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O software Vertex oferece determinação, conformidade e geração de relatórios fiscais, gestão de dados fiscais e gestão de documentos com integrações aos principais aplicativos de negócios. Leia mais sobre o Vertex
hellotax is a cloud-based VAT management software, which offers tools for both registering VAT numbers and automating VAT filings and returns. The all-in-one VAT management platform is designed specifically for online retailers within Europe and offers VAT registration for various EU countries. Leia mais sobre o hellotax
Xero é um software de contabilidade para pequenas empresas baseado na nuvem, com ferramentas para gerenciar faturamento, conciliação bancária, estoque, compras, despesas, contabilidade e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Xero
O TurboTax é um software de preparação de impostos otimizado para dispositivos móveis que orienta os usuários passo a passo para receber sua restituição máxima de impostos de declarações de imposto de renda estaduais e federais. Leia mais sobre o TurboTax Business
TaxPrep is a cloud-based tax preparation software system for small businesses. It helps companies with data entry, diagnostics, audit reviews, quality assurance and more. Leia mais sobre o Taxprep
Intuit ProSeries Tax is a cloud-based tax management software designed to help accounting firms prepare returns, file e-forms, and track tax filing errors through diagnostic tools. Features include multi-user access, e-signature, status tracking, multi-year e-filing, encrypted files & data import. Leia mais sobre o ProSeries Tax
Drake Tax is a tax management software designed to help small to midsize accounting businesses manage returns for clients via a unified portal. It includes shortcut keys and macros, which enables tax professionals to streamline data entry operations. Leia mais sobre o Drake Tax
H&R Block is a tax practice management solution designed to help small businesses streamline taxation benefits, mortgage interest, and real estate tax deductions management operations. The platform enables businesses to file corporate taxes, create job application forms, assess audit risks, and more. Leia mais sobre o H&R Block
MyTAXPrepOffice is a professional tax preparation software that helps businesses prepare and file tax returns on a unified platform. Enjoy mobility, accuracy, ease of use, and affordability. Leia mais sobre o MyTAXPrepOffice
TaxCloud is a cloud-based sales tax management and compliance tracking platform designed for online retailers. It offers sales tax calculation for any address in the United States as well as registration, filing, remittance, detailed reporting, and audit response services. It allows employees to generate tax reports, process payments, and... Leia mais sobre o TaxCloud
TaxACT specializes in tax preparation software and Web-based services. The flagship product, TaxACT, provides its users the highest degree of accuracy and completeness and is designed by in-house programmers, CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), and tax accountants. Leia mais sobre o TaxAct Business
Pilot é um software de contabilidade empresarial e geral desenvolvido para ajudar startups e pequenas empresas a gerenciar a contabilidade, impostos e outros processos financeiros. Os administradores podem registrar os diversos tipos de imposto de renda, incluindo federal, estadual, local e receber atualizações de status sobre preenchimentos reais. Leia mais sobre o Pilot
ProConnect Tax is a cloud-based tax management software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage payments, documents, batch processing, electronic filing, and more via a unified portal. The platform allows organizations to create and share documents with internal and external stakeholders, access various forms, and import client data from... Leia mais sobre o ProConnect Tax
Generate your tax forms automatically with a single click and enjoy expert advice on your tax querys. Leia mais sobre o tugesto
Caseware is a fully integrated tax preparation and paperless auditing solution for multi-user accounts receivable, administrative support, accounting practices, and corporate taxation departments. With Caseware, you can manage all your clients’ information including contact and payment details, outstanding due invoices, and customer choices or... Leia mais sobre o Caseware Corporation Tax
Property tax management solution: control between tax notices and the assets under management to be sure you pay the right amount. Leia mais sobre o WIM
Lacerte Tax is a complete corporate tax return software to handle complex to simple returns. It features comprehensive form coverage, advanced diagnostics, and online access. Leia mais sobre o Lacerte Tax
Blue J Tax is an AI-powered solution designed to help accountants, tax lawyers, and public bodies build better insights faster, with faster diagramming, research, analysis, and planning tools. Leia mais sobre o Blue J Tax
made.simplr is a cloud-based R&D tax credit software that simplifies the R&D claim process, removes the burden of preparing a claim. The software is fully integrated with Xero. Leia mais sobre o made.simplr
TaxCalc is a tax practice management solution designed to help accountants, tax advisors, and finance professionals manage clients, calculate tax returns, prepare financial statements, and more. It enables finance teams file clients’ tax returns, validate entries, and monitor due dates. Leia mais sobre o TaxCalc
CSC Corptax is a corporate tax management software designed to help businesses handle tax provisions, compliance, corporate entities, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can view audit trails and gain insights into trends, analytics & anomalies on an interactive dashboard. Leia mais sobre o CSC Corptax
Taxfiler is a cloud-based accountancy and tax management solution that helps UK-based accountants manage accounts and prepare and file tax returns. It offers tools for managing corporation tax, personal tax, partnership tax, trusts and estates, and more. Leia mais sobre o Taxfiler
UltraTax CS is a cloud-based professional tax software designed to help tax preparers automate corporate tax workflows and streamline document management. It offers multi-monitor flexibility, allowing businesses to view forms, input, diagnostics, prior year input, and more on up to 4 separate monitors at the same time. Leia mais sobre o UltraTax CS
Neo.Tax has automated the R&D Tax Credit for startups. In 30 minutes, you can prepare your R&D claim on your own or with the support of our team and get up to $250k back from your eligible R&D expenses. Not profitable? No problem, apply the credit to your payroll taxes. Leia mais sobre o
BTCSoftware is perfect for accountants and finance professionals who need their software to easily handle their tax work and deadlines. Leia mais sobre o BTCSoftware
Taxjoy facilitates seamless and secure communication between tax professionals - including accountants, enrolled agents, tax attorneys and tax advisors - and their clients, enabling them to share and collaborate on any tax documents Leia mais sobre o Taxjoy
Koinly is a corporate tax solution designed to help businesses calculate taxes on several cryptocurrencies. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to track transfers across wallets. Leia mais sobre o Koinly
Automate your SMSF administration through direct-connect data feeds, tax statements, and bulk-processing corporate actions. Leia mais sobre o Class Super is a modular accounting, invoicing & collection web-based solution. It is aimed at entrepreneurs, small businesses and associations based in France. Leia mais sobre o
Longview Tax is a corporate tax management solution that provides businesses with tools for managing tax strategies, collecting data, provisioning, and reporting on taxes. The cloud-based platform also offers tools for tax planning and helps businesses create data-driven strategies. Leia mais sobre o Longview Tax
Corporate Tax Manager is a cloud-based tax management solution for the Irish market. The platform offers tools for data import and export, ROS (Revenue Online Services) calculation, tax return submissions, data rollover, integration with third party accounting software, and more. Leia mais sobre o Corporate Tax Manager
R7VAT is a comprehensive solution for VAT Returns Preparation, designed to handle all requirements for UK and GCC countries. Leia mais sobre o R7VAT
Bloomberg Tax is a corporate tax software designed to help businesses plan taxes and access relevant information using various research tools. The platform includes resources on U.S. federal, state, and international tax, compliance, regulations, year-end planning, and more. Leia mais sobre o Bloomberg Tax
getW9 is an online system that automates and streamlines the IRS Form W-9 collection and management processes. Leia mais sobre o getW9
Sistema SII is a web solution compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, which facilitates contact with the AEAT for companies to make tax settlements. The software uses the Odoo-SII platform and serves as a method of connection with the Tax Agency. Leia mais sobre o Sistema SII
Klikpajak is a cloud-based solution for emerging and established enterprises across Indonesia. Mekari Klikpajak is an official online tax payment and reports solution from the Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes. Leia mais sobre o Mekari Klikpajak
Transaction Cloud is a platform for payments, sales tax / VAT /GST compliance (automated collection, filing), subscription management, recurring billing, and fraud protection for SaaS. Leia mais sobre o Transaction Cloud
TaxComp is a SaaS solution that helps businesses manage accounting, tax, and finance processes from within a unified interface. It allows teams to manage corporate, payroll, and state income taxes, among others. Leia mais sobre o Taxcomp
Divizend Maximizer is the world's first intuitive, API-based software that automizes the reclaim process of foreign withholding tax on dividends in a novel, end-user-friendly and price-competitive way. Leia mais sobre o Divizend Maximizer
Business owners know more about their businesses than anyone else. That’s why FreeTaxUSA integrates the tools to help you manage your business taxes with all the information you have on hand. From filing returns and extension requests to calculating profits and losses, we’re here to support you from start to finish. Leia mais sobre o FreeTaxUSA
a3Sociedades is Spanish-language software that automates the calculation and filing of corporate tax returns. The application facilitates the filing of forms 200, 202, 220, and 222 according to Corporate Tax Law. In addition, the software generates annual accounts statements for companies and groups of companies. Leia mais sobre o a3Sociedades

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