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O GO-INSUR é uma plataforma de seguro digital baseada na nuvem, desenvolvida para ajudar seguradoras, corretores e agentes gerais de gestão (MGAs na sigla em inglês) a criar, gerenciar e vender apólices diretamente para os clientes ou por meio de corretores. Os principais recursos incluem desembolsos de comissão, marca branca, exportação de dados... Leia mais sobre o GO-INSUR
TurboRater is a quoting solution for insurance brokers that allows users to quote multiple carriers through a comparative rater. The software analyzes carriers based on the coverage required, and automatically applies underwriting rules to provide instant accurate quotes. Leia mais sobre o TurboRater
Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance business management solution that helps agencies manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, accounting, benefits administration, and more. Key features include process management, document storage, messaging, electronic signature, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Applied Epic
EXLynx is a cloud-based solution that helps insurance agencies streamline processes related to online quoting, lead management, customer retention, email marketing, and more. With the rating engine, users can store ACORD forms, generate cost valuations, and submit quotes on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o EZLynx
Compulife Quote Software is a quoting solution for the insurance industry, which provides features such as customizable forms, insurance quotes, mobile access, and responsive design. Leia mais sobre o Compulife Quote Software
With Macaw, one can easily configure products, its attributes, underwriting rules and rating. Supported by an externalized rules engine to address the complexity and performance, it has been implemented from Professional Liability to Excess and Surplus Disability Insurance Solutions. Leia mais sobre o Macaw
Surefyre is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for the needs of insurance agents. It is suitable for multiple types of carriers including property, casualty, life, and health care insurance providers. The application retains customer information by automatically generating personal and commercial policies... Leia mais sobre o Surefyre
Velocity é uma solução de software como serviço (SaaS, na sigla em inglês) ou seguro no local para agências, com administração de apólices, sinistros, aplicativos personalizados, classificação, CRM, portal, contabilidade e mais. Leia mais sobre o Velocity
O Better Agency é um software de CRM de seguros desenvolvido para ajudar os agentes de seguros de propriedades e acidentes a gerenciar solicitações de serviços, acompanhar clientes potenciais e se comunicar com os requerentes a renovações. Ele permite que os usuários automatizem campanhas por e-mails, textos e notificações enviados a clientes,... Leia mais sobre o Better Agency
Converts existing, complex macro/VBA enabled Excel spreadsheets into secure and remotely browser accessible web apps (including from mobile devices) eliminating Excel chaos. Operates on-prem or cloud Leia mais sobre o EASA
Com o módulo de classificação e comissão do i2go, adicione produtos e fatores de classificação para gerar valores brutos e líquidos, além de gerenciar comissões para agências e corretores com facilidade e ser informado por meio de gráficos. Leia mais sobre o tigerlab
AgentCubed is a cloud-based solution designed to help insurance businesses manage leads and distribution, customer relationships, workflows automation, and more. The platform enables agents to quote on/off-exchange products, calculate premiums, compare policies, and submit applications. Leia mais sobre o AgentCubed
InsFocus BI is an insurance rating software designed to help businesses analyze historical data and generate customizable reports using built-in templates. Administrators can capture and store details regarding claimants, claims, policies, insurance, and more on a centralized dashboard. Leia mais sobre o InsFocus BI
Imagine AUTOMATED insurance software as passive, embedded and totally secure. Imagine insurance that adapts automatically to your client's needs and constantly works to find them the best coverage. Leia mais sobre o InsureCert
Optimizes the health insurance of companies and simplifies the management of their contracts, regardless of their size or market. Hoggo is an HR platform which provides the management of health insurance benefits. Leia mais sobre o Hoggo
Financial Services Cloud allows financial services teams to access actionable client insights & deliver personalized advice across any channel or device Leia mais sobre o Financial Services Cloud
Benelinx is a cloud-based agency management software for employee benefits insurance that helps automate data entry, analyze data-driven insights, and access a centralized database. It lets staff members create proposals, generate quotes, and track commissions from a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Benelinx
The all-in-one insurance quoting, enrolling, and lead management solution designed for health insurance professionals. Leia mais sobre o Quotit
Layr is enabling P&C brokers to deliver 100% online insurance, from application to renewal. Layr is custom branded to each broker and includes the white-labeled insureds' digital kiosk, AI-account manager, digitized rater, and pricing + placement prediction designed with brokers in mind. Leia mais sobre o Layr
SimpleINSPIRE is an integrated multi-line insurance platform that includes policy management, billing and insurance accounting, claims management and business intelligence tools. It is ideal for P&C insurers of any size with Integrated cost evaluators, payment gateways, email and other commonly used insurance systems. SimpleINSPIRE can be hosted... Leia mais sobre o SimpleINSPIRE
AVA RMS is a Spanish-language cloud-based risk management system designed to help organizations across various sectors strengthen their security. AVA RMS offers various customizable modules that can identify and manage risks, conduct threat assessments, and help businesses make informed decisions. Leia mais sobre o AVA RMS
Transactor is a full cycle administration and policy processing solution for underwriting agencies, brokers, insurers & MGAs to streamline insurance delivery Leia mais sobre o Transactor
BriteCore empowers insurers to define their own products and build coverages, endorsements, underwriting rules, rates, and forms from the ground up. Bulk editing tools increase the efficiency of updating rates and expanding lines to new states, saving you countless hours of configuration time. Leia mais sobre o BriteCore
TopSail is an insurance rating software designed to help businesses issue policies, manage forms, and automate renewals. Managers can view policy effective and expiration dates, insured name, status, policy number, and agent code using a summary tab. Leia mais sobre o TopSail
Damco’s InsureEdge is designed to simplify and streamline insurance operations by harnessing technology to upgrade manual processes. It helps various stakeholders in managing their day-to-day operations while holding customer experience as the primary focus. Leia mais sobre o InsureEdge
Oracle Insurance is an insurance policy and HIPAA compliance management software that helps businesses manage claims adjudication, policy processing, member enrollment, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize a rules-based policy administration tool to configure group insurance products, set up life insurance... Leia mais sobre o Oracle Insurance
Quantee is an AI-based dynamic pricing software that helps insurance companies make smarter pricing. Leia mais sobre o Quantee
Verity is a web-based policy administration software designed to help businesses in the insurance industry deploy and manage policies from across multiple locations. The task management functionality lets teams automatically create diaries so they can follow up on assignments when they're due. Leia mais sobre o Verity
CoverWallet for Agents is an insurance rating software designed to help businesses compare quotes from various carriers and purchase policies. Administrators can fill custom applications with details including annual revenue, general liability limit, and balance of payments (BOP) on a unified interface. Leia mais sobre o CoverWallet for Agents
We make it easy for growing tech platforms and marketplaces to turn insurance from a cost center to a profit center with Tint. Leia mais sobre o Tint
DRC Insurance Platform is a cloud-based solution that assists P&C insurers with quoting, policy management, billing, and more. The fully customizable, web-based system enables brokers to create insurance quotes, manage form designs, and edit drop-down menu options. Leia mais sobre o DRC Insurance Platform
RS X Rating is an insurance rating software that helps businesses configure author formulas, handle file versions, conduct predictive analytics, update rates, create rules, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to integrate board exposure to rating variables across catastrophe risk, loss history, and experience data. Leia mais sobre o RS X Rating
Zywave Analytics Cloud is a powerful mod analysis tool available to property and casualty insurance agencies, brokers and their clients. The software is built for use by insurance agents and brokers to help them identify areas where an insured party can reduce the probability of claims occurring by improving the structures design. The tool has... Leia mais sobre o Zywave Analytics Cloud

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