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EFI PrintSmith Vision is a print estimating software that helps businesses in publishing, textile, printing, government and other sectors manage print estimating, accounting, sales, orders, and more. Managers can utilize business cards and letterheads to generate estimates for various job tasks. Leia mais sobre o PrintSmith Vision
Printlogic is a web-based integrated print management system that can be accessed on a personal computer, Mac and any device with a browser. It includes various modules such as quoting, job sheets, delivery dockets, stock control, a diary system, and more. Leia mais sobre o Printlogic
EFI Pace is a business management software that provides businesses in the printing industry with integrated solutions for job planning, estimation, task scheduling, data collection, accounting, and more. Leia mais sobre o ePS Pace
PaperCut makes server-based and cloud-based print management software for workplaces of all sizes to manage print security, cost control, and more. The software works with all printer brands & platforms, and enables printing from any device, including iOS, Android & Chromebooks Leia mais sobre o PaperCut
PressWise is a web-based all-in-one management information system (MIS) and workflow automation software designed for print businesses. The solution includes estimating tools, online storefronts, customizable catalogs & templates, job management, order processing, shipping and fulfillment, and more. Leia mais sobre o PressWise
MyQ X is the print management solution that respects people and their need to be more secure, effective, and mobile with their individual workflows. MyQ X makes technology work for people, whether it’s a single printer or multi-vendor fleet, on-premise or cloud network, or user-owned devices. Leia mais sobre o MyQ X
InfoFlo Print is a fully integrated, enterprise-level print management system that acts as a central hub for your entire business. We offer a wide range of features and integrations to simplify core shop processes, increase profit margins, and boost your bottom line revenue. Leia mais sobre o InfoFlo Print
Printer’s Plan is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses streamline the entire print management process, from cost estimating to invoicing. Supervisors can maintain a record of available inventory and estimate the individual and total price of items that require to be printed. Leia mais sobre o Printers Plan
Quote more accurately, reduce response times to customer queries, keep track of cost and profit, reduce admin & more. Leia mais sobre o ePRO Print MIS
Midnight is a cloud-based MIS solution for printers and mailers, which provides features such as A/R invoicing, scheduling, inventory, and customer relationship management. Leia mais sobre o Midnight
The YSoft SafeQ platform offers an integrated solution including print management across all major multifunction printer brands, automated document capture workflows, and 3D print management Leia mais sobre o YSoft SAFEQ
Simplify3D is a 3D print management software that allows professionals to create print files, generate pre-print simulations, and conduct mesh analysis, among other operations. It allows administrators to set up, control, and switch between multiple machine configurations from within a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Simplify3D
PrinterOn Enterprise is a web-based printing solution that enables businesses to securely manage their print workflow from job submission to release. The software supports remote printing, secure pull printing, desktop printing, and mobile printing, and enables secure authentication through SSO. Leia mais sobre o PrinterOn Enterprise
Print Manager Plus is a print management solution that aims to give businesses unprecedented access, control, and insight into their organization's printing to enable cost cutting and waste reduction. The software includes live printer auditing, quota and budget tracking, rule setting, and more. Leia mais sobre o Print Manager Plus
O Wikku é um gerenciador de ativos digitais que digitaliza ordens de serviço recorrentes de produtos personalizados, ajudando os usuários a evitarem erros e economizarem custos. O Wikku é ideal para empresas e profissionais que trabalham com serigrafia, bordado, sublimação, brindes promocionais, uniformes profissionais, vestuário esportivo e... Leia mais sobre o Wikku
Easeprint is a print management and packaging software for commercial printing and packaging businesses. Key features include billing & invoicing, job costing, supplier & order management, quotes, best-fit imposition, cost & job tracking, scheduling, bindery estimating, and run style analysis. Leia mais sobre o Easeprint
Ink Cloud is the cloud-based business management platform that gives print and design professionals instant access to all of the tools they need to streamline their jobs from start to finish. Leia mais sobre o Ink Cloud
ezeep is a cloud-based print management solution designed to let businesses manage multiple printers and allow printing without requiring end users to download drivers. The software enables printing from any device, including iOS and Android phones, and lets guests print from their own devices. Leia mais sobre o ezeep
Web to Print Solution Providers to Unveil Real Potential of Print Business Leia mais sobre o WTPBiz
uniFLOW is a modular printing and scanning management platform that covers office printing, mobile printing, document scanning, device management, and production printing. The software includes functionality for web submission, process workflow automation, job re-routing, batch processing, and more. Leia mais sobre o uniFLOW
Printanista Hub is a cloud-based print management solution which offers remote monitoring for managed print service providers & helps OEMs, suppliers & resellers to control their customer relationships. It offers a range of features for monitoring, maintaining, servicing & supplying printers & materials. Leia mais sobre o Printanista Hub
Sentinel é uma solução modular de gestão de impressão baseada na internet que pode ser personalizada para atender às necessidades de impressão, digitalização e cópia de qualquer organização, de pequenas a grandes empresas. O sistema inclui pull printing, impressão baseada em regras, geração de relatórios de impressão, gestão de cotas de impressão... Leia mais sobre o Sentinel
netZcore PRINT is a print and copy management solution designed for public schools, college and university libraries, public libraries, speciality libraries, and government institutions. The software allows administrators to monitor printing activity, control usage, recover costs, and more. Leia mais sobre o netZcore PRINT
PrinterLogic is a cloud-based print management solution designed to keep print jobs on local networks behind company firewalls, and centrally manage all printers, drivers, and settings. The software also offers advanced print, copy, and scan activity reporting, secure release printing, and more. Leia mais sobre o PrinterLogic
Equitrac Express is a print management & cost recovery software designed for libraries and educational institutions including K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. The solution allows users to set print quotas, allocate costs, collect payments, define print rules, generate reports, and more. Leia mais sobre o Equitrac Express
InfinityCloud is a secure SaaS print management solution designed to simplify print driver management and remove the need for print servers. The software lets administrators define role-based access controls, view printing logs and users stats, manage secure pull printing, and more. Leia mais sobre o InfinityCloud
Print Conductor is a print management and automatic document printing solution designed to allow users to print large volumes of documents containing multiple file formats without the need to open each file. The software offers customizable settings for specific file types and also individual files. Leia mais sobre o Print Conductor
Print Job Manager by PrinterAdmin is a centralized print management system for education & business environments designed to simplify and automate the administration of shared IP, local and Windows server printers. The software supports print tracking, secure pull printing, printer alerts, and more. Leia mais sobre o Print Job Manager
If you are looking for a tool to manage print and scan behavior of multiple subsidiaries, KCPS is the product for you. Everyone has their own accounts, from managers to clients, and can easily monitor their activity. KCPS will create transparency and increase efficiency for you and your employees. Leia mais sobre o Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan
PrintFactory is a platform for printing professionals who print large formats. The platform centrally manages printers. The platform works with an XML-driven raster image processor (RIP) compatible with over 2,000 types of printers and cutters. It provides real-time monitoring of all printers. Leia mais sobre o PrintFactory
Kofax Equitrac is a solution aimed at securing the entire company printing process. This tool was developed in response to the resurgence of data theft of documents sent to corporate printers. The tool is compatible with most printers. Leia mais sobre o Kofax Equitrac
Let Wye Print show you how with the right application and training can put the power back into the hands of your users – transforming the print experience, making people better at what they do, and driving value from every interaction. Leia mais sobre o Wye Print
PlanProphet CRM and marketing automation software is a print and graphics industry with features tailored to your needs. Leia mais sobre o PlanProphet
Empowers business users to take 100% control over customer communications Leia mais sobre o Perfect Doc Studio

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