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WinTeam is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help janitorial and security service contractors manage their workforce and automate financial operations. Features include performance tracking, job costing, timekeeping, benefits planning, analytics and reporting. Leia mais sobre o WinTeam
JobAdder is an innovative B2B, cloud-based SaaS platform designed to help make recruiting more efficient and joyful for everyone. We want to add joy to the job of recruitment with a CRM and ATS you'll love to use. Leia mais sobre o JobAdder
Gestão de desempenho simples na nuvem. Compatível com avaliações tradicionais, comentários de 360 graus, avaliações baseadas em projetos e avaliações em tempo real. Os aplicativos móveis tornam a gestão de desempenho divertida. Use relatórios de análise de produtividade para interagir com a equipe. A partir de US$ 1 por pessoa. Leia mais sobre o AssessTEAM
Reviewsnap provides a robust, user-friendly, flexible and cost effective web-based performance management system that includes performance review, 360 degree feedback, journal entries, and reporting packaged in a highly affordable annual subscription fee. With over 1,200 customers and more than 10 years experience, our customers have found... Leia mais sobre o Reviewsnap
Optimity offers a no-code, developer-friendly health and financial wellness engagement platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology systems. Leia mais sobre o Optimity
SINC Workforce is a mobile-first, cloud-based workforce management platform, which helps organizations manage and track job productivity across a mobile workforce. Features include timekeeping, task template creation, job status tracking, project notes, offline access, punch lists, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o SINC
Combo (ex-Snapshift) is a SaaS application created to simplify HR Management of retailers (restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, gyms, food retailers…) More than 8,000 customers of all shapes and sizes use Combo (ex-Snapshift) to simplify their business and save time on a daily basis. Leia mais sobre o Combo
Monitask é um software de supervisão de funcionários e controle do tempo para empresas que possuem membros remotos da equipe, como autônomos, contratados ou funcionários remotos, o que ajuda a aumentar a produtividade, a eficiência e a responsabilidade. Os gerentes acompanham sua equipe a qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar, em qualquer dispositivo. Leia mais sobre o Monitask
An intuitive user interface with mobile support that grows with your organization. SutiHR provides employee self-service & on-boarding, personnel, applicant tracking (ATS), integrated e-signature, time tracking, performance reviews, benefits, project tracking, and IT management. Leia mais sobre o SutiHR
Lattice makes people management software that allows forward-thinking HR admins to develop and engage high-performing teams. Leia mais sobre o Lattice
Arcoro is a human resource (HR) software designed to help businesses in construction, healthcare, landscaping, manufacturing, engineering, utilities, finance, and IT industries manage applicant tracking, succession planning, onboarding, payroll, and compliance, among other processes. Leia mais sobre o Arcoro
Deluxe Payroll and HR is a cloud-based solution, which helps businesses in finance, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and other sectors manage payroll and human resource (HR) operations. With Deluxe Payroll and HR, recruiters can automate the entire onboarding process—from assigning tasks to managing digital signatures. The unified interface allows... Leia mais sobre o Deluxe Payroll and HR
KAWAK is a business management and document control solution that helps businesses manage audits, equipment, risks, human talent, and more from a centralized platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in customer service module to set up PQRS categories and establish corrective and preventive actions to optimize services for stakeholder... Leia mais sobre o KAWAK
Source and attract top talent with candidate relationship management (CRM) powered by a behavioral and digital marketing platform. Leia mais sobre o IBM Talent Management
UZIO makes HR management easier with a fully integrated, enterprise-ready platform that automates HR processes end to end. It improves efficiency by streamlining the onboarding of new employees and providing delightful digital experience to the employees with PTO tracking & employee documentation. Leia mais sobre o UZIO
Powerful HR tools for business owners and hiring professionals to centralize hiring needs across decentralized enterprises or sophisticated franchise systems. Leia mais sobre o Hireology
Bizimply specialise in workforce management solutions for multi-location hospitality & retail businesses. We link your time & attendance, scheduling, HR and payroll processing in one easy to use solution, saving time & money for your business. Book your free product demo of Bizimply today! Leia mais sobre o Bizimply
Rise é um software de recursos humanos baseado na nuvem que ajuda as empresas com as responsabilidades de gestão de pessoas, recrutamento e desempenho. Leia mais sobre o Rise
Australia’s leading rostering, attendance and award interpretation software. Leia mais sobre o Tanda
PerformYard is a goal & performance management software which supports continuous feedback, 360 reviews, annual reviews, project-based reviews, and more Leia mais sobre o PerformYard
O e-days é um software de gerenciamento de faltas e planejamento de férias de funcionários. O aplicativo online abrange planejamento de férias, licença por doença e acompanhamento de ausências. Leia mais sobre o e-days
Comprehensive modular, modern HR software suite. Includes time-saving automations, workflow & notifications, Document generation and e-signatures, HR portal, Training admin, Configurable forms e.g. expense approvals), Reporting & Analytics and much more. Multi-language, multi-country. Leia mais sobre o Cezanne HR
PeopleBookHR is a cloud-based software solution that promises to modernize an organization's HR department with automated features for administrators and staff Leia mais sobre o PeopleBookHR
So many HR applications, so little efficiency. Until now. Oorwin HR Platform consolidates everything you need across your entire suite of HR platforms into one powerful, efficient, and simple-to-use tool. Leia mais sobre o Oorwin
An HRIS so you can keep a pulse on everything to do with your employees and company. Your single source of truth for all company and employee data to save time and enable your employees to self-serve. Leia mais sobre o Humi
Runa HR is the main automated payroll platform that serves small and medium businesses in Mexico, hosted in the cloud. With Runa, anyone, with or without payroll experience, can pay their employees in just 4 clicks. Runa reduce the time you spend managing people, to focus on your company's strategy Leia mais sobre o Runa
O Reward Gateway é uma plataforma de participação do funcionário baseada na nuvem e que auxilia grandes empresas na recompensa e reconhecimento de funcionários. Os principais recursos incluem indicações entre colegas, entrega de prêmios, comunicações, criação de pesquisas, administração de benefícios, notificações por push e alertas em tempo real. Leia mais sobre o Reward Gateway
PayrollPanda is a cloud-based payroll and leave management app designed for small and medium sized businesses in Malaysia Leia mais sobre o PayrollPanda
The Beekeeper app allows you to instantly reach all frontline employees with all they need to be engaged and productive. Leia mais sobre o Beekeeper
Con Worky optimizarás tus tiempos evitando los procesos manuales al automatizarlos con nuestros diferentes módulos que te ayudarán a tener mejor organizado el equipo de RRHH. Tendrás más visibilidad de solicitudes, organigrama, podrás crear reportes de desempeño Leia mais sobre o Worky
O Bridge, um pacote inovador de gestão de capital humano, capacita as empresas a desenvolver, reter e promover seu ativo mais valioso: seu pessoal. Leia mais sobre o BRIDGE
ZenHR is a cloud-based human resources management system designed to help businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, automate & manage employee onboarding/offboarding, vacations & leaves, attendance, payroll, company calendars, HR tasks, & more. ZenHR is localized to the MENA market. Leia mais sobre o ZenHR
As the go-to solution for 100,000+ national brand locations, TalentReef seamlessly integrates with business systems to create a streamlined experience for you, your hiring managers, and your applicants with the features, flexibility, and support to transform an entire talent management ecosystem. Leia mais sobre o talentReef
Customisable Cloud HR software system that can be used across multiple devices, offering Employee Self Service (ESS). Leia mais sobre o BrightHR
ClockIt is a cloud-based time and attendance tracking software for small & midsized businesses looking to monitor employees clock in & out times, and helps in automating workflows including attendance recording, monitor key activities via a centralized dashboard, generate custom reports, & more. Leia mais sobre o ClockIt
O WorkTango permite que as empresas coletem sugestões dos funcionários para qualquer finalidade, dando suporte a informações sobre engajamento e informações úteis para RH e líderes. Leia mais sobre o WorkTango
Synerion's Workforce Management solution provides; Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Core HR, Labor Costing, Absence management and many more features! Leia mais sobre o Synerion
A Qualtrics EmployeeXM é uma plataforma de engajamento de funcionários projetada para identificar os principais fatores de produtividade, engajamento e experiência do trabalhador. A solução utiliza análise de texto de IA e inteligência preditiva para desenvolver insights acionáveis a partir de entrevistas com funcionários, revisões de desempenho e... Leia mais sobre o Qualtrics EmployeeXM
myStaffingPro is a comprehensive recruiting platform that offers applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in a scalable, configurable solution. With more than 500 clients, myStaffingPro is not limited by industry, browser, or integration requirements. Its SaaS model makes it accessible from anywhere at any time, and offers... Leia mais sobre o myStaffingPro
? A range of Human Resources processes can be supported through purpose built plug-ins. Leia mais sobre o Staffbase
Manage your employees, and keep their data in our safe & secure cloud platform that is so easy to use you can be up and running within a day. Leia mais sobre o HR Partner
Grove HR is an agile HR platform that streamlines recruitment and employee administration tasks. It automates routine HR operations, allowing teams to make qualitative hiring judgments. Performance reviews are optimized and employees can design career paths using the system. Leia mais sobre o Grove HR
Optimum HR provides core Human Resource management features within the HRIS suite of single database apps, serving cloud-based employee record-keeping & reports Leia mais sobre o Optimum HR by Optimum Solutions
Culture Amp is a People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention and performance. Built on the latest research in organizational psychology, leaders are empowered with actionable insights to develop their people and foster high-performing cultures. Leia mais sobre o Culture Amp
Assembly is a FREE cloud-based platform which helps businesses manage processes for employee rewards & recognition. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, Assembly enables users to provide visibility across team contributions, increasing collaboration & engagement. It's FREE for Unlimited Users! Leia mais sobre o Assembly
Cloud-based human resources software that improves communication and management with both your potential candidates and your existing workforce. Leia mais sobre o Striven
Threads Culture is a performance review solution which focuses on company culture by making core values a key part of performance reviews & employee engagement Leia mais sobre o Threads Culture
ChartHop delivers a fresh take on People Analytics, bringing disparate sources of people data together in a dynamic platform that’s visual and actionable. This helps companies improve organizational health, drive alignment and accountability, and save time and money. Leia mais sobre o ChartHop
TalentSoft provides HR teams and recruiters with tools for human resource (HR) and talent management. It offers products for recruiting, performance and competency tracking, learning management, talent review, compensation management, onboarding, and workforce management. Leia mais sobre o Cegid Talentsoft

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