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Cloud-based CRM and sales management software
SalezShark is a cloud based sales and marketing automation platform that enables customers to generate prospects leads and manage sales operations Leia mais sobre o SalezShark
CRM personalizável para equipes de vendas B2B
O Livespace é uma nova geração de CRM para equipes de vendas B2B, com automação de processos de vendas, supervisão de desempenho e metodologias comprovadas para gerar resultados de vendas. Leia mais sobre o Livespace
iAdvize humanises the digital experience at scale
iAdvize is a conversational platform that brings a profitable human touch to the digital experience at scale. Leia mais sobre o iAdvize
CRM solution for automating sales, marketing & services
Centra Hub CRM is a CRM solution that helps businesses automate processes related to sales, marketing and services. The platform comes with an appointment scheduling functionality, which enables enterprises to capture leads from websites, forums and social media platforms. Leia mais sobre o Centra Hub CRM
Online lead generation & marketing automation
Jumplead is an online sales lead generation, lead management and marketing automation system that generates targeted leads from an existing website in real time Leia mais sobre o Jumplead
Engagement solution for members, customers, and employees
PeopleVine is a cloud-based marketing & engagement solution that helps businesses to engage employees, members and customers across their workspaces, loyalty programs, member organizations, and more. Engagement data is tied back to CRM records, enabling the development of personalized relationships. Leia mais sobre o PeopleVine
The #1 sales effectiveness platform for complex b2b sales.
Membrain can replace, run alongside or plug into your existing CRM. It is the #1 world's leading sales effectiveness platform for complex b2b sales. Leia mais sobre o Membrain
All-In-One Next Generation Enterprise Application in the Cloud
ExxpertApps is an all-in-one Business Application in the cloud. It improves the business results in the areas of development, sales, marketing, procurement, training, project management, and invoicing. It is a fully integrated application to manage, contacts, customers, providers, projects, opportunities, resources, email campaigns, landing... Leia mais sobre o ExxpertApps
Powerful and Affordable Commission Management Solutions
Powerful & intuitive commission management software. Handles the most complex rules with the fastest implementation. Leia mais sobre o Core Commissions
Cloud-based sales conversion platform and CRM
SanityOS is a cloud-based lead management CRM system that enables users to manage leads, book appointments & follow-ups, send & track marketing emails, and more Leia mais sobre o SanityOS
Artificial Intelligence, in-built sales CRM
Kreato is an AI in-built CRM for sales teams of all sizes with core CRM, automation, sales intelligence, and sales productivity acceleration tools Leia mais sobre o Kreato CRM
AI-powered sales & marketing platform
SAM is an integrated, AI-powered sales & marketing platform built to help businesses generate more insight & positive engagement, eliminate data blind spots, deliver value to customers, and close the gap between sales & marketing with essential marketing suites for email, social, content & more Leia mais sobre o SAM
Cloud-based sales and marketing platform
Teleduce, from Corefactors, is a cloud-based sales and marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes streamline processes related to lead management, customer relationships, and more. Leia mais sobre o Teleduce
Online Business Collaboration
HyperOffice Online Collaboration Software offers growing businesses a single online stop of all the essential tools that teams need for successful collaboration, communication and information management from any browser on any desktop, laptop or mobile device. These applications include business class Email with spam and anti-virus protection,... Leia mais sobre o HyperOffice
A Next-Generation Sales Automation Platform.
A Next-Generation Sales Automation Platform That Provides Increased Functionality, Productivity, and Visibility for Sales and Marketing. Leia mais sobre o Colabo
Cloud-based mobile CRM to manage sales pipeline
HaystackCRM is a mobile first CRM with a simple, clean interface to manage your sales pipeline, with customer management, lead management to track sales opportunities and quotes. Keep your CRM up to date quickly with access to all your customer information on a native mobile app. Leia mais sobre o HaystackCRM
Plataforma de envolvimento e coleta de dados para marcas e mídias
O Qualifio é uma plataforma SaaS (software como serviço) de envolvimento e coleta de dados para marcas, mídias e agências digitais. Ele permite que eles criem e publiquem facilmente questionários, enquetes, concursos, testes de personalidade e mais de 40 formatos de conteúdo viral em seus sites, aplicativos móveis e redes de mídia social. Leia mais sobre o Qualifio
Flexible open-source CRM
OroCRM is an open-source customer relationship management (CRM) solution which offers customer interaction data capture, marketing tools, dashboards, and more Leia mais sobre o OroCRM
Lead management and CRM solution for insurance businesses
AgentCubed is a cloud-based solution designed to help insurance businesses manage leads and distribution, customer relationships, workflows automation, and more. The platform enables agents to quote on/off-exchange products, calculate premiums, compare policies, and submit applications. Leia mais sobre o AgentCubed
Customer Relationship Management, Online CRM
Inline CRM is a customer relationship management solution, designed specifically for vehicle service contract (VSC) sales fulfillment. It offers tools for lead management, direct marketing, and customizable web based reporting in order to manage customer relationships and track sales performance. Leia mais sobre o Inline CRM
CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote). Complexity made easy
BlueprintCPQ is leading the way in 'Lead-to-Order' process, helping guide users with personalised and informative content at key buying stages. Leia mais sobre o BlueprintCPQ
Small business marketing automation by BizConnector
BizConnector/Lead Follow-Up is a Salesforce-integrated marketing automation application for lead nurturing and drip marketing. Leia mais sobre o Lead Follow-Up
billage is the easiest management program for SMB
billage is an online CRM, task management and client billing solution for freelancers, micro-enterprises and small businesses Leia mais sobre o billage
Run a profitable magazine
The most comprehensive platform for magazine publishers ever offered in its price range. Leia mais sobre o RunMags
Sales and Marketing software stack
GleanView is an account-based sales and marketing software platform for finding and developing lifelong customers. Leia mais sobre o GleanView
Web based CRM software for SMEs & small teams
CentralStationCRM is a web-based customer relationship management solution for SMEs and small teams, offering features for contact and communications management Leia mais sobre o CentralStationCRM
Smart Cloud CRM Tool
Wakeupsales CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management tool to streamline your sales activities like lead management, lead capture, reporting and analytics, task planning, project management, email tracking, goal management, invoice management, and more to improve productivity. Leia mais sobre o Wakeupsales
Customer relationship manager (CRM) for K-12 schools
Nurture every family from awareness to admission with our leading school customer relationship manager (CRM), Funnel. Boost engagement and create more meaningful connections through audience segmentation and custom communication through our industry-leading CRM functionality. Leia mais sobre o Digistorm Funnel
Cloud-based CRM solution for businesses of all sizes
Kapture CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution which helps enterprises of all sizes automate sales, distribution, customer service, marketing and collections processes. The platform enables users to manage pre-sale activities from a centralized location. Leia mais sobre o Kapture CRM
Cloud based hospitality & vacation rental software
TRACK is a cloud-based hospitality & vacation rental solution that offers integrated property management features, along with call tracking functionality for revenue optimization. The suite of tools is designed for individual property owners, mid-sized property chains, & large enterprise portfolios. Leia mais sobre o TRACK
ERP CRM HelpDesk Software Solution
360EnterpriseSuite is a .NET/SQL set of modules that can be purchased to meet your company's specific requirements. The CRM Enterprise module is designed to help make the entire enterprise more productive by providing one location to manage various information in one integrated fashion. Leia mais sobre o 360 Enterprise Suite
The CRM for Small Business
Batchbook’s social CRM is designed to help businesses maintain a high level of personal touch with their most important customers. Leia mais sobre o Batchbook
CRM for the payment industry
IRIS CRM is a cloud-based automation software that calculates residuals, tracks prospects and works with various payment processing networks to manage merchant portfolios. IRIS CRM's robust suite of tools enables payment processing organizations to control retention and marketing. Leia mais sobre o IRIS CRM
Integrated business platform
Deskera Sales facilitates the integration and automation of critical sales processes. It assists in the implementation of customer-centric sales strategies. Leia mais sobre o Deskera Sales
All-In-One for SMBs - CRM, project management, and more
BlueCamroo is a complete, integrated, and affordable web-based all-in-one online Business Productivity Suite that helps your business manage Sales, Customers, and Projects more efficiently and profitably. So what is BlueCamroo? *It’s a complete, integrated and affordable web-based application that helps you track and manage your sales leads,... Leia mais sobre o BlueCamroo
Simple, Effective, Affordable CRM
Exsalerate is an operating system for your sales team and account managers that helps our clients increase revenue and grow their business. Leia mais sobre o Exsalerate CRM
Zurmo is gamified CRM software that your users will love to use.
Zurmo is gamified CRM software that your users will love to use. Our mission is to create a fun, yet highly effective CRM application. After our many years in the CRM industry, we still see companies with failed CRM implementations. We founded Zurmo to create a fun and easy-to-use CRM application, that users love. Our team is dedicated to the... Leia mais sobre o Zurmo CRM
Pushes customer engagement further than traditional CRMs
Creedenz CXM facilitates Enterprise business users to encourage, drive and manage customer engagement across core areas of sales, marketing, services and more Leia mais sobre o Creedenz CXM
Powerful ecommerce platform, optimized for all billing needs is the go-to ecommerce platform for lasting bonds between brands and people. Leia mais sobre o Lime Light CRM
Big Dreams Made Real
Take your business to the next level with CRM processes, including sales force, marketing, and service automation .Unlike most CRM solutions, Pivotal is built on a flexible platform that gives you a customized CRM experience built around your business processes – not the other way around. Pivotal CRM is supported by a full continuum of services... Leia mais sobre o Pivotal CRM
Candidate relationship management and talent recruitment
Beamery is a Talent Operating System providing web-based recruitment software including Careers Sites and Recruitment Events to attract talent, Talent CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) for candidate sourcing and Talent Marketing for targeted engagement. Leia mais sobre o Beamery
Cloud-based CRM solution for small to midsize businesses
LionO360 is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which helps small to midsize businesses streamline sales automation, inventory control, field service management, routes, and more. The platform enables users to manage the entire lead management lifecycle. Leia mais sobre o LionO360
Modular ERP solution adapted to SMBs is a modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool designed for SMBs, only available to French companies. The platform offers a range of features including business management, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, project management, payroll, and time & expense tracking. Leia mais sobre o
All-in-one invoicing, accounting, inventory, CRM & expenses
Why should you run your business with different apps that don’t even talk each other? You deserve a great all-in-one solution to power your success. myERP is a unique app that runs on your desktop, tablet or smartphone to help you take your business to the next level. Integrated: CRM, Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory Cloud-based: Access and... Leia mais sobre o ONE UP
Non-Profit CRM offered through Salesforce
Salesforce is a single technology platform to connect your entire community so you can raise more funds, communicate more effectively, engage and strengthen your community, and deliver better programs and services. Based on a unified data model that offers a 360-view of your constituents and organization, it provides real-time data and robust... Leia mais sobre o Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud
Supercharged Customer Engagement and Support platform.
Interakt is an All-In-One Customer Engagement and Support platform, which lets convert leads to paying customers with powerful marketing automation applications Leia mais sobre o Interakt
Simple but powerful CRM ready to grow with your business
SAP Digital CRM is designed to help smaller sales teams work more efficiently and sell smarter. Get up and running in minutes! 30 day trial. Leia mais sobre o SAP Digital CRM
CRM w/ integrated campaign management, previously update.CRM
Aurea CRM - previously update.CRM - is a cloud-based and mobile CRM solution, with integrated campaign management for specific industries and job roles Leia mais sobre o Aurea CRM
An all-in-one solution for businesses.
Sell. Connect. Grow. A simple and powerful CRM that helps business connect with customers and boost sales. Features unlimited users, clients collaboration, project management. Leia mais sobre o Lynkos
Cloud Enterprise Business Solutions
C2CRM offers the power and flexibility usually reserved for custom CRM solutions, with the ease of use and implementation typically associated with contact managers. C2CRM streamlines sales process by providing real-time information on leads, prospects and customers. It improves your marketing efforts by tracking which marketing initiatives work... Leia mais sobre o C2CRM
Customer Relationship Management solution for SMBs
UPilot is a cloud-based sales CRM platform that helps small to mid-sized businesses with real-time insights, personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, productivity add-ons and more. The solution lets users manage sales cycles and engage customers. Leia mais sobre o UPilot
Customer relationship & pipeline management for companies
4Degrees is a cloud-based relationship and pipeline management tool which assists recruitment and real estate firms with collaboration and reporting. Key features include interaction tracking, lead management, task tracking, documentation, customer segmentation and talent management. Leia mais sobre o 4Degrees
Trabalho de campo e solução de gestão de relacionamento com o cliente
O Ekmob é uma solução de gestão de trabalho de campo, que ajuda as empresas a gerenciar equipes, comunicações, desempenho no local e muito mais, usando dados em tempo real. A funcionalidade de agendamento permite que os usuários priorizem as solicitações dos clientes, planejem visitas aos clientes e acompanhem os leads para ajudar a aprimorar as... Leia mais sobre o Ekmob
Cloud-based CRM and lead management software
ClinchPad is an online sales management software for small teams and helps in sales pipeline management, lead assignment, collaboration and reporting Leia mais sobre o ClinchPad
Simply Powerful CRM
Salestrakr is an easy to use, easy to purchase web based CRM application. Salestrakr provides full features CRM and contact management features at a fraction of the price of most high-end CRM apps. Salestrakr is used by companies all over the world to keep track of their customers, vendors and prospects. It is helping sales teams to track... Leia mais sobre o Salestrakr CRM
Online marketing tools for SMBs
Genoo provides online marketing tools and marketing automation to SMB businesses. Leia mais sobre o Genoo
Business email software and CRM
Chaos Intellect is a business-class email and contact management program. Use our powerful contact address book with appointment schedule, task management, and email all linked back to the appropriate contact. Send emails to groups of contacts or distribution lists. Merge personalized messages instead of sending BCCs. Schedule messages to be sent... Leia mais sobre o Chaos Intellect
Multi-channel Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey software
Antlere is an online Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey software that gathers & decodes NPS feedback from multiple platforms to measure & improve customer loyalty Leia mais sobre o Antlere
Saleforce-based GeoData platform for managing territories
RealZips is a geodata platform that helps businesses & non-profit organizations plan, manage, & optimize operations across multiple territories using geographic data and zip codes. Built for the Salesforce platform, it allows enterprises to track growth, marketing, sales, & revenue in real-time. Leia mais sobre o RealZips
Complete Business Management solution
BusinessMan allows companies to manage all aspects of their business from prospect first contact to invoice. Never before has there been such a powerful system with so many features at such a price point. The BusinessMan Enterprise solution is a comprehensive, modular, ERP system. It includes a comprehensive CRM software system with a customer... Leia mais sobre o BusinessMan CRM
More Leads. More Sales. More Customers.
FIVE CRM provides businesses with tailored software solutions targeted at transforming sales & marketing and boosting the bottom line. FIVE CRM puts you in control through an array of products, whether you’re looking to take advantage of email marketing or drive sales through calling – we’ve got it covered. Leia mais sobre o FIVE CRM
Marketing Automation and CRM for Very Small Businesses
AllClients is Marketing Automation and CRM for very small businesses. Designed for the non-technical user, the product features Landing Pages, Workflows, Permission-Based Email, and other automation as well as normal CRM functionality. Leia mais sobre o AllClients
Mogo CRM puts the power of Google Apps and CRM in your hands
MOGO CRM is exclusively designed for Google Apps user in mind, an Apps user of traditional CRM required to synchronize the data from Google contacts, mail and calendar. This results in two data islands that require periodic sync and purchase of third party apps to enable the synchronization. No need to explain these pains to a Google Apps user who... Leia mais sobre o Mogo CRM
PHC FX is a complete business solution, 100% online.
PHC FX has everything you need to run your service business online. Invoicing to get paid and go paperless. Monitor your Accounts and Money by tracking how much comes in, to plan how much goes out. Control where your team spends their time and your money with Team & Project management. Your customer will know you love them when they get special... Leia mais sobre o PHC FX
Cloud based solution for managing leads and contacts
Auric Prospector is an on-demand customer relationship management software that provides a complete view of customers and automates business processes Leia mais sobre o Auric Prospector
CRM for sales, marketing & support teams
SutiCRM is a SaaS CRM for businesses of all sizes, designed to automate sales, marketing & support processes, with a 360 degree view of customer data Leia mais sobre o SutiCRM
Billing and CRM for Digital Ad Networks
item8 is a web-based CRM & Billing solution for HasOffers digital advertising networks which automates the management of customers, documents, bills & invoices. Leia mais sobre o item8
French-language support management software
GestSup is a French-language support management software. Users can manage tickets and IT assets, create surveys and view reports and statistics. Leia mais sobre o GestSup
Cloud based loyalty program for B2B & B2C
ABM Loyalty is a cloud-based loyalty program platform with integrated CRM suitable for a variety of B2B and B2C organizations who would like to further develop their buyer/customer relationships and stimulate repeated sales. Identify customers, reward purchases, collect customer data & more. Leia mais sobre o ABM Loyalty
Financial services CRM software
Doxim CRM is a financial services customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help banks & credit unions establish and maintain relationships with new and existing clients using contact, campaign, and pipeline management tools, plus sales tracking technology, and more Leia mais sobre o Doxim CRM
Multi-channel lead management & marketing automation
Callbox Pipeline is a multi-channel CRM and marketing automation platform with lead management features, real-time data and reporting that powers outsourced lead generation programs through its multi-channel marketing capabilities Leia mais sobre o Callbox Pipeline
All-in-one business management solution for SMEs
Composity is a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for small & medium-sized businesses in a range of industries. The platform combines several modules which allow users to automate core processes, manage operations, and generate reports. Leia mais sobre o Composity
Sales acceleration platform designed for deal management
Lucrativ is a cloud-based sales acceleration platform that helps businesses of all sizes with pipeline management, call prioritization, lead management, SMS campaign management & more. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to help sales teams derive insight & deliver custom-built solutions. Leia mais sobre o Lucrativ
Quoting platform for window furnishing businesses
Blinq is a cloud-based quoting management platform that helps window furnishing businesses create quotes and manage leads, suppliers, purchase orders & more. It enables users to generate on-site quotes with details including customer information, product type, approval status, and pricing breakdown. Leia mais sobre o BlinQ
Credit card and ACH processing gateway
Connecting a CRM application or Web site to the payment processing networks is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online customers. Instead, customers can easily integrate the InterWeave Smart Payment Gateway (ISPG) with their application and connect with payment processors like First Data,... Leia mais sobre o InterWeave Smart Payment Gateway
Enterprise wide information integration & facilitation
The InterWeave Smart Solutions Portal is where customers may register, select Smart integration Solutions between "Best of Breed" applications, and then configure them at the object and field level. CRM applications like Salesforce, Aria Systems A+ Billing Platform, Financial applications, ERP, web services, Data Bases, etc. – all in a hub/spoke... Leia mais sobre o InterWeave eMail Gateway
Your customers, in detail
Black ICE CRM is a web based CRM application covering Leads, Accounts, Quotes, Orders, Invoicing, Potential Tracking, Product Management, Stock Management, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Project Management and much more. The multi lingual (over 17 languages supported) and multi currency CRM is web based and offered as a hosted service or it can... Leia mais sobre o Black ICE CRM
360-degree sales cycle and pipeline view
AquaCRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support along with Inventory Management in a single business system. # Value for your money - We not only provide a great CRM solution, but also have a great price too. # It's not just CRM - When... Leia mais sobre o AquaCRM Software
Online sales lead management software
Lead Zeppelin is an easy-to-use web CRM that keeps your contacts (customers) separate from your leads. Add your team and you can assign leads to them, share files and add tasks. Web-to-lead forms can be created for integration with your website. Leia mais sobre o Lead Zeppelin
Online booking systems built to custom specifications
Booking systems built to spec. Booking System software for any type of appointment scheduling. Leia mais sobre o System Bookings
Compact CRM solution for small businesses & freelancers
Weclapp Cloud CRM is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software for small and medium-sized companies to manage their contacts, leads, and customers, identify sales opportunities, and create campaigns, with tools including team chat, task management, Microsoft Outlook sync, and more Leia mais sobre o Weclapp Cloud CRM
Integration Platform as a Service for contact centers
SpiceCSM is a web based on-demand platform for increasing the efficiency of your contact center agents. Designed as a "point solution," SpiceCSM Guided Services turn your agents into subject matter experts, without additional training. With a unique blend of decision tree technology, data collection, and easy to use creation tools, your contact... Leia mais sobre o SpiceCSM
ERP solution for wholesale fashion management
Blast Ramp is a web-based platform that allows true small businesses to grow (1 to 30 employees). We enable real-time business insight across your entire company. Some of our high level features include sales order management, customer management, order fulfillment and receivables management. In addition to being a strong business solution, our... Leia mais sobre o Blast Ramp
Full Lifecycle CRM for Higher Education
Enrollment Rx solutions improve relationship management by automating processes and providing transparency across the entire student lifecycle for a 360 degree view into constituent activity. We believe that higher education should be on the leading-edge of relationship management, with innovative systems for tracking lifelong bonds between... Leia mais sobre o Enrollment Rx
Web-based Contact Management System
Clevertim is a CRM and contact management tool enabling small businesses to track and organize sales opportunities, keep notes on contacts and manage tasks Leia mais sobre o Clevertim
Visibility, accountability and coaching for Salesforce
The Pipeline is a visibility, accountability and coaching SaaS app for salesforce CRM. Pipeline Manager DRAMATICALLY increases the productivity of your sales organization. We cut the cost of sale, increase the amount of time sales interacts with clients, and improve the visibility and accuracy of the pipeline. This directly impacts and improves... Leia mais sobre o Pipeline Manager
Creating leads and keeping customers happy.
With PHC CRM FX a simple to use monitor allows you to track your ‘to-do’ list and “hot” deals. Imagine all the answers delivered at the right moment. Be a frontrunner with the best CRM practices. Leia mais sobre o PHC CRM FX
Customer Management
Capillary’s POS pre-integrated InTouch CRM helps you collect data in store, online or wherever you need it from and manage it in one place. Increase sign-ups with a quick, virtually form-free, mobile or card-based signup process. Leia mais sobre o Capillary In Touch
Unified enterprise CRM application
Onyx is a unified enterprise CRM application with a customer-centric design that coordinates all data, processes and interactions around the customer. The result is consistent communication and collaboration across the enterprise through easy-to-use interfaces and clearly defined CRM processes Leia mais sobre o ONYX CRM
Integrated business management for SMBs
Akti is a business management tools suite for small businesses and entrepreneurs Leia mais sobre o Akti
Customer entertainment planning & automation
InviteManager is a customer entertainment automation solution that enables companies of all sizes to plan and manage corporate events, whilst staying compliant Leia mais sobre o InviteManager
Predictive sales CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises
Salesbox is a predictive and mobile CRM designed for small and medium-sized businesses which offers sales forecasting, collaboration, and proactive guidance Leia mais sobre o Salesbox
Customer Relationship Management system for small businesses
Cosmos CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system for small businesses' activity management, contact management and Sales CRM admin & dashboard Leia mais sobre o Cosmos CRM
Customer information management for Atlassian tools
Atlas CRM allows users to manage customer information and record interactions across Atlassian tools including JIRA, Confluence and JIRA Service Desk. Leia mais sobre o Atlas CRM
Business workflow & CRM software for SMBs/SME's
Quiddity is a business workflow solution with CRM features designed to simplify operations, including invoicing, task & project management, and marketing Leia mais sobre o Quiddity
All-in-one CRM for SMBs
Cruzata CRM is a powerful CRM with PMS solution designed to help any organization to manage business activities & projects to achieve better objectives. Leia mais sobre o Cruzata CRM
ERP for wholesalers, manufacturers & omnichannel traders
Archipelia is a web ERP solution designed for SMEs with 5 to 500 collaborators in wholesale trade, manufacturing and omnichannel trade industries Leia mais sobre o Archipelia
All-in-one CRM & backlink coalition tool
Biztim is a cloud-based, all-in-one customer relationship manager (CRM) system & SEO management tool for service-based businesses including educational facilities, health clinics, & therapists. The application offers tools for online scheduling, billing, human resources, client management, & more. Leia mais sobre o Bizstim
Customer relationship management for real estate
APRO CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship (CRM) management platform, which helps small to medium firms automate lead management and sales optimization. It comes with tools for creating workflow algorithms for users to implement across all stages of client interactions. Leia mais sobre o APRO CRM
Contact management solution for small to medium businesses
WorldCard Team is a contact management solution designed to help small to medium organizations gather and store contact information through scanning of business cards. Key features include multilingual card recognition, user account management, data synchronization, and classification. Leia mais sobre o WorldCard Team