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O Clio Suite é um software para escritórios de advocacia baseado em nuvem que transformará a maneira como o seu escritório de advocacia opera, desde a primeira visita de captação até o pagamento da última fatura. O Clio Suite oferece tudo de que você precisa para executar, gerenciar e expandir seu escritório. Os clientes notarão a diferença e... Leia mais sobre o Clio
BQE CORE makes it easier and more profitable to run your business. It organizes information, automates repetitive tasks and allows your firm to spend more time providing service to your clients instead of managing internal processes. Leia mais sobre o BQE CORE Suite
BigTime is the access-anywhere operating system behind the greatest professional services teams on the planet. See how we help your project-driven firm track & bill its most important asset: time. BigTime can help you take the guesswork out of utilization, capacity planning, and revenue projections. Leia mais sobre o BigTime
TimeSolv Legal Billing helps legal firms manage payments, invoices, budgets, tasks, and more. The built-in trust accounting functionality lets users create trust accounts to automatically process payments, update replenishment amount in invoices, and transfer funds between different trust accounts. Leia mais sobre o TimeSolv Legal Billing
Easy & secure law practice management software. Highest rated legal case management software on GetApp. Perfect for lawyers and law firms of all sizes. Try it free, no credit card needed. Leia mais sobre o PracticePanther Legal Software
O software de gestão de práticas jurídicas MyCase ajuda escritórios de advocacia a resolver os principais desafios de negócios, incluindo receber pagamentos, manter os casos no caminho certo e encantar os clientes. Independentemente da localização, o MyCase permite gerenciar as operações diárias da empresa com facilidade. Experimente o MyCase... Leia mais sobre o MyCase
AbacusLaw is a flexible and dynamically scalable practice management solution to support legal professionals from solo practitioners to enterprise law firms from client intake to payment. Leia mais sobre o AbacusLaw
Sage Intacct is a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software, and is the preferred cloud financial management applications for the AICPA. Leia mais sobre o Sage Intacct
Filevine is the #1 most customizable legal case management solution designed for legal teams to get their best work done. Leia mais sobre o Filevine
Smokeball cloud-based legal productivity software for PCs automatically records time and activity for you. Smokeball boasts full billing capability, an industry-leading document automation library with over 14,000 legal forms, Daily Digest, powerful integrations and a robust mobile app. Leia mais sobre o Smokeball
Amicus Attorney is a cloud and on-premise solution that enables law firms to streamline the entire case lifecycle, from creating documents to raising invoices. It lets users share & update appointments, receive change notifications, and link events, such as court dates, to calendars. Leia mais sobre o Amicus Attorney
Tabs3 Software offers intuitive legal billing and practice management solutions that combine security with advanced performance. Our fully integrated suite of products features unmatched customizability with flexible, work-anywhere functionality and outstanding, U.S.-based support. Leia mais sobre o Tabs3
See why Zola is the FASTEST-GROWING practice management software. Industry-leading features such as patented email management, robust billing & complete accounting platform delivered via a modern & intuitive web interface deliver a SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH. Leia mais sobre o Zola Suite
NextChapter is a bankruptcy software designed to help attorneys and law firms handle, file, and prepare bankruptcy cases using forms, questionnaires, document checklists, and more. Legal professionals can remind clients about upcoming hearings or appointments and access conversation histories. Leia mais sobre o NextChapter
O Jubilee é um provedor de software de gestão para escritórios de advocacia. Em um local, os advogados podem registrar casos de falência, registrar detalhes dos casos, usar mensagens de texto seguras com os clientes, acompanhar avisos dos tribunais, anexar documentos, enviar faturas e processar pagamentos. Leia mais sobre o Jubilee
Shape é um software de automação de marketing, vendas e CRM baseado na nuvem para empresas de setores como jurídico, imobiliário, hipoteca, financeiro e educacional. O software oferece ferramentas para gerenciar e automatizar promoções e marketing online, capturar e atender leads de fontes online, entre outros. Leia mais sobre o Shape
Best Case is a legal case management software that assists attorneys with case preparation, petition filing, data collection, reporting, and more. Using OneTouch®, legal professionals can upload documents, docket case information, and file emergency petitions electronically. Leia mais sobre o Best Case
CINcompass is a cloud-based software that assists legal professionals with the preparation, electronic filing, and management of bankruptcy cases. It enables lawyers to view upcoming appointments or meetings on a calendar and remind clients about court hearings via call, text message, or email. Leia mais sobre o CINcompass
DecisionRules helps you speed up everyday processes in financial services, insurance, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare and more. Leia mais sobre o
Equator is a full end-to-end solution for investors, providing the ability to evaluate investment opportunities in real estate, find property listings and homes for sale, analyze them in detail using actionable data insights and access trusted service providers. Leia mais sobre o Equator
Solvemint is a bankruptcy software that helps insolvency professionals manage the corporate liquidation process in compliance with IBC 2016 regulations. It enables legal teams to capture and store details of employees, shareholders, registrars, auditors, and creditors in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o Solvemint
lawsyst is a legal case management software designed for legal practices across various sectors, including bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal, family, and property. Organizations can create custom workflows, build a contact directory, manage billing processes, track leads, and other operations. Leia mais sobre o Lawsyst

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