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Connecting employers and employees in the new world of work
Employment Hero’s cloud-based HRIS empowers Australian businesses to manage HR, payroll, performance, learning, recognition and benefits within one, integrated platform. We help business owners and people managers be more efficient, cost-effective and compliant by taking the hassle out of admin Leia mais sobre o Employment Hero
Simply better background checks - for you & your candidates
GoodHire is an employment screening and background check solution that is used to run a number of background check types on new hires. The app can be used to request missing candidate info or consent, to ensure your company is legitimately following all the correct procedures Leia mais sobre o GoodHire
Before you hire, Xref.
Xref is trusted by businesses globally to offer reference, background and ID checks that are fast, simple and secure. Leia mais sobre o xref
International online background check provider
Certn is a tech-enabled background check service that delivers a plethora of background checks in a matter of minutes. Certn provides domestic and international criminal background checks, credit reports, reference checks, education verification, driving record checks, and identity verification. Leia mais sobre o Certn
Background screening solution for businesses of all sizes
Good Egg is a cloud-based background screening solution designed to help small to large businesses manage the entire verification process for hiring applicants. The platform enables HR managers to perform various checks such as pre/post-employment, drug and health, social media, and more. Leia mais sobre o Good Egg
Paperless background checking tool
Veritable Screening is a cloud-based screening tool which utilizes the latest technologies to conduct pre-employment background screening Leia mais sobre o Veritable Screening
Financial and identity fraud prevention application
SEON. Fraud Fighters offers fraud prevention tools, which help businesses detect and prevent identity and financial frauds. The built-in AI-enabled workflows let organizations view fraud scores and define custom risk management rules to improve productivity and collaboration across teams. Leia mais sobre o SEON. Fraud Fighters
Background screening solution for small to large businesses
Checkr is a cloud-based screening solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage background verification for employees & job applicants. The platform enables users to streamline workflows, add new users, share candidate records & insert multiple checks at different stages of recruitment. Leia mais sobre o Checkr
Background screening and employee assessment solution
Clairiti is a web-based background screening solution designed to assist organizations with candidate assessment and data verification checks. Key features include activity monitoring, compliance management, automated reminders, and customizable reporting. Leia mais sobre o Clairiti
Pre-employment screening platform
Intelifi provides quality Background Checks to 30,000+ human resource professionals and hiring managers. Pre-employment screening platform which enables recruiters to manage background checks, drug screening & verification reports easily Leia mais sobre o Emerge
Background screening platform for Canadian businesses
ScreeningCanada is background check web application offering criminal record checks, credit checks, driving records, references, employment and education verifications and more. Live, bilingual customer service is available 7 days a week through webchat, phone and email. Leia mais sobre o ScreeningCanada
Automated reference checking solution
Zinc is an automated reference checking solution designed to help enterprises streamline operations related to hiring, candidate assessments, information verification, and feedback gathering. The built-in questionnaire library allows managers to create custom surveys to gather feedback. Leia mais sobre o Zinc
Candidate reference checking and verification
Checkmate is an automated online reference checking software that collects and verifies employee reference information. Features include automated alerts for reference requests, identity checking using LinkedIn, custom branding of the Checkmate platform and fraudulent reference prevention. Leia mais sobre o Checkmate
Cloud-based platform for conducting background checks
SwiftCheck is a cloud-based background screening & employment checking solution for conducting pre-employment background checks on candidates to vet potential employees before hiring. It enables employers to trace candidate social security numbers (SSNs) and generate screening reports. Leia mais sobre o SwiftCheck
Software de coleta de referências com detecção de fraude
O Referoo é um software de rastreamento de referências que ajuda as empresas a estabelecer contato com as referências e criar pesquisas de avaliação para capturar as informações dos candidatos. Ele permite que os usuários criem perfis de referências com detalhes, como cargo, e-mail e relacionamento com o candidato. Leia mais sobre o Referoo
Technology-enabled background check service
Sterling is a technology-enabled service that helps businesses conduct employee background checks and identity verification. Recruiters can conduct criminal background checks and civil court record searches to gain insight into breach of contracts, civil judgments, and restraining orders. Leia mais sobre o Sterling
Reference checking and talent feedback for recruiters
Vitay is a reference checking and talent feedback platform for staffing and recruitment firms, employers, and background screening companies. Vitay can send multiple reference requests to candidates and referees can provide feedback for review directly through the Vitay platform. Leia mais sobre o Vitay
Global background checks that are fast, accurate & secure
Veremark is an automated, scalable and truly global background checking platform that will transform the way your business onboards. Leia mais sobre o Veremark
Background screening products & services
Asurint provides comprehensive background screening solutions that meet the needs of a range of businesses and government entities Leia mais sobre o Asurint
Eligibility verification for increasing online conversions
SheerID provides verification for online retailers and services to ensure that special offers, discounts or promotions are accessible to eligible customers only Leia mais sobre o SheerID
Pre-employment screening & eligibility verification platform
HireRight is a background screening platform, which enables organizations to perform employment data verification such as criminal record and health checks before recruitment. HR professionals can gain insights into hiring trends & opportunities, create job baselines, and define best practices. Leia mais sobre o HireRight
Ferramenta desenvolvida para otimizar as atividades de compliance.
Com base em mais de 1.900 fontes de dados nacionais e internacionais, a solução gera relatórios analíticos e personalizados, que podem ser utilizados para práticas de Due Diligence, Background Check, Checagem de Terceiros, Auditoria, Conflitos de Interesse, KYC, Monitoramento de Diários Oficiais, entre outros. Leia mais sobre o upMiner
One Portal to Access Court Records & Legal Data
UniCourt provides Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) via our APIs to AmLaw 50 firms and Fortune 500 businesses for accessing normalized court data for business development and intelligence, analytics, machine learning models, process automation, background checks, investigations, and underwriting. Leia mais sobre o UniCourt
Background check software that integrates with ATS systems
Orange Tree is a web-based employment screening and background check solution for businesses of all sizes, that screens candidates' criminal histories, drug and mental health records, driving records, professional license verifications, social media history, and more. Leia mais sobre o Orange Tree
Reference checking tool for hiring teams
robin is a cloud-based reference checking solution designed to help recruiters automate processes for collecting feedback from referees about candidates. It stores candidates’ email addresses & phone numbers, letting employers reach out to applicants to confirm referee details. Leia mais sobre o robin
AI-powered background checks
Clarity is an automated background screening tool for investment funds, banks, insurance companies, and corporations, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to gather data and assess reputations. The platform uses data from sources across the web to provide real-time insights. Leia mais sobre o Clarity
AI-enabled software for screening applicants and employees
Fama helps talent professionals sort through zettabytes of public information with a compliance-first, AI-powered software solution, achieving significant time and cost savings for clients and end users. Leia mais sobre o FAMA
Solução de onboarding digital para o cadastro de clientes
Por meio da tecnologia do onboarding digital, a solução Nextcode tem o objetivo de tornar o ciclo de cadastro de novos clientes completamente automatizado e eletrônico, reduzindo custos operacionais e o tempo médio desse processo, além de eliminar o uso de papéis e recibos. Leia mais sobre o Nextcode