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Cloud-based sales opportunity management solution
OpPlan is a cloud-based sales opportunity management (SOM) solution designed to help organizations of all sizes manage and analyze sales opportunities. Key features include team collaboration, forecasting, resource utilization, benchmarking, analytics, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o OpPlan
Client management system for nonprofit organizations
ChilliDB is a customer relationship management solution designed to help Australian semi-government authorities, nonprofit organizations & councils automate processes related to client administration, membership renewal, event planning, service delivery, professional development & needs assessment. Leia mais sobre o ChilliDB
ERP software for managing administrative operations
Fitnet Manager is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that enables marketing agencies, consulting firms, and architecture, engineering, software, and IT service companies to manage and automate administrative operations related to contracts, projects, billing processes, and more Leia mais sobre o Fitnet Manager
CRM tool with lead management & workflow automation
Team365 is a cloud-based customer relationship management software designed to help businesses of all sizes capture prospect information, forecast sales opportunity, automate follow-up activities, and boost sales productivity. Leia mais sobre o Team365
On-demand business collaboration platform
coAction provides an on demand business collaboration service as a platform for rich business applications called coApps. coApps are linked applications used by Sales, Customer Service, Finance and others to organize and collaborate, using the services of the cloud. Manage and Collaborate all your work from a single Workspace. Share, Assist, and... Leia mais sobre o coAction


Capture & resolve consumers' comments, questions & issues
CRS On-demand is a Consumer Relationship System (CRS) for CPG companies' customer care contact centers worldwide. SMART is a social media analysis and reporting tool that can be used separately with any CRM or in conjunction with CRS. Leia mais sobre o CRS
Enterprise Mashup Platform for Contact Center Performance
Builds user-centric applications from existing systems free from the underlying technical complexity in a safe, governed framework. Leia mais sobre o Corizon
Customizable online CRM solution
Luxor CRM delivers an online, SaaS-modeled application that is easy to use and fully customizable. We provide a robust solution for today's B2B, B2C and mixed-mode organizations that includes: - lead, opportunity and customer management - reporting and forecasting - mail merges - activity tracking And much more. Luxor CRM is committed to... Leia mais sobre o Luxor CRM
Web-based sales tracking & analysis software
Simple Sales Tracking is web-based sales CRM software for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales pipeline and contacts. Built with simplicity at its core, focus is kept on key sales tasks, while eliminating unnecessary ones, helping to ensure buy-in of the entire sales team. Leia mais sobre o Simple Sales Tracking


Online CRM/ERP Solution
xRP - Online CRM/ERP Solution Want Less Headaches in Your Business? xRP will help you increase sales, improve operations and provide activity alerts. Subscriptions start at $9/user/month for the base sales contact management / customer relationship managment (crm) functionality. Leia mais sobre o xRP
The Service Desk Solution on-premise or in the Cloud!
SupportDesk is an ITIL Support Management and Help Desk App. Incident, Problem, Change Management, Asset Management, Knowledgebase. SupportDesk is available both in the Cloud and On-Premises. Leia mais sobre o SupportDesk
Customer Management
StarterCRM bundles three customer relationship management applications into one affordable package. Each of these applications were specifically designed for small and micro-businesses - i.e. businesses that typically employ between 1 and 10 employees. The three applications in the bundle are: * StarterSuccess Contact Management - Manage important... Leia mais sobre o StarterCRM
Web & mobile CRM and project management
It is used as a tool for customer relationship management in all companies, which are in any way related to selling, especially in advertising and marketing agencies, insurance companies, media houses and other B2B and B2C companies. Intrix CRM is intended for several user groups: * management * small and middle-sized companies * vendors ... Leia mais sobre o Intrix CRM
CRM that combines sales process consistency with technology
CampaignerCRM, formerly Landslide CRM, is the next generation in customer relationship management, combining sales process consistency with sales performance technology to help sales teams prospect better, communicate effectively and close more deals in less time Leia mais sobre o CampaignerCRM
Making Businesses Profitable
Cloud based easy to use software to improve customer relationships, increase sales and much more. Leia mais sobre o Second CRM
Estate agency software
Evolvin's estate agency software offers a fully customisable solution that can dramatically increase your productivity and profitability. Suited to commercial and residential estate agents, the Evolvin solution provides the best software for estate agents available on the market, and being a hosted service will also reduce your total cost of... Leia mais sobre o Evolvin Agency Software
Online enterprise software solution
English “myGestión is an online enterprise software solution consisting of four integrated modules: ERP, CRM, ACCOUNTING and E-COMMERCE. Provided as a SaaS (software as a service), it allows us to work anytime and anywhere.” Spanish "myGestión es un software de gestión empresarial online, compuesto por cuatro módulos de trabajo: ERP, CRM,... Leia mais sobre o myGestion
Efficient and effective CRM
Tour De Force CRM is a sales enablement and CRM software that is fully integratable with Microsoft Outlook and provides business intelligence and sales force automation. Tour De Force CRM is mobile compatible, allowing you to provide your field employees with valuable and real-time customer insights and sales opportunities. Tour De Force CRM is... Leia mais sobre o Tour De Force CRM
A complete service management solution for SMBs
SME Complete is a cloud-based solution designed to help service companies manage customers, maintenance, inventory and staff schedules Leia mais sobre o SME Complete
Native FedEx Shipping inside Salesforce CRM
Use Zenkraft's native FedEx App to send mail, ship orders and track packages inside Salesforce. Use Chatter to follow any shipment and much more. Leia mais sobre o FedEx for Salesforce


Contact Management and Calendar tool
8am is an easy to use CRM with shared contacts, notes and files, calendars, events, tasks, reminders, and more — all at your fingertips! Leia mais sobre o 8am
CRM for E-commerce Retailers
Lumiary is a simple CRM and customer segmenting platform built exclusively for Ecommerce and multichannel retailers. Leia mais sobre o Lumiary
Cloud service made clearer
The service desk allows you to manage all communications to the customer, create documents update the status to reflect the progress in the process. Leia mais sobre o iTouchVision Service Desk
The contact centre that your agents want to use
Our contact centre allows you manage all client contact through a variety of mediums such as telephone, chat, email, video, post, social media & SMS. Leia mais sobre o iTouchVision Contact Centre
The Uncomplicated CRM Solution
Web Application for Sales, Contact Management, tasks, notes & file sharing, support tickets, and much more. Start with a FREE Trial. Leia mais sobre o Zimplu CRM
Close more sales. Salesforce for QuickBooks plugs the #1 CRM into the #1 small business accounting software.
Salesforce for QuickBooks offers you the #1 sales app with built in integration to QuickBooks. Salesforce users experience: -40% more leads -30% increase in lead conversion -33% increase in sales productivity -30% increase in sales revenue Leia mais sobre o Salesforce for Quickbooks
Company/Contact/Knowledge store & Tasks list for Home/SMBs
Small Business CRM with customer contact, task management and file storage tools Leia mais sobre o InfoCDB
Customer Relationship Management
KEI CRM takes your existing customer data (contact information, email, financial and more) and leverages it to improve your marketing efforts by compiling your target market into a manageable resource for direct communications to the right person, or prospective customer. Leia mais sobre o KEI CRM
Ensure validated and standardzed address throughout your Salesforce org. Many data cleansing features including; Timezone population, Zip-code autofil
Ensure consistent country and state entry with validation and an auto-complete pick-list. City and state auto-complete from US ZIP entry; single click country input; automate a sales territory field; customizable; support for all objects, try it now! - Auto-complete and Validate Country and State Names in Salesforce Address Fields, Autofill city... Leia mais sobre o AddressTools
Import Excel spreadsheets into any Salesforce object, easily using just your browser
Simple Import is your cloud-based, user friendly spreadsheet import solution. Upload and import Excel files into any object, quickly and easily through a simple interface, with customizable automated field mapping, all from within Salesforce. Leia mais sobre o SimpleImport Premium
Customer Relationship Management
With CRMBOOST, you will know when you last spoke to someone, what was said, what was offered, what was agreed. Good business is about PEOPLE and CRMBOOST is about giving you the tools to close more deals. Leia mais sobre o crmboost
Import Excel spreadsheets into standard objects, using just your browser
SimpleImport Free allows both Administrators & non-Administrator users to quickly and easily import XLS, XLSX, CSV and ODS files in to Salesforce. SimpleImport Free has several limitations not present in SimpleImport Premium - see our comparison table. Leia mais sobre o SimpleImport Free
All-in-One Business Software
BirdDog Software is the leading integrated web-based software suite, including Order Fulfillment, CRM and Ecommerce software. Leia mais sobre o BirdDog Software
Historical Trend Analysis and BI Visualization for Dynamics CRM.
Are you getting the most from your CRM data? Are your CRM users able to easily extract and analyze trends and changes over time? Introducing Trend Miner, an out-of-the-box trend analysis and BI visualization tool for Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM. Trend Miner enables users to gain insight into historical CRM information and visualize data trends.... Leia mais sobre o Trend Miner
Always Marketing
Appforma creates over 50 personalized campaigns spread across a 12 months marketing program in conjunction with major holidays and industry relevant events. Each campaign includes a promotion Appforma creates and traffic Appforma delivers via social posting, email marketing and advertising. Appforma also retains your customers by pushing offers on... Leia mais sobre o Appforma
Business management platform for the IT industry
ConnectWise UK is a business process automation solution which allows users to sell, service, and support technology, with real-time visibility into operations Leia mais sobre o ConnectWise UK
Quality monitoring & reporting platform for contact centers
Cross CRM enables direct connectivity to CRM & contact center platforms, facilitating the reporting and media monitoring of interactions across various channels Leia mais sobre o Cross CRM
CRM for managing sales leads and marketing automation
CRM with corporate functions and features for various business sizes to help manage sales leads, automate marketing, and organize sales correspondence Leia mais sobre o TrackerGO
Cloud-based CRM software for contact center agents
ePowerCenter is a cloud-based CRM software that provides contact center agents with a unified view of customer information and helps to quickly resolve issues Leia mais sobre o ePowerCenter
Integrate your cell phone with your org to call and SMS message any number
PhoneTools integrates your cell phone with your online Salesforce org enabling you to easily make calls and send SMS messages to Leads, Accounts & Contacts from within Salesforce. Simply select the PhoneTools button next to the field via your PC / tablet. Leia mais sobre o PhoneTools
Plataforma inovadora de venda de manufatura (CRM e CPQ)
No Mind Cloud CPQ, a plataforma de vendas que combina CPQ e CRM para os setores de manufatura no SAP. Leia mais sobre o Manufacturing X
Marketing & CRM software for the Real Estate industry
Market Quest for Real Estate is a web based real estate marketing and CRM software useful for keeping real estate agents organized Leia mais sobre o Market Quest Real Estate
Plateforme en ligne d'envoi de communications email & SMS
Envoyez vos emails, newsletters et SMS marketings depuis le même logiciel. Pas de base de données ? Pas de problème, vous pourrez en louer. Leia mais sobre o Digitaleo
CRM, Marketing automation and Business Intelligence
Upsales combines CRM, Marketing automation, and Business Intelligence in one platform. Experience an interface that takes you through the entire platform, from attracting leads, managing your sales process and analyzing the results. Leia mais sobre o Upsales
The world's #1 CRM, reimagined for financial services.
Financial Services Cloud allows financial services teams to access actionable client insights & deliver personalized advice across any channel or device Leia mais sobre o Financial Services Cloud
Sales management & customer relationship monitoring
SocialJsCRM is a collaborative solution designed for sales people, with tools for sales management & real time customer relationship monitoring Leia mais sobre o SocialJsCRM
CRM software to manage leads, sales, quotes & campaigns
Blue note systems, based on SugarCRM, is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses handle the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to providing customer service. Features include multi-channel marketing, lead nurturing, real-time analytics, and more. Leia mais sobre o Blue note systems
French-language online management and billing solution
Evoliz - available only in French - is an online management and billing solution compliant to the Anti-Fraud law. It helps users with management of business management, purchase, bank, monitoring and accounting. Leia mais sobre o Evoliz
Web-based customer relationship management (CRM)
Basic Online CRM is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for storing, managing, & nurturing existing customers & new leads Leia mais sobre o Basic Online CRM
Cloud CRM & sales automation software
SeoToaster CRM is a cloud CRM & sales automation software which enables enterprises to launch campaigns, get insights into prospects and customers, and manage & market to leads with email tracking and leads nurturing automation, social marketing tools, a landing page builder, and more Leia mais sobre o SeoToaster CRM
Real-time collaboration & customer relationship management
VINCLE CRM provides real-time collaboration for sales, marketing, customer service staff, and managers, allowing users to manage territories and contacts, schedule meetings, upload and store documents, record expenses, receive real-time notifications, analyze sales activity and ROI, and more Leia mais sobre o VINCLE CRM
Cloud-based CRM software for art galleries and dealers
ARTERNAL is a cloud-based Revenue and Relationship (aka CRM) software for art dealers, art gallery owners, and their staff. The customizable platform, with native mobile apps, has been designed to streamline the sales processes by managing client information, sales activity, and all deal flows. Leia mais sobre o Arternal
Cloud-based sales & marketing CRM system for SMEs
LeadsLive is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution which allows small & medium-sized businesses to manage their business contacts, digital marketing and sales processes from a single interface, with tools for SMS & email campaigns, activity tracking, lead management, and more Leia mais sobre o LeadsLive
CRM solution for small to midsize firms
SpinOffice CRM is a customer relationship management solution designed to help small to midsize enterprises manage emails, business contacts, appointments, tasks, projects, folders, files & notes. The platform offers centralized access to customer data in order to collaborate with teams & clients. Leia mais sobre o SpinOffice CRM
Business management suite with POS, CRM and accounting
AccelGrid is a cloud-based solution which helps manufacturing, retail, and distribution businesses automate processes for customer relationship management, procurement, inventory management, point of sale, accounting, project management, marketing automation, and more. Leia mais sobre o AccelGrid
Customer relationship management solution for SMEs
FIREBusinessPlatform is a business management solution, which helps small to midsize businesses manage customer support services, marketing automation, collaboration, & more. It enables organizations to interact with potential, as well as current, clients to improve sales & customer satisfaction. Leia mais sobre o FIREBusinessPlatform
Customer relationship management solution
Silvertool CRM, designed for the French market, helps businesses create, implement, and launch personalized customer relationship management (CRM) applications. The customizable dashboard allows organizations to track goals, create favorite lists and plan daily, weekly, or monthly agendas. Leia mais sobre o Silvertool CRM
Campaign planning and lead acquisition solution
SPREAD is a cloud-based social media marketing solution designed to help businesses create loyalty programs and acquire customers across multiple channels. Key features include reward programs, discount code distribution, campaign scheduling, analytics, ROI tracking, and audience segmentation. Leia mais sobre o SPREAD
Customer experience management (CXM) platform
Qualtrics CustomerXM is a customer experience management platform that helps businesses collect feedback from across multiple channels and improve the customer journey. Key features include personalized consumer insights, trend analysis, digital reputation management, and behavior-based predictions. Leia mais sobre o Qualtrics CustomerXM
Cloud-based solution for managing administrative operations
Axonaut is a cloud-based solution that helps small to midsize businesses streamline administrative processes related to customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, marketing, inventory tracking, and more. Leia mais sobre o Axonaut
German-language CRM and ERP solution for service providers
Vertec is a German-language modular CRM & ERP solution. It helps service companies to plan resources, manage contacts, create invoices & track time and expenses. Users can manage customer relationships, offers, invoicing & projects. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Leia mais sobre o Vertec
CRM software for increasing sales in the Portuguese market
Meets CRM is a cloud-based software that helps businesses in the Portuguese market, manage opportunities, tasks, and appointments. The platform enables sales teams to maintain interaction history with prospects and use the drag-and-drop functionality to update lead status across the sales funnel. Leia mais sobre o Meets CRM
CRM solution for marketing, sales, and service teams
Teknovate CRM is a lead management software that helps businesses generate leads, create campaigns, and schedule follow-ups, among other operations. The sales management module lets managers create sales orders, send invoices, set agent commission rates, and track employee performance. Leia mais sobre o Teknovate CRM
Free CRM software on the web, iOS and Android
Free CRM from Cogmento is a cloud customer relationship management platform designed to help businesses manage clients, sales, and marketing, whilst optimizing conversions. Easy setup for web, iOS iPhone and Android phone and tablets. Leia mais sobre o Cogmento CRM
Pipeline-centric CRM system for small businesses
Bigin is a pipeline-centric customer relationship management software designed to help small businesses manage sales pipelines, schedule follow-ups, and update customer records. Leia mais sobre o Bigin