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Adobe Creative Cloud is a graphic design and video editing suite that enables businesses to publish print layouts, edit images, manage PDF documents, and collaborate with team members using various mobile and desktop applications. Leia mais sobre o Adobe Creative Cloud
OBS Studio is a free open-source video editing and live streaming system that provides real-time audio/video capturing, sound mixing, aspect ratio configurations, and more advanced editing options to create professional video content. The systems configuration options allow users to upload media from multiple sources and alter video length, speed,... Leia mais sobre o OBS Studio
Vimeo is a video management solution, which helps brands, publishers, & organizations of all sizes upload, host, stream, & share video content. The platform is a white-label solution, meaning users can personalize videos using a custom logo, colors, themes, thumbnails, & playback speed. Leia mais sobre o Vimeo Pro
Filmora is a video editing software that helps businesses create and distribute white-labeled marketing videos. Marketing professionals can use the drag-and-drop interface to import and arrange multimedia elements and create a magnetic timeline. Leia mais sobre o Filmora
Renderforest offers you the best online branding tools to create high-quality videos, logos, mockups and websites with minimal time and effort. Leia mais sobre o Renderforest
InVideo is an online video editing tool that allows businesses to create videos with custom content and branding and share them across social platforms and websites. It offers advanced editing options, pre-built templates, and a content library of images and videos to utilize. Leia mais sobre o InVideo
Kapwing is a collaborative video editing solution designed to help users create creative content online. With Kawing, users can upload, edit, and share files with other team members in one single place. Leia mais sobre o Kapwing
Movavi Video Editor Plus is an on-premise software designed to help businesses manage video editing and processing operations using filters, effects, and other built-in functionalities. The application enables users to modify videos using predefined collections, filters, and templates and create recordings in multiple styles like cinematic footage... Leia mais sobre o Movavi Video Editor Plus
Camtasia is a screen recording and video making solution that allows users to create, edit & share videos. It is designed to help businesses create tutorials, demos & more. Users can record Mac & Windows device screens or webcams and add annotations, effects, or templates to customize design. Leia mais sobre o Camtasia
Descript is a transcription software that is designed for businesses in multiple industries, such as marketing, sales, user research, online learning, and customer support. It helps team members collaborate on projects, send feedback, create shared folders, add comments, and track document versions. Leia mais sobre o Descript
O Piktochart é um criador de conteúdo visual usado para criar apresentações, gráficos de mídia social, impressões, entre outros. É adequado para equipes de RH, marketing, finanças, educação, empresas não governamentais e outras equipes. Essa ferramenta de conteúdo inclui uma biblioteca de mídia integrada com mais de 800 componentes de design,... Leia mais sobre o Piktochart
Adobe Audition is a comprehensive audio workstation that allows students, teachers, and businesses to create, mix, edit, and restore audio clips. Available separately or as part of Adobe Creative Cloud, the tool includes audio editing tools designed to enhance music, podcasts, and other projects. Leia mais sobre o Adobe Audition
OpenShot Video Editor is open-source software designed to help businesses trim, slice, edit, and mix audios and videos in various formats on a drag and drop interface. It provides 3D animation capabilities, which let administrators utilize titles and effects to adjust colors, sizes, length, and text across video projects. Leia mais sobre o OpenShot Video Editor
Adobe Premiere Pro is a cloud-based video editing software designed to help businesses create and edit professional videos using various built-in tools. Supervisors can import videos on the platform, add transition effects, and export finished footage to the required destination. Leia mais sobre o Adobe Premiere Pro
VideoPad is a video-making and editing software that helps businesses utilize audio tools and transition effects to design videos on a drag-and-drop interface. It offers a green screen video editing feature, which allows creators to overlay multiple images or clips and apply custom backgrounds to combine them. Leia mais sobre o VideoPad
DaVinci Resolve is a video editing software that helps editors, colorists, and VFX artists collaborate on post-production processes, such as 8K editing, color correction, and audio editing. The source tape tool lets staff members review, select, and add shots from multiple clips into a single tape. Leia mais sobre o DaVinci Resolve
O Spott é uma solução de marketing de conteúdo que permite que as equipes de marketing tornem o conteúdo interativo, adicionando links para compras e documentos PDF a imagens e vídeos para mostrar as mais recentes promoções de produtos. Leia mais sobre o Spott
Designed to help enterprises grow, and boost productivity across various departments, StoryXpress powers some of the biggest brands in the world, including Target, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, Hanes, and Unilever. Leia mais sobre o StoryXpress
PowerDirector is a video editing tool designed to help professionals cut, edit, refine, publish and share videos. Artists can layer, blend and shape to create artistic scenes, add text or graphics to footage and use a drag-and-drop interface to adjust transitions. Leia mais sobre o PowerDirector
Crie e edite vídeos facilmente sem ser um especialista usando uma biblioteca de milhões de imagens, animações, sons, músicas, vozes e filmagens em combinação com sua própria mídia. Adicione efeitos de animação ou transição, acelere ou reduza a velocidade de vídeo ou áudio, corte vídeos, remova o fundo, adicione legendas. Leia mais sobre o Moovly
Shotcut is an open-source video editing software designed to help creative professionals edit audio and video files using various built-in tools and functionalities across macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Organizations can cut, copy and paste elements and detach audio from video clips. Leia mais sobre o Shotcut
Wipster is a cloud-based digital asset management tool which helps content teams create and collaborate on video projects. Wipster supports all media types and manages feedback cycles enabling stakeholders to review, comment, analyze and approve files in a streamlined manner. Leia mais sobre o Wipster
ACDSee Pro provides a comprehensive portfolio of products from photo editing, video editing to digital asset management (DAM). From hobbyists to professional photographers, video editors, and graphic designers, the platform ensures users manage, enhance, and share media files and projects. Leia mais sobre o ACDSee Pro
Final Cut Pro is a video editing software, which enables businesses and professionals to create and distribute video content. It includes powerful postproduction tools, multicam editing, data import capabilities, and interactive motion graphics. Leia mais sobre o Final Cut Pro
Lightworks is an on-premise video editing software, which helps businesses create and deliver video content across different platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube. Leia mais sobre o Lightworks
Vimeo Livestream is a video management tool designed for universities, agencies, governments and corporates that helps users with multi-destination streaming, audio sourcing, graphics previewing, source switching, and more. Leia mais sobre o Vimeo Livestream
O Kaltura oferece uma plataforma de vídeo online de código aberto. Use a plataforma flexível do Kaltura para aprimorar sites, serviços da internet e plataformas da internet com funcionalidades avançadas de vídeo, foto e áudio personalizadas. Leia mais sobre o Kaltura Video Platform
O PlayPlay é um criador de vídeos online desenvolvido para marketing e comunicação. Ele pode ser usado por equipes de mídias sociais, comunicações internas, recursos humanos e marketing para criar conteúdo de vídeo personalizado utilizando ferramentas como um editor de arrastar e soltar e modelos de vídeo personalizáveis. Leia mais sobre o PlayPlay
Screenflow by Telestream is a screen recording and video editing platform. Designed for educators, product developers, marketing teams, vloggers, gamers, and more, it allows users to share videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites. Screenflow is compatible with Mac and iOS devices. Leia mais sobre o ScreenFlow
HitFilm Express is an on-premise video editing solution designed for novice as well as professional video content creators such as directors, video editors, gamers, YouTubers, and filmmakers. The software includes modules such as VFX effects, audio hard limiter effects, particle simulator, and more. Leia mais sobre o HitFilm Express
VideoProc is a video processing solution designed to help businesses edit, convert, or resize videos and add audio files. The application lets employees streamline video transcoding activities and optimize the file size as well as output quality of videos. Leia mais sobre o VideoProc Converter
MAGIX Video Pro X is a video editing software designed to help businesses produce videos using various built-in tools. Content creators can trim audio for documentaries or interviews and close gaps between timelines within a video. Leia mais sobre o MAGIX Video Pro X
Red Giant Complete is a video making and editing software that helps filmmakers and motion designers create 3D animations, add lens distortion effects, manage color corrections, create shadows, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to track and maintain an editing history. Leia mais sobre o Red Giant Complete
Nuke is an application suite of video editing tools, which helps businesses and creative studios manage and create video content including movies, short films, or series using 3D tracking, graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration, and model building, among other capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Nuke
Filmage Screen is a professional and user-friendly video software, which enables you to capture screens, record audio, edit and convert videos, GIF maker, play and share any formats of video files, and more. Leia mais sobre o Filmage Screen
Contus VPlayed is a self hosted video on demand solution aimed to help video creators, television channels, broadcasters & media houses to build their own VOD platform. Leia mais sobre o Contus VPlayed
With Flaneer create your virtual desktop in 1 click. Run any software on it, even the most ressource intensive ones. Leia mais sobre o Flaneer
Ivory is a SaaS video platform designed as a toolbox to create interactive videos. The dashboard provides insights into the viewers and their click behavior. Playback can be achieved via the HTML5 Ivoryplayer in a browser and on Android or iOS mobile devices. The package integrates with many applications, such as Analytics, Slack and Zendesk. Leia mais sobre o Ivory
Filmage Editor is a professional but easy-to-learn video editing app with the efficient editing tools and drag-and-drop effects that help you make viral videos quickly. Leia mais sobre o Filmage Editor

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