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Viddyoze is a video making software designed to help businesses create and edit videos using custom templates and add watermarks. It enables video editors to design call to action (CTA) overlays and floating animations, share videos with clients, engage with target audiences, and render animations in multiple formats. Leia mais sobre o Viddyoze
Mindstamp lets video content creators edit videos to add interactivity of any type, including branching, chapters, buttons, hotspots, images, questions and multi-media. Personalize video marketing, drive viewer action and engagement, capture leads and enhance training. Leia mais sobre o Mindstamp
VideoStudio is a video editing software designed to help businesses capture, edit, and share videos in various formats. Key features include multi-camera editing, video masking, drag-and-drop overlays, color grading, motion tracking, time remapping, and subtitle editing. Leia mais sobre o VideoStudio
Screenflow by Telestream is a screen recording and video editing platform. Designed for educators, product developers, marketing teams, vloggers, gamers, and more, it allows users to share videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites. Screenflow is compatible with Mac and iOS devices. Leia mais sobre o ScreenFlow
O PlayPlay é um criador de vídeos online desenvolvido para marketing e comunicação. Ele pode ser usado por equipes de mídias sociais, comunicações internas, recursos humanos e marketing para criar conteúdo de vídeo personalizado utilizando ferramentas como um editor de arrastar e soltar e modelos de vídeo personalizáveis. Leia mais sobre o PlayPlay
LumaOne is a cloud-based software that helps businesses create and publish interactive videos to streamline learning management and training processes. Supervisors can use the built-in content creation tool to add various elements in videos, including multiple-choice questions (MCQs), hotspot activities, surveys, and other scenarios. Leia mais sobre o LumaOne
Storykit is a cloud-based video making and video editing software for companies of all sizes. Leia mais sobre o Storykit
HitFilm is an on-premise video editing solution designed for the novice as well as professional video content creators such as directors, video editors, gamers, YouTubers, and filmmakers. The software includes modules such as VFX effects, audio hard limiter effects, particle simulator, and more. Leia mais sobre o FXhome
Kannelle is the solution for creating professional videos. In less than 15 minutes and without video knowledge, everyone in the company can create video content for training or communication. The Kannelle app takes care of the 3 key steps: the storyboard, the shooting and the smart editing. Leia mais sobre o Kannelle
VideoProc is a video processing solution designed to help businesses edit, convert, or resize videos and add audio files. The application lets employees streamline video transcoding activities and optimize the file size as well as output quality of videos. Leia mais sobre o VideoProc Converter
Design Huddle is a white-labeled, embeddable video and graphic design platform that allows brands and agencies to provide their users with customizable templates for digital, print, video, and presentation projects and an easy-to-use editor, all within a single platform. Leia mais sobre o Design Huddle
Enterprise Video Suite is a professional live streaming platform. Users can host, edit & share videos and have a video library with CorporateTube. This is the Enterprise Video Suite from movingimage. Leia mais sobre o Enterprise Video Suite
Shotstack is a platform for creating video applications. Use the video editing API to quickly build media centric apps and workflows that help businesses scale any video automation goals. Leia mais sobre o Shotstack
Harness your video library with the Anyclip Platform. Anyclip combines AI and video to make video assets more valuable, automatically. With our unique ability to extract and leverage video data, AnyClip offers the next generation video management system - streamlined, centralized and automated. Leia mais sobre o AnyClip
Video editing software designed to help businesses produce videos using various built-in tools. Content creators can trim audio for documentaries or interviews and close gaps between timelines within a video. Leia mais sobre o MAGIX Video Pro X
Solução de edição de vídeo que permite que as equipes de criação de conteúdo ao vivo editem e distribuam vídeos, analisem e visualizem seu público. Tudo na nuvem. Leia mais sobre o Contentflow
BgRem is video and photo editing tool to automatically remove backgrounds from photos/videos. Remove the background, edit, and get your result. Leia mais sobre o BgRem
Pirsonal is a video marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with customers using personalized videos, landing pages, and calls to action (CTAs). Leia mais sobre o Pirsonal
Bandicut is a video editing platform designed to help professionals cut, trim, split, and merge videos according to requirements. The system supports various video formats such as AVI, TS, WMV, VOB, MPEG, MOV, MKV, MP4, and more. Leia mais sobre o Bandicut
VivaVideo is a mobile video editing app that allows users to style, personalize, and publish videos right from their fingertips. Leia mais sobre o VivaVideo
Discover thousands of free music videos shared by our talented community. The catalog with 1.5 million videos and images is licensed for commercial use and published under Pixabay's copyright-free license. Leia mais sobre o Pixabay
GOM Mix Pro is a video editing software that helps businesses edit, produce, and upload videos on YouTube. The platform enables managers to combine clips with files and add texts or images into the moving footage. Leia mais sobre o GOM Mix Pro
A Flaneer fornece estações de trabalho na nuvem para estúdios de edição de vídeo. É uma ferramenta para os estúdios remotos gerenciarem configurações de hardware e TI. O protocolo de streaming da Flaneer possibilita uma experiência de baixa latência e alta qualidade de imagem. Leia mais sobre o Flaneer
Headliner is a web-based video editor with an app for Android and iOS, primarily aimed at creators and marketers of blogs, podcasts, and radio shows of various kinds. However, it can also be used for social media marketing purposes on websites. Leia mais sobre o Headliner
Nuke is an application suite of video editing tools, which helps businesses and creative studios manage and create video content including movies, short films, or series using 3D tracking, graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration, and model building, among other capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Nuke
Red Giant Complete is a video making and editing software that helps filmmakers and motion designers create 3D animations, add lens distortion effects, manage color corrections, create shadows, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to track and maintain an editing history. Leia mais sobre o Red Giant Complete
Qiwio is a video hosting platform designed to help sales and marketing teams generate inbound leads, manage sales, and create customer journey maps. It enables businesses to upload and manage video assets and share them across various social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Leia mais sobre o Qiwio
Facetune Video by Lightricks is a video editing app designed specifically for selfie videos. Leia mais sobre o Facetune Video
Grabyo is a cloud-based video platform for live production and editing. This software enables broadcast-quality video, without the complexity, high costs, and environmental impact of hardware and software. Leia mais sobre o Grabyo
The Hyperhuman Content Studio app is the gateway to seamless content production and publishing. It offers the most streamlined path for creating and delivering fitness video content on any channel and format through the power of AI. Leia mais sobre o Hyperhuman
Interial is a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence tool to enhance videos. Interial improves video quality by increasing the frame rate which results in smoother video playback. Leia mais sobre o Interial
MiniTool MovieMaker is a video editing software for Windows for users to create movies or trailers with no design experience by importing files and adding titles, effects and transitions. Leia mais sobre o MiniTool MovieMaker
Edit video for free in your web browser, from anywhere. Share the edit with real-time collaboration, and publish to YouTube from the same platform. It's the easiest way to edit video with a remote team. Leia mais sobre o axledit
Wildmoka is a video editing software designed to help users capture, edit, and share custom videos, live streams, and reels. The platform lets organizations create short video clips like match summaries, best of players, and news highlights by cropping live television feeds. Leia mais sobre o Wildmoka
Filmage Screen is a professional and user-friendly video software, which enables you to capture screens, record audio, edit and convert videos, GIF maker, play and share any formats of video files, and more. Leia mais sobre o Filmage Screen
WowTo is a cloud-based platform, which helps small and midsize businesses in education, technology, and other sectors streamline video making via artificial intelligence (AI), multi-language subtitles, screen recording, automatic translations, and more. Leia mais sobre o WowTo
Trainn is a Customer Education platform for SaaS companies of all sizes to onboard and train customers using product videos, how-to videos, feature walkthroughs, and a dedicated customer training Academy. Leia mais sobre o Trainn
Contus VPlayed is a self hosted video on demand solution aimed to help video creators, television channels, broadcasters & media houses to build their own VOD platform. Leia mais sobre o Contus VPlayed
Maker is a video editing solution that helps businesses utilize pre-designed templates to create marketing videos optimized for blogs, websites, and social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It lets professionals upload custom logos, audio, video, and images to design personalized content. Leia mais sobre o Maker
Yuzzit Pro est un logiciel SAAS qui vous aide à créer des contenus courts à partir de flux live ou de vidéo importée. Notre outil dispose d'un media asset managment et de fonctionnalités de publication. Collaborez et télétravaillez plus facilement avec Yuzzit Pro. Leia mais sobre o YuzzitPro
Tool to cut live videos (live clipping), distribute to social networks and store videos in the cloud with smart search. Leia mais sobre o Crabber
Streamable is a video editing and sharing tool that allows users to stream customized videos in 4K and embed them directly through the platform. Users can upload videos in any format and resize them to specifications including square, vertical and landscape formats. Additionally, the systems' audio editing functionality allows users to mute, clip,... Leia mais sobre o Streamable
Blackbird is a cloud-based video editing software that helps businesses create clips, manage complications, add voiceovers, generate frame-accurate video navigation, and more on a centralized platform. It lets staff members create real-time video or audio transitions, manage channel layovers, add internationally compliant subtitles, handle color... Leia mais sobre o Blackbird
Ivory is a SaaS video platform designed as a toolbox to create interactive videos. The dashboard provides insights into the viewers and their click behavior. Playback can be achieved via the HTML5 Ivoryplayer in a browser and on Android or iOS mobile devices. The package integrates with many applications, such as Analytics, Slack and Zendesk. Leia mais sobre o Ivory
Filmage Editor is a professional but easy-to-learn video editing app with the efficient editing tools and drag-and-drop effects that help you make viral videos quickly. Leia mais sobre o Filmage Editor
SIMPLYMOTION is a video editing platform that helps freelancers and businesses create and organize marketing videos on their phones. The appropriate corporate design is automatically integrated into all videos once the company colors and logo have been stored. Leia mais sobre o SIMPLYMOTION
Write-on Video is the first tool that incorporates video production planning and video editing. Leia mais sobre o Write-on Video
HitPaw Video Converter allows users to convert videos into any format in order to use them on any kind of device and download videos from various websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Leia mais sobre o HitPaw Video Converter
EoleEdit is a user-friendly and intuitive online video editing solution that brings together on its interface all the essential features for video editing. Videos can be created in any format and published on social networks. Leia mais sobre o Eole Edit
Create branded, short-form videos from anywhere with Capsule Studio, the intuitive video editing solution for teams. Capsule’s browser-based tools empower every team to produce share-worthy videos. With built-in video capture, prebuilt templates, and easy editing, you can do it all in minutes. Leia mais sobre o Capsule

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