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Reúna todos os dados de ESG em um único lugar e impulsione a estratégia de sustentabilidade, obtendo um resumo claro do desempenho de ESG. Leia mais sobre o Metrio
O Quentic é um sistema de gestão do meio ambiente (EMS na sigla em inglês) 100% adequado para sistemas de gestão, em conformidade com a norma ISO-14001. Leia mais sobre o Quentic
É possível digitalizar formulários e fluxos de trabalho usando uma plataforma na nuvem sem código para desktop e dispositivos móveis, para você amar o que faz. Capacite usuários com uma plataforma na nuvem intuitiva, prática e com suporte simples. Qualquer pessoa pode criar projetos usando ferramentas do Word e Excel. Capture assinaturas, GPS,... Leia mais sobre o Forms On Fire
Environmental compliance software, which helps convenience store operators reduce environmental fines and manage risk with confidence. Leia mais sobre o Environmental Compliance
Environmental Management Software is a sustainability software that helps organizations create environmental objectives, identify risks, monitor impacts, and more on a centralized platform. It lets team members manage data collection operations to gain insights into emission sources, utility consumptions, meteorological information, and other key... Leia mais sobre o Environmental Management Software
3E Protect is a chemical management software designed to help businesses across pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, and other industries track chemical inventories and access associated safety data sheets (SDS). It enables employees to streamline chemical and workplace safety operations, configure workflows, and ensure compliance with industry... Leia mais sobre o 3E Protect
Equip your frontline with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are. iAuditor is used to conduct over 1 million inspections per month across all industries for safety, quality control, and operations. Leia mais sobre o iAuditor
ComplianceGO is an environmental software that helps businesses manage inspections, maps, permits, corrective action items, and audits. Key features include customizable forms, document management, automated weather alerts, user management, and reporting tools. Leia mais sobre o ComplianceGO
Cority offers enterprise level companies a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability , occupational health, safety and quality. Leia mais sobre o Cority
Mango is a cloud-based software designed to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) manage quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) standards. It is a mobile-enabled and integrated application that replaces point solutions with a single enterprise platform. Leia mais sobre o Mango
The Digital Benchmark for enterprise operational risk, compliance and sustainable business management systems. Enhance operational, environmental, social and governance business performance and reporting through best-practice, cloud software. Leia mais sobre o Benchmark ESG | Gensuite
#1 Environmental Management Software. Simple for workers to use and managers to customize on any device. Fast and easy to access, enter and report audit data in real time. A platform with end-to-end functionality. Use our Out-of-the-box templates or build your own to match requirements. Try now. Leia mais sobre o Donesafe
Libryo is an automated solution designed to help businesses identify & update legal requirements in order to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations across multiple jurisdictions. It sends users notifications about newly established laws and changes introduced to existing laws. Leia mais sobre o Libryo
Collaborative & user friendly approach to implement & maintain ISO 9001 compliance through a complete ISO 9001 software Leia mais sobre o MyEasyISO
Wildnote is a cloud-based environmental compliance automation platform that streamlines data collection, QA, photo management & reporting for environmental compliance and linear construction. The mobile and web apps work together to form powerful automation that generates 40-80% efficiency gains. Leia mais sobre o Wildnote
ecoPortal is an environmental, health and safety management (EHS) management software that helps businesses record workplace accidents, handle employee training processes, and create audit checklists on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o ecoPortal
The new VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform provides simplified and effective Environmental Management Programs designed to automate, track, and report on all your critical environmental requirements including GHG, Air, Water & Waste. Leia mais sobre o VelocityEHS
Wastebits is a cloud-based waste management software, which helps service providers, treatment facilities, and generators monitor the entire waste lifecycle and prepare manifests for hazardous or non-hazardous trash. Features include secure data storage, remote access, history tracking & reporting. Leia mais sobre o Wastebits
ISN is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses hire clients and connect with required contractors. The platform enables supervisors to manage the entire contractor qualification process by providing clients with current information. Leia mais sobre o ISNetworld
Use ETQ Reliance to identify impact targets, log permit information and track sustainability initiatives. The world’s most comprehensive, flexible and proven QMS software for quality-centric customers in dozens of industries. Leia mais sobre o ETQ Reliance
No-code application configuration toolset that empowers business analysts to deliver solutions in rapid dev cycles. Our intuitive platform combines a web-based app editor, SQL database, interactive dashboards, advanced mobile data collection, process automations and simple, reliable integrations. Leia mais sobre o Flowfinity
Salus Pro is a safety management platform that offers digital documentation, communications, and tracking of employees exposed to hazardous environments. Features include a dashboard, calendars, site statistics, deliveries, worker profiles, and real time hazard and incident reporting. Leia mais sobre o SALUS
ProcessMAP was created on a simple vision - to help businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), and risk data. Leia mais sobre o ProcessMAP EHS Platform
The company Sustainability Profile has been developed in cooperation with professionals in Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and in cooperation with multinational companies such as Dell Technologies, Tesco, EY, HB Reavis, BMW, Kaufland, and many others. It is usable for companies of all sizes. Leia mais sobre o SmartHead
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Leia mais sobre o EHS Insight
Start engaging your employees with Alchemy’s training solution! Access hundreds of customizable courses in multiple languages on safety topics for frontline workers. Simplify on-the-job observations for supervisors with Alchemy’s Coach app. Stay audit-ready with automated documentation & reporting. Leia mais sobre o Intertek Alchemy
Encamp is an environmental compliance platform that enables companies to proactively manage risk. We aggregate and centralize data, streamline workflows, and automate the submissions of filings and payments. Leia mais sobre o Encamp
ProActivity Suite is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software designed to help businesses plan, maintain, manage and audit compliance according to several industrial regulations. Administrators can execute and track Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) across the enterprise in real-time. Leia mais sobre o ProActivity Suite
Mapistry is an environmental compliance management software designed to help businesses manage compliance with regulations related to SPCC, stormwater, and hazardous materials handling. It lets organizations provide online training courses to meet employees’ mandatory training requirements. Leia mais sobre o Mapistry
Certent CDM is a secure, collaborative, enterprise report production platform for recurring reports & presentations. Collect data from different sources to dynamically integrate those numbers and narrative in an auditable environment with high-volume tagging that complies with iXBRL mandates. Leia mais sobre o Certent Disclosure Management
Goby is the most intelligent, comprehensive, and intuitive platform for ESG management. Leia mais sobre o Goby
Accuvio Sustainability Reporting Software is a cloud-based, CDP-accredited sustainability data collection, cleansing, analysis and reporting software with over 2000 types of emissions sources including greenhouse gas emissions, carbon, energy, CSR/ESG, waste, water, transport, and business travel Leia mais sobre o Accuvio Sustainability
O Emex EHS & ESG Software é uma plataforma intuitiva que automatiza e simplifica a gestão de riscos operacionais e processos de conformidade. Leia mais sobre o Emex EHS & ESG Software
UK's leading financial tracking and project management software. Gain access to accurate, live data in user-friendly dashboards and drag-and-drop reporting, Enjoy complete visibility across your business. Ideal for teams of 10-600 who manage multiple projects simultaneously. Leia mais sobre o Synergist
EHS Hero is a cloud-based EHS management tool solution that includes offline mobile apps to make EHS possible in any organization. Leia mais sobre o EHS Hero
ERA Environmental software provides automated tracking and reporting for air emissions (VOC, HAP, VHAP, PM, GHG), solid waste, chemical waste, hazardous waste, utilities tracking, water use and discharge, and chemical inventory tracking. Delivered through dynamic reports, KPIs, and dashboards. Leia mais sobre o ERA EH&S Software
LexComply is a cloud-based compliance management software designed to help organizations manage, monitor, and ensure alignment of IT, legal, financial, or operational processes with regulatory standards. Features include act and compliance library, reporting, escalations, and assessment scheduling. Leia mais sobre o LexComply
A Microsoft backed Quality, Health, Safety & Environment software solution for various industries. Leia mais sobre o ITRAK 365
The MAUS tools will provides users with an instant ISO manual, written to the latest ISO standards, along with an integrated platform to manage all HSEQ processes. Leia mais sobre o MAUS Compliance ISO
Locus EIM is a cloud-based environmental information management software designed to help businesses capture and store environment data in a centralized repository. It enables employees to collect and track environmental samples, automatically analyze laboratory and field data, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Leia mais sobre o Locus EIM
PegEx Platform is a cloud-based hazardous waste management tool designed to help haulers, waste brokers, and disposal facilities mitigate risk, distribute tasks, and manage sales. Key features include revenue tracking, digitized workflows, work order management, and biennial reporting. Leia mais sobre o PegEx Platform
Impact is a cloud-based sustainability & social value reporting platform designed to help organizations capture, monitor, and record social initiatives and performance. Key features include goal tracking, predictive analysis, team communication, real-time data logging, data capture and transfer. Leia mais sobre o Impact
Complete MS4 Control Public Education & Outreach Public Participation Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination (IDDE) Management of Construction Site Runoff Management of Post Construction Site Runoff Good Housekeeping Leia mais sobre o NPDESPro
Splashback is a managed, highly secure, cloud data platform that integrates a suite of easy-to-use analysis, management and storage tools. With functional data sharing capabilities and open APIs, Splashback is the tech and user-friendly data solution businesses have been looking for. Leia mais sobre o Splashback
Chemical Safety Software is a cloud-based environmental management & reporting system which tracks & manages the flow of chemicals & hazardous materials Leia mais sobre o Chemical Safety EMS
Medfiles.OHS is a modular cloud-based occupational health & safety management software for businesses of all sizes, with comprehensive data management. The system can automatically identify which incidents are OSHA recordable, track internal & external training, manage Workers’ Comp cases, and more. Leia mais sobre o Medfiles is a cloud-based environmental IoT platform that helps organizations monitor natural assets and environmental conditions through data acquired in real-time. Key features include team collaboration, client management, customizable branding, GPS tracking, document storage & instant messaging. Leia mais sobre o
Virtual Task Manager is a cloud-based environmental compliance solution that helps enterprises monitor business processes in order to ensure and maintain compliance with environmental mandates. It lets users schedule and assign inspection tasks to field agents. Leia mais sobre o Virtual Task Manager
Klir is the all-in-one software solution for water and wastewater management. The Klir platform allows water professionals to manage processes across their entire system—from permits, to inspections, and everything in between. Leia mais sobre o Klir

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