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O iLost otimiza o processo de achados e perdidos das organizações e ajuda as pessoas que perdem seus pertences. A experiência do usuário e do cliente vem em primeiro lugar. Leia mais sobre o iLost for Business
Troov helps organizations maintain a database of lost and found items and handle claim requests. Individuals can report lost or found articles via predefined forms and provide details like location, type, and description, enabling the built-in algorithm to verify items with the database. Leia mais sobre o Troov
ReclaimHub is an online lost property software that offers public self-service functionality via website integration, enabling claimants and staff to record, track, and dispose of lost items, boasting features including image upload, custom item categories, auto-matching, notifications and reporting Leia mais sobre o ReclaimHub
Innovation leader and solution provider for organizations concerning all aspects of Lost & Found. Image recognition, chatbots, powerful matching algorithms, ... Leia mais sobre o Lost and Found Manager
Crowdfind's digital Lost and Found software provides companies with an online lost and found system, a transparent process, and happier customers Leia mais sobre o Crowdfind
Lost and Found solution for businesses of all sizes that comes with features such as image recognition, audit trails, and smart matching. The solution allows users to capture images of lost items and upload files into the system, which can be automatically matched to images in the database. Leia mais sobre o it'sFOUND
Found Hero is a lost and found management software that helps businesses register lost items, send notifications to guests, and generate shipping labels, among other processes. The inventory management tool enables staff members to build a centralized database of all lost and found items. Leia mais sobre o Found Hero
The First Digital lost property tool for businesses and Consumers, that turns this area from a cost centre to a revenue one. Leia mais sobre o FindMyLost
Lost Returns is a web-based lost and found software designed to help businesses and individuals streamline reverse logistics of lost properties. It lets teams recover lost items and return them safely to their owners. Leia mais sobre o Lost Returns
Bounte is a cloud-based lost and found software, which helps businesses across hospitality, transportation, healthcare, and education sectors track and return lost items to the owner. It leverages an AI-image recognition feature to identify and log the item to a digital lost and found database and auto-tag them with descriptions. Leia mais sobre o Bounte

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