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Administração de arrendamentos para conformidade com ASC 842 e IFRS 16
O Nakisa Lease Administration é uma solução de contabilidade de arrendamentos de ponta a ponta para conformidade com ASC 842 e IFRS 16. A plataforma ajuda empresas de setores como varejo, ciências biológicas, transporte e petróleo e gás a gerenciar arrendamentos de equipamentos, baixas de ativos, padronização e reavaliação de arrendamentos e muito... Leia mais sobre o Nakisa Lease Administration
Accounting Software for SMBs
Xero is a cloud-based small business accounting software with tools for managing invoicing, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing, expenses, bookkeeping & more Leia mais sobre o Xero
Cloud-based real estate and investment management software
MRI Software offers real estate owners and companies, property investors and operators a flexible cloud-based platform that spans residential and commercial property management, accounting and financial reporting, investment lifecycle, facilities management, CRE management, sales, lettings and more Leia mais sobre o MRI Software
Cloud-based & on-premise CPM solution for financial planning
Tagetik is a unified Corporate Performance Management software platform for finance budgeting, planning, dashboard-based insight reporting & data visualization Leia mais sobre o Tagetik
Income & expense tracking platform for property investors
Stessa is an expense & income tracking solution that provides solutions to real estate owners and investors for thorough management of real estate portfolios including tracking, communicating, and assessing performances. Features include reporting dashboards, security, tax-ready financials, & more. Leia mais sobre o Stessa
Lease accounting software for businesses of all sizes
LeaseQuery is a lease accounting software built by accountants for accountants, that ensures ASC 842 & IFRS 16 compliance with minimal disruption to your business. We eliminate accounting errors that will lead to material misstatements by using our CPA-approved software & implementation process. Leia mais sobre o LeaseQuery
Software de administração e gestão de arrendamentos
O Visual Lease é um sistema de gestão de arrendamento baseado na Internet, compatível com o FASB-IASB, com cláusulas contratuais configuráveis, adequado para uso em arrendamentos de imóveis e equipamentos. Leia mais sobre o Visual Lease
Fixed asset and enterprise asset management solution
Integrated Fixed Asset Depreciation, tracking & maintenance. The system is ideal for medium to large organizations in any industry. Leia mais sobre o FMIS Asset Management
Lease Accounting Compliance Made Easy
AMTdirect is the ultimate lease accounting & administration solution. Ensure compliance with FASB ASC 842 and get a free demo today! Leia mais sobre o AMTdirect
Lease Administration & Lease Accounting Software
MRI ProLease is a lease management software which helps with the management of owned, leased, and sub-leased properties Leia mais sobre o MRI ProLease
Real-estate, equipment, and automotive lease accounting tool
UGAAP is a lease accounting software that helps businesses streamline processes related to cash flow forecasting, classification tests, auditing, and more. It enables employees to create journal entries for the entire lease lifecycle, from commencement to modification and termination. Leia mais sobre o UGAAP
Cloud-based lease management solution
LeaseEagle is a cloud-based real estate asset management solution for medium to large businesses which allows users to manage their retail, corporate, and healthcare property portfolios, track site visits, and facilitate operations Leia mais sobre o LeaseEagle
Lease management solution for handling commercial portfolios
Spacebase is a cloud-based modern lease administration solution that supports the management of real estate portfolios through a user-friendly, hosted platform Leia mais sobre o Spacebase
SaaS Lease Management and Lease Accounting ASC842 Solution
iLeasePro is a cloud based lease management and lease accounting software that helps mid-market companies comply with the FASB ASC 842 lease accounting changes and manage the lease lifecycle of both real estate and equipment leases. Leia mais sobre o iLeasePro
Lease Accounting Done Right
Cradle is a cloud-based SaaS lease accounting solution. Cradle automates your financial reporting requirements. Leia mais sobre o Cradle
Lease accounting software with new standards compliance
Real Asset Management (RAM) provides a lease accounting software solution that complies with latest FASB and IASB regulations to better visualize lease exposure Leia mais sobre o RAM Lease Accounting
Software for lease accounting and lease contracts management
SOFT4Lessee is a lease accounting platform designed to help businesses manage their lease contracts and accounting whilst also transitioning and adhering to the accounting standards ASC 842/ IFRS 16/ AASB 16. It helps businesses to remain compliant and ensure requirements are met. Leia mais sobre o Soft4Lessee
Lease management solution to track & mange leased assets
Advantage Leased Assets is a cloud-based lease management solution designed to help enterprises track, calculate, & manage leased assets, in order to ensure compliance with state and federal standards. The platform enables users to handle tax calculations for managing right-of-use & liabilities. Leia mais sobre o Advantage Leased Assets
Lease accounting and management for property occupiers
MRI Horizon CRE is a lease accounting and management platform for property occupiers that lease multiple spaces. Features include reporting and analytics, dashboards, asset management, maintenance scheduling, scenario modelling, real-time notifications, audit trails, and more. Leia mais sobre o MRI Horizon CRE
Lease and accounting management software for real estate
Corporate Lease Manager by Yardi helps real estate organizations analyze, track, and handle lease and equipment management operations across the deal pipeline. The platform lets users store portfolios in a centralized repository and use the search functionality to find contacts and documents. Leia mais sobre o Corporate Lease Manager