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By processing 100% of customer interactions, VoiceAnalytics automatically provides objective, consistent, and valuable insights and information about each conversation, revealing opportunities to improve customer experience and agent performance in contact centers. Leia mais sobre o VoiceAnalytics
O assist365 oferece a possibilidade de automatizar todo o fluxo de trabalho de atendimento ao cliente, tanto de entrada quanto de saída. De IVR com recursos de conversação até processamento de consultas complexas para vários casos de uso. Leia mais sobre o assist365 - AI-powered Virtual Assistant
Sybill captures your buyer's verbal and non-verbal signals (body language, gaze, expressions) on calls in the context of the conversation to flag buying signals, warning signs, and what's resonating with them. Accelerate revenue with a much deeper insight into their mindset than you've ever had. Leia mais sobre o Sybill
NICE Cxone delivers the most complete and customer-focused cloud platform for companies to transform their customer experiences. Leia mais sobre o NICE CXone
Get unfiltered visibility into what's happening with your sales team, your deals, and your market with Revenue Intelligence from Gong. Leia mais sobre o
Dragon Professional Individual is a speech recognition software designed to help professionals leverage deep learning technology to dictate and transcribe documents. Its smart format rules automatically adapt to required abbreviations, phone numbers, dates, and other appearing details. Leia mais sobre o Dragon Professional Individual
Top A.I-enabled Speech Recognition technology in the Edtech market with nearly 95% accuracy when compared to native teachers. Easy-to-integrate API, cost reduction, game-changer speech features for your education platforms. Leia mais sobre o ELSA Speak
The Cloud Phone System of choice for modern sales and support teams. We help end clueless conversations by adding context to every call. Leia mais sobre o JustCall
CallTrackingMetrics is marketing attribution, conversation intelligence, and contact center solution. Capture the full customer journey across teams. Track all of your conversations across calls, texts, form fills, and chats in one platform. Leia mais sobre o CallTrackingMetrics
Chorus is the leader in conversation intelligence and an integral part of ZoomInfo’s (NASDAQ: ZI) leading modern go-to-market software. Chorus’ Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps revenue teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings. Leia mais sobre o Chorus
EvaluAgent is a cloud-based quality assurance solution for customer service and sales teams. It offers robust workflows for performance management. The platform unifies customer conversations, surveys, and agent performance data. EvaluAgent provides automated scoring for calls, emails, and chat. Leia mais sobre o EvaluAgent
Snowfly is an employee engagement and gamification software designed to help businesses measure the performance of employees and engage them through incentives and rewards. It enables organizations to create, implement, and manage recognition programs to improve employee experience (EX) and satisfaction. Leia mais sobre o Snowfly
CallFinder® is the leading provider of managed cloud-based SaaS speech analytics, automated call scoring, and speech-to-text transcription with conversational insights, such as sentiment and emotion detection. Leia mais sobre o CallFinder
Daisee is an artificial intelligence enabled speech & semantic analytics software that helps businesses analyze calls to gain deep insight into customer satisfaction, vulnerability & more. It lets supervisors automatically evaluate call data to detect quality & compliance issues in near real-time. Leia mais sobre o daisee
MaxContact is a leading cloud-based contact centre solution provider, best for 10 - 1000 users plus. With unrivalled technology and a fantastic 100% UK based team. Leia mais sobre o MaxContact
Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform designed to help businesses across information technology (IT), automotive, retail, healthcare, and other industries access training data to deploy applications. It enables employees to streamline natural language processing (NLP), speech analysis, and data extraction operations via a... Leia mais sobre o Appen
CallMiner Eureka is a cloud-based speech analytics software, which helps contact centers automatically analyze customers' engagement across various communication channels such as calls, emails, social media platforms, and chat. Leia mais sobre o Eureka
inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center allows businesses to reach their customers through any channel, including voice and video calls, email, live chat, SMS/text messaging, social networks, WhatsApp, and more. The software aims to provide an outstanding experience and transform every customer interaction. Leia mais sobre o inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center
Observe.AI is a call analysis platform designed to help businesses prepare call transcription and automate speech recognition in order to detect customer sentiments and improve agents' performance in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Observe.AI’s suite of speech-to-text APIs allows businesses to build downstream applications. Speech recognition software built from speech engine trained to transcribe content on various topics with various accents for various industries. Leia mais sobre o
Amazon Connect is an omnichannel contact center solution that utilizes built-in AI and ML to deliver high-quality voice and interactive chat experiences. With Amazon Connect, teams can easily automate interactions using intuitive interactive voice response (IVR) systems and chatbots. Leia mais sobre o Amazon Connect
O OTO é uma API de análise de fala e tecnologia de inteligência de voz com IA que analisa o sentimento do cliente por meio do tom de voz. A plataforma pode ser usada por call centers, provedores de assistência médica, provedores de tecnologia residencial e desenvolvedores de robótica para entender e aproveitar os dados de voz. Leia mais sobre o OTO
MiaRec solutions portfolio is based on an innovative call recording architecture, offering advanced contact-center functionality such as call recording, live monitoring, reporting, quality management, and speech analytics. Leia mais sobre o MiaRec
Driving improved CX, sales and compliance outcomes through having the right data in the right format Leia mais sobre o VoiceAI
SoapBox Labs builds speech recognition technology for kids. Its proprietary technology has been built to deliver private and accurate results for kids ages 2 to 12 of all accents and dialects. Soapbox Labs also takes into account kids’ unpredictable speech patterns and behaviors. Leia mais sobre o SoapBox
Avoma is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution designed to help businesses streamline meeting management operations for customer-facing teams. It enables professionals to capture customer information before, during, and after meetings and store them in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o Avoma
Omnichannel software solution for contact centers, providing a seamless customer experience across voice, email, chat, & social media. Leia mais sobre o ICR Evolution
Clarabridge is a customer experience management app that turns customer feedback into analytics. It uses a text analytics engine to translate customer interactions from multiple sources to generate actionable insights for business. It helps you garner important customer sentiment and intentions. Leia mais sobre o Clarabridge
Verint Experience Management is a customer experience (CX) suite of solutions designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as eCommerce, retail, public sector, government, financial services, telecom, energy, communication, healthcare, consumer, media, hospitality, travel, and more. Leia mais sobre o Verint Experience Management
Prodigal is a Consumer Finance Intelligence solution that analyzes customer and patient interactions to supercharge profits and customer experience. Prodigal’s real-time and post-engagement apps give lenders and healthcare providers the power to turn insights into measurable outcomes. Leia mais sobre o Prodigal
Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence and data analytics platform which helps businesses collect, analyze, and visualize unstructured and structured customer data in real-time. Using the AI-enabled speech analytics solution, customer care representatives can develop transcripts of call recordings. Leia mais sobre o Stratifyd
Contact Cubed helps businesses analyze calls to optimize conversions, natural language processing (NLP), and other operations across departments. The AI-enabled platform automatically identifies and removes sensitive customer information across raw and transcribed audio files. Leia mais sobre o Contact Cubed
Tethr is a speech analytics software designed to help contact centers and various business teams such as sales, marketing, IT and finance, among others leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to convert customer interactions via phone calls, chats or emails into actionable insights. Leia mais sobre o Tethr
Verint Speech Analytics is a cloud-based software which helps businesses transcribe and analyze calls to gain customer insights in real-time. It allows organizations to measure customer satisfaction levels, calculate customer churn rates, analyze agents’ performance, and run marketing campaigns. Leia mais sobre o Verint Speech Analytics
Contexta360 is an online platform for analyzing speeches and customer telephone interactions. Speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and AI are used to automate the analysis of spoken words. The core module enables organizations to manage and interact with other modules within the software. Leia mais sobre o Contexta360
Fonetik is a speech analytics platform engineered to help businesses understand what each customer says and feels and form behaviourally informed decisions. Leia mais sobre o Fonetik
Plataforma de pesquisa de usuários baseada em vídeo para empresas e agências. Leia mais sobre o Sonar
Alvaria Engagement Analytics is a speech and text analytics engine designed for quality analysts, business analysts and other advanced users to surface valuable insights into quality, operational efficiency and customer sat across all customer communication channels. Leia mais sobre o Alvaria Engagement Analytics
DeepTranscript is an automatic speech recognition provider for professionnals designed for large volumes and high accuracy. Let's collect all data available in conversations, talks, interview with our plug and play API. Leia mais sobre o DeepTranscript
Knowlarity is a leading cloud communication company that offers intuitive solutions such as virtual numbers, cloud contact centers, IVR systems, AI-powered speech analytics, chatbots/voicebots, TrueCaller verified business calling, WhatsApp Business API, and more. Leia mais sobre o Knowlarity
Speech Analytics is software for automating the analysis and comprehension of the customer's voice in their interaction with call center agents. The system employs technologies such as Machine Learning, NPL, AI, Robot Speech, and Widget Speech for the transcription and analysis of conversations. Leia mais sobre o Speech Analytics
AI notetaker that captures your full video meeting with transcript and notes. Instantly available and shareable at the end of your call. Start free today and experience never taking notes again. Leia mais sobre o Supernormal
MeetRecord allows sales teams to capture insights from video calls. Businesses can improve sales using insights from meetings and optimize performance through coaching on real calls Leia mais sobre o MeetRecord
ClearTouch is a cloud-hosted contact center platform provider, which specializes in boosting the customer experience of organizations in BPOs, consumer goods, and services, healthcare, insurance, and banking Leia mais sobre o Cleartouch Cloud Contact Center Platform
VoiceSignals is a people Intelligence platform that uses AI with voice-based psychometric insights to help businesses understand customers & prospects. Leia mais sobre o VoiceSignals
RapportCMS is a cloud-based solution that enables contact centers to manage multi-channel transactions, routing, scheduling, data transfers, payroll, and more. Leia mais sobre o RapportCMS
Google Cloud Speech-to-Text enables users to convert audio into text so they can work faster and more efficiently. Leia mais sobre o Google Cloud Speech-to-Text

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