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Dentrix is a comprehensive practice management solution that equips dental practices with robust clinical, business, and front office tools as well as smart image technology to help businesses save time on manual data entry, improve patient care and grow any practice. Leia mais sobre o Dentrix
A Curve Dental é a fornecedora líder de software de gestão de consultórios baseado na nuvem para dentistas modernos. Leia mais sobre o Curve Dental
Dentrix Ascend by Henry Schein One is a cloud-based dental practice management software offering users business, front office, and clinical tools Leia mais sobre o Dentrix Ascend
Solutionreach is a patient engagement platform designed for healthcare practices of all sizes, including primary care, multi-unit operations, and specialty practices. With this solution, healthcare teams can access a comprehensive set of capabilities including website management, online scheduling, reputation management, follow-up surveys, patient... Leia mais sobre o Solutionreach
Restorative charting to quickly mark current conditions and treatment plan. Perio charting - BPE as well as detailed charting. Leia mais sobre o BestoSys
Eaglesoft is a dental practice management solution that helps clinics assists with medical charting, patient scheduling, and insurance claims processing. Features include performance metrics, reporting, billing statement creation, appointment queue management, and patient arrival tracking. Leia mais sobre o Eaglesoft
Dentrix Enterprise is a web-based solution that allows organizations like large dental groups, DSOs, community health centers, and government organizations effectively run dental practices. Leia mais sobre o Dentrix Enterprise
Grow and scale your Dental practice with a Denticon all-in-one, cloud-based practice management solution. Centralized data with secure access anywhere, anytime. Leia mais sobre o Denticon
ABELDent is a dental practice management software that helps dentistry professionals manage appointments, claims, and documents, among other processes. Staff members can create a patient database with personal information, insurance details, clinical treatment history, and other related documents Leia mais sobre o ABELDent
iDentalSoft is a cloud-based dental practice management software solution for single or multiple practices, boasting scheduling, imaging, HR and ePayment tools Leia mais sobre o iDentalSoft
Adit’s cloud-based platform has 15+ tools designed to help dentists centralize everything their practice needs to run. Give your limited staff the resources they need to be more informed and efficient. Make it easier for patients to book and pay. Collect and analyze patient data in the same place. Leia mais sobre o Adit
O Nimbo é um software de gestão de pacientes baseado na nuvem, desenvolvido para ajudar as organizações de saúde a gerenciar a aquisição de pacientes, manter registros médicos e lidar com operações de cobrança. Os recursos incluem análise, nota de consulta, sala de espera virtual, processamento de pagamentos e catálogo de produtos. Leia mais sobre o Nimbo
tab32 is a cloud-based dental EHR & practice management software (PMS) with features for managing scheduling, treatments, charting, images, communication & more Leia mais sobre o tab32
Comprehensive dental practice and clinical management software with detailed patient records, instant insurance eligibility verification, electronic insurance claims and attachments, electronic EOB's, online patient scheduling, a patient portal, and advanced reporting, among other functionalities. Leia mais sobre o XLDent
CloudStack is a cloud-based suite of practice management tools for the dental industry. The suite comprises CS Enterprise, CS Virtual Office, and CS Revenue Cycle Management to meet the varying needs of dental practices and provide features such as scheduling, telehealth, billing, and more. Leia mais sobre o CareStack
AeronaClinic is a cloud based Practice Management solution. No installation required. No lengthy contracts. It costs less than traditional models, it's safe, secure and accessible anywhere with an internet connection. One day, all Practice Management software will be like this. Leia mais sobre o AeronaClinic
O ADSTRA Dental Software (baseado na nuvem e no local) é uma solução de software odontológico integrada, com uma interface intuitiva e fácil de usar e ferramentas para gerenciar todos os aspectos do atendimento ao paciente. Leia mais sobre o ADSTRA Dental Software
Dovetail is more than just great dental practice software. Dovetail provides dentists with a whole new way of working. Patent-pending Intuitive Treatment Plan. Drag and drop appointments, Automated appointment confirmation, Check-in, Personal information, Medical history Charting and Odontogram, Imaging, E-prescriptions, One-click treatment... Leia mais sobre o Dovetail
Novadontics offers web-based dental billing and practice management solution used by dental practitioners across the United States. The system suits small practices and DSOs. Leia mais sobre o Novadontics
We're the best all-in-one, cloud-based, clinic management platform for growing, ambitious clinics. Leia mais sobre o Clinicea
Akitu One is a modern and advanced cloud-based dental practice management software serving hundreds of practices in North America. Features include Teeth Charting, Facial Charting, Instant Messaging, Online Forms, e-Claims, Automated Accounts Receivable, Appointment Scheduling and more. Leia mais sobre o Akitu One
Welcome to businesstry―perfecting the business of dentistry. Leia mais sobre o Sensei Cloud
QSIDental Web provides access to information you need to increase revenue, decrease costs and maximize efficiency. Taking advantage of cloud-based technology, QSIDental Web provides the "anytime, anywhere" connectivity to efficiently manage a group practice. Leia mais sobre o QSIDental Web
XLDent clinical charting includes restorative and periodontal charts, automated progress notes, paperless health history forms and updates, treatment planning with interactive case presentation, integrated digital imaging, a doctor portal, mobile app, and more. Leia mais sobre o XLChart
BrightPlans is designed for any dentists and dental surgeries. It helps users who issue their treatment plans on paper and want a modern and digital solution. It can be used by professionals who are using dental software, but it takes a long time to prepare a treatment plan and they want to create plans much faster or the treatment plan is often... Leia mais sobre o BrightPlans

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