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Conversational AI platform
Teneo is a conversational AI platform designed to help enterprises in multiple industries such as financial services, automotive, travel & hospitality, and media & entertainment to create, visualize, and deploy AI applications and facilitate communication with customers across various channels. Leia mais sobre o Teneo
Desenvolva o primeiro bot em 10 minutos.
O ChatBot, anteriormente chamado de BotEngine, é uma estrutura de chatbot online que permite aos usuários criar bots de bate-papo para sites de negócios, Facebook Messenger e diversos outros serviços. Leia mais sobre o ChatBot
Cloud-based platform to build and deploy AI chatbots
Ideta is a cloud-based conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps enterprises build AI chatbots, on order to enhance user engagement with the brand. It lets developers create multiple test scenarios or conversations to preview bot performance before deployment. Leia mais sobre o Ideta
Conversation intelligence technology for sales teams
Gong is a conversation intelligence platform for business-to-business sales teams that records, transcribes and analyzes all sales calls to increase the effectiveness of sales conversions and win more deals. Sales team members can work together to produce winning sales tactics. Leia mais sobre o
Conversation intelligence platform built for sales coaching
ExecVision is a cloud-based call intelligence & conversation coaching solution designed for sales, support, and customer success teams. The platform transcribes & analyzes calls, identifies coachable moments, provides best practice coaching libraries, & enables tracking of rep development over time. Leia mais sobre o ExecVision
Plataforma de análise de dados ponta a ponta
O Qlik Sense é a plataforma de última geração da Qlik, oferecendo suporte a uma ampla gama de casos de uso de análises, incluindo visualização e exploração de autoatendimento, aplicativos e painéis de análise guiados, análises personalizadas e incorporadas, análises móveis e geração de relatórios, tudo dentro de uma arquitetura governada de várias... Leia mais sobre o Qlik Sense
Cloud-based conversational website interface builder is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to medium businesses build conversational websites to help improve the customer experience & lead generation. enables users to create chatbots using a conversational user interface & provide better engagement on landing pages Leia mais sobre o
Live chat software for websites
ProProfs Chat is a real-time sales & support live chat tool for websites, designed to help businesses connect with, assist, engage & convert website visitors Leia mais sobre o ProProfs Chat
AI-powered front desk assistant
FrontdeskAI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered helpdesk and admin assistant designed for businesses within industries including beauty and wellness, fitness, dental, and more. It offers 24/7 customer support backed up by machine learning, FAQs, and business policies. Leia mais sobre o FrontdeskAI
Live Chat, Messaging and Chatbots Solution Provider
LivePerson is the industry leader in live chat and messaging solutions that increase sales and improve customer care. Leia mais sobre o LivePerson
Business messaging solution - SMS, FB Messenger, Kik, & Chat
Quiq business messaging connects companies with their customers on the channels they are already using, SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Chat Leia mais sobre o Quiq Messaging
Reduce Internal Repetitive Requests
Tired of answering "What's the WiFi password?" askSpoke auto-resolves more than 40% of requests using AI, and the more you use askSpoke, the smarter the machine learning gets. When you don't need to worry about answering the same FAQ over and over again, your team can focus on more important tasks. Leia mais sobre o Spoke
Self-learning conversational AI for lead nurture on websites
With an Acobot live chat robot you can answer customer questions instantly, with a human touch and turn them into paying customers like never before. Acobot is fully automated. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when you go to the beach. Leia mais sobre o Acobot
Call tracking for digital marketing strategies
Marchex Call Tracking enables businesses to attribute phone calls to the media channel, block unwanted calls and get advance conversation analytics Leia mais sobre o Marchex Call Tracking
AI-powered customer engagement platform
Bold360 is the ultimate AI-powered engagement platform helping companies build and nurture customer relationships while delivering better experiences for both customers and the employees serving them. Leia mais sobre o Bold360
AI-powered chat platform for recruiting
Brazen is an all-in-one chat solution for recruiting and HR which offers features such as scheduled chats, AI-powered chatbots, candidate pre-screening, online event planning, and more. The cloud-based tool allows employers to engage with their candidates using a range of chat options. Leia mais sobre o Brazen
Audience measurement & realtime ads
Quantcast is an audience measurement software that offers data analytics to better understand your website traffic. The app pulls data from over 100 million web and mobile platforms to provide reports on audience demographics and geographic data. Quantcast also provides insights into competitor websites that your audience visit. You can use... Leia mais sobre o Quantcast
Chatbot builder & manager for customer engagement
Engati is a cloud-based platform for building chatbots without the need for programming knowledge. Bots built within Engati can be published across Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Slack, Kik, Telegram, and embedded in websites, and can be used for eCommerce, banking, media, health care, and more. Leia mais sobre o Engati Live Chat & AI Chatbot is the superior 24/7 service Live Chat with AI Chatbot is the fast & friendly way to capture, screen & convert website leads 24/7. Leia mais sobre o Chat
Build your bot now, no coding required.
Chatfuel is the leading chatbot platform for Messenger. Increase sales, personalize marketing and automate support, all with Chatfuel. Build your bot now, no coding required. Leia mais sobre o Chatfuel
Agentes virtuais de atendimento ao cliente alimentados por aprendizado de máquina
O Solvemate permite que sua organização de atendimento ao cliente resolva solicitações comuns, instantaneamente e em grande escala. Leia mais sobre o Solvemate
Conversational enablement platform (formerly Agentology) is a conversational enablement platform for businesses to respond to and follow-up with leads generated online.'s 100% U.S. based concierge team instantly contacts, follows up with, and qualified inbound leads via SMS, email, and phone. Leia mais sobre o Verse
Virtual assistant for sales & marketing teams
Exceed’s AI-Powered Sales Assistant helps companies find and secure customers faster and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, two-way conversations. Leia mais sobre o
Artificial intelligence-driven sales assistant
Conversica is powerful AI-based lead engagement and nurturing software that helps sales and marketing organizations to secure more customers by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads through natural, two-way email or SMS conversations. Leia mais sobre o Conversica
Customizable product support platform
Boomtown is a product support platform designed to help banking businesses, value-added resellers (VARs), and technology providers activate new customers through personalized services. Representatives can utilize smart inbox prioritization capabilities to provide customer support via any channel. Leia mais sobre o Boomtown
Chatbot & voicebot creation for businesses is an omnichannel bot platform for companies and developers who want to create any kind of conversational agent, such as AI voice and text chat agents for reaching out to customers with the aim of creating an enhanced customer experience. Leia mais sobre o hellomybot
Conversational AI platform for managing customer queries
DontGo is a live chat platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots and exit intent technology to help businesses convert abandoning traffic into sales leads. Professionals can utilize the chatbots to resolve visitor queries and promote other products in the catalog. Leia mais sobre o DontGo
Conversational AI bot with natural language understanding
BotXO is a no-code conversational A.I chatbot builder that handles customer support inquiries, marketing campaigns, and automates a businesses' sales processes with features such as pre-built conversation templates, push notifications, customer profiles, and social media integrations. Leia mais sobre o BotXO
Conversational AI platform for eCommerce & retailers
Heyday is a conversational AI platform designed to help retailers and eCommerce businesses capture leads and enhance engagement with buyers. Key features include customizable branding, multi-channel communication, wait time management, prioritization, push notifications, and canned responses. Leia mais sobre o Heyday
Artificial Intelligence-based knowledge management solution
Capacity is an AI and knowledge management solution designed to help organizations automate operations related to customer help desks, project workflows, and data storage. With the drag-and-drop interface, users can organize information using folders, dialogues, and custom sharing rules. Leia mais sobre o Capacity
Sales dialer with voice intelligence technology
Dialpad Sell is a sales dialer solution designed to help sales organizations of any size make and manage sales calls effectively with call routing, monitoring and reporting tools, plus voice intelligence technology, real-time recommendations, and more. Dialpad Sell supports Salesforce integration. Leia mais sobre o Dialpad Sell
Plataforma de experiência do cliente com análise por árvore de decisão.
Solução de relacionamento com o cliente que aprimora o suporte ao cliente nas comunicações por telefone e chatbot com IA, contando com recursos como gestão de base de conhecimentos, autoatendimento para o cliente, guias de imagem e trabalho em equipe. O sistema é indicado para equipes de marketing, vendas e atendimento ao cliente. Leia mais sobre o Knowmax
Get your team writing as one.
Qordoba is an AI writing assistant for businesses. What makes it powerful is the style guide platform behind it, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Leia mais sobre o Qordoba
Collaborative customer support platform
AsisteClick is a collaborative, multichannel customer support platform which offers live chat, a ticketing system & a range of management reports Leia mais sobre o AsisteClick
Mobile engagement automation platform
ada is an integrated platform for mobile engagement that allows users to create, distribute, and measure custom, mobile-optimized marketing campaigns Leia mais sobre o ada
Natural language processing powered chatbot + live chat
TruChat is an AI powered chatbot & live chat platform that lets users build multichannel conversational marketing chatbot solutions easily without any coding, as well as control customer conversations across all major messenger platforms, company mobile app, and websites with a single system Leia mais sobre o TruChat
AI solution for recruitment & employee engagement
AllyO is a cloud-based HR communications platform designed to automate engagement with candidates & employees, with the aim of increasing retention and maintaining predictable staffing levels. The solution uses AI-powered chatbots to help companies communicate & connect with employees & candidates. Leia mais sobre o AllyO
Conversational AI platform for businesses of all sizes
Communication Studio 2.0 is a cloud-based conversational AI platform that enables businesses of all sizes to create and reiterate chatbots in order to help enhance customer and employee experiences across channels such as WhatsApp, Viber, Microsoft Teams, and more Leia mais sobre o Communication Studio 2.0
Software de atendimento ao cliente nas redes sociais
O Brand Embassy é a melhor plataforma de atendimento ao cliente na nuvem, integrando mais de 30 canais de mídia social, mensagem instantânea, bate-papo ao vivo, e-mail e chatbot com tecnologia de inteligência artificial em escala. Ele é o parceiro de implementação de canais populares, como WhatsApp ou Apple Business Chat. Leia mais sobre o Brand Embassy
Your smart assistant for the workplace
Enterprise app that uses AI to understand spoken commands & proactively sends you relevant Cards, while offering an enterprise-wide Search. Leia mais sobre o Digital Assistant
Website integrated online booking, donation and lead forms
Serviceform is an online booking, donation, and lead form builder for service business of all types or size, installing into any website with integration for third-party CMS and publishing platforms to facilitate the acceptance of online bookings, payment processing and managing staff availability Leia mais sobre o Serviceform
AI-based conversational solution for medium to large firms
OBI Bots is a cloud-based artificial intelligence solution designed to help medium to large businesses create, train and implement automated conversational chatbots and virtual agents across various customer service channels, social media platforms, live chats, and messaging applications. Leia mais sobre o OBI Bots
Social media management suite
Coosto is a social media management suite, which helps organizations monitor brand reputation, query responses, & content publishing across various social networks. Its automated scheduling functionality enables managers to plan content publishing for multiple time zones and channels. Leia mais sobre o Coosto
Chatbot building and deployment application for IT teams
Streebo Chatbot Builder is a cloud-based solution that helps IT teams assemble and deploy conversational chatbots designed to streamline customer communications. Key features include conversation analysis, access control, secure data storage, reporting, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o Streebo Chatbot Builder
A.I. conversational marketing platform with user profiling
Conversational A.I. solution that allows brands to market their product, reach their customers, and provide support through speech recognition capabilities with features such as customer profiling, conversational optimization, inventory management, natural language understanding, and more. Leia mais sobre o Automat
Conversational AI for Facebook Messenger
YakBot is a chatbot platform for Facebook Messenger that offers automated support for sales and marketing and provides businesses with real time personalized, interactive, and automated conversations with potential customers. YakBot can welcome new users, send content, schedule messages, and more. Leia mais sobre o YakBot
AI powered chatbot for businesses of all sizes
Comm100 Chatbot is a cloud-based conversational platform which helps businesses of all sizes automate interactions, responses, actions, ticket management, payments, & more. The solution is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) which enables agents to automate information discovery & support. Leia mais sobre o Comm100 Chatbot
Artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot creation platform
BOTNATION AI is a cloud-based conversational AI solution designed to help businesses launch and manage chatbots for websites and Facebook pages. With the keyword recommendation engine, users can search and analyze keywords and phrases from customer interactions across multiple advertising campaigns. Leia mais sobre o BOTNATION AI


Virtual assistant for managing recruitment processes
Mya is a conversational AI platform that helps businesses streamline the entire recruitment lifecycle, from applicant sourcing to onboarding, using a virtual assistant. With its intent recognition functionality, managers can analyze and extract critical information from ongoing conversations. Leia mais sobre o Mya
Conversational AI and live chat platform
Onlim is a conversational AI and live chat tool that helps businesses streamline processes related to intent management, automatic reasoning, knowledge generation, and more. It comes with predefined conversational templates for specific sectors such as tourism, energy suppliers, retailers, and more. Leia mais sobre o Onlim
Conversational AI platform for businesses is a cloud-based live chat solution designed to help businesses create, deploy, and manage chatbots to streamline communication across multiple digital channels. Features include real-time updates, predefined templates, timers, sentiment analysis, role-based permissions & data import/export. Leia mais sobre o