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O é uma ferramenta de ações preventivas e corretivas (CAPA na sigla em inglês) totalmente personalizável que funciona em todos os dispositivos, tanto online quanto offline. Realize diferentes inspeções e verificações em qualquer lugar, forneça informações adicionais com fotos e anexos e atribua CAPAs às pessoas certas. Faça um teste... Leia mais sobre o
O Quentic ajuda você a analisar causas e ações preventivas (CAPA na sigla em inglês) derivadas. Comece hoje mesmo uma avaliação gratuita de 14 dias. Leia mais sobre o Quentic
O Emex EHS & ESG Software é uma plataforma intuitiva que automatiza e simplifica a gestão de riscos operacionais e processos de conformidade. Leia mais sobre o Emex EHS & ESG Software
QIMAone is a corrective and preventive action management software specialized in consumer goods for brands and manufacturers. Helping buyers connect with their suppliers to monitor and improve product quality, increase supply chain visibility, and reduce operational inefficiencies. Leia mais sobre o QIMAone
STRATWs ONE is a cloud-based strategic management software designed to help businesses track and measure organizational performance according to defined goals and objectives. Managers can monitor employees’ performance through analytical reports and consolidate data from different sources to facilitate decision-making processes. Leia mais sobre o STRATWs ONE
MasterControl's suite of software helps companies handle their corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) in an efficient way. This is an essential part of remaining compliant with regulations. Leia mais sobre o MasterControl Quality Excellence
Cority offers enterprise level companies a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability , occupational health, safety and quality. Leia mais sobre o Cority
#1 CAPA Corrective and Preventative Action Simple for workers to use and managers to customize on any device. Fast and easy to access, enter and report audit data in real time. A platform with end-to-end functionality. Use out-of-the-box templates or build your own to match requirements. Try now. Leia mais sobre o Donesafe
O Dashpivot é uma solução flexível de entrega e gestão de projetos que permite que empresas de construção, petróleo e gás, mineração e de outros setores melhorem a forma como trabalham e entregam projetos. O Dashpivot organiza e automatiza o movimento dos dados do site e os exibe em fluxos de trabalho e análises. Leia mais sobre o Dashpivot
Greenlight Guru helps medical device businesses create, launch, and manage custom workflow templates to streamline operations across multiple departments and teams. Users can automate quality procedures by integrating compliance and risk management guidelines into design and development processes. Leia mais sobre o Greenlight Guru
Empower your entire workforce with highly intuitive EHS software tools, to promote behavioural change and, build a strong safety culture. Leia mais sobre o EcoOnline Platform
Q-Pulse is a quality, safety, and risk management system offering tools for audit management, document control incident management, corrective actions, and more Leia mais sobre o Q-Pulse
Qualtrax is a cloud-based compliance management platform which allows businesses to manage accreditations, documents, processes, employee training and testing. The software is designed for forensic labs, testing labs, medical examiners, manufacturers, utilities companies, and more. Leia mais sobre o Qualtrax
Robust QMS software suite and platform offering extreme configurability. Meet FDA compliance and ISO standards, drive operational excellence, and enhance business productivity. Leia mais sobre o Intellect
Automate your Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) processes with an easy-to-use web-based CAPA system. The CAPA Module in QT9™ QMS makes it simple to keep track of corrective actions and synchronize records with anyone, anywhere. Full root cause analysis is included. Start a Free 30-Day Trial. Leia mais sobre o QT9 QMS
Streamline your CAPA effectively. The purpose of a CAPA process is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on business operations. WorkClout ensures that the agreed levels of service quality are maintained. Leia mais sobre o WorkClout
DevonWay is a Quality, Work, & Safety management software tailored to exact requirements to achieve compliance, continuous improvement & safe work environments Leia mais sobre o DevonWay
Trying to get FDA approved? ISO Certified? Qualio is a Quality Management System (QMS) that helps Quality Managers at life sciences companies get products to market faster, and achieve 100% FDA/ISO/GxP compliance in audits. Qualio automates the painful paperwork and processes required by regulator Leia mais sobre o Qualio is a web-based form automation solution that enables the creation of customized forms, form deployment, and management of data collected in the forms Leia mais sobre o FORM OpX
The new VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform provides comprehensive EHS management software tailored to your business requirements, including risk analysis, incident management, corrective action, compliance management, ergonomics, and more. Leia mais sobre o VelocityEHS
No matter where an issue arises, AssurX’s CAPA software can isolate it and assist you in swiftly managing its resolution. With our CAPA software, you can enhance your action planning with live data, metrics and integrated analytics. Track CAPA projects in real-time and control workflow and costs. Leia mais sobre o AssurX
Alcumus eCompliance Safety Software is a cloud-based safety & compliance management solution that empowers your front-line workforce and creates a better workplace that keeps your people safe, reduces risk, and simplifies your process. Leia mais sobre o Alcumus eCompliance
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Leia mais sobre o EHS Insight
TrackWise quality management provides a centralized system for managing, tracking, and reporting issues and actions while reducing risk and managing compliance Leia mais sobre o TrackWise
Industry Safe is a web-based safety management software that enables enterprises to comply with regulations and track incidents, corrective actions, and more. Leia mais sobre o Vector EHS Management
ZenQMS is a cloud-based solution that assists businesses with quality management, employee training, and regulatory compliance. Key features include document management, change control, issue tracking, auditing, data export, notifications, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o ZenQMS
RizePoint’s quality management software helps you proactively manage your quality and supplier programs. We’ve been working with companies across the globe for over 20 years to help them collect and analyze data to create meaningful reports, spots trends, and improve processes with the ultimate goal Leia mais sobre o RizePoint
SafetySkills is a competency-based online safety training and learning management solution designed for use across a range of industries including food services, hospitality, construction, pharmaceuticals & laboratory, oil & gas safety, general industry, defense & homeland security, and more. Leia mais sobre o SafetySkills
iReportSource is a cloud-based safety management software which provides companies with a comprehensive digital workflow to enable paperless operation. The platform offers tools for incident & injury reporting, audit tracking, safety training & qualifications tracking, OSHA compliance, and more. Leia mais sobre o iReportSource
SafetyNet employs artificial intelligence & predictive analytics to keep workplaces ahead of disaster by recording data from on-site observations & inspections Leia mais sobre o SafetyNet
Safety Champion is Australian-made work safety or EHS management software that streamlines your activity into one smart, cloud-based solution. Safety Champion helps you stay in compliance with government regulations, view real-time data and analytics, and uphold a sustainable safety program. Leia mais sobre o Safety Champion
Audit Prodigy is a suite of audit, compliance, and risk management solutions for audit professionals, which offers products for resource optimization, compliance management, issue management, task and project planning, certifications and surveys, document management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Audit Prodigy
O Dot Compliance é uma plataforma que ajuda as empresas de ciências da vida a gerenciar processos de qualidade pré ou pós-mercado, incluindo CAPA, controle de alterações, treinamento, controle de documentos, registros de lotes e muito mais. Os recursos incluem fluxos de trabalho, painéis de conformidade, integração de big data, inteligência... Leia mais sobre o Dot Compliance
Designed for manufacturing organizations of all sizes, Weever Forms drives visibility and employee engagement to deliver the Operational Excellence goals of Zero Safety Incidents, Zero Quality Defects, Zero Maintenance Breakdowns and Zero Continuous Improvement Waste. Leia mais sobre o Weever
Momentum QMS is an EHS solution designed to help manufacturing, mining, & aviation sectors maintain the quality standards of their products/services, & ensure regulatory compliance. Users can also identify skill requirements, create courses & conduct training sessions for employees. Leia mais sobre o Momentum QMS
Auditrunner is a customizable and low-code process automation platform that helps businesses in banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, and other sectors interconnect systems to perform audits, risk analysis, compliance checks, and quality processes across applications. Leia mais sobre o Auditrunner
AppQual is a web quality and QHSE management software. It allows you to manage all your audits, action plans, non-conformities, claims Leia mais sobre o AppQual
TIPQA is an integrated QMS solution used by industry leaders who want to increase manufacturing efficiencies, and maintain compliance of their highly regulated, quality products. Leia mais sobre o TIPQA
BasicSafe supports workplaces with managing compliance documentation and safety training, identify and track incidents, schedule audits, store permits and more Leia mais sobre o BasicSafe
Web-based Business Process Management System (BPM) that will assist your organization in automating your business processes. Leia mais sobre o BPI System
Corrective action management, CA reports, 8d reporting, Issue recording, FRACA, Investigation management Leia mais sobre o CAPA Manager
SafetyChain is the #1 Plant Management Platform that improves yield, maximizes productivity, and ensures compliance for process manufacturers. Trusted by over 1,500 facilities, SafetyChain is the only enterprise solution uniting production, quality, safety, and supplier management. Leia mais sobre o SafetyChain
The SBS Quality Management Software suite is a simple and inexpensive solution to your QMS compliance issues. The suite consists of 5 modules that dramatically improve the efficiency and efficacy of your QMS. Leia mais sobre o SBS Quality Database
Positive Corrective Action (PCA) is a compliance management software that helps businesses manage process workflows, policy integration, approval routing & more. Administrators can configure workflows to automatically route and timestamp documents according to specific organizational requirements. Leia mais sobre o Positive Corrective Action
O ZEBSOFT é um software de gestão de GRC desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a encaminhar e gerenciar incidentes, não conformidades e riscos organizacionais em tempo real. As equipes podem alinhar as estratégias de gestão de riscos aos objetivos de negócios e validar pontos de dados sobre ameaças. Leia mais sobre o ZEBSOFT
QVALON is a cloud-based in-store audit and task management software designed to help businesses across retail, restaurants, banks, and various other sectors conduct inspections, monitor issues, and manage staff members. Leia mais sobre o QVALON
O mais completo sistema para Planejamento Estratégico (BSC e OKR) e Financeiro Leia mais sobre o Scoreplan
O AdaptiveGRC é diferente porque foi projetado e construído como um conjunto de produtos unificados e integrados de governança, gerenciamento de riscos e conformidade. O software possui uma interface de aplicativo comum e fácil de usar, além de uma estrutura de dados, o que permite que seja muito ágil. Leia mais sobre o AdaptiveGRC
E-Data Now! is designed for executing audits and resolving issues from the manufacturing floor and field environment, tackling a variety of audit types like layer process audits, compliance audits, customer complaint investigations, factory audits, PPAP validation, 5S, material certifications & more Leia mais sobre o E-Data Now Audit Software
ProFicient is a quality management and statistical process control (SPC) software designed to help businesses across automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and electronics manufacturing segments monitor and analyze production and identify problems in real-time. Leia mais sobre o ProFicient

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