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API de colaboração em nuvem móvel incorporável.
O Moxtra é uma ferramenta de colaboração na nuvem incorporável e de várias camadas para comunicação, gerenciamento de conteúdo, compartilhamento de arquivos, agendamento de reuniões e muito mais nas equipes. Leia mais sobre o Moxtra
White-Label Banking Software and Mobile Apps
EBANQ® is a web-based, mobile-ready online banking system for NeoBanks, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) and other financial service providers. We can have your fully branded system online in 24 hours! Leia mais sobre o EBANQ
Digital Banking and Payments Solutions
PayNet offers fully managed and ready to use - Omni Channel Digital Banking and Payment software solutions and APIs Leia mais sobre o PayNet Cloud
Remote banking systems
Kapowai Online Banking is a multifunctional remote banking system which allows users to manage accounts, cards, payments, transfers, and more, all in real-time Leia mais sobre o Kapowai Online Banking
Online & mobile banking solution for financial institutions
eBanking is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate processes for performing financial transactions using mobile banking, financial reporting, and marketing tools. The touch-enabled solution lets users manage bill payments through mobile devices across multiple locations. Leia mais sobre o eBanking
Omni-channel digital banking platform for retail banks
Backbase is a cloud-based solution which assists financial institutions with streamlining processes for digital banking, customer experience, user management, & more. It is designed to help private banks manage account opening, customer onboarding & loans, from a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Backbase
Mobile banking solution for financial institutions
Bankingly is a cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions automate online banking processes via iOS and Android mobile applications. It lets users manage credit card and loan payments across multiple locations. Leia mais sobre o Bankingly
Open banking platform for streamlining cash flows
Trovata is a cloud-based open banking platform designed to help businesses manage, forecast, analyze, & automate cash flows. Pre-integrated with banks, the centralized dashboard lets users track balances, transactions, & positioning of cash across accounts & tag by regions, division, or entity. Leia mais sobre o Trovata
Omnichannel banking & campaign management platform
Omnibanca is an omnichannel banking platform designed to help cooperatives and neo banks manage campaigns and streamline various administrative processes, such as customer experience, payment processing, document management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Omnibanca
Solução de banco móvel baseada na nuvem
O Mobile Money é uma solução de banco móvel baseada na nuvem que ajuda empresas financeiras de pequeno e médio porte a configurar serviços de depósitos em dinheiro, saques, pagamentos online, pagamentos de pessoa para comerciante e muito mais. A plataforma fornece um serviço seguro de carteira por telefone através de operadoras de telefonia... Leia mais sobre o Telepin Mobile Money
Mobile banking software services for banks
CAVU is a white label mobile banking solution which allows banking businesses to create and manage custom mobile apps for online banking. Features of CAVU apps include account management, bill transfers, loan management, goal setting and tracking, a branch locator, and payment scheduling. Leia mais sobre o CAVU
Mobile banking software
BankWorld Mobile is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage financial transactions using mobile devices with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. It lets users send and receive text messages to pay utility bills, generate mini statements, display account balances, and more. Leia mais sobre o BankWorld Mobile
Digital banking platform for banks and credit unions
Q2 is a cloud-based mobile banking platform, which assists banks and credit unions with customer experience management and compliance. Key features include payment processing, process automation, data mapping, transaction monitoring, data security, fraud mitigation, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o Q2 Platform
Mobile banking system with digital passbook & bill payments
MyBank is a cloud-based mobile banking platform, which assists banks and financial institutions with payment processing and transaction monitoring. It enables customers to view account information, locate nearby branches, and receive notifications and alerts sent by banks. Leia mais sobre o MyBank
Video banking solution for financial insitutions
Kuber Video Banking is a cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions manage mobile banking processes by connecting customers with bank executives. It lets clients interact with bankers using mobile devices across multiple locations to streamline customer onboarding & engagement. Leia mais sobre o Kuber
Digital banking system for banks & fintech companies
Cyberbank is the next-gen digital and core banking platform from Technisys that redefines the customer experience. Leia mais sobre o Cyberbank
Embed financial services with ease.
Alviere Hive is a banking software that offers FDIC-insured banking services to customers and processes payments via credit cards, ACH transactions, and more. Supervisors can create customizable branded cards and streamline cross-border transactions in multiple currencies. Leia mais sobre o Alviere Hive
Online banking software with automated savings
Chime is a mobile banking software designed to help teams and individuals streamline tax returns, unemployment benefits, paycheck deposits, and government stimulus payouts. It lets users track account balances and daily transactions, receive balance notifications and transaction alerts, and send money to friends and family. Leia mais sobre o Chime