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Informar os clientes sobre a presença de alérgenos nos alimentos e os riscos envolvidos é uma responsabilidade importante das empresas de hotelaria, grandes e pequenas. O Apicbase possui ferramentas integradas para facilitar a comunicação de informações nutricionais e sobre alérgenos alimentares. Leia mais sobre o APICBASE Food Management
O My PT Hub é uma plataforma de treinamento pessoal online com a qual os profissionais de fitness podem criar e acompanhar os programas de treinamento e nutrição personalizados para clientes. Leia mais sobre o My PT Hub
NutriAdmin is a client relationship management (CRM) solution for nutritionists, dietitians and therapists, with features spanning Electronic Medical Record management, meal planning, shopping list creation, nutritional analysis, questionnaires, online payment, appointment scheduling, and reporting Leia mais sobre o NutriAdmin
For personal trainers who want to grow their business while keeping things simple, there’s nothing better than creating workouts in minutes instead of hours with this revolutionary app from FitBudd. Leia mais sobre o FitBudd
Save time, boost revenue, and increase member retention to grow your fitness business with this all-in-one platform used by professionals globally. Leia mais sobre o Everfit
DietMaster Pro is a cloud-based nutrition analysis solution, which helps dietitians, health centers, medical practitioners and food service businesses to plan meals and generate nutritional reports. Key features include dietary analysis, goal tracking, client data management, and messaging. Leia mais sobre o DietMaster Pro
The only recipe management system of its kind with food costing, scaling, conversions and yields in one place where you can add docs, photos and videos for collaborating, training and sharing. Start creating and importing recipes for free to see your dishes come to life digitally. Leia mais sobre o meez
Software completo de análise nutricional e uma plataforma que fornece aos profissionais de nutrição ferramentas para gerenciar, avaliar, aconselhar e supervisionar os clientes em menos tempo e com mais sucesso. Leia mais sobre o Nutrium
AZEOO is a French start-up specialized in the creation of personalized sports and wellness coaching mobile applications, allowing sport and wellness professionals and brands to coach and engage communities as well as monetize services. Leia mais sobre o AZEOO
Analyse diets & activity, create meal plans or manage recipes and menus - have the best tools (incl. free mobile app) available to support informed food choices Leia mais sobre o Nutritics
MenuSano is an online nutrition analysis software designed to help restaurants, hospitality, and food services to calculate & analyze the nutritional value of their food, in addition to recipe costing. The platform includes an extensive ingredients database from the US, Canada, and UK databases. Leia mais sobre o MenuSano
Web-based nutritionist software that helps businesses customize meal plans, track customer data, manage dietary restrictions, and more. Leia mais sobre o Natty Gains
Foodzilla is a web-based nutrition analysis software designed to help health professionals, dietitians, coaches, trainers, fitness studios, and gymnasiums manage clients, create personalized meal plans or recipes, and collaborate with team members on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Foodzilla
NutraSoft is a food management software that helps small to midsize businesses in the food & beverage industry calculate nutritional facts and create product labels. The food traceability module uses barcoding technology to maintain production records of raw materials based on multiple categories. Leia mais sobre o NutraSoft
Kafoodle connects people with the food they eat by providing an easy-to-use recipe management system with allergen and nutrition information. You can also manage meal planning as well as stock and ordering. If you work in health or care sector, we also offer patient ordering. Leia mais sobre o Kafoodle
Syndigo is a web-based content management solution designed to help businesses across healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and other industries capture and store product data and digital assets in a centralized repository. It enables suppliers and manufacturers to view product information across multiple sales channels and interact with internal... Leia mais sobre o Syndigo
In just a few clicks, Growzer allows users to place orders and manage food cost as well as register deliveries. More control - more time - clear insights - and a lot of money saved. Growzer simplifies running a business. Leia mais sobre o Growzer
a la calc is a cloud-based nutritional analysis and label generation solution which allows users to create UK and EU-compliant food labels for their products. The platform offers UK and US nutrient databases, real-time nutritional analysis, RDA and GDA calculations, cost breakdowns, and more. Leia mais sobre o a la calc
HawkScanner is a product compliance platform that enables you to easily verify if nutraceutical products and ingredients comply with the guidelines implemented by the FDA. Leia mais sobre o Hawk Scanner
LabelCalc is a nutrition analysis solution designed for US-based food manufacturers to create FDA-approved labels for their product packaging. The web-based platform offers more than 18,000 pre-analyzed ingredients in a USDA ingredients database, label downloads, serving size calculations, and more. Leia mais sobre o LabelCalc
Nutraid is food label software that allows manufacturers to calculate nutritional values & generate compliant nutrition labels for their products. The platform offers a range of features including recipe management, water loss calculation, and agile product development for small & medium businesses. Leia mais sobre o Nutraid
NutriGuide is software designed for Windows operating systems, which supports nutritionists by calculating nutritional values required during their daily work in different areas. The software can also help with the calculation of recipes, menu plans, and the creation of nutrition logs. Leia mais sobre o NutriGuide
MatrixCare MealTracker is a nutrition management software designed to help businesses streamline menu planning based on the dietary requirements of clients and patients. It lets teams receive diet orders, create menus, and check compliance with orders to ensure it complies with PDPM requirements. Leia mais sobre o MatrixCare MealTracker
8well is a nutrition analysis software for nutritionists, doctors, sports clubs, dieticians, gyms, and more professionals and firms. Key features include goal setting/ tracking, meal planning, dietary analysis, billing & invoicing, client management, and email reminders. Leia mais sobre o 8well
iNuba is a nutrition analysis tool that offers nutritional plans and tailored training routines on mobile devices thanks to the latest technology in health and wellness. Leia mais sobre o iNuba
NKA Nutrition offers professional-grade software that provides a high level of expertise in nutrition. NKA Nutrition is a program for dietitians and nutritionists who want to provide their patients with the most personalized approach possible. The software helps patients learn about nutrition and its effects on their bodies, helping them make... Leia mais sobre o NKA

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