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Um software de nutrição atualizado para profissionais com um aplicativo móvel para se concentrar no progresso dos clientes. Leia mais sobre o Nutrium
Permita que os clientes reservem consultas, aulas ou pacotes, preencham formulários de admissão, adicionem compromissos ao calendário, recebam notificações de confirmação e lembretes e remarquem, cancelem e paguem as consultas automaticamente, sem complicações. Leia mais sobre o Acuity Scheduling
O My PT Hub é uma plataforma de treinamento pessoal online com a qual os profissionais de fitness podem criar e acompanhar os programas de treinamento e nutrição personalizados para clientes. Leia mais sobre o My PT Hub
O Vagaro é uma solução baseada na Internet para os proprietários de salões e academias de ginástica promoverem seus negócios, gerenciarem funcionários, marcarem horários ou aulas online e se conectarem com os clientes. Leia mais sobre o Vagaro
Sign up for a free trial today to see why more than 100,000 health and wellness practitioners trust SimplePractice to run their business. Leia mais sobre o SimplePractice
O vcita é um aplicativo de gestão empresarial completo criado para pequenas empresas, que ajuda a gerenciar clientes, agendamentos e faturamentos e a administrar a empresa. Leia mais sobre o vcita
Healthie is a practice management and telehealth platform for nutritionists. Designed specifically for practitioners and patients within the health and wellness industry, Healthie offers tools for appointment scheduling, video conferencing, billing, EHR charting, communications, and goal tracking. Leia mais sobre o Healthie
NutriAdmin is the all-in-one nutritionist software that allows you to go paperless in your practice. NutriAdmin takes all of your client's input (e.g. appointments, questionnaires, payments) stores it and organizes it for you, and allows you to generate output such as meal plans, reports efficiently Leia mais sobre o NutriAdmin
For personal trainers who want to grow their business while keeping things simple, there’s nothing better than creating workouts in minutes instead of hours with this revolutionary app from FitBudd. Leia mais sobre o FitBudd
Wylie Business System is a business management system which enables SMBs to manage appointment scheduling, inventory, customer data tracking, and more Leia mais sobre o Wylie
GoReminders is an appointment reminder and SMS scheduling service for businesses of all sizes. The reminders and confirmation tool can be used to schedule text messages & emails to send to clients in order to reduce the number of no-shows and confirm appointments. FREE TRIAL-No credit card required. Leia mais sobre o GoReminders
DietMaster Pro is a cloud-based nutrition analysis solution, which helps dietitians, health centers, medical practitioners and food service businesses to plan meals and generate nutritional reports. Key features include dietary analysis, goal tracking, client data management, and messaging. Leia mais sobre o DietMaster Pro
Nutritics for Healthcare - Analyse diets and create meal plans for both medical care and wellness. Leia mais sobre o Nutritics
The Vianet Health Application is a complement to the management platform for small and medium-sized clinics and offices, offering an extension to a range of products, such as diary, billing, financial, electronic patient records and telemedicine. Leia mais sobre o Saúde Vianet
AgendaPro is an appointment management software designed to help medical, aesthetic and sports centers, salons, spas, barbershops, clinics, and other businesses handle patient records, commissions, expenses, inventory, email marketing campaigns, and more. Leia mais sobre o AgendaPro
Nutrition Maker is an online nutrition system which allows dietitians and nutritionists to create meal plans for clients with recipes, shopping lists & dietary analysis. The platform also offers an online portal to engage & motivate clients, with the ability to review goals, track progress and more. Leia mais sobre o NUTRITION MAKER
Quenza is a telemedicine software designed to help mental health practitioners, therapists, and social workers assign fitness activities to engage clients on a digital platform. Managers can create assessment forms to monitor customer performances on a unified dashboard. Leia mais sobre o Quenza
Foodzilla is a web-based nutrition analysis software designed to help health professionals, dietitians, coaches, trainers, fitness studios, and gymnasiums manage clients, create personalized meal plans or recipes, and collaborate with team members on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Foodzilla
Zoconut is a technology company working exclusively with the Diet and Nutrition Industry, committed to building innovative tech solutions to help in business growth, brand building, and efficiency. They offer highly specialized software, mobile apps, and website modules as a part of the product. Leia mais sobre o Zoconut
TiqDiet is a software for nutritionists, dieticians and diet coaches which enables them to create personalized nutrition plans, monitor their clients’ results and progress, as well as communicate with them using a range of features. The app can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices. Leia mais sobre o TiqDiet
a la calc is a cloud-based nutritional analysis and label generation solution which allows users to create UK and EU-compliant food labels for their products. The platform offers UK and US nutrient databases, real-time nutritional analysis, RDA and GDA calculations, cost breakdowns, and more. Leia mais sobre o a la calc
Kafoodle connects people with the food they eat by providing an easy-to-use recipe management system with allergen and nutrition information. You can also manage meal planning as well as stock and ordering. If you work in health or care sector, we also offer patient ordering. Leia mais sobre o Kafoodle Kitchen
Simplified Nutrition Online (SNO) is an award-winning cloud-based dietary and nutrition management solution that includes menu planning, HACCP compliance guidance, nutrition value analysis, ordering, and budget control features. SNO offers free training and customer support 24/7! Leia mais sobre o SNO
Nutralysis is a cloud-based practice management software for nutritionists designed for single practitioners up to large practices, which automates nutrition counseling, exam documentation, appointment scheduling, inventory management, point of sale (POS) activity, and more Leia mais sobre o Nutralysis
BettrLife is a nutrition-focused technology platform for dietitians, fitness coaches, nutritionists and other ongoing healthcare providers. The software promotes patient engagement and chronic disease monitoring, and allows providers to track patients' conditions and provide support remotely. Leia mais sobre o BettrLife
PRODI is a software that assists the organization of everyday tasks for nutritionists and therapists in clinics, practices, and pharmacies. Its primary function is to support daily menu planning and calculation and to facilitate the documentation of daily work tasks. Leia mais sobre o PRODI
ZING is the Everyday Hero for business owners. Built and designed as an ERP for SMBs, ZING is the most affordable platform, easy to use, and with extensive features that meet the demands of any booking-based business. Leia mais sobre o Zing
MacroActive software is a dietitian application that helps health and fitness professionals grow their brands, including nutritionists, trainers, coaches, athletes, and more. Key features include membership management, personalized schedules, custom meal plans, workout plans, and mindset plans. Leia mais sobre o MacroActive
8well is a nutrition analysis software for nutritionists, doctors, sports clubs, dieticians, gyms, and more professionals and firms. Key features include goal setting/ tracking, meal planning, dietary analysis, billing & invoicing, client management, and email reminders. Leia mais sobre o 8well

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