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O Crises Control ajuda as organizações a manter as linhas de comunicação abertas, facilitando o envio de notificações para qualquer número de pessoas e ao mesmo tempo, permitindo uma resposta imediata e individual com uma trilha de auditoria automática. Leia mais sobre o Crises Control
O Dataminr é uma solução de detecção de incidentes que ajuda as empresas a analisar e atenuar riscos e eventos globais de alto impacto. Utiliza a tecnologia de inteligência artificial para processar dados em vários formatos, como texto, imagens, vídeos, áudio e dados públicos de sensores de IoT. Leia mais sobre o Dataminr
Alertas, notificações e serviço de gerenciamento de incidentes para equipes de desenvolvimento e operações integrados a ferramentas de supervisão e notificações por push. Leia mais sobre o OpsGenie
EZ Texting delivers the smartest, fastest, easiest, and most reliable ways to connect with your mobile audience. Leia mais sobre o EZ Texting
Automate mass emergency notifications and headcount reports to security and management. iLobby adds an extra level of security with real-time data and unauthorized visitor alerts. From data security to physical security, iLobby is trusted in high-traffic facilities such as airports and banks. Leia mais sobre o iLobby
O ePACT é uma rede de emergência online que ajuda organizações comunitárias, como departamentos de parques e recreação, YMCAs, associações esportivas, escolas e acampamentos, a transferir informações previamente coletadas em formulários médicos, dispensas e consentimentos em papel para um sistema seguro baseado na nuvem e compatível com a HIPAA. Leia mais sobre o ePACT
CallingPost is a communication platform that helps organizations such as churches, schools, healthcare, and universities broadcast messages to individuals through phone calls, texts, and emails. Administrators can create contact groups to relay audio or text messages to multiple people at once. Leia mais sobre o CallingPost
Rave Alert is the leading FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system to inform and notify the people you protect and/or care about. Leia mais sobre o Rave Alert
For any important or time-sensitive message, AlertMedia allows you to engage in real-time, two-way interactions with any size audience using our text alert system. Our interface also enables voice, email, app push, social, and unlimited custom channels so that you can easily get the word out fast. Leia mais sobre o AlertMedia
Omnigo Software is an all-in-one security management and incident reporting software for monitoring safety, record keeping and analytics Leia mais sobre o Omnigo
#1 Emergency Alerts Service for HR Professionals. Upload your subscribers, manage groups, & send messages in seconds regarding safety updates, inclement weather, intruder alerts, facility notifications, meeting reminders, employee information & more. Online dashboard & mobile app are available. Leia mais sobre o Mobile Text Alerts
A push notification solution for organizations with features for multiple department communication, multi device integration, and more. Leia mais sobre o Regroup Mass Notification
TextMarks is a mass notification software that helps organizations send alerts to individuals, groups or entire subscriber lists as text messages. Designed for schools, non-profit organizations & religious institutes, it lets users schedule and deliver mass alerts at a pre-scheduled date and time. Leia mais sobre o TextMarks
DialMyCalls is a mass notification solution that helps educational institutes, religious organizations, and businesses broadcast text, voice, and email messages to individuals and groups. Administrators can use the text-to-speech technology to create audio messages in multiple voices and languages. Leia mais sobre o DialMyCalls
Text-Em-All is a mass text messaging and automated calling solution that helps organizations reach individuals and contact groups with important messages. Send one message and reach everyone instantly. Leia mais sobre o Text-Em-All
SimplyCast is an all in one marketing suite for organizations worldwide. SimplyCast's software automates email, survey, event, SMS, fax, Twitter and autoresponder marketing in order for businesses to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Leia mais sobre o SimplyCast
RedFlag by PocketStop is a mass notification system for businesses and teams of all sizes, which allows users to trigger notifications across multiple platforms including email, SMS, voice call, and social media, for purposes such as emergency alerts, internal communications, and staffing notices Leia mais sobre o RedFlag
OnSolve One Call Now is a simple critical communications software for businesses to broadcast emergency alerts, send routine notifications and communicate with staff. Leia mais sobre o One Call Now
PARiM is that rare combination where the most innovative product on the market is also the most cost-effective and the easiest to get started with. It is the workforce software for you if you want both the best price-per-user and lightning-fast scheduling, time tracking, payroll and HR data tools. Leia mais sobre o PARiM
Community and workplace notification software to notify residents, visitors, workers so that they may stay aware and plan ahead. Leia mais sobre o Alertable
Foster rich engagement with Whispir's personalized, cost-effective communication software. Leia mais sobre o Whispir
NetSupport Notify offers a high impact, focused and scalable solution to deliver internal one-way alerts and notifications with your Windows, Chromebook, Mac and Linux desktop users or unattended information displays on the move from an Android tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPod or iPhone. Leia mais sobre o NetSupport Notify
TrueDialog is an enterprise-grade SMS texting solution built for big business, made easy for small business. Mass Texting & 2-Way dialog at scale. Extensive features at half the price of competitors. SMS integrations with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Marketo, Hubspot, others. Robust SMS API. Leia mais sobre o TrueDialog
Everbridge Mass Notification is an emergency notification software that helps businesses send text, email or voice messages. It enables users to create incident-specific message templates and publish them across websites, internal communication channels, and social media platforms. Leia mais sobre o Everbridge Mass Notification
InformaCast is a mass notification tool that helps businesses broadcast emergency alerts for incidents such as active shooters, bad weather conditions, and medical incidents. It lets administrators create groups to relay notifications across IP speakers, email, and external communication channels. Leia mais sobre o InformaCast
Orion helps businesses streamline processes related to voice communication, employee onboarding, task mapping, and more. The platform comes with automated notifications, which facilitate communication during emergencies and allow teams to send help alerts. Leia mais sobre o Orion Voice Platform
TextBetter is a telephone marketing solution that helps businesses pair landline numbers with email addresses to send or receive text messages. The software allows managers to schedule customizable automated responses, send appointment reminders, and archive messages on a unified dashboard. Leia mais sobre o TextBetter
Stratics Networks is a web-based customer communication software designed to help businesses across a variety of industry verticals manage polling, non-profit or political voice broadcasting, and IVR surveys. It lets teams record and deploy automated IVR surveys, broadcast prerecorded messages to their lists, create SMS marketing campaigns to... Leia mais sobre o Stratics Networks
When critical systems fail or incidents happen, SIGNL4 bridges the ‘last mile’ to your staff, engineers, IT admins and workers ‘in the field’. It adds real-time mobile alerting to your services, systems and processes in no time. Leia mais sobre o SIGNL4
O SnapComms é uma solução de software de comunicação que permite que as organizações se comuniquem de maneira mais eficaz com os funcionários. Leia mais sobre o SnapComms
A multi-purpose mass notification service providing targeted, personalized & enriched notifications for both emergencies and day to day. Voyent Alert! goes beyond the traditional competitive offerings and gives you the power to include personalized information, maps, visuals and attachments. Leia mais sobre o Voyent Alert!
Omnilert was the first company to establish the emergency notifications system market. It offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, emergency notifications, engagement, and critical event management, as well as the most comprehensive multi-channel emergency communications. Leia mais sobre o Omnilert
Use one interface to deliver Over 10000 Critical Notifications In 1-2 Seconds On Employee Laptops, Desktops And Mobile Devices. Send desktop alerts that block an employee's work until he or she reads it to the end. Leia mais sobre o DeskAlerts
ParentSquare is a cloud-based communication software that helps TK-12 educational institutes connect with parents and the community for emergencies, announcements, classroom communication, volunteer sign-ups, permissions, events, payments, notifications, and more. Leia mais sobre o ParentSquare
Squadcast is an incident management software that helps businesses send alerts, create event tags, and track response activities on a centralized platform. The incident war room enables users to establish communication with emergency responders and facilitate real-time collaboration on incidents. Leia mais sobre o Squadcast
VoiceShot is an auto attendant cloud phone software that helps businesses manage call forwarding, transfer, screening, and reporting on a centralized platform. It enables users to create pre-recorded greetings and automatically deliver all voicemails to linked email addresses in WAV file format. Leia mais sobre o VoiceShot
O SQUEAKS transforma digitalmente quadros de gestão visual e melhora a resolução de problemas na linha de produção, conduzindo informações úteis para uma tela digital interativa em tempo real. Leia mais sobre o SQUEAKS
O Klaxon é um software de gerenciamento de incidentes e comunicações que ajuda as empresas a informar os membros da equipe sobre possíveis desastres, eventos de continuidade das operações, ataques cibernéticos ou outras emergências por meio do MNS. Os funcionários podem gerenciar diretamente as preferências de notificação. Leia mais sobre o Klaxon
Konexus is an emergency notification solution featuring an easy-to-use mobile app with a modern and simple user interface. Konexus allows enterprises or government agencies to securely send alerts from anywhere via mobile app, text message, email, or voice call and communicate two-way in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Konexus
Derdack’s enterprise-class notification software uniquely combines intelligent alert notifications, machine-assisted collaboration and remote incident remediation – enabling an anywhere incident response. Leia mais sobre o DERDACK Enterprise Alert
RemoteComply is a cloud-based incident management software that helps businesses assess, report, and resolve incidents. The RemoteNotify module allows users to send and receive emergency notifications via email, SMS, and pre-recorded audio messages. Leia mais sobre o RemoteComply
Vector LiveSafe Alert is an emergency notification system built to make it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees. Leia mais sobre o Vector LiveSafe
Preparis by Agility Recovery is an all-in-one platform for incident management & mass emergency notifications. The cloud-based portal allows businesses to plan for, respond to, & manage any business disruption or threat including natural disasters, terrorism, cyber attacks, or workplace violence. Leia mais sobre o Preparis
Add your most important landing pages to URL-Monitor and let it warn you about critical changes. Leia mais sobre o URL-Monitor
The Rave Panic Button mobile app instantly communicates emergencies to 9-1-1, on-site personnel and first responders for an integrated and immediate response. Leia mais sobre o Rave Panic Button
BlackBerry AtHoc Suite is an enterprise notifications management, crisis communication and network delivery platform for notifying targeted audiences of time-sensitive information while tracking their status in real time, most notably for the purposes of organizational workforce safety and security Leia mais sobre o AtHoc Suite
AlertFind is a multi-channel, 2-way emergency notification and IT alerting system that helps organizations notify employees immediately and manage incidents ranging from natural disasters to system outages. It includes automatic contact updating, geofencing, multi-language support, and more. Leia mais sobre o AlertFind
Tekmon is a SaaS communications and emergency mass notifications solution that helps businesses communicate across channels such as voice, SMS, email, WhatsApp, and fax. The platform can be used by frontline teams in commercial and industrial environments to aid communications and operations. Leia mais sobre o Tekmon
CrisisGo is a digital safety solution that helps organizations prevent, prepare, and respond to threats and emergencies. It enables stakeholders to send SMS, voice call, in-app, or email emergency alerts to specific individuals or across the entire organization. Leia mais sobre o CrisisGo
iFollow Alerts emergency notification system is software that provides a simple yet effective interface used to send messages to any-size audience, on any device, over any communication channel, all over the world.Our system seamlessly utilizes 2 way streaming video to facilitate pinpoint accuracy. Leia mais sobre o iFollow Alerts

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