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Melhore a eficácia da organização com o reconhecimento óptico de caracteres. Processe recibos, faturas, formulários, contratos e passaportes em dados usando o software de OCR. O OCR inteligente do Klippa converte documentos em dados estruturados em pouco tempo e com segurança. Leia mais sobre o Klippa
O FineReader PDF ajuda os profissionais a maximizar a eficiência no local de trabalho digital. Apresentando a mais recente tecnologia OCR baseada em inteligência artificial (IA) da ABBYY, o FineReader PDF facilita a digitalização, a recuperação, a edição, a proteção, o compartilhamento e a colaboração em todos os tipos de documentos no mesmo fluxo... Leia mais sobre o ABBYY FineReader PDF
O Nanonets OCR é uma plataforma de reconhecimento óptico de caracteres (OCR na sigla em inglês) com a qual as empresas podem digitalizar PDFs, recibos e outros documentos por meio do método de aprendizado profundo. Com essa ferramenta, os gerentes podem converter cardápios de refeições em dados estruturados com preços e nomes em uma plataforma... Leia mais sobre o Nanonets OCR
Adobe Acrobat DC is PDF editing software that can be used to create, convert and share PDF documents. It can convert documents in Microsoft Office formats to PDFs, and vice versa. PDFs can be viewed, annotated, and signed using the free Acrobat Reader mobile app. Leia mais sobre o Adobe Acrobat DC
Reduce printing and enable 100% digital workflows with the only integrated solution that combines powerful PDF productivity and unlimited eSigning, all in one place. Leia mais sobre o Nitro
PDFelement is a document management solution for businesses of all sizes that converts multiple Microsoft Office file formats including .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .pptx, .ppt and image files such as .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif, and .bmp into PDFs. The tool works on any Mac or Windows operating system. Leia mais sobre o PDFelement
Microsoft Lens (formerly Microsoft Office Lens) is an optical character recognition (OCR) solution designed to help businesses of all sizes capture and record information from images, documents, notes, whiteboards, business cards and more. It allows users to scan and create digital copy of any printed or written text. Leia mais sobre o Microsoft Lens
CamScanner is an OCR solution that helps businesses convert files, edit PDFs, add annotations, manage compressions, and more from within a unified platform. The PDF processing functionality, allows staff members to merge files, split pages, add signatures, create watermarks, and edit text. Leia mais sobre o CamScanner
Tipalti automates your entire supplier payments operation for accounts payable organizations. Power international payments, invoice processing, AP tax and regulatory compliance, payment reconciliation, and reporting in one holistic cloud solution. Leia mais sobre o Tipalti
Automate & integrate the management and control of documents, business processes & records using one application Leia mais sobre o OnBase
DocuPhase’s capture & recognition tools empower you to automate the capture of key data using OCR (optical character recognition). Your data and documents will be effortlessly organized, making information available to your team when they need it. Leia mais sobre o DocuPhase
PDF Studio is an on-premise PDF editing software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It includes several features and tools to complete PDF editing workflows. Users can create PDFs, scan documents, fill in forms, secure sensitive documents, edit pages, and more. Leia mais sobre o PDF Studio
Datamolino extracts data from receipts, bills and invoices for export into accounting software without the need for manual data entry Leia mais sobre o Datamolino
NetDocuments is a web-hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document, email and records management service. The software provides a comprehensive suite of features to manage the entire life cycle of document work and collaborate with others, anywhere, anytime. Leia mais sobre o NetDocuments
Grooper is an enterprise intelligent document processing software that delivers near-perfect OCR on poor quality document images, highly structured / unstructured documents, or any physical records. End manual data entry and expand operations by integrating accurate information into workflows. Leia mais sobre o Grooper
Using AI and patented machine learning, Ephesoft’s customizable IDP platform turns any document type into structured, actionable data. The platform’s APIs and iPaaS connectors allow for fast integrations into other business systems for seamless end-to-end automation. Leia mais sobre o Ephesoft
Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need. Leia mais sobre o Contentverse
Alfresco Content Services is a content management solution that helps businesses store & share documents with team members in compliance with industry regulations. Professionals can capture data from static documents via artificial intelligence (AI) technology and OCR capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Alfresco Content Services
Covve Scan enables professionals to scan business cards with exception accuracy using AI. It is simple to use and offers CRM integration and one-tap export. Leia mais sobre o Covve Scan
KnowledgeLake is a document management and enterprise data capture software that helps businesses utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to extract, process, and manage information from within a unified platform. It enables team members to identify, classify, and process high-volume documents from multiple... Leia mais sobre o KnowledgeLake
Ocrolus is a document automation solution with human-in-the-loop review that uses best-in-class OCR to extract, validate and structure data from documents, with over 99% accuracy. With Ocrolus, quickly digitize and extract document data, eliminating the need for manual data cleanup. Leia mais sobre o Ocrolus
PDFTron’s SDK offers dynamic document viewing, processing, annotation, and conversion capabilities, as well as advanced features like data extraction, document understanding, and redaction. PDFTron technology supports all major platforms and 30+ file types, including MS Office, PDF, and CAD formats. Leia mais sobre o PDFTron SDK
MyQ X is the print management solution that respects people and their need to be more secure, effective, and mobile with their individual workflows. MyQ X makes technology work for people, whether it’s a single printer or multi-vendor fleet, on-premise or cloud network, or user-owned devices. Leia mais sobre o MyQ X
O AIDA (inteligência artificial para automação de documentos na sigla em inglês) usa um motor de inteligência artificial (IA) híbrido para reconhecer documentos e extrair informações deles, sem a necessidade de conhecimento prévio. O AIDA pode extrair informações de qualquer documento para utilizar em fluxos de trabalho. Leia mais sobre o AIDA
O Hypatos é uma solução de processamento de documentos que usa IA e tecnologia de aprendizado profundo para automatizar a extração de dados e operações de back office baseadas em documentos, como contabilidade, auditoria, gerenciamento de despesas, verificações de conformidade e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Hypatos
DocDigitizer is an AI-enables data capture solution that allows businesses to improve accuracy and optimize cost savings in paper processing operations. Leia mais sobre o DocDigitizer
Online OCR is a web-based optical character recognition solution for businesses of all sizes that can scan and extract text from PDF documents and create an editable word document with the copied text. The tool does not need to be installed and can be accessed via any web browser. Leia mais sobre o
Scale your Accounts Payable department by unlocking more efficiencies from your Workday Financial Management system. Leia mais sobre o SmartTouch AP
Agenty is a suite of web-based tools for web data extraction. These tools are capable of detecting & extracting data from public as well as password protected sites in plain text or XML formats. OCR capabilities also allow businesses to automatically recognize & extract text from PDFs and images. Leia mais sobre o Agenty
Veryfi OCR API & SDK turns unstructured data, such as receipts, bills, invoices, and other documents, into structured data (with line items) in seconds using machine-based data extraction. The platform offers features including a drag and drop processor, document inbox, data export, and more. Leia mais sobre o Veryfi OCR API & SDK
Readiris 17 is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that helps businesses manage document conversion, create annotations, edit PDF, and more from within a unified platform. It allows team members to collaborate and provide feedback on documents by adding comments, hyper texting lines, and creating notes. Leia mais sobre o Readiris 17
Qual o resultado de adicionar machine learning ao OCR? Um OCR melhor. É como comprar um cavalo mais rápido na era do automóvel. Na era da IA, talvez seja o momento de testar o IDP. Saiba mais no site. Leia mais sobre o Infrrd
Rossum is a cloud-based optical character recognition (OCR) solution that helps enterprises capture data electronically using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It enables users to extract structured/semi-structured data from multiple documents. Leia mais sobre o Rossum
Integrating Anyline OCR and Barcode technology allows you to scan, Passports, IDs, Utility Meters, License Plates, Serial Numbers, Tire DOT numbers, Utility Meters, and much more! Leia mais sobre o Anyline
BLU DELTA is a AI-based data capturing solution based on latest research. Zero training, Plug And Use, Seamless integration into existing workflows. Leia mais sobre o BLU DELTA
Adlib is a RPA solution that helps businesses in finance, petroleum, energy, manufacturing, government, and other sectors automatically discover and classify documents from multiple unstructured sources to create clean structured data. Leia mais sobre o Adlib
Intelligently organizes and automates document processing. ADEx’s deep industry expertise, pre-trained libraries, tools and calculators removes manual review to meet increases in demand without increasing costs or headcount. Delivers more comprehensive results, and accelerates time-to-value. Leia mais sobre o ADEx Document Intelligence
DocSight OCR is a full-text OCR (optical character recognition) and zonal data capture solution which enables users to capture critical data & create searchable PDF documents with data extraction tools, a watched folder interface, multilingual functionality, and more Leia mais sobre o ActivePDF DocSight OCR
O OmPrompt Order Management é um software de gestão de pedidos baseado na nuvem, desenvolvido para ajudar empresas de vários setores a se conectarem com fornecedores, provedores terceirizados e clientes por meio de EDI. Ele automatiza o processamento de documentos manuais por meio de criação, captura, atendimento e liquidação de pedidos. Leia mais sobre o OmPrompt Order Management
OCR Gateway is a document automation tool that helps businesses optimize document workflows. It lets users scan documents in less than a minute, automate document processing, and integrate speedily with your internal systems. Leia mais sobre o OCR Gateway
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Leia mais sobre o Maple
O é uma IA de OCR capaz de funcionar como uma solução de API única, sem modelo e com código baixo para uma plataforma de software. Preços competitivos com suporte para ajudar a começar a substituir o processamento manual tedioso e propenso a erros por um processamento de documentos preciso com IA dimensionado na nuvem. Leia mais sobre o
MMC Receipt is a receipt capturing and processing app that includes line item data extraction and allows exporting the processed data into Excel/google sheets or push to multiple accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, ZAR Money, QuickBooks Desktop. Leia mais sobre o MMC Receipt
Scale Document AI is a cloud-based data extraction solution for businesses in the logistics, financial services, and healthcare industries, which provides features such as machine learning model customization, data input and output, automated document annotation, and visual analytics. Leia mais sobre o Scale Document AI
AWS provides machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to help businesses analyze data insights, personalize the customer experience, optimize business processes, and more. Leia mais sobre o Machine Learning on AWS
Intelligent OCR is an optical character recognition solution for business of all sizes that can scan documents and emails to capture relevant data from document formats such as PDF, XML, EDL, Microsoft Word, TIFF, JPEG, HTLM, and more. Leia mais sobre o EchoVera Intelligent OCR
idMax is a ID and passport scanning solution with OCR capabilities that automatically extracts data from identification materials. The software works with ID's from all 50 states, many international countries and can be used in the healthcare, finance, accounting, legal and automotive industries. Leia mais sobre o IdMaxCloud
ByteScout Text Recognition SDK is a web-based optical character recognition (OCR) solution for small to mid-size businesses that can extract and copy data from multiple outputted documents such as PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, and TIFFs and create new Microsoft word files, email templates, and separate PDFs. Leia mais sobre o ByteScout Text Recognition SDK
Easy ScreenOCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) solution for businesses of all sizes that can be run on any web browser or on Windows & Mac operating systems. The software recognizes over 100 languages & can be transformed into multiple formats such as PDFs, PNGs, & Microsoft Word documents Leia mais sobre o Easy ScreenOCR

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