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Facilite e gerencie a coleta de comentários, registros e pagamentos online dos participantes dos seus cursos, aulas, workshops, treinamentos e eventos educacionais semelhantes. Gratuito para uso de baixo volume e US$ 0,10 por registro para volumes mais altos. Apenas US$ 1,00 de taxa fixa para pagamentos online processados. Leia mais sobre o Corsizio
Regpack helps organizations onboard, charge and manage registrants and families for online or in-person classes and activities. Leia mais sobre o Regpack
Sawyer Tools is powerful activity and registration software built by and for providers of children's activities. Our elegant, all-in-one interface includes custom activities, online registration, payment processing, & instant communication with parents. Easy for you, even easier for your customers! Leia mais sobre o Sawyer
Permita que os alunos agendem uma consulta gratuita, reservem e paguem serviços e se inscrevam em eventos online, sem interrupção, de qualquer dispositivo. Leia mais sobre o vcita
Mobile-friendly, cloud-based all-in-one software for recurring appointments/classes. Check-in, billing, merchant processing, reporting, payroll and more. Leia mais sobre o Pike13
Signing up for classes has never been easier for your clients! Say goodbye to long lines and choose a simple, intuitive solution. Leia mais sobre o Amilia
Learning Stream is an enterprise class registration management solution supporting education or training programs with custom forms, online payment and reporting Leia mais sobre o Learning Stream
O BookSteam é um aplicativo de agendamento de compromissos on-line baseado em nuvem, completo, fácil de usar, robusto e flexível. Com o BookSteam, seus clientes podem agendar (e gerenciar) compromissos, serviços, aulas e workshops on-line, a qualquer hora do dia ou da noite. Leia mais sobre o BookSteam
O sistema de agendamentos e reservas online do Bookeo ajuda a preencher sua agenda. Aceite reservas e pagamentos online 24 horas por dia diretamente no site e na página do Facebook da empresa. O software de reservas Bookeo ajuda a aumentar a receita com recursos de marketing. Leia mais sobre o Bookeo
Omnify is a one-stop solution that supports classes, appointments, workshops, and much more. Accept payments online while giving your customers a great booking experience on our branded website and widgets. Manage your online and offline classes on a single platform with multiple automations. Leia mais sobre o Omnify
Take online registrations to the next level! A modern all-in-one online registration software with a user friendly registration experience, straightforward administration dashboard and powerful management & marketing tools. Ideal for after school programs, camps and classes. Leia mais sobre o Jumbula
bookingkit is an online reservation and booking tool for leisure activity and tour providers, offering integrated online payments, channel analytics, and more. Leia mais sobre o bookingkit
Destiny One allows colleges and universities to provide a personalized and smooth registration experience to non-traditional learners. Leia mais sobre o Destiny One
ASAP is full-featured and affordable software for online registration and management, popular with schools, universities, communities, and more. Choose your own set of features, reporting tools and level of customization with no long-term contracts. Trust the company that has been in the industry for 30 years. Leia mais sobre o ASAP
Simple admin & booking system for independent instructors, and small studios. Leia mais sobre o Ubindi
CourseStorm is a powerful online class registration and marketing solution perfect for programs offering adult and community education. Leia mais sobre o CourseStorm
GoSignMeUp is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline registration processes related to professional development courses. It allows administrators to manage courses using a class catalog with multiple list or search options, customizable branding and calendar views. Leia mais sobre o GoSignMeUp
ProClass is an online dashboard-based solution for class and events organizers, with features spanning registration, membership management, scheduling and more Leia mais sobre o ProClass
Moment is a cloud-based classroom management tool that helps kindergartens, summer camps and schools with parent communication and registrations. Administrators can use its online signup feature for discounts, invoicing, installments, refunds and financial reporting. Leia mais sobre o Moment
We help Sports and Leisure businesses streamline their communications with Email, SMS, Automations, Waivers and Booking Leia mais sobre o Activity Messenger
Educational organizations can use Enrolmy to gather enrollment data from parents. This is a cloud-based tool that simplifies program planning, booking, invoicing, as well as customer communication. Features include data management, online payments, and customizable online registration forms. Leia mais sobre o Enrolmy
Enrollsy® lets you effortlessly solve enrollment problems. No more paper, spreadsheets, silos, or manual billing and payments. Leia mais sobre o Enrollsy
Enrollware is a cloud-based class management software designed to help American Heart Association training centers and healthcare, corporate, and workforce training organizations streamline class registration, scheduling, payment processing, and other operations. The platform enables training institutions to create registration forms with custom... Leia mais sobre o Enrollware
ClassBiz helps educational institutions manage classes, payments, billing, skills tracking, communication, point of sale (POS), and more. Users can enrol new students, modify schedules, plan daily or weekly classes, and track progress by linking them to terms, semester, or staff members. Leia mais sobre o ClassBiz
Online registration and payments, class management and website hosting for organizations offering arts programs, classes or lessons Leia mais sobre o Main Street Sites
Powerful class registration with no limitation on overlapping semesters, drop-in registrations, variable days for workshops and now virtual classes and pay per view virtual classes. Each class allows studio fees, supplies and membership for discount pricing in one shopping cart. Leia mais sobre o Art Center Canvas
Enrole is a course and student registration management software designed to help businesses maintain student enrollments, clients, online payments, eCommerce processes, and more. Administrators can track enrollments and financial data to make instant data-driven decisions. Leia mais sobre o Enrole
AEC Academia is a cloud-based learning center management software designed to help educational institutes manage faculty, students, and courses. Features include class scheduling, grants administration, scholarship and payroll management, data import/export, and financial reporting. Leia mais sobre o AEC Academia
EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training. Leia mais sobre o SOFTAULA
BeAKid is designed to help community centers, childcare organizations, and other educational institutions manage online registrations, staff, communications, payments, and more. The platform lets educators schedule learning sessions and design and organize custom forms to capture student details. Leia mais sobre o BeAKid
SimplyAfterschool is an online registration software designed for afterschool classes, clubs, & summer camps, with parent communication, fee collection, & more Leia mais sobre o Popsicle
Enable businesses to remove the administrative burden from course booking & payment and client registration and make your job easier! Leia mais sobre o STEAMS ONLINE
Rezclick is a cloud-based booking system, which assists businesses with managing online registrations for classes and events. Key features include reservation management, payment processing, calendar management, attendee list management, data backup, and predefined templates. Leia mais sobre o RezClick
O ClassApp é um software para que as escolas se comuniquem diretamente com os pais, através de uma canal próprio e privado. Por meio dessa agenda digital, os educadores podem compartilhar comunicados, solicitar autorizações pela plataforma e trocar informações sobre a rotina escolar de cada aluno. Leia mais sobre o ClassApp
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o MNprogram
Captyn is a cloud-based and mobile-friendly registration and scheduling platform for events, classes, camps, and other session-based activities. It offers an easy-to-use interface for participants to complete on-the-go registration and submit payments. Using a personal Captyn account, participants can manage enrollment status, payment methods,... Leia mais sobre o Captyn
Class registration tool that allows businesses such as kids clubs, workshop organisers or fitness instructors, to list classes, manage bookings/ attendee records, and process credit card payment or offline payments (such as childcare vouchers). All on a fully customisable platform. Leia mais sobre o Pembee
For any business that depend on making appointments with clients can use the benefits of TimeCenter Scheduling Software. Event registration for conferences, classes and more lets you set up your events. Set up your scheduler is as simple as choosing your business hours and services and you're done. Leia mais sobre o TimeCenter
Event creation and administration of your own web page. You'll have the ability to create both basic events such as workshops, and fundraisers or more intricate adjudicated competition events. Leia mais sobre o Solarislive Event Manager

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