric Asset and Work Management software for local government and utilities. From Service Orders to Permitting, from Preventive Maintenance to Citizen Engagement, Elements XS has your organization covered. Leia mais sobre o Elements XS
SuitePro-G is a customizable project portfolio management software with an intuitive interface, easy to use, collaborative and integrated. Leia mais sobre o SuitePro-G
Permit-LV is a complete permit inspection management system. It uses a unique window based interface that allows you to perform your daily permitting and inspection with maximum ease and efficiency. The application has been written to be extremely user friendly while maintaining the integrity of a solid software program. Leia mais sobre o Permit-LV
OPS-COM is the most flexible and scalable cloud-based parking and violations solution available that includes both LPR and pay-by-phone Leia mais sobre o OperationsCommander
CivicGov offers features that are available as either stand-alone modules or an integrated suite. It helps businesses conduct and schedule one-time and cyclical reoccurring inspections across their organization. Leia mais sobre o CivicGov
iWorQ is a cloud-based operations management solution for public works and community development departments. The platform offers tools for managing permits, business licenses, planning and zoning, work orders, fleets, assets, facilities, projects, employees, and more. Leia mais sobre o iWorQ
Evolve Permitting is a permit management software designed to help businesses in the utility and government sectors create personalized to-do lists and schedule multiple inspections. Administrators can share real-time assessment results with customers via email and SMS. Leia mais sobre o Evolve Permitting
MuniLogic is a web-based municipal management solution that enables municipalities & local governments to manage business workflows, as well as manage assets Leia mais sobre o MuniLogic
Permits by CityTech Solutions is a cloud-based permit management solution, which offers features including permit issuance, approval workflow management, permit fee estimates, contracts management, and more. The platform is designed for building officials, managers, and personnel. Leia mais sobre o Permits
z0 Gravity is a SaaS project management software designed to help businesses manage task schedules, create budgets, and assign tasks to employees. It enables project managers to view the status of business activities in real-time, formulate goals for teams across projects, and allocate resources. Leia mais sobre o z0 Gravity
Pervidi is a mobile safety inspection management tool for businesses of all sizes to automate all aspects of maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections Leia mais sobre o Pervidi Inspection
Cloudpermit is a cloud-based software designed to help government organizations manage inspections, approvals, implementation, and other construction permit processes via a unified portal. The platform enables applicants to apply and pay for permits, submit drawings, insurance documents, and site plans, communicate with municipal officers, track... Leia mais sobre o Cloudpermit
Citizenserve code enforcement completely automates the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, recording violations, and coordinating resolutions. Property ownership, inspection results, photos, notices, violations, citations, and notes become an electronic record of each case. Leia mais sobre o CitizenServe
Municity is a cloud-based multi-platform solution designed to help municipalities automate processes for planning, zoning, code enforcement, inspections and permitting to ensure operational efficiency. Popular packages include health, public works, and building. Leia mais sobre o Municity
MaintStar Land Management is a cloud-based software designed to help government agencies automate administrative tasks such as code enforcement, license management, inspections, land planning, permitting, data exchange, form generation, and more on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o MaintStar Land Management
ViolationAdmin is a web-based law enforcement software that enables universities and safety officers to manage parking tickets, compliance, traffic violations, online payments, and reinforcement of parking regulations. Leia mais sobre o ViolationAdmin
Citizenserve Code Enforcement is a cloud-based software that helps government organizations to handle inspections, track violations, manage contacts, generate alerts, and more from within a unified platform. The built-in activities module allows staff members to filter, search, and track employee activities based on type, department, due date,... Leia mais sobre o Citizenserve Code Enforcement
GOGov Code Enforcement is a complete case management solution specifically designed for code enforcement officers to streamline the process so that businesses can handle more cases in less time. Leia mais sobre o GOGov Code Enforcement
Leonardo247 is a powerful, end-to-end property operations and maintenance solution. With smart systems like workflow automation, dynamic forms, and on-demand documents, Leo247 plays a critical role in improving staff productivity, mitigating risk, and delivering quality operational data and insights Leia mais sobre o Leonardo247
Building is a web-based solution that provides governments and businesses with an online citizen portal that manages their permitting process. Leia mais sobre o Accela Building

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