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A white-label RPM platform, deployable in days. The solution supports reminders, threshold violation alerts, reports, integration with EHRs, and automatic seamless data capture from 550+ of portable health monitors. Leia mais sobre o MedM Platform
Teladoc provides an online platform for medical professionals including physicians, registered dietitians, dermatologists, and behavioral health specialists to connect with patients via phone or video call, without the need for in-person visits. Leia mais sobre o Teladoc
eVisit is a remote patient monitoring platform that allows medical institutions to streamline workflows & manage patient interactions via telemedicine technology. Professionals can view incoming patient requests in the virtual waiting room and accept or deny visits based on the severity of symptoms. Leia mais sobre o eVisit
ONC-Certified & HIPAA compliant cloud-based EHR and practice management platform with telehealth. Accept e-referrals, FREE claim submissions, online payments, E-statements, online scheduling, appointment reminders, clinical documentation, customizable forms, secure messaging, outcomes monitoring. Leia mais sobre o CarePaths EHR
Coviu is Australia’s most trusted video telehealth solution, powering secure and feature-rich video consultations. A web-based solution that fits seamlessly any healthcare business, large or small. Leia mais sobre o Coviu
CipherHealth is a cloud-based software that helps healthcare institutions collect feedback, conduct patient rounds, schedule follow-ups, and manage other processes on a centralized platform. Staff members can customize text or email alerts to create appointment reminders and remote care plans. Leia mais sobre o CipherHealth
A clinically-enabled comprehensive suite of patient-centric solutions that provide effective RPM and telehealth to patient populations across the care continuum. Leia mais sobre o Health Recovery Solutions
Start capturing new revenue today without disrupting your existing workflows. Our Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Solution includes everything you need to digitally assign programs, monitor patient progress, communicate with patients, and accurately track for efficient RTM billing. Leia mais sobre o MedBridge
EMR, Practice Management, behavioral, educational and mental health data collection software including curricula. Leia mais sobre o UnitusTI
100Plus is a patient monitoring platform that helps healthcare providers monitor patient health across multiple areas, including blood pressure, temperature, and weight. The alert functionality automatically sends notifications to doctors regarding at-risk patients with attached patient reports. Leia mais sobre o 100Plus
Panther is a telemedicine software that helps astrologers, tutors, and physicians build an online consultation marketplace using customizable inbuilt themes and domains. Businesses can connect clients with experts via audio or video conferencing, screen sharing, and text messaging in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Panther
CLICKDOC is a Dutch and German-language web-based video consultation software, designed to help healthcare professionals manage home visits and consultation hours with patients. It lets patients book appointments with their doctors and have consultations online. Leia mais sobre o CLICKDOC
HealthArc is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) software designed for hospitals, independent practices, group practices, and accountable care organizations (ACOs). The telehealth platform facilitates communication between patients and health care providers via chats, audio, or video calls. Leia mais sobre o HealthArc
Salesforce Health Cloud is a collaborative, all-round healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients Leia mais sobre o Health Cloud
Connected Health is a virtual care solution combining remote patient monitoring with telemedicine. It enables hospitals and clinics to efficiently deliver chronic care management (CCM), monitor patient conditions in real-time and improve care plan adherence through patient feedback, surveys & texts. Leia mais sobre o Connected Health
SynziMD's HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform enables physicians, providers & medical practices to conduct virtual visits and use secure messaging, text, and email for clinician-to-patient and clinician-to-clinician communications. Multiple participants can engage with the patient via telemedicine. Leia mais sobre o Synzi
NHCircle is a practice management software that helps healthcare institutes manage patient registrations, appointment scheduling, payment processing, and referral tracking, among other operations. Employees can track bed occupancy, book procedures, generate bills, and handle discharge processes. Leia mais sobre o NHCircle
WellWink is a cloud base patient relationship management system designed to help medical office engage with their patients health and communicate with them more effectively beyond office visit. Leia mais sobre o WellWink
RED medical is a web-based medical practice management solution for German healthcare professionals. The software, which is available in German, offers features to facilitate video consultations, patient billing, document management and storage, form printing, prescription management, and more. Leia mais sobre o RED medical
KORE One is a cloud-based software for IoT analytics. It provides a flexible approach for developing business-focused applications. Key features include API integrations, IT asset tracking, and data management. It also supports trend analyses, statistic reports, event logs, and access controls. Leia mais sobre o KORE One
Infermedica is an AI-based symptom checker platform which collects & analyzes medical knowledge for patient triage, symptom analysis & preliminary diagnosis Leia mais sobre o Infermedica
CareClix is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that helps healthcare clinics manage remote consultations, patient monitoring, ePrescribing and more. Professionals can access patient medical records, carry out examinations, verify policy coverage and suggest treatments. Leia mais sobre o CareClix
Vivify Health is a remote patient monitoring solution that helps medical institutions create & manage custom wellness programs for patients with chronic & post-acute illnesses. Care managers can conduct pre-operative assessments & patients are reminded about upcoming appointments via notifications. Leia mais sobre o Vivify Health
Certintell is an HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring solution that helps medical organizations manage appointments and streamline communication between patients & providers through telemedicine technology. With its dashboard, practitioners can automate claim submissions and billing operations. Leia mais sobre o Certintell
AMC Health is a cloud-based telemedicine solution that helps healthcare clinics streamline operations related to remote patient monitoring. The patient panel allows medical professionals to track patient health based on multiple criteria such as blood pressure, pulse, weight, glucose and more. Leia mais sobre o AMC Health
Hale is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform for small and mid-sized clinical teams to increase practitioner capacity and patient access to medical care. Features include secure messaging, live video visits, pre and post visit questionnaires, photo sharing, payment processing, and more. Leia mais sobre o Hale
HealthKOS is a patient management system for medical care providers to remotely monitor high-risk patients. Features include mobile video conferencing, instant messaging, phone calls, physician portal, patient mobile app, data collection and analytics, appointment management, reminders, and more. Leia mais sobre o HealthKOS
ChronicWatch is a HIPAA compliant, mobile-first, chronic care management and remote patient monitoring system for U.S. care providers and their patients. The platform enables physicians to create, manage and deliver chronic care plans in collaboration with home health agencies and patients. Leia mais sobre o Chronic Watch
Virtual Care Management is a remote patient monitoring platform for medical practitioners to oversee patient conditions and treatments. Features include clinical workflows, appointment scheduling, custom reports, video consultations, billing, diagnostic device integration, mobile web app, and more. Leia mais sobre o Virtual Care Management
RPMPro is a remote patient monitoring platform for medical staff to oversee health data from patients in different locations and facilities, or requiring real-time monitoring. Features include clinical data interpretation, real-time data collection, reports and analytics, status alerts, and more. Leia mais sobre o RPMPRO
BettrLife is a nutrition-focused technology platform for dietitians, fitness coaches, nutritionists and other ongoing healthcare providers. The software promotes patient engagement and chronic disease monitoring, and allows providers to track patients' conditions and provide support remotely. Leia mais sobre o BettrLife
Mobilea is a remote patient monitoring software that helps healthcare organizations supervise telehealth sessions via video calling and instant messaging tools. Medical professionals can conduct video conferences and exchange files, images, and action protocols with all stakeholders. Leia mais sobre o Mobiléa
Drimpy is a cloud-based social health platform, which helps patients connect with healthcare centers, track ongoing treatment progress or issues, and share medical files with physicians, care providers or family members. Leia mais sobre o Drimpy
KPN Zorg Messenger is a Dutch communication software that helps healthcare organizations establish two-way communication with patients via instant messaging, emails, and video calling. The care messenger tool lets medical practitioners send messages and exchange files with all stakeholders. Leia mais sobre o KPN Zorg Messenger
Advitronics helps physiotherapists, general practitioners, dentists, pharmacies, midwives, and healthcare organizations in the Dutch region plan, run, and manage telemedicine sessions. Users can conduct video meetings, chat with patients, and share files and screens in real-time using virtual rooms. Leia mais sobre o Advitronics Telecom
Caresharing helps pharmacies, general practitioners, municipalities, home care, and other social and healthcare organizations in the Dutch region plan, launch, and manage telemedicine sessions. It enables medical professionals to conduct secure video conferences with single or multiple patients. Leia mais sobre o Caresharing
Medable is a clinical trial management software based on a decentralized platform that helps research institutes carry out medical studies. Remote access allows worldwide patient integration. The program adapts to local languages and regulations according to requirements. Leia mais sobre o Medable
m.Doc Smart Clinic is a remote patient monitoring software designed to help clinics and rehabilitation facilities streamline activities occurring before, during, and after patients' stay at a facility. The software lets patients letters to doctors, record medication information, and view recommended measures for rehabilitation. Leia mais sobre o m.Doc Smart Clinic
Vector is a cardiac digital health platform designed to help care teams capture, manage, and analyze a large volume of remote cardiac data. Medical professionals can monitor and streamline the entire cardiac remote data lifecycle, from patient set-up to data transmission and analysis. Vector provides healthcare organizations with tools to... Leia mais sobre o Vector
Vivadox is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that helps physicians, doctors, group practices, and hospitals book virtual appointments with patients. It helps grow revenue by expanding the patient base and increasing operational efficiency. Leia mais sobre o Vivadox
Our solution brings together the support and accountability found only between a patient and their trusted care team, and XIAhealth®, our proprietary research-based technology, to inspire real change in patient behavior, & ultimately improved health outcomes. Leia mais sobre o XIAhealth
Your patients, face-to-face in your own virtual clinic. Easy communication with patients with just one click. Leia mais sobre o HasHealth
CoachCare is a cloud-based remote patient monitoring and virtual health software that provides the technology to offer a complete support service, designed to improve your patient outcomes, increase your revenue, and improve return on investment (ROI) through insurance reimbursement. Leia mais sobre o CoachCare
BioT Connected Care platform enables medical device and pharma companies to build secure, connected care solutions easily on their own. By using the BioT’s SDKs, plugin, and console, device companies can build their bespoke connected care applications quickly and securely Leia mais sobre o BioT
Datos Health is a fully automated remote patient monitoring system that features a user-friendly Patient Experience app. Patient generated health data is cleansed, tagged, and validated to save care teams time and improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Leia mais sobre o Datos Health
Advanced technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI) are at the heart of GBS’ Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution. With more than 12 million patient interactions and 15 years of continuous R&D, our platform is both a reliable and proven solution for patients and providers of all sizes and types. Leia mais sobre o Remote Patient Monitoring
O WeCancer é uma ferramenta inteligente que fornece assistência especializada e remota para pacientes diagnosticados com câncer, criando ainda um canal de atendimento direto com os especialistas. Além do acesso pelo computador, ela está disponível para aparelhos com os sistemas iOS e Android. Leia mais sobre o WeCancer
Luscii is an e-health platform designed to reduce the burden of taking routine measurements for healthcare providers and provide patients more freedom without compromising safety. Measurements are sent to the platform via a mobile app. AI technology can interpret abnormalities and inform physicians. Leia mais sobre o Luscii
Chronic Care Management is a cloud-based patient management and monitoring system which allows for the generation of patient centered plans from physicians using EMRs, 24/7 patient care team access (medication, information etc.), management of care transitions, electronic transfer/exchange of health information and more. Leia mais sobre o Chronic Care Management Cloud

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