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Testes de carga para sites, aplicativos da Internet e APIs. Os testes de carga com o Loadster ajudam você a encontrar problemas de desempenho, evitar o tempo de inatividade e garantir que o aplicativo possa manipular eventos de alto tráfego com facilidade. O Loadster é uma solução de teste de nuvem híbrida para executar testes de carga sob demanda... Leia mais sobre o Loadster
BlazeMeter is the leading agile performance testing as a service platform provider. The company's products enable engineers to run load tests on any mobile app, website, or API, simulating more than one million concurrent users on a developer-friendly self-service platform from any of the public clouds and from inside the corporate firewall. Leia mais sobre o BlazeMeter
Functional testing and load testing for 10/25/40Gbps line rate traffic. Leia mais sobre o Ostinato
LoadUI Pro is a cloud-based performance testing software designed to help businesses of all sizes create and execute load tests for databases, REST or SOAP APIs, and microservice architecture. It allows IT teams to use existing functional tests to conduct performance evaluation. Leia mais sobre o ReadyAPI
Load Impact is the cloud-based load testing software, mobile app and API developers worldwide. It is used to determine your maximum capacity to understand which components fail first, its order and nature of failure. It allows load, stress and endurance testing of websites, mobile apps and APIs. Leia mais sobre o Load Impact
NeoLoad is a load testing software that enables DevOps teams to design and run code-less performance tests across system applications. Developers can add custom conditions or controls in tests, define application-specific parameters, and automatically update existing test scripts. Leia mais sobre o NeoLoad
WAPT is a performance testing tool designed to test any website or web-based applications against load with test design and load generation features Leia mais sobre o WAPT
WebLOAD helps businesses design, deploy, and manage custom test environments for various applications, websites, network protocols, and technologies. The drag-and-drop capabilities allow organizations to create personalized test conditions using building blocks and custom scripts. Leia mais sobre o WebLOAD
Flood helps organizations create, deploy, and manage performance tests to analyze applications, websites, APIs, and more. The test builder enables enterprises to create custom scripts within the application or export them from various third-party frameworks such as Selenium, Gatling, and JMeter. Leia mais sobre o Flood
Loader is a performance management and data analytics platform that assesses data feeds and simplifies information into graphs and charts to inspect server performances. It provides a centralized dashboard to manage feeds. All data is accessible via the online Loader login so you can view reports. Leia mais sobre o
Apica LoadTest enables users to test the scalability of applications, identify performance bottlenecks and deliver improved customer experiences Leia mais sobre o Apica
LoadRunner Cloud is a cloud-based load testing software designed to help businesses plan, design, and run performance tests for websites or mobile applications to identify issues and view results in real-time. The platform captures data on application behaviors under multiple user environments. Leia mais sobre o LoadRunner Cloud is a load and performance testing software designed to help businesses create custom test scenarios using the JMeter interface. It offers an electron script recorder, which enables IT professionals to automatically design test scripts for web applications by capturing HTTP traffic. Leia mais sobre o
ApiZapi is a cloud-hosted service that runs Web Application load tests on your HTTP API endpoint. Leia mais sobre o ApiZapi
Telerik Test Studio is a web and desktop automated testing platform. It is designed to help developers, QA testers, and managers ensure web apps meet quality standards and user demands. The platform includes an intuitive UI with a blend of codeless and code-based automation capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Telerik Test Studio

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