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SoapBox Labs builds speech recognition technology for kids. Its proprietary technology has been built to deliver private and accurate results for kids ages 2 to 12 of all accents and dialects. Soapbox Labs also takes into account kids’ unpredictable speech patterns and behaviors. Leia mais sobre o SoapBox
O CallHippo é um sistema de telefone virtual fácil de usar e oferece funcionalidade com recursos avançados, geração de relatórios abrangentes e integrações para capacitar as equipes de vendas e serviços a ter conversas eficazes com os clientes. Suporte de nível internacional sem interrupção. Configuração instantânea. Leia mais sobre o CallHippo
Dragon Professional Individual is a speech recognition software designed to help professionals leverage deep learning technology to dictate and transcribe documents. Its smart format rules automatically adapt to required abbreviations, phone numbers, dates, and other appearing details. Leia mais sobre o Dragon Professional Individual
Proprietary Speech Recognition and A.I-enabled technology to help students speak English more fluently and effectively. The ELSA API can detect and correct pronunciation errors in scripted and unscripted speech input, providing immediate feedback and recommendations. Leia mais sobre o ELSA Speak
Descript is a transcription software that is designed for businesses in multiple industries, such as marketing, sales, user research, online learning, and customer support. It helps team members collaborate on projects, send feedback, create shared folders, add comments, and track document versions. Leia mais sobre o Descript
ASR technology allows the customer to interact with IVR's, virtual agents, among other computer systems by voice, avoiding the pulsing of DTMF tones in menus with long and difficult to remember options Leia mais sobre o wolkvox
Talkatoo is a speech recognition and dictation software that helps veterinary organizations utilize speech-to-text technology to capture chart notes on a centralized platform. It provides a built-in medical dictionary, which lets medical professionals dictate terms, such as eosinophilia, hypothermia, intubation, and more. Leia mais sobre o Talkatoo
AmberScript is a suite of software products that allow you to transform audio and video files into searchable text and subtitles. Create closed captions and subtitles to improve accessibility, save money, and time. Leia mais sobre o Amberscript
O Happy Scribe ajuda jornalistas, pesquisadores, podcasters e editores de vídeo a converter arquivos de áudio e vídeo em documentos de texto em um portal unificado. A plataforma permite que os usuários armazenem substantivos, acrônimos e outras terminologias adequadas em um vocabulário personalizado para referência durante projetos futuros. Leia mais sobre o Happy Scribe
Snowfly is an employee engagement and gamification software designed to help businesses measure the performance of employees and engage them through incentives and rewards. It enables organizations to create, implement, and manage recognition programs to improve employee experience (EX) and satisfaction. Leia mais sobre o Snowfly
Trint is a cloud-based audio and video transcription solution which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe audio from a range of file formats and generate an interactive, searchable, editable & shareable transcript Leia mais sobre o Trint
SpeechTexter is a speech recognition and conversion software that helps corporates, teachers, lawyers, writers, and students convert audio files into text. It offers a multi-language speech recognizer as well as document and email transcriber, enabling users to transcribe documents in real-time. Leia mais sobre o SpeechTexter
CallFinder® is the leading provider of managed cloud-based SaaS speech analytics, automated call scoring, and speech-to-text transcription with conversational insights, such as sentiment and emotion detection. Leia mais sobre o CallFinder
Capté is an online web application that allows you to add subtitles instantly and automatically. Capté makes subtitling easier and faster. Capté uses speech recognition to transcribe audio into subtitles. Subtitling becomes a breeze. Leia mais sobre o Capté
LilySpeech is a windows application that allows users to type with voice. It is highly accurate and works with any Windows application. Leia mais sobre o LilySpeech
Reason8 is a cloud-based speech-to-text app which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate note taking & summary preparation from in-person meetings. The platform supports multi-device reporting, highlighting, action item extraction, decision recording, transcript & summary exports, and more. Leia mais sobre o Reason8
DeepScribe uses proprietary AI to capture patient encounters in real time and automate medical documentation so you can focus on yours and your patients well-being instead of taking note during work and catching up on documentation while at home. Leia mais sobre o DeepScribe
Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition platform that helps businesses convert speech to text and generate read or review transcripts. It includes a call analytics API, which allows developers to process live as well as recorded audio/video inputs and perform transcriptions. Leia mais sobre o Amazon Transcribe
Enthu is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled speech analytics and conversation intelligence software designed for contact centers, call centers, and BPOs. It enables professionals to monitor customer conversations to derive actionable intelligence, manage call QA processes, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Leia mais sobre o Enthu
Reportex from Sony is a cloud-based audio transcription and editing solution which allows users to automatically transcribe audio from multiple file formats, edit and correct transcriptions, create and share video clips of transcribed audio, download edited files, and more Leia mais sobre o Reportex’s suite of speech-to-text APIs allows businesses to build downstream applications. Speech recognition software built from speech engine trained to transcribe content on various topics with various accents for various industries. Leia mais sobre o
Maestra is a speech to text software designed to help educators, researchers, marketers, journalists, and media houses automatically add transcriptions, captions, subtitles, and voiceovers to audio and video files in real-time. The platform enables professionals to translate text into various languages including English, French, Spanish, and... Leia mais sobre o Maestra
3Play Media is designed to help businesses across media, entertainment, eCommerce, fitness, education, and government sectors handle closed captioning, transcription, audio description, live captioning, and subtitling operations. It enables users to manage podcasts, enhance search engine optimization (SEO) activities, and track audience engagement... Leia mais sobre o 3Play Media
OneVoice is part of a unified messaging platform for Office 365 and Gmail. It is an audio transcription, voicemail, and translation tool developed by Donoma. It aims to help sales and customer service agents perform their daily tasks by providing a range of accessible and inclusive features. Leia mais sobre o OneVoice
Castel Detect LIVE is a voice recognition solution which helps firms of all sizes manage contact center speech analytics with alerts, reminders, scripting and call scoring. The platform allows users to regulate quality assurance via live calls analysis, post-call audits, and data-driven feedback. Leia mais sobre o Castel Detect Live
O OTO é uma API de análise de fala e tecnologia de inteligência de voz com IA que analisa o sentimento do cliente por meio do tom de voz. A plataforma pode ser usada por call centers, provedores de assistência médica, provedores de tecnologia residencial e desenvolvedores de robótica para entender e aproveitar os dados de voz. Leia mais sobre o OTO
Translation Worldwide Software by JBI SOFTWARE is designed to help businesses across healthcare, legal, medical, insurance, banking, and other industries manage language translation projects. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution allows employees to handle text interpretation and translation processes and reduce lawsuits. Leia mais sobre o Translation Worldwide Software
Driving improved CX, sales and compliance outcomes through having the right data in the right format Leia mais sobre o VoiceAI
PollySpeech allows you to turn any text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create various media content such as audiobooks, podcasts, voice content, and also applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. Leia mais sobre o PollySpeech
FirstLanguage API is a SaaS-based API service, which enables individual developers or a company to build applications that require NLP tasks. FirstLanguage API is specifically designed to be generic and can be used by any industry. Specific industry fine-tuning is also possible. Leia mais sobre o FirstLanguage
ELSA uses proprietary speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to help language learners improve their English pronunciation Leia mais sobre o ELSA Speech Recognition API
AWS provides machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to help businesses analyze data insights, personalize the customer experience, optimize business processes, and more. Leia mais sobre o Machine Learning on AWS
Sesame by Utopia.AI is a cloud-based voice biometric identification solution which uses natural speech to identify callers in real time, by creating voice prints from previous calls without requiring caller enrollment. The software can also analyze caller vocabulary, sentiment, and emotional state. Leia mais sobre o Sesame
AISB Engine is a cloud-based & on-premise voice biometrics solution designed to help businesses in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail & air travel identify and authenticate visitors. Key features include password resetting, authentication, secure data access, and fraud detection. Leia mais sobre o AISB Engine
Advanced Digital Dictation is a dictation and transcription software, which helps legal firms capture, process, and store case data using cloud speech technology. It automatically stores information in Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud storage and uses HTTPS transmissions to encrypt data during transfer. Leia mais sobre o Digital Dictation
Ebby helps lawyers, podcasters, journalists, researchers, and academic professionals convert audio recordings into text documents using AI technology. The built-in editor automatically synchronizes and plays audio or video files with text data, letting users review and edit transcripts in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Ebby
SpeechReport Cursor is an advanced speech recognition software application for medical, legal, and other businesses. The program easily integrates with all information systems, including EHR and MS Office products. Leia mais sobre o SpeechReport Cursor
Serenade is a speech engine specifically designed for developers. With Serenade you can write code, update documentation, and send messages without using a keyboard. Programming languages are fully supported so you can run powerful commands using natural speech. Leia mais sobre o Serenade
Voci is a cloud-based and on-premise speech analytics software designed to help businesses gain insights into voice data using AI technology and deep learning algorithms. It lets teams transcribe large volumes of audio into analyzable text via high-speed DDR4 SDRAMs. Leia mais sobre o Voci
Subcap is a mobile app that provides videos with automatic subtitles. Subcap allows users to upload a video from the gallery or take a video simultaneously. It automatically transcribes the audio to text. To generate subtitles, artifiial intelligence is used for Subcap’s auto-captions maker. Leia mais sobre o SubCap
Verbit provides accurate captions & transcription of live and recorded video to make them accessible & engaging to all audiences. These tools help educators, government entities, legal agencies, business leaders and media producers meet the needs of those with disabilities & all engage viewers. Leia mais sobre o Verbit
DeepTranscript is an automatic speech recognition provider for professionnals designed for large volumes and high accuracy. Let's collect all data available in conversations, talks, interview with our plug and play API. Leia mais sobre o DeepTranscript transforms your media into text and subtitles within minutes. With the latest Ai technology, we offer accurate qualitative speech to text transcripts in 30+ languages such as English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish for your business. Leia mais sobre o Txtplay
Mobius Conveyor enables healthcare providers to dictate onto any computer and any EMR, quickly, accurately, and securely. Leia mais sobre o Mobius Conveyor
AI-Powered Voice Assistants is a conversational marketing software that helps businesses recognize speech, interpret human language and optimize communications. Administrators can automate various repetitive tasks including insurance premium payment reminders and debt collection processes. Leia mais sobre o AI-Powered Voice Assistants
SpeakEZ is a cloud-based platform, which assists businesses with speech recognition and dictation. It includes a vocabulary for medical, diagnostic imaging, and behavioral health specialities with accurate text support for various ethnic and geographical accents. Leia mais sobre o SpeakEZ

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