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O AddSearch é uma ferramenta completa de pesquisa e análise de pesquisa, que personaliza e fornece relatórios sobre pesquisas no site. O AddSearch pode ser usado em dispositivos móveis e permite priorizar os resultados com base na popularidade e na preferência. O software AddSearch pode ser incorporado ao seu site em poucos minutos; basta colar... Leia mais sobre o AddSearch
O Site Search 360 oferece funcionalidades rápidas e altamente personalizáveis de pesquisa e preenchimento automático para qualquer site. Leia mais sobre o Site Search 360
Expertrec Smart Search is a visual search software designed to help businesses create and implement personalized search engines across websites. Administrators can select text color, search bar size, image alignment, font size, and padding to apply custom themes. Leia mais sobre o Expertrec Smart Search
AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants and automation tools that enable round-the-clock support via email, voice, and chat across your enterprise ecosystem. Automate 85% of all user-related queries in 12+ languages, increase CSAT scores by 25% and be deployment-ready within a day. Leia mais sobre o Enterprise Bot
Big Zeta is a web development platform with keyword and parametric search tools that provides webmasters, search engine optimizers, and online marketers the ability to help high-tech B2B companies and freelancers within the electronics industry in finding complex products to source. Leia mais sobre o Big Zeta
A Yext ajuda as empresas a criarem e gerenciarem páginas locais, localizadores e telas móveis otimizadas para SEO, aumentando a visibilidade em mecanismos de pesquisa na Internet. Leia mais sobre o Yext
O Elasticsearch é uma solução de pesquisa e análise RESTful desenvolvida para ajudar os usuários a pesquisar e analisar tendências em dados estruturados e não estruturados. Os principais recursos são: indexação de dados, recuperação automática de nós, gestão de ciclo de vida de índices, registros de auditoria e notificações de alerta. Leia mais sobre o Elasticsearch
O Algolia é uma plataforma de pesquisa e descoberta de API que se combina com a pilha de tecnologia e produtos para oferecer experiências digitais dinâmicas. Leia mais sobre o Algolia
Celebros helps businesses manage product search across eCommerce websites using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and AI technology. Users can interpret search queries and match the information with available product data to deliver relevant results. Leia mais sobre o Celebros
Amazon Cloud Search is a search and content marketing software application that produces a list of search results based on keyword relevance and ranking preference. The application results are controlled via the Amazon Cloud Search user dashboard and search widget can be embedded on the website. Leia mais sobre o Amazon Cloud Search is an e-commerce personalization platform that helps webshops deliver custom-tailored search results, product recommendations, email marketing campaigns, ads, and website content based on customers' behavioral data to increase conversion rates and provide a better customer experience. Leia mais sobre o
AI Smart Search is an advanced internal search engine for e-shop which predict and understand the needs of your customers. Leia mais sobre o QuarticON
Tizra is a digital rights management software that helps businesses plan, create, and launch digital content stores and resource hubs. The platform enables administrators to organize different types of content including videos and documents in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o Tizra
O Sooqr é uma solução de software como serviço (SaaS na sigla em inglês) projetada para ajudar as empresas online a fornecer uma pesquisa otimizada na Internet em seus sites, permitindo que os visitantes encontrem rapidamente as informações relevantes. Extensões disponíveis para Magento, ShopWare, WooCommerce e outros. Leia mais sobre o Sooqr
Apache Solr is a Windows, macOS and Linux-based enterprise-search platform that helps businesses perform full-text search, database integration, real-time indexing, and other document handling operations. Administrators can utilize the matching engine to locate data based on phrases, wildcards, grouping, and more. Leia mais sobre o Apache Solr
Site Search by Swiftype enables powerful & relevant website search functionality with tools for customizing, analyzing & improving the discovery experience Leia mais sobre o Swiftype
Shopware is an enterprise search software designed to help eCommerce businesses manage product data and automatically sync with marketplaces. The platform offers a rule-building module, which allows teams to build custom rules to manage shipping costs and pricing. Leia mais sobre o Shopware
Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a digital experience platform & content management solution for enterprises. The cloud-based tool allows users to control knowledge, data, documents, forms, emails, learning, compliance, & more whilst also providing features for managing employees, clients & partners. Leia mais sobre o Centralpoint
O Onna é uma plataforma para pesquisa em tempo real em vários repositórios que ajuda no eDiscovery e na localização de itens de alto valor em todos os departamentos jurídicos. Leia mais sobre o Onna
Briq is a corporate performance management platform built to make the lives of construction financial professionals easier and to make Leia mais sobre o Briq
Hanzo is a data discovery software designed to help legal and compliance teams identify, collect, and preserve enterprise datasets. Administrators can capture data from teams' messages and other interactive web content and replicate it for investigation and review. Leia mais sobre o Hanzo
Knowliah is a legal case management solution for businesses of all sizes, which helps users manage & store critical information on a unified platform. It comes with an automated contextualization engine which lets users quickly locate relevant documents related to a specific case, customer or issue. Leia mais sobre o Knowliah
CHAOSSEARCH is a fully managed log analytics and enterprise search platform that leverages your AWS S3 as a data store. Our revolutionary technology radically lowers costs for analyzing log data and conducting enterprise search at scale and we pass those savings on to you! Try CHAOSSEARCH today! Leia mais sobre o Chaossearch
WebSolr is a search tool that lets you control the capacity of your search and is programmed to work with php, python, Ruby, .NET. WebSolr is best suited for applications and platforms with large quantities of documents/files and each package can be tailor made to suit your needs. WebSolr starts from $50.00/pm, with no setup fees, customized... Leia mais sobre o WebSolr is a full-text search tool and website intelligence platform that helps create custom search results based on the product preference. It lets businesses embed suggested results to promote similar search related products and view entire search reports or analytics via the backend. Leia mais sobre o
SearchMy for Slack finds your Jira issues across multiple Cloud, Server and DC instances and returns them all at once, straight into Slack. It helps users see all their relevant issues in a consolidated list without the need to switch to another application. Leia mais sobre o SearchMy for Slack
Coveo Relevance Cloud is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled software designed to help businesses across manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and other industries streamline enterprise search and knowledge management operations. It enables professionals to manage content filtering, agent responses, and customer service and support... Leia mais sobre o Coveo Relevance Cloud
SearchBlox is an enterprise search management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, government, and finance sectors analyze users’ sentiments and texts across websites and intranets. Managers can gain insights into click analytics and provide personalized results using the faceted search functionality. Leia mais sobre o SearchBlox
Funnelback is a cloud-based enterprise search and insights engine solution, which helps businesses curate data from enterprise databases & generate insights to enable sales conversion. Users can manage access to information, share data, and display data in a single window for increased transparency. Leia mais sobre o Funnelback
Sinequa is a cloud-based and on-premise search and analytics platform designed to help large enterprises discover insights from structured or unstructured data by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. Leia mais sobre o Sinequa
Designed to help drive growth and profitability by empowering you most important asset: your people and communities. Leia mais sobre o Scalando
Lucidworks Fusion is a cloud-based data discovery platform, which helps enterprises perform cognitive search and generate personalized insights and proactive recommendations. Features include authentication, visual usage analytics, data clustering, customizable dashboard, and A/B testing. Leia mais sobre o Lucidworks Fusion
iFinder is an enterprise search application tool that helps businesses process information quickly and utilize received insights to facilitate decision-making processes. Professionals can search for important information and documents and intelligently enhance this data using AI methods. Leia mais sobre o iFinder
Your search is awful. It's not your tech. It's the data that drives your search engine. You don't have customer experience data. If you had data about what success looked like your search would be awesome. That's what SearchBox does. It makes search awesome, automatically, using success data. Leia mais sobre o SearchBox
Searchify is an embedded website search and search marketing application that allows you complete control over search results. The Searchify dashboard lets you create the most relevant search results and custom results so that you can promote specific product results to your website users. Leia mais sobre o Searchify
SLI Systems is a website search and search marketing tool that enables you to create custom search results based on preference and relevance. With its dashboard you can edit search results on desktop or on the go with the ability to view real-time reports on search trends and search suggestions. Leia mais sobre o SLI Systems
Digital Assistant simplifies work, boosts productivity and is proven to improve employee satisfaction by 17%. Connect the AI Assistant to your favorite business apps, and get instant answers. Make data-driven, informed decisions and take direct action, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Leia mais sobre o Digital Assistant
FlyView for SharePoint is an enterprise search and productivity web plugin which helps users navigate through SharePoint sites, libraries, and folders in real-time. The platform enables professionals to explore websites, handle cross-site collection browsing, and view an interactive run-time menu. Leia mais sobre o FlyView for SharePoint
FACT-Finder is the expert-voted #1 best site search solution and Europe's best-selling software for search, navigation, merchandising, personalization and recommendations. The software is used across industries, including retail chains, pure players, and B2B. Leia mais sobre o FACT-Finder
Vable empowers knowledge and information teams to take control of all aspects of information aggregation, curation and delivery. It is the only current awareness aggregation platform designed with information professionals, knowledge and subject specialists in mind. Leia mais sobre o Vable
Outmind is a web-based tool that allows businesses to find internal contacts, documents, and messages using the built-in search engine that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Leia mais sobre o Outmind
Partium is a mobile application designed to help technicians search industrial spare parts and components using mobile devices. The platform allows users to manage maintenance, service, and after-sales operations across a variety of industrial environments. Leia mais sobre o Partium
Mindbreeze InSpire is a cloud-based software designed to help organizations collect, consolidate, and store information about customers, staff, and processes from multiple data sources and provide access to external and internal stakeholders. The platform enables users across various departments and applications to gain a 360-degree view of... Leia mais sobre o Mindbreeze InSpire
InfoNgen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled software designed to help businesses in life sciences, manufacturing, retail, insurance, and other industries streamline enterprise search operations and conduct text and sentiment analysis. It enables employees to find and analyze critical information from structured and unstructured data and... Leia mais sobre o InfoNgen
Command E gives you instant access to all your files and documents across desktops and clouds, in one place, so you no longer have to remember where to go, you can instead simply focus on what you need to do. Leia mais sobre o Command E
amberSearch is an intelligent enterprise search engine combining the knowledge of all data sources within your company Leia mais sobre o amberSearch
Lookeen is a Windows-based enterprise search software that helps businesses find specific information across emails, attachments, tasks, notes, contacts, files, folders, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the search query and filter functionality to preview documents and images. Leia mais sobre o Lookeen
Slickstream makes it easy to implement site search that actually works. Don't worry about complex technical implementations or lengthy onboarding sagas - we can be live across your site within days, not weeks or months. Subscription includes search, recommendations, bookmarks and more! Leia mais sobre o Slickstream for Business
Rinalogy Search is an interactive search that finds what each user is looking for, quickly. Providing a robust intelligence layer that adds features to other search systems and platforms, Rinalogy Search bridges data silos by using a single query to find relevant information in multiple data sources Leia mais sobre o Rinalogy Search
Rio SEO® is the leading local marketing platform provider for enterprise brands, agencies, and retailers. Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform provides multi-location organizations with a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated suite of turnkey local marketing solutions. Leia mais sobre o Rio SEO

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