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Amazon RDS is a relational database service software designed to help users set up, operate and scale databases such as Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL in the cloud. Users can manage routine database tasks like patching and provisioning, and more. Leia mais sobre o Amazon RDS
O gerenciamento de desempenho de aplicativos (APM na sigla em inglês) germain é uma solução baseada na nuvem e no local projetada para ajudar empresas de setores como finanças, saúde, mídia, varejo, telecomunicações e outros a realizar análises de causa raiz para monitorar o desempenho de aplicativos e servidores. Leia mais sobre o germain APM
Monitore de forma proativa a integridade e o desempenho dos bancos de dados para minimizar o tempo de inatividade e solucionar problemas com a supervisão de banco de dados do Datadog. Leia mais sobre o Datadog
MariaDB is the database for all, supporting any workload, in any cloud, at any scale. Try MariaDB now. Leia mais sobre o MariaDB
Snowflake is a cloud data platform that can enable critical data workloads and secure collaboration. This solution can be used to run data across multiple regions for a single, unified experience across a business ecosystem. Using a multi-cluster shared data architecture, Snowflake provides access to the same data without affecting business... Leia mais sobre o Snowflake
Monitor your IT infrastructure, spot problems before they occur, know immediately when problems arise, share availability data with stakeholders, detect security breaches, plan & budget for IT upgrades, reduce downtime & business losses Leia mais sobre o Nagios XI
Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability tool that helps businesses assess and gain key insights into the front and back-end performance of system applications. Features include real user and synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing, infrastructure monitoring, and log management. Leia mais sobre o Sematext Cloud
AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform empowers today’s software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively manage and optimize complex software environments in real time. It’s more than monitoring—it’s true Application Intelligence with cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility. Leia mais sobre o AppDynamics
O AimBetter Database Performance Monitor foi desenvolvido para ajudar qualquer organização que administra bancos de dados. A solução não requer recursos de computador local, hardware ou armazenamento adicional e começa a identificar problemas em poucos minutos após a instalação. Leia mais sobre o AimBetter
With Spotlight Cloud, IT administrators are provided with the tools to pinpoint key issues within an SQL server environment and resolve them, to help improve overall server performance. Using cloud computing, Spotlight Cloud can store and analyze data in a reliable environment. Leia mais sobre o Spotlight Cloud
O Epsagon é uma plataforma de administração de sistemas baseada na nuvem que ajuda empresas a solucionar problemas e monitorar microsserviços. A ferramenta permite que os usuários registrem operações, carga útil ou métricas de desempenho anteriores com detalhes, como data do evento, duração, endereço IP, nome do host e tipo de erro. Leia mais sobre o Epsagon
SQL Sentry is a SQL Server performance monitoring tool which allows businesses to monitor database performance, identify the root causes for SQL Server issues, and collect accurate, real-time data on database health. The platform also allows users to manage alerts and resolve issues. Leia mais sobre o SQL Sentry
Automate your monitoring workflow and gain deep visibility into Kubernetes, hybrid cloud, and bare metal infrastructure. Leia mais sobre o Sensu
SQL Monitor is a cloud-based software that allows users to keep pace with their expanding estates whether their servers are hosted in the cloud or locally. Leia mais sobre o SQL Monitor
Bunnyshell is a cloud-agnostic DevOps automation platform designed to help businesses deploy, optimize, and scale their applications. It lets teams add, remove, and resize instances, back up and restore specific environments, and create on-demand disk images according to the needs of the infrastructure. Leia mais sobre o Bunnyshell
Identify query performance issues and generate alerts when problems occur with SQL Diagnostic Manager. Businesses are able reduce costly server downtime and ensure server availability using performance and capacity monitoring capabilities. Leia mais sobre o SQL Diagnostic Manager
Couchbase Server is a distributed NoSQL cloud database management system designed to help organizations across IT, energy, healthcare, finance, and various other industries store, manage, and retrieve data for various deployments. Leia mais sobre o Couchbase Server
Database Performance Analyzer from SolarWinds is a monitoring tool used for preventing and solving application performance issues in AWS and Azure Leia mais sobre o Database Performance Analyzer
ServicePilot is a high-performance monitoring software solution providing full-stack observability via metrics, traces, and logs. Businesses can collect data from IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and security services to streamline issue resolution. Leia mais sobre o ServicePilot
SolarWinds DPM provides deep database performance monitoring to increase system performance, team efficiency, and cost savings. We offer complete visibility into all major open source databases across thousands of servers concurrently, which is why industry leaders rely on us daily. Leia mais sobre o SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor
SQL Planner is a SQL server total monitoring solution. It provides SQL backup, total validation, and auto-restore to other machines. It includes a SQL server index fragmentation solution. SQL Planner can be operated from any device and location. From Any Device and Any Location Leia mais sobre o SQL Planner
With cloud-native security, ExtraHop Reveal(x) detects all threats and intelligently responds using deep context and automated workflows. Businesses can streamline response workflows and proactively secure enterprise environments, whilst ensuring compliance. Leia mais sobre o Reveal(x)
Mozart Data is a data stack tool for engineers and analysts with SQL skills. Users can source, consolidate, stack, and clean data to prepare it for analysis. It comes with single-click transforms, a Snowflake warehouse, an ETL pipeline from Fivetran, 200+ BI tool integrations, and 140+ data sources. Leia mais sobre o Mozart Data
Quest Foglight is a performance monitoring and user experience management tool that assesses numerous technologies and captures user experiences with your business applications and processes. The Quest Foglight application monitors user engagement over Java, .NET, virtual or physical servers and databases. The Foglight platform also assists with... Leia mais sobre o Foglight
Navicat Monitor allows businesses to remotely monitor and keep track of a wide variety of servers such as MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server, from around the world. Users can drill down into real-time and historical performance metrics to track deviations and traffic among servers. Leia mais sobre o Navicat Monitor
With proactive alerts, log analysis and advanced database analytics, VirtualMetric monitors SQL databases to prevent any potential infrastructural issues and database downtime. Plan and configure storage for SQL databases for easy capacity planning with Virtual Metric. Leia mais sobre o VirtualMetric
dbTimer helps organizations using Amazon Web Services databases schedule the running of instances on a need basis, facilitating optimal utilization of relational database services, costs, and other resources. The platform allows users to view active and stopped instances across multiple regions. Leia mais sobre o dbTimer
HiveMQ uses MQTT protocols to serve as a broker for data exchange between IoT devices. It supports up to ten million MQTT clients per cluster and the software is designed for use in a professional environment. Leia mais sobre o HiveMQ
The top monitoring solution for developers, DevOps, and IT Admin. Find out which apps are having issues, and why. Check MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, and more. Leia mais sobre o Happy Apps
Opsview is a SaaS monitoring tool that allows businesses to gain visibility into all components of a hybrid-IT infrastructure & use advanced monitoring to identify & resolve issues at every layer. The platform offers auto-discovery automation, business service monitoring & performance summaries. Leia mais sobre o Opsview Cloud
O Amazon ElastiCache, compatível com Redis e Memcached, é um serviço da Internet que ajuda as empresas a implantar e gerenciar armazenamentos de dados na memória distribuídos e ambiente de cache na nuvem. A plataforma permite que os administradores automatizem várias tarefas, como provisionamento de hardware, aplicação de patches de software e... Leia mais sobre o Amazon ElastiCache
DymaxIO is an application performance acceleration and management suite designed to help businesses improve I/O performance across virtual machines, file servers, BI apps, and MS SQL workloads. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and implement required performance enhancements for systems. Leia mais sobre o DymaxIO
Mosquitto is an MQTT broker that is coded in the C language which makes it fast and efficient than other MQTT brokers. Leia mais sobre o Mosquitto
Togglr is a unique first of its kind Digital Services Platform for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management and Deployment Leia mais sobre o Togglr

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