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O Checkfront é um sistema de reservas online que permite às empresas lidar com estoques, centralizar reservas e processar pagamentos. O Checkfront gerencia passeios, atividades e aluguéis. O Checkfront oferece plugins para produtos populares de CMS, como Wordpress, Drupal e Joomla! e Movable Type. Leia mais sobre o Checkfront
WaiverForever is an electronic waiver system suitable for small businesses within a variety of industries which enables users to digitally sign waivers, and create custom forms for consents, agreements, registrations, indemnity, and more. Leia mais sobre o WaiverForever
WaiverSign is an online, cloud-based waiver software solution for businesses of all types, enabling users to create custom digital waivers, agreements and release of liability contracts that are sharable to a participant via phone, desktop, computer or on-site kiosk for review, signature and storage Leia mais sobre o WaiverSign
ROLLER’s plug-in waiver module effortlessly converts your traditional paper waivers to a digital format that can be signed during or after the checkout experience. Avoid the paper clutter and have customers sign waivers on any phone, computer or tablet on site or during the ticket purchase process. Leia mais sobre o ROLLER
Wherewolf is a cloud-based digital waiver solution which allows adventure tourism businesses to collect & manage guest data, check guests in online or offline through an iPad app, collect signatures on legally-binding digital waivers, automate guest follow-ups, analyze marketing efforts, and more Leia mais sobre o Wherewolf
We help Sports and Leisure businesses streamline their communications with Email, SMS, Automations, Waivers and Booking Leia mais sobre o Activity Messenger
Electronic, HIPAA-Compliant waiver signing system with event-based organization and robust workflow tools to make collecting and organizing e-waivers fast and easy! Leia mais sobre o WaiverFile
O Smartwaiver é uma solução de isenção de responsabilidade online que permite que os usuários convertam as isenções de responsabilidade em isenções digitais inteligentes com formulários online que podem ser assinados em qualquer lugar, de qualquer dispositivo. Uma vez assinados, os documentos legais e os dados dos participantes são armazenados em... Leia mais sobre o Smartwaiver
Agilysys DataMagine helps businesses manage the scanning, indexing, archiving, storing, and retrieving of online documents. Users can manage various accounts payable processes such as recording purchase data, searching and attaching documents to transactions, and processing invoices. Leia mais sobre o Agilysys DataMagine
Clubspeed is a venue management software designed to help family entertainment centers, escape rooms, golf simulators, and water and trampoline parks. Clubspeed will help to streamline operations, enhance the guest experience, and grow revenue. Leia mais sobre o Clubspeed
SwiftCloud is a cloud-based waiver solution which helps small businesses with electronic signature capture and liability releases. Key features include survey creation, event registration, invoicing, audit trails, signer profile management, reporting, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o SwiftCloud
aWaiver is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses collect customers’ digital signatures on electronic liability waivers using iOS and Android tablets. Managers can add multiple pages or notes in signed waivers and store clients’ signatures in the database for future reference. Leia mais sobre o AWaiver
High Trek POS is a point of sale and booking software designed to help the leisure and hospitality businesses offering activities including trampoline parks, escape rooms, ziplines, laser tag, and more. It provides an integrated digital waiver capability, which lets administrators upload the latest waiver form, receive customers' applications via... Leia mais sobre o High Trek POS
Oracle Textura Payment Management is a construction payment management solution that manages cashflows, billing & invoicing, waiver management, electronic payment processing, construction accounting insights, and more. The system comes with ERP and other accounting integrations to increase financial visibility and accurately create invoices for... Leia mais sobre o Oracle Textura Payment Management
Free LenzVU offers a full-service digital Waiver and Questionnaire solution that is easily customizable to your business needs. Create different waivers and screening questionnaire with ease and manage the data. Leia mais sobre o LenzVU
Party Center Software is a facility management tool designed for FECs and other entertainment venues. Leia mais sobre o Party Center Software

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