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Perguntas e respostas ao vivo e seguras, respostas, multimoderação, bate-papo privado, bate-papo privado por áudio ou vídeo, modo de login ou anônimo. Leia mais sobre o DialogLoop
O Pollfish é uma solução de pesquisa online que ajuda as empresas a criar pesquisas usando um portal de autoatendimento e receber respostas do consumidor em tempo real. Permite que as agências de publicidade executem campanhas online, gerem relatórios de consumidores e definam públicos-alvo analisando o comportamento do consumidor. Leia mais sobre o Pollfish
Kahoot! is a gamification software designed to help corporate trainers and teachers create interactive presentations, training material, and learning games. Individuals can prepare for tests using flashcards, games, quizzes, and peer challenges, ensuring optimal engagement. Leia mais sobre o Kahoot!
O VoxVote é uma solução de votação móvel baseada na nuvem, que permite que empresas de todos os tamanhos criem questionários, pesquisas e enquetes personalizadas e as implantem nos clientes via SMS ou dispositivo móvel, a fim de obter comentários, avaliar habilidades, obter informações e muito mais, além de visualizar resultados e respostas em... Leia mais sobre o VoxVote
Vevox is a live polling and Q&A solution that enables businesses of all sizes and educational institutions to streamline processes related to employee or student engagement, online meetings, classes and more. Leia mais sobre o Vevox
The all-in-one document workflow platform used in 153+ countries. Leia mais sobre o Sizle
ClassPoint enables businesses to create interactive and engaging PowerPoint presentations without the need to switch between different apps. Engage your students with different question types, annotation tools, and whiteboards inserted into your PowerPoint presentations. Leia mais sobre o ClassPoint
Aproveite ao máximo a reunião com os recursos de perguntas e respostas, pesquisas, brainstorming e questionários do Slido. Leia mais sobre o Slido
An events platform with integrated audience response, our platform allows live streaming, presents slides to all devices instantly, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience and provide powerful event analytics while maintaining topflight security protocols. Leia mais sobre o Glisser
Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response system that lets users, including event speakers, lecturers, teachers, and other presenters, embed interactive activities directly into their presentation. The audience can respond using a private response page, the Poll Everywhere app or via SMS. Leia mais sobre o Poll Everywhere
Mentimeter is an Audience Engagement Platform designed to assist users with creating interactive meetings and presentations. The software includes live quizzes, word clouds, polls, Q&As, and more for remote, face-to-face and hybrid presenting. Leia mais sobre o Mentimeter
MeetingPulse is an audience response software designed to help businesses interact, engage, and communicate with the audience via live polling, brainstorming tools, Q&A sessions, quizzes, and more. Presenters can collect relevant questions from participants before, during, and after meetings. Leia mais sobre o MeetingPulse
Crowdpurr is a mobile-driven audience engagement platform that allows businesses to poll audiences during live events. In addition to polling, the platform supports live trivia games, multiple choice quizzes, voting, and streaming content to social media walls. Leia mais sobre o Crowdpurr
Echo360 is a polling and survey software that helps organizations conduct in-person and remote assessments using multiple choice, true or false, numeric response, and open-ended questions. Participants can respond using their own cell phone, tablet or computer. Leia mais sobre o Echo360
Colete ideias, comentários e organize a sessão de perguntas e respostas com conteúdo interativo. Leia mais sobre o AhaSlides
MeetApp is an event management solution that helps businesses plan, create, and host in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings and events. Event organizers can use the MeetApp Invite functionality to invite and register participants, collect attendees’ information, and create registration pages. Leia mais sobre o MeetApp
Opendo allows the dynamic creation of your activities to energize your meetings, conferences and trainings. You can choose from 20 different modules to create your own content and make a great sequence for your participants ! Leia mais sobre o Opendo
youengage is a customer experience and engagement solution designed to help businesses interact with users at every step of the customer journey, generate leads, gain feedback, increase revenue, and capture data via a unified platform. It enables professionals to design quizzes using personality tests and knowledge quizzes and create and share... Leia mais sobre o youengage
Conferences i/o is a cloud-based audience engagement platform that allows event organizers, moderators, and presenters to create and share custom presentations. It offers features including social Q&As, live audience polling, team battles, quizzes, feedback collection, attendance tracking & more. Leia mais sobre o Conferences io
The live Q&A for your audience. Discover hidden questions your audience has. Schnaq offers you multiple ways to connect with your audience and engage them at the same time. Intelligent live Q&A, a discussion mode, polls an activation feature and more. Leia mais sobre o schnaq
Pigeonhole Live is an interactive Q&A, survey, and polling platform that enables speakers to engage with audiences at conferences, meetings, town halls & events Leia mais sobre o Pigeonhole Live
Wooclap is a cloud-based software designed to help educational institutions and corporate businesses collect participants’ responses or feedback during live presentations, events, and training sessions. Managers can improve audiences’ engagement by adding interactive activities in presentations. Leia mais sobre o Wooclap
Business owners use AirVote QR smileys to monitor service levels through the eyes of their customers. This self-service platform is free forever for moderate use. Ideal customer: any brick-and-mortar business with a public restroom or a portable restroom operator Leia mais sobre o AirVote
With Sendsteps you keep your audience, focused, entertained, and engaged. Just select one of our ready-made templates or create one yourself from scratch, whatever suits your story best. Using Sendsteps is easy, your audience can simply join with their personal device. Leia mais sobre o Sendsteps
Qwizdom is an audience response solution designed to help businesses and educational institutions collect feedback and enhance engagement among clients or students. Key features include surveys & feedback, online polling, data export, interactive presentations, gamification, scoring, & reporting. Leia mais sobre o Qwizdom
Texuto is messaging-based engagement platform, providing a safe place for organizations to communicate with audiences such as employees, students or customers. Our user’s privacy and convenience are our top priority. Leia mais sobre o Texuto
Wisembly is a web platform for engaging your teams simply during your workshops, webinars, seminars, conferences and other formats. Live presentations, interactive activity feeds that facilitate sharing and connecting people, engaging quizzes, workshops. Leia mais sobre o Wisembly
Empower your participants to ask questions, vote in polls, participate in quizzes, run live stream meetings and be a part of the discussion with webMOBI Ngage. Leia mais sobre o Ngage
SlideLizard LIVE is a plugin for PowerPoint which lets presenters conduct live polls & quizzes with their audience. Moreover, it allows asking anonymous questions and giving feedback after the presentation. Leia mais sobre o SlideLizard LIVE
SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is an intelligent, multi-channel marketing solution. Modules of Customer Intelligence 360 include 360 Discover, 360 Engage, 360 Match and the SAS CDP capabilities. Additional related products include SAS Intelligent Decisioning) and SAS Event Stream Processing. Leia mais sobre o SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is an online event platform that allows companies to host virtual & hybrid events, conferences and trade fairs. With years of experience as event organisers, created a fully customisable online platform and combined it with individual event consulting. Leia mais sobre o
Audience Response Systems is polling software that helps educators, trainers, and presenters conduct electronic voting to optimize audience engagement and content retention from within a unified platform. The PowerPoint response plugin allows staff members to set up single vote or multi-vote slides, create demographic filters, monitor audience... Leia mais sobre o Audience Response Systems
CrowdQuestion is a question and answer management solution designed to help streamline engagement with event attendees. Managers can use the event management platform to create channels for providing information, resources, and links to connect with the host and ask questions. Leia mais sobre o CrowdQuestion
ARSnova gives presenters a tool they can use to make their presentations more interactive. The user creates questions and evaluates the responses subsequently received from live participants. Participants can use their smartphones or tablets to transmit responses. Leia mais sobre o ARSnova
myQuiz is a cloud-based platform that helps midsize to large venues engage with audiences using gamification capabilities. Leia mais sobre o myQuiz

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