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ALO Suite is a management system for companies, SMEs, and freelancers created to address different procedures within a company. It uses two systems including the ERP to control the financial and commercial sector, such as sales or accounting, and the CRM cloud to manage relationships with contacts. Leia mais sobre o ALO Suite
Prediwell is a CRM Workflow tool that helps businesses manage contacts, projects, and tasks, plan mailing campaigns, and create dynamic dashboards. Leia mais sobre o Prediwell
Online invoicing solution, CRM, ERP and GED that allows you to manage your business from A to Z. Leia mais sobre o KPulse
Engage CRM Pro is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses manage lead funnels, analyze sales, track territory-wise coverage, and forecast upselling opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Leia mais sobre o Engage CRM Pro
GovCon CRM simplifies the capture process. Users can follow opportunities through the sales process from proposal and review phases to the final award phase. Leia mais sobre o GovCon CRM
Powered by Salesforce and built for the wealth management industry, Practifi is an award-winning business management platform powering the nation’s largest RIAs, international broker-dealers and enterprises. Leia mais sobre o Practifi
Commercial management software in SaaS specialized in franchise networks Leia mais sobre o HUBYup
DDMSPLUS is a powerful, flexible, and scalable cloud-based ERP. It covers every aspect of your business including multiple business models and multiple verticals so you can fully automate your business processes. DDMSPLUS empowers you to grow your business. Leia mais sobre o DDMSPLUS
Cloud-based contract furniture ERP software. Using TeamDesign software, all business functions seamlessly integrate into one easy-to-use solution. Teams can get accurate, real-time insight into businesses, empowering operators to make better decisions, faster. Leia mais sobre o TeamDesign
Clientsss is the all-in-one solution to engage, collaborate, and grow your customer base. Everything your clients want in one place, file sharing, eSigning, helpdesk, quotes and invoices, CRM, personalized customer profiles, and more. The best value client portal software on the market Leia mais sobre o Clientsss
AS-CRM software is a business and sales agent solution that manages data and appointments, optimizes relationships with recurring customers, and establishes a contact agenda with potential customers. It also records the data of different routes in order to optimize them. Leia mais sobre o AS-CRM
Schleupen.CS is aimed at companies in the water and energy industries. The provider addresses the three roles of electricity and water supplier, network operator, and metering point operator. schleupen also operates a gateway for “smart metering” devices as a service. Leia mais sobre o Schleupen.CS
Expert CRM is software that automates promotion and communication processes based on a single customer repository that is appropriately segmented, organized, and classified. The system centralizes all account information and defines campaigns for each sector by PMI or telemarketing. Leia mais sobre o expert CRM
BenchmarkONE is a cloud-based CRM solution which provides features such as marketing automation, contact management, social profiles, and lead capture. Leia mais sobre o BenchmarkONE
B-CRM is a tool that aims to improve customer relations and business performance. It is modular software that adapts to the size and constraints of all companies. Companies mainly choose B-CRM with the objective of saving time. Leia mais sobre o B-CRM
S!MPL offers a CRM for small and medium-sized businesses. The tool offers intelligent functions, in particular, a customer detector. For this, an artificial intelligence named HaPPi has been developed. It is connected to a voice recognition module. Leia mais sobre o S!MPL
SalesManager CRM is part of the Sales Manager Online platform. Master data about contacts is recorded in a central database and it is possible to add user-defined fields. The software syncs with Microsoft Outlook Exchange Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and Google Calendar. Leia mais sobre o SalesManager CRM
TimWeb is an SaaS platform for CRMs where data that belongs together can be conveniently connected via TimLinks. This allows data to be handled in an associative manner. TimWeb is linked to business systems via the TimAPI for REST or SOAP. Leia mais sobre o Tim Web
Kapta CRM is a tool that automates and digitizes the promotion, communication, and searches for candidates for educational institutions. It uses social media to recruit students and tracks activities until the student's tuition is paid and formally enrolled. Leia mais sobre o Kapta CRM
This software integrates a customer records management system for a company's sales representatives and sales departments. It enables the registration of data, contacts, schedules appointments and sends reminders, note interests, promotions offered, create quotes and manage prospects. Leia mais sobre o Uno CRM
Exanergy offers a tool for companies to manage their customer base and the movements of their sales representatives. On the one hand, Exanergy CRM tracks customers. On the other hand, Exanergy Routes is specially designed to manage the company's sales representatives. Leia mais sobre o Exanergy
Softseguros Software is a cloud platform for the management and administration of insurance agencies. It integrates a virtual assistant for communication with customers, a CRM to boost sales, and connects with any device via the internet to work from anywhere. Leia mais sobre o Softseguros
BSI Customer Suite is a cloud-based customer experience solution for midsize banking, investment, retail, and health and fitness businesses, which provides features such as reporting and insights, customer lifecycle management, marketing automation, customer database, and data-based automation. Leia mais sobre o BSI Customer Suite
2Solar is designed for the solar panel market. It is suitable for the private and business market, municipal and new construction projects. Among other things, there is a special module to create a custom installation plan and a back office, including CRM, contract management, and invoicing. Leia mais sobre o 2Solar
A Hypnobox é uma solução para a gestão digital e centralizada dos processos de venda, com a qual as incorporadoras podem organizar suas operações através de um painel de visualizações que reúne todos os dados de cada unidade, e ainda possibilita a inserção de uma lista de reservas. Leia mais sobre o Hypnobox
O Atendare é um sistema CRM que também acompanha recursos de automação de marketing, com o objetivo de auxiliar nos processos de venda e centralizar todas as etapas em uma única plataforma, a qual ainda oferece integração com e-mail marketing para simplificar o acesso aos dados. Leia mais sobre o Atendare
KundenMeister is a modular software package used to optimize CRM, ERP, and e-commerce as well as event- and project management processes. Its modules can be combined to support businesses with tasks, such as contact management, marketing, and inventory management. Leia mais sobre o KundenMeister
A Kiskadi é uma solução CRM voltada ao varejo, a qual é dividida em módulos e pode ser integrada ao sistema da loja. Com base nas informações de compra dos clientes, respeitando a LGPD, a ferramenta organiza os dados e contribui para a criação de campanhas de marketing personalizadas. Leia mais sobre o Kiskadi
View Point is an omnichannel customer relationship management platform designed for telecom operators. It equips telecom businesses with customer knowledge for distinguished service management. Leia mais sobre o View Point
BoondManager is an enterprise process management (ERP) and resource management software that helps businesses manage projects, track invoices, handle prospecting, monitor expenses, and more on a centralized platform. With the recruitment management module, staff members can maintain a CV library, handle resume parsing, qualify candidates, and... Leia mais sobre o BoondManager
SupplyMover is a purpose-built platform that is ready to roll. Quickly and easily gain access to cutting-edge tools that are revolutionizing distribution. Leia mais sobre o SupplyMover
Deixe seu pré-vendas preparado para gerar resultados. Equipes de vendas munidas de informações cumprem metas. o fluxo de vendas eficiente e organizado. Leia mais sobre o isoCRM
Daily AI is a customer relationship management software designed to help mortgage professionals manage marketing campaigns, automate sales, and regulate compliance. Key features include automated partner tracking, file storage, branch and team management, security review, voice calling, bulk email, and ringless voicemail. Leia mais sobre o Daily AI
Faktor-IBP is a cloud-based flexible management system for partner data and partner management. Leia mais sobre o Faktor-IBP
Donarius for Business is a lead management and customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage invoices, track interactions, and handle accounting, among other processes on a centralized platform. It enables team members to streamline sales processes, manage lead follow-ups, create customer profiles, and more. Leia mais sobre o Donarius for Business
incwo is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses in manufacturing, automotive, trading, finance, and other industries manage sales, purchases, inventory, production, and more via a unified portal. The application enables organizations to configure accounting codes for suppliers, customers, expense accounts, and taxes, export entries to... Leia mais sobre o incwo
Insurance Agents. Insurance Agencies. Insurance Agency. Independent P&C Agents. Captive Agents. Leia mais sobre o Automate365
1Centre is a trade-credit and client onboarding software. The platform is mobile friendly and helps build relationships with SME clients. Leia mais sobre o 1Centre
O Airdesk é um espaço de trabalho centralizado com uma visão 360º de todos os serviços do seu negócio. Com ele poderá ter num único local a gestão de clientes e contactos, negócios e contratos, gestão de projetos e tarefas, interações com o cliente e tratamento de tickets. Leia mais sobre o Airdesk
Avant Manager is a cloud-based solution for the integrated management of architecture and engineering offices. The system has an app accessible for Android and iOS operating systems. The software facilitates the economic, technical, and commercial management of projects, as well as their monitoring. Leia mais sobre o Avant Manager
Mission CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution designed to help Microsoft Dynamics 365 users streamline donor engagement and fundraising operations. It is built on a common data model (CDM) for nonprofits, that enables organizations to handle administrative tasks, gain an overall view of donors, and gain insights into user... Leia mais sobre o Mission CRM
Corestream allows employees to seamlessly access unlimited voluntary benefits through SSO. Through closed-loop administration, sponsors are able to consolidate all their deductions into a single payroll slot, deal only with one vendor, and pay one bill. Corestream has a SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. Leia mais sobre o Corestream
SalesBuilder CRM captures and nurtures prospects, manages recorded sales, tracks option selections, and generates contracts. Leia mais sobre o SalesBuilder CRM
O Silógica W é um ERP baseado em nuvem projetado para Metalúrgicas, Autopeças, Químicas e Indústria Plástica, Usinagem, Siderurgia, Importação e Exportação, Correias, Borracha, Engenharia Industrial, Automação Industrial e outros setores industriais. Leia mais sobre o Silógica W
Red Falcon provides entities with the vital growth technologies needed to streamline operations and enhance their competitive edge in trade markets. Key features include inventory control software, CRM support, EC hosting, invoicing and settlements, third-party integrations, and customizations. Leia mais sobre o Red Falcon
Exeevo Omnipresence is one multichannel CRM solution created specifically for the life sciences industry. Its use cases include Marketing, Commercial, Field CRM, Medical Affairs CRM, Event management, Content Management, Expert and Patient Engagement. Leia mais sobre o Exeevo Omnipresence
Wavity CRM helps businesses enhance customer experiences using real-time analytics and a cloud-based platform. The solution includes built-in collaboration capabilities and a robotic process automation tool. Leia mais sobre o Wavity CRM
Meetsales offers so much more than your ordinary CRM SOLUTION. Its features will elevate your sales process to the next level. Leia mais sobre o Meetsales
CRM Acttiva is a web application that drives a company's sales, strengthening relationships with the customer through marketing campaigns and active communication. The application features a dashboard with real-time progress graphs, and it uses an Android app to manage tasks. Leia mais sobre o CRM Acttiva
CRM en Linea is a cloud-based tool that improves sales and marketing revenues, reinforcing the relationship with the customer with contact via voice messages, SMS, or emails. The program includes the capability to host a virtual store and a payment gateway. It also generates budgets, statistics, etc. Leia mais sobre o CRM en Linea

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