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Permit to Work is a permit management software designed to help businesses in the automobile, petroleum, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors manage risk assessments, simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), and job shifts. Leia mais sobre o Permit to Work
OpenGov Citizen Services is code enforcement and permit management software that helps governmental organizations to manage workflow processes, inspections, permits, reports, and more from within a unified platform. The built-in customer service portal allows citizens to draft, submit, and view community development applications and pay online... Leia mais sobre o OpenGov Citizen Services
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Leia mais sobre o GovPilot
Reliant Parking is a cloud-based parking and permit management solution for apartment communities, HOAs, student housing, and other buildings that require parking management. The platform provides online parking and permit management via apps for residents, management, and enforcement. Leia mais sobre o Reliant Parking
VelocityEHS comprehensive EHS management software includes risk analysis, incident management, corrective action, compliance management, ergonomics, and more Leia mais sobre o VelocityEHS
McMain Software builds a software solution to optimize all of your asset management tasks and helps you improve the maintenance management processes. It helps you maintain your assets in an efficient way. Leia mais sobre o McMain
Brightly Software's (formerly Dude Solutions) SmartGov simplifies permitting and licensing through a public portal that brings together permit applications, public notices, maps, online payments and more in a single information hub. Leia mais sobre o SmartGov
CityReporter is a cloud-based inspection management solution, which helps municipal corporations and local governments manage risk and evaluate asset performance. Key features include inspection tracking, safety program planning, budgeting, record-keeping, time-sheet entry and project management. Leia mais sobre o CityReporter
GIS-Centric Asset and Work Management software for local government and utilities. From Service Orders to Permitting, from Preventive Maintenance to Citizen Engagement, Elements XS has your organization covered. Leia mais sobre o Elements XS
CivicGov offers features that are available as either stand-alone modules or an integrated suite. It helps businesses conduct and schedule one-time and cyclical reoccurring inspections across their organization. Leia mais sobre o CivicGov
iWorQ is a cloud-based operations management solution for public works and community development departments. The platform offers tools for managing permits, business licenses, planning and zoning, work orders, fleets, assets, facilities, projects, employees, and more. Leia mais sobre o iWorQ
Evolve Permitting is a permit management software designed to help businesses in the utility and government sectors create personalized to-do lists and schedule multiple inspections. Administrators can share real-time assessment results with customers via email and SMS. Leia mais sobre o Evolve Permitting
CityWorks is a cloud-based solution designed to help local governments manage capital assets, communication, and licensing. The GIS-centric platform lets users record infrastructure data in a geodatabase, monitor historical work, identify associated costs, and schedule preventative maintenance. Leia mais sobre o Cityworks
MuniLogic is a web-based municipal management solution that enables municipalities & local governments to manage business workflows, as well as manage assets Leia mais sobre o MuniLogic
e-permits is a SaaS-based permit to work software & work authorization system which supports contractor control, risk & assessment management and compliance Leia mais sobre o Banyard Solutions e-permits
Permits by CityTech Solutions is a cloud-based permit management solution, which offers features including permit issuance, approval workflow management, permit fee estimates, contracts management, and more. The platform is designed for building officials, managers, and personnel. Leia mais sobre o Permits
Cloud based searchable database app to manage permitted and guest parking. App is great for HOAs, condo associations, apartment rental complexes, Tow and lot monitoring companies. Leia mais sobre o MyGuestSpot
IAMPermit is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to efficiently administer permits, preventing unnecessary delays. The software is easy to use, requires no user training or installation, and can be configured to the specifics of your work control permit process. Leia mais sobre o IAMPermit
POSSE LMS is a land management solution designed to help enterprises and municipalities in North America streamline operations related to licensing, site-inspections, construction permits, and more. Contractors can record, evaluate, retrieve, and manage information related to projects. Leia mais sobre o POSSE LMS
Cloudpermit is a cloud-based software designed to help government organizations manage inspections, approvals, implementation, and other construction permit processes via a unified portal. The platform enables applicants to apply and pay for permits, submit drawings, insurance documents, and site plans, communicate with municipal officers, track... Leia mais sobre o Cloudpermit
O software ASK-EHS é uma solução de saúde e segurança ambiental para analisar tendências de EHS, visualizar relatórios em tempo real e gerenciar tarefas e conformidade. Leia mais sobre o ASK-EHS Safety Management Software
Municity is a cloud-based multi-platform solution designed to help municipalities automate processes for planning, zoning, code enforcement, inspections and permitting to ensure operational efficiency. Popular packages include health, public works, and building. Leia mais sobre o Municity
MaintStar Land Management is a cloud-based software designed to help government agencies automate administrative tasks such as code enforcement, license management, inspections, land planning, permitting, data exchange, form generation, and more on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o MaintStar Land Management
PermitTrax is a permit and land management platform for government and municipal agencies, which aids users with managing and approving building permits, code enforcement, land use applications, and more. The platform can be hosted on premise or in the cloud and comes with an iPad application. Leia mais sobre o PermitTrax
O Enablon Risk Management é uma solução de gestão de incidentes e conformidade baseada na nuvem, desenvolvida para ajudar grandes empresas a avaliar, estimar e reduzir riscos operacionais. Os administradores podem criar modelos de formulários comuns para garantir consistência nos registros de risco. Leia mais sobre o Enablon Risk Management
Citizenserve Permitting is a cloud-based permitting software designed to help government organizations and municipalities manage permit applications, approvals, re-submissions, and inspection processes from within a unified platform. Contractors, citizens, inspectors, and other staff members can access the entire permitting process, from beginning... Leia mais sobre o Citizenserve Permitting
Safetymint is a cloud-based and on-premise safety management software that helps businesses manage safety processes via audit scheduling, inspection checklists, risk assessment, reporting, and more. Leia mais sobre o Safetymint
Permit To Work Software is a cloud-based application that helps generate, review and approve safety permits electronically in simple & easy ways. Staff members can send safety permits via email, text message, or WhatsApp. It offers a feature to customize the content of the permit for any type of permit including hot work, cold work, confined... Leia mais sobre o Permit To Work

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