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Solução de gestão de voluntários
O eCoordinator é um sistema de gestão de voluntários projetado para ajudar a recrutar e gerenciar voluntários, bem como rastrear e relatar horas e resultados de pesquisas de voluntários. Leia mais sobre o eCoordinator
Gerenciamento de voluntários e planejamento de eventos simplificado.
O SignUpGenius é uma ferramenta de gerenciamento de voluntários e planejamento de eventos baseada na nuvem para criar fichas de cadastro online, convidar voluntários e automatizar lembretes. Leia mais sobre o SignUpGenius
Volunteer Management Software
MobileServe is a volunteer management software designed to help businesses, schools, colleges, & nonprofits track, manage, & verify any service work using an administrative dashboard, infographics, volunteer tracking technology, verification options, social integrations & sharing, & more Leia mais sobre o MobileServe
VolunteerLocal - effortlessly manage & schedule volunteers
VolunteerLocal is a versatile volunteer management solution that works with events of all types and sizes, all over the world. Schedule your volunteers online, send reminder emails and texts, and easily track hours on-site for both groups and individuals. Leia mais sobre o VolunteerLocal
Staff/Volunteer management tool built for events!
InitLive is a web-based solution that helps businesses plan & execute various activities involved in managing on-site volunteers and organizing an event Leia mais sobre o InitLive
Software for volunteer recruiting, tracking and coordination
Web-based software management system for recruiting, tracking and coordinating volunteers serving organizations of all types and sizes Leia mais sobre o Volgistics
e-Government management solution
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Leia mais sobre o GovPilot
Mobile-friendly volunteer management software
We're a cloud-based, mobile friendly volunteer management software provider for nonprofits, campuses, corporations, and other community organizations. Leia mais sobre o Get Connected
Unified CRM, fundraising, advocacy, and digital platform
EveryAction is a unified CRM for nonprofits including tools to manage donation websites, email, fundraising, and advocacy in one simple platform Leia mais sobre o EveryAction
All-in-one, web-based nonprofit management software
Giveffect is a cloud-based nonprofit management system which offers tools for managing donations, fundraising, volunteers, members, events, marketing, and more Leia mais sobre o Giveffect
Cloud based CRM Software For Nonprofits
GiftWorks Cloud is and intuitive donor and volunteer management service. GiftWorks Cloud helps your organization raise more money and grow your constituents with powerful reporting, a complete set of built-in fundraising tools, a volunteer portal, and unlimited phone and email support. Leia mais sobre o GiftWorks
Open source CRM for nonprofits, civic sector & advocacy orgs
CiviCrm is a open software for organizing and handling donations, contacts, and other things regarding non-profit organizations. Leia mais sobre o CiviCRM
Community and member management software
Mobilize is your all-in-one membership management platform. Manage and engage your members from one simple to use place with a member directory, member database, outreach center and event management. It's everything you need to build and manage a thriving community your members will love. Leia mais sobre o Mobilize
Volunteer management system
VolunteerKinetic is a volunteer workforce management solution enabling nonprofits to create custom websites & recruit, train, deploy, retain & reward volunteers Leia mais sobre o VolunteerKinetic
Time tracking for volunteers
Volunteer Time Tracking is a time tracking solution for nonprofits, schools, museums, universities, sports clubs & other organizations looking to track volunteer hours. The software offers web, mobile & kiosk time tracking, advanced verification tools, timesheet approvals, leaderboards, and more. Leia mais sobre o Volunteer Time Tracking
Cloud-based volunteer management software for nonprofits
VolunteerMark is a cloud-based volunteer recruitment, program management, communication, scheduling, and reporting software for non-profit organizations Leia mais sobre o VolunteerMark
Software de gestão de subsídios e patrocínios orientado para o cliente
O Optimy é um software de gestão de subsídios e patrocínios orientado ao cliente que ajuda patrocinadores, parceiros, CSR, agências de concessão e profissionais de investimento comunitário a melhorar seu desempenho ao longo de todo o ciclo de vida de um projeto, abrangendo uma variedade de processos. Leia mais sobre o Optimy
Scalable volunteer and workforce engagement technology
Rosterfy exists to connect communities to events and causes they are passionate about through our volunteer and workforce engagement solution. Leia mais sobre o Rosterfy
Better Software and Better Support
Volunteer management software and industry leading user support for small and large nonprofits and government agencies across various sectors including social service, environmental, and sporting events. Leia mais sobre o Volunteer Impact
Volunteer and event management solution
Duplie is a volunteer management solution designed to assist organizations with managing events, fundraising campaigns, payments, registration, and more. Event scheduling functionality lets users plan recurring events, provide role-based access, and post updates or images to a message board. Leia mais sobre o Duplie
Recruit, schedule and track volunteer time.
Timecounts is a cloud-based volunteer management solution for modern non-profit and event organizers, providing scheduling tools for mobilizing a community Leia mais sobre o Timecounts
Online data management solutions for nonprofit organizations
NewOrg provides cloud-based data management solutions for non-profit organizations, supporting volunteer scheduling, fundraising, donation management and more Leia mais sobre o NewOrg
Visitor, student, & volunteer management software
KeepnTrack offers secure solutions for school and facility visitor management, volunteer management, and student tracking via a single platform Leia mais sobre o KeepnTrack
Volunteer and event management solution for local government
Offero is a cloud-based & mobile-responsive volunteer & event management system designed to meet the needs of local and state government organizations with a range of tools for staff, volunteers, and participants like automated hour tracking, self-reported site visits, eLearning & more. Leia mais sobre o Offero
We help organizations manage events and recruit volunteers.
Mobilize is the events management and volunteer recruitment platform that connects mission-driven organizations and supporters. We make mobilizing easier. We empower your supporters. Our network supercharges your impact. Leia mais sobre o Mobilize
Cloud-based volunteer management software
VolunteerMatters is a cloud-based software designed to help non-profit organizations recruit, train and manage volunteers on a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o VolunteerMatters
Volunteer management software for schools
Volunteer Tracker is a volunteer management software with which non-profits, colleges & K-12 school districts can manage volunteer scheduling & administration Leia mais sobre o Volunteer Tracker
Community, member, and engagement management software
Open Social helps organizations create, deploy, and manage online spaces to streamline communication, collaboration, and engagement operations. The white-labeling capabilities lets users personalize the platform with custom colors, images, taxonomies, header and footer menus, and other elements. Leia mais sobre o Open Social
Volunteering program management software
VolunteerMatch is a volunteering program management software with access to a network of 100K+ nonprofits, personalized dashboards, customizable homepages, & more Leia mais sobre o VolunteerMatch
Risk and delivery management for events
Blerter is a cloud-based platform which helps event managers collaborate & communicate with their workforce, whilst also managing incident protocols, ensuring operational efficiency. It comes with a run sheet module, which allows users to access, control & update data on incidents in real time. Leia mais sobre o Blerter
Collaborative platform for managing volunteers
ViVil is a collaborative platform that provides activity centers, sports clubs, and conferences with tools to manage and improve communication between volunteering groups. Professionals can utilize the calendar to view upcoming event details and send invitations to specific individuals. Leia mais sobre o ViVil
Advocacy & civic engagement platform for online campaigning
New/Mode is a web-based advocacy software designed to help grassroots campaigners and advocacy organizations communicate with supporters, elected officials, candidates, and other decision makers via instant emails, calls, Tweets, personal letters, and faxes. Leia mais sobre o New/Mode
Volunteer management solution for events
festiVOL is a web-based volunteer management solution designed to help event organizers manage volunteer applications, financial transactions & on-site operations for multiple event types. Users can create custom programs, prepare event schedules, sort volunteer information & handle applications. Leia mais sobre o festiVOL
Community management platform
bantu Workspace is a community management platform that helps non-profit organizations, clubs/associations, event planners, and schools manage projects, volunteers, members, and more. The data management module enables users to build a member database, assign projects, and track attendance. Leia mais sobre o bantu Workspace
Cloud-based volunteer and donation management software
Goodera Volunteer is a cloud-based software designed to help non-profit organizations and corporate businesses manage employee volunteer programs. Staff members can register for multiple events and discover new programs based on cause, interests, skills, or location. Leia mais sobre o Goodera Volunteer